Ronald Bailey Asks If It Is Immoral to Enable Men and Transgender Women to Gestate

Just because it's new doesn't mean that it's wrong.


Schwarzenegger Pregnant

The first child ever successfully gestated in a transplanted uterus and brought safely to term was born in Sweden in September. The healthy baby boy's 36-year old mother had been born without a uterus. There do not seem to be any insuperable physiological barriers to figuring out how best to connect up the proper blood supply to the donated organs and manage relevant hormonal issues in men and transgender recipients. Assuming that uterus transplants can be made to work in men and transgender women who would be happy to pay for the surgery and follow up treatments themselves, are there any ethical reasons that they should be denied the joys and pains of pregnancy and childbirth? Reason Science Correspondent Ronald Bailey argues that there are not.