Rand Paul: Drones Should Be Legal But If They Fly Over My House, "I've Got a Shotgun"

Kentucky Republican and likely presidential candidate gives first-ever Snapchat Q&A with CNN.


The Daily Beast

In what's being billed by CNN as the "first Snapchat interview with a U.S. lawmaker," Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul answered a few questions yesterday via the popular messaging system. (Note to Guinness Book of World Records: I"m pretty sure that Anthony Weiner was probably a beta-tester for Snapchat. Just saying.)

In the most interesting exchange, Paul commented on the recent toy drone that was crashed on the White House grounds by a drunken intelligence agent thus:

"Drones should only be used according to the Constitution. But if they fly over my house, they better be aware because I've got a shotgun," Paul said.

That sounds about right.