Police Abuse

Estranged Wife Calls Police over Suicidal Husband, Cops Pursue, Shoot, and Kill Him

Man's family would like to talk to the woman but she reportedly took her children and left town.



A woman in Provo, Utah, called 911 on her BB gun-wielding 24-year-old estranged husband, as Fox 13 in Salt Lake City reports:

According to Provo Police, [Chris] Evans' estranged wife called 911 reporting a domestic violence incident at her home in the area of 1300 West and 500 North, earlier in the morning.

According to police during that call she said Evans' had a BB gun and was attempting to commit suicide by cop.

Police say Evans got away from them at his home by threatening to shoot them and, according to cops, pretending to attempt to ram their vehicles.  Police say they entered the home afterward and found another BB gun there, at which point they feared Evans might have a real gun. Police went looking for Evans—who does not appear to have been pursued for any other reason than being the subject of a 911 call and resisting police contact—and shot and killed him at a distance of 100 feet, claiming he was resisting arrest and pulled a (BB) gun out of his truck.

Police say the cops involved in the shooting, who have not been identified, feared for their lives when they shot and killed Evans. "Odds are if you point a weapon at an officer while he is on duty, real or not, there's going to be a gun fight," a Provo police spokesperson said. "Officers have the right to go home at the end of their shift and they need to protect themselves."

As for Evans' estranged wife, her landlord says she took her children and left town. Evans' family say they would like to talk to her about his mental state but haven't been able to find or contact her.

In Utah, incidentally, you're more likely to be shot by a cop than a career criminal.

h/t Stanton Smith