Class War

How Obama Could Champion a Real Middle-Class Agenda

Soaking the rich is not a good way to help the middle class


King Obama
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MSNBC liberals were delighted that President Obama's State of the Union address delivered a bold poke in the eye to the new Republican Congress by issuing a call for a sweeping tax-and-spend plan to aid middle-class Americans. 

But there is nothing bold about trotting out tired old class warfare tropes that have not a snowball's chance in hell of passing.

If Obama wants to be truly bold, he ought to look for fresh ideas to advance his middle-class agenda — regardless of where these ideas come from. This is especially the case since, as The Wall Street Journal has pointed out, the after-tax middle-class household income fell by 1.9 percent during Obama's so-called economic recovery — despite a 25 percent increase in payment transfers. What's more, some of the president's tax hikes will actually hurt the middle class. For example, his plan to raise capital gains and dividend tax rates from 23.8 to 28 percent won't just affect billionaires; it will affect literally half of the population that owns direct or indirect stocks. 

So what should Obama do to help the middle class without jacking up taxes? Here are four reforms he ought to consider:

1. Give parents tax breaks for K-12 school choice. During the State of the Union, the president reiterated his call to throw more federal money at cramming more four-year-olds into pre-K, even though evidence from Head Start and other similar programs shows no enduring educational gains. In addition, he wants to triple the childcare tax credit and create a new tax credit for families with two working parents. This is a cheap attempt to woo working moms (who tend to vote Democratic) and diss stay-at-home moms (who tend not to). Moreover, as Washington Examiner's Tim Carney tweeted, a mom who needs a sitter for her toddler so she can homeschool her five-year-old wouldn't be entitled to the credit, but one who needs to go out for her shift at Starbucks would be. Where's the justice in that?

But the bigger problem with the Obama plan is that it doesn't tackle the real worry of middle-class parents: a substandard K-12 system. Despite a doubling in inflation-adjusted per-pupil spending since the early 1970s, student achievement is flat at best.

Uncle Sam foots the bill for about 12 percent of total education spending in this country. It would be far better to give parents tax breaks — credits or deductions — of this amount to use toward schools of their choice, public or private, so that their children aren't held hostage to their zipcode.

2. Lower college costs by reducing regulation. President Obama wants to pay for two years of free community college for everyone. That sounds great — except that he wants to fund it by taxing the 529-style education savings plans that middle-class families rely on. Under current law, parents can invest money tax free in these accounts and then use it toward their kids' college education. Under the Obama plan, these plans would be taxed even if the money is withdrawn to pay for college. In other words, he'll take money from middle-income families who are doing the responsible thing and saving for their kids' education, and give it to other middle-income parents who are not.

A fairer way to help parents would be to do give them relief from soaring tuition costs. (College tuition has ballooned four times more than general inflation over the last four decades.) The main culprit, identified by Stanford University's David Grusky, no crazy Adam Smith-devotee, is America's highly cartelized higher-education industry, which has created an artificial scarcity of college slots. Strict accreditation requirements — written by the colleges themselves through six government-authorized regional accreditation agencies — have made it very difficult for competitors to set up shop, causing college tuition to shoot up.

The glacial pace with which these agencies anoint online educational courses has stifled innovative, low-cost options to traditional colleges, something that even President Obama has criticized. Relaxing — if not jettisoning — the chokehold of these agencies on the higher ed marketplace will offer parents far more equitable relief.

3. Extend employer health insurance tax breaks to individuals. President Obama triumphantly declared that more Americans have health coverage now, thanks to ObamaCare. What he didn't say was that his law will cause many Americans to lose their existing coverage after their insurance companies cancel plans that the law doesn't consider up to snuff — or their employers decide to drop coverage and pay fines instead. These people will need to buy coverage from the ObamaCare exchanges, where, contrary to what the president claimed, prices are shooting up. Indeed, according to eHealth Price Index, the average unsubsidized premium for a family last year was $663 — a 56 percent increase over the previous year.

To add insult to injury, these ObamaCare refugees will have to purchase coverage with their after-tax dollars because the federal tax code offers only companies — not individuals — a tax deduction on insurance. This was always a travesty, but is even more so under ObamaCare's lopsided rules. Any champion of middle-class families worth his salt should demand an end to such discriminatory tax treatment.

4. Roll back barriers to entrepreneurship and self-employment. The president bragged that on his watch, the unemployment rate has dropped to 5.6 percent — lower than what it was before the financial crisis. What he didn't say was that the labor participation rate — or the percentage of people working or looking for jobs – has dropped from 66 percent to 62 percent because many Americans have become too discouraged to keep looking.

One way to offer them relief: Make it easier for them to go into business for themselves. If the president wants to use his bully pulpit for anything, he should chastise cities that are trying to clamp down on companies such as Uber to protect existing taxi cartels. Uber is not only an immense boon to commuters, but also offers an easy way for underemployed professionals, housewives, and other struggling middle-class folks to supplement their income by signing up as drivers.

Beyond that, President Obama would do middle-income Americans a world of good if he stopped acting as the regulator-in-chief. Heritage Foundation estimates that just in his first term, regulatory burdens on Americans increased by nearly $70 billion. "[T]hat magnitude of regulation is likely unmatched by any administration in the nation's history," noted Heritage analyst Diane Katz.

Federal regulations—combined with local licensing and zoning rules — are the biggest impediments to urban entrepreneurship, a crucial driver of middle-class mobility. President Obama ought to order a review to scrub at least those federal regulations that don't meet a meaningful cost-benefit test.

But of course, none of this will earn President Obama kudos from Rachel Maddow and her ilk. So don't wait on one foot for that to happen.

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  1. An autocratic big government leftist is an autocratic big government leftist is an autocratic big government leftist. Get it through your head.

    1. Check it : after the reason article about the 3 cops shooting the girl in their lobby with a knife:…..ves-arbys/

      Fucking A. Better than a cop and not nearly as murderous. PRobably because he would face CONSEQUENCES!!

      1. This guy obviously wasn’t trained properly. The girl is still alive.

  2. The middle class is not his base. His base is the DC elite.

  3. Whut? Without class warfare, we gots nuthin!


    1. I feel the same way whenever right wingers start talking about regulations, job creators, entrepreneurs, and tax cuts. What if you aren’t an entrepreneur, have a steady job, and want to send your kid to a state school?

      1. MiWhat if you aren’t an entrepreneur, have a steady job, and want to send your kid to a state school?

        Then you should probably vote out all socialist as soon as possible, so that you will be able to afford it.

        1. Yeah, no shit. They can rape me in taxes to send somebody elses kid to college but I can’t afford to send my own. Of course my kids don’t qualify. The curse of the middle class.

      2. If you *want* to send your kids to state school then you are unfit to be a parent.

      3. Well the reason you can’t find a job is probably because the regulations you are so fond of stifle small, new businesses the most and actually enfranchise the established monpolists by rooting out competition, eliminating other possible employers.

        Those monopolist-privileging regulations you love also enable those big companies to drive up prices, as to labor unions, which also of course drive up unemployment because, well, fuck non-union labor, I suppose.

        Schooling would also be cheaper if accreditation weren’t so badly inhibited for the benefit of the established universities. Of course, you’re not entitled to a college education just for being born, but if you start working at 16 and save up your money, get decent grades so as to get a scholarship, then do work study and work during the summers, then even without much help from the parents, you’ll be able to afford a lower end state school… or you would of course if education subsidies hadn’t driven up tuition so much.

        And of course, this is assuming available employment for teenagers and students, which isn’t a safe assumption thanks to the disemployment effects of minimum wage.

        Why don’t you try considering that maybe, just because the policies you support make you feel all warm fuzzy, doesn’t mean they’re blowing up in your face as we speak.

      4. I am sorry that right-wingers robbed you of your initiative and creativity so you are unfit of being an entrepreneur.

      5. american socialist|1.27.15 @ 8:39PM|#
        “I feel the same way whenever right wingers start talking about regulations, job creators, entrepreneurs, and tax cuts.”

        Hi, dipshit.
        Paid your mortgage yet? Maybe if you honored contracts you’d have a rep that didn’t smell up the place.
        Still licking mass murderer ass? Maybe that ‘sends a message” about what a slime ball you are.
        Oh, and fuck off, slaver.

      6. I know, right? And when they talk about not stealing money from everyone else and not defaulting on your house payment?

        Chafes my ass, I’ll tell ya!

        And is that “American socialist” like Lenin or “American socialist” like “National Socialist”? I never did get that.

        Please, do tell us more about your philosophy.

        1. Progs are closer to National Socialist

          1. I keep trying, but the trolls just won’t respond to me.

            I think I may have a natural immunity!

          2. Commie kid is closer to lefty ignoramus.

        2. Ayn Rand Worshippers Should Face Facts: Blue States Are the Providers,Red States Are the Parasites:

          Right-wing coup: Deluded secessionists have already won. Conservative secessionists want their own country? Their agenda already rules, even though a majority opposes it. By David Sirota:

        3. Red State Socialism and the Politics of Stimulus:

          The Most Hypocritical States are Usually “Red”:

        4. Two Santa Clauses or How The Republican Party Has Conned America for Thirty Years, by Thom Hartmann, January 26, 2009:

          The Two Santa Claus Theory, by David Dayen, Apr 30, 2009:

      7. The last time I checked, most students are able to attend a state school as the situation currently stands provided they are able to meet the academic requirements. Hell, in many states that run lotteries, students that maintain a B average in high school can attend a state school at no charge. Low interest loans are available all over the place. And this is the current situation, so other than the persistent cost inflation (the reasons for which have been discussed here ad nauseum), I’m struggling to see where there is a pressing need for more “assistance”. So if you aren’t an “entrepreneur” and have a steady job, you shouldn’t have much of a problem sending your kid to a school. So I have no idea what your point is.

  4. I would feel better about immigration if the immigrants could figure out alt-text.

  5. Hey, has anyone seen that new Kennedy show that’s all the rave?

    1. I have it on dvr. Might watch it at some point.

      1. Ok. Then, since you will probably be the only one here who has ever seen it, can you let us know?

        1. If I get bored enough to watch it I will do a review. If she’s wearing that puke green dress, I’m deleting right off the bat.

  6. Next article: How a Spade Could be a Daffodil.

  7. I keep thinking of all the clapping seals that belong to public employees unions who cheer The chocolate Jesus when he proposes raising taxes on stocks. That is their retirement fund. Idiots.

    1. Two words: bail out. They’re counting on getting a bailout from Uncle Sugar when their pension funds dry up. The sad thing is, they’re probably right.

    2. If you think that’s bad:

      The Sheep have bleated

      Holy bejeebus, please tell me this guy can find one person who will say ‘Are you fucking nuts?’

      1. Did you watch to the end Hyperion?

        1. No, I couldn’t do it. Ok, I will do it now…

          1. Ok, so he finds one person out of what, 10? who doesn’t think we should repeal the bill of rights? These people vote, we are totally fucked.

            1. At least the one who disagreed was reproducing. The glass is one tenth full, not nine tenths empty.

      2. You know this why I wonder why I even give a shit about politics. When the human race is this hopelessly ignorant what do we expect is going to happen. How can get through 2nd grade and not know the correct answer to that question.

        1. It is absolutely frightening. These people are so ignorant.

        2. What I find fascinating isn’t so much the ignorance, but the power of suggestion. Many of these people, I bet, if you asked them ‘when did MLK die’ would even give you a fairly reasonable answer, sometimes in 1960s or thereabouts. What I’ve noticed in my own experience, though, is that you can get a person who seems even fairly learned and principled to assent to the most ludicrous statements, be they factually incorrect or morally atrocious.

          You could get a person to verbally agree that the moon is made of cheese if you say it confidently while smiling, even if they ‘know’ it’s not true. They’re just so desperate to please, so afraid to challenge their interlocutor. That may be more frightening. They’re afraid to disagree.

      3. “Beachgoers in San Diego….”

        My apologies to anyone sane who lives in San Diego and goes to the beach, but this comes as no surprise to me whatsoever. Those are not people. They are plastic dolls with strings wound up in their backs. ‘

        My answer; “How many marksmen did it take to remove Mussolini from office?


        If they try this they are going to find out. Now take that fucking shirt off and shitcan it.”

  8. I knew it was a Dhalmia article, because in the picture, Obama is an Indian King.

    Or a Bollywood Dancer.

    1. One of my Indian friends asked me today if I saw that Obama had visited India. I told him yes, but I am very disappointed in your countries president that he didn’t keep Obama.

    2. I thought it was the Hindu God of Immigration.

      1. Isn’t that a giant pen in his right hand?

  9. leftist govt and a thriving middle class cannot exist. It’s not complicated.

    1. Leftist government is well on their way to getting rid of the middle class, so what’s the problem?

  10. If Obama wants to be truly bold, he ought to look for fresh ideas to advance his middle-class agenda ? regardless of where these ideas come from. This is especially the case since, as The Wall Street Journal has pointed out, the after-tax middle-class household income fell by 1.9 percent during Obama’s so-called economic recovery ? despite a 25 percent increase in payment transfers.

    You misspelled “because of.”

  11. How Obama Could Champion a Real Middle-Class Agenda

    Why on Earth would you ever think he would want to do that, ever? The middle class is who his primary stealing is from. The rich have the resources to protect their money. The poor don’t have any money. But the middle class is massive and they have some money, but not enough to spend a lot trying to protect it from the government.

    The only middle class agenda Obama or really the entire government has is to soak them for as much as they can without getting strung up on lampposts. That’s it, end of story.

    1. This is what leads to ‘running out of other peoples money’

    2. What annoys me is that Obama backed off funding this whole two year Community College thingy through taxing 529’s.

      If he tried to fund it that way he’s at least pretending to come up with the money for it from somewhere instead of what he’s done with everything else, which is put on the American credit card, better known as the Middle Class. The only reason people got upset about the 529’s is because he was so blatant about it. With the other shit he just lies through his teeth about where the money is coming from while he promises free shit.

  12. In a debate over minimum wage on FB. Got the old, “Greed” argument. Anyone with a succinct way to address it? I just tend to laugh so much, I can’t respond.

    1. You could do the ‘you’re making widgets and..’ routine, and try to explain economics 101 to them. But if they are people who already believe it when imbeciles like Obama, White Squaw, and Shillary say that businesses don’t create jobs, then you might be wasting your time.

      1. What’s crazy is they aren’t even making the arguments thier leftist economic gurus are making. I mean, “Greed”? Reminds of Obama saying, “There will be a time to make profits. Now is not that time.” Makes me think English is my second language, which in a way it is.

        1. What’s your first/second/second/first language?

          1. My co language is Japanese. Spent over half my life here.

            1. I used to work with a guy who worked there for around a decade and learned the language.

              All of the Asian languages seem impossible to me. I know a 2nd language but it uses the Latin alphabet like English and so a lot easier.

              1. The characters take forever to learn. Once you learn them though, you can read a lot faster comparatively. For me, any 2nd language is a bear.

                1. The hardest thing is understanding what everyone else is saying and keeping up during a multi-party conversation.

                  It’s hard to understand how 2nd nature your own native language is until faced with that challenge.

                  The multi-tasking thing seems to disappear for me in my 2nd language, I have to be paying attention.

        2. Tell them businesses will be greedy no matter what the minimum wage is. They can pay 20 workers $5 per hour or 10 workers $10 per hour while the other 10 starve, and fewer stuff gets produced to boot.

          Or just throw their bullshit back in their faces. Tell them they hate the poor by driving them out of work and raising their prices; these people can only reason emotively, so I guess just guilt them over the unemployment, the rise in food prices, the starving children and so on.

    2. Ask them if they make the minimum. When the answer is no ask them who they think is going to pay for that $15 per hour burger flipper? When they realize they will ask them if they think it is fair that they should be poorer so a high school dropout can be richer.

      1. No one has a problem with paying $40 for a combo, don’t worry. Even when it’s easier to go down the street and get your combo from the burgermatic machine, not have to put up with rude uneducated morons who can’t get your order right and it’s ensured that no one spit in your food, for $20 less. Because social justice! No democrat voters WILL EVER, EVER, NOT EVER go to the burgermatic machine!

      2. …”When they realize they will ask them if they think it is fair that they should be poorer so a high school dropout can be richer.”

        This has no effect.
        Absent specifics, the answer from a proggie is ‘of course I’m willing to do so!’
        You can drag up that lefty soccer-mom who was all for O-care until she got the bill and went ballistic, but proggies will say she was really a Koch Brother ™ supporter.

    3. You can always seek guidance from Walt.…../page/full

      1. Nice piece. TY.

        1. His book More Liberty means Less Government is a great coffee table book.

      2. Or google Thomas Sowell and min wage, or take a gander at Cafe Hayek.

    4. Just respond with ‘so what?’

    5. You can’t argue reason with unreasonable people, though.

  13. Individual and family health insurance costs by year-

    2000 $2,471 $6,438
    2001 $2,689 $7,061
    2002 $3,083 $8,003
    2003 $3,383 $9,068
    2004 $3,695 $9,950
    2005 $4,024 $10,880
    2006 $4,242 $11,480
    2007 $4,479 $12,106
    2008 $4,704 $12,680
    2009 $4,824 $13,375…..osts_N.htm

    And these are employer group plans.


    1. Fuck you asshole, everyone I know is paying a hell of a lot more for insurance, and the uber high deductibles with almost everything out of pocket is not a trivial matter.

      You are total slime, the lowest of the low.

      1. Read the fucking chart.

        Health insurance costs more than doubled in nine years.

        1. I read the fucking chart, moron shill. Where’s the fucking chart from 2009 – 2015?

          The biggest clusterfuck of the middle class in the history of healthcare was during the last couple of years, thanks to your pig of a hero, you shameless piece of dung.

          1. New analysis by the Commonwealth Fund examines data explaining the biggest increases in healthcare premiums for certain plans, and essentially lets Obamacare, as the ACA is known, off the hook.

            In its annual survey of health insurance costs, the Kaiser Family Foundation found that premium increases during the last year averaged just 3% for a typical family plan and 2.4% for an individual plan.


            1. It’s easy to discount how a married couples plan has had their deductible increase from $1500 a year to $7000 a year and now they have to pay almost everything out of pocket until the deductible is met, when you’re slimey partisan hack, lower than the belly of a piss ant.

              1. Tell us how you really feel 🙂

                1. I really despise partisan hack morons like Buttpig, that’s how I feel. If he was lying in the street burning, I wouldn’t piss on him to put him out.

                  1. You’re a lying asshole. You don’t despise the most partisan poster on this site – John.

                    I like secular Republicans and would vote for someone like Bill Weld or Barry Goldwater anytime. I am partisan to classic liberalism.

                    1. I might be an asshole, but I’m not dishonest like you.

                      John is a shining example of morality and intelligence compared to you.

                    2. Palin’s Buttplug|1.27.15 @ 8:36PM|#
                      …”I am partisan to classic liberalism.”

                      You’re a lying piece of shit.

                    3. Ah yes, the six year old defense. But, but your not mean to him!

                      How the fuck do you wake up and look in the mirror every day?

              2. The premium increases are bad enough, but leftoid cocksuckers like PB always conveniently forget to mention what the deductibles are like under obozokare. Whenever I see some leftoid idiot on FB parroting the bromides about how obozokare saved them (which is bs anyway), I always want to ask them how “saved” they will be if they ever had to cough up that $5000 deductible (a number which dwarfs their entire net worth, let alone cash savings).

                But that’s none of my business.

                1. A) Take what you want and pay for it.
                  B) Get forced to take what you don’t want and be forced to pay for it.

                  So many choices, what to do?

                2. My deductibles doubled last year, and went up again this year. All while premiums continue to shoot up. My deductibles had remained flat for years before the ACA began to affect things.

                  It’s a disaster, and the partisan lies aren’t working, because too many of us feel the pain.

                3. Prolly too late for you to read this but the welfare class has zero to littke monthlys and little to zero deductibles.

                  Also since O’care is income based their will be many instances of wealthly people with assets and paid off homes but little income will be getting subsidized by workers with incomeyet renting an apartment and paying car payments and trying to save for a downpayment on a house.

                  I guess they will have to sacrifice that downpayment savings so they can subsidize the person who already has a paid for home.

                  If you weren’t sick before O’care it’s enough to make you so once you understand it.

                  Guess they will have to

                4. Prolly too late for you to read this but the welfare class has zero to littke monthlys and little to zero deductibles.

                  Also since O’care is income based their will be many instances of wealthly people with assets and paid off homes but little income will be getting subsidized by workers with incomeyet renting an apartment and paying car payments and trying to save for a downpayment on a house.

                  I guess they will have to sacrifice that downpayment savings so they can subsidize the person who already has a paid for home.

                  If you weren’t sick before O’care it’s enough to make you so once you understand it.

                  Guess they will have to

                5. Prolly too late for you to read this but the welfare class has zero to littke monthlys and little to zero deductibles.

                  Also since O’care is income based their will be many instances of wealthly people with assets and paid off homes but little income will be getting subsidized by workers with incomeyet renting an apartment and paying car payments and trying to save for a downpayment on a house.

                  I guess they will have to sacrifice that downpayment savings so they can subsidize the person who already has a paid for home.

                  If you weren’t sick before O’care it’s enough to make you so once you understand it.

                  Guess they will have to

            2. Palin’s Buttplug|1.27.15 @ 8:04PM|#
              “New analysis by the Commonwealth Fund”…

              Turd, read your own link:
              …”it will take years before the ACA’s full impact on the healthcare system and the broader economy can be measured effectively. The Commonwealth study tackles a small but important part of the law’s economic impact: Its effect on the cost of policies offered in the individual and small group markets.”

              So the study admits it can’t really measure O-care’s effects and then selects a small sample to reach the conclusion.
              They’re as slimy as you are.

              1. :So the study admits it can’t really measure O-care’s effects and then selects a small sample to reach the conclusion.”

                Yet when AGW modeling is even less acurate or comprehensive your pussy gets all wet ?

                Go figure ?

            3. Except that analysis is fucking worthless because the plans that used to exist were superior to the ones that do now. The new plans are shite and costly to boot. The only meaningful comparison is to compare straight costs for the same services paid which shows only an increase in costs.

        2. Our medium sized company plan when up 30% this year, and the plan administrator warned us that it will rise at least 30% next year once all of obamacare is enacted. Our 2 firm owners said they searched for multiple options including giving up their company ( not a lie, this is a real strategy) to have a conglomerate run it to get on a better group plan. Oh yeah and the out of pocket ans deductible is much more. Yeah obamacare!

          1. It’s called the Affordable Care Act. Get it straight.

            1. Tow the lion, Juice. Around these parts (and most others that don’t have stick up their ass or their tongue up the President’s ass), its ObamaCare.

        3. Causation / correlation.

          This chart doesn’t prove that the ACA is making health care cheaper. You would have to be a political hack to think something that has nothing to reduce overall cost will be cheaper in the long run. It’s cheaper for some but more expensive for others.

          Since your a little socialist fuck happy to suck the teat of those trying to get ahead … I’m sure your fine with that.

        4. We are truly, truly blessed to have a nonpartisan analyst here to reveal this to us. Here we were thinking that Obamacare is a giant, inflamed, unstable boil on the ass of healthcare, waiting to burst and stink the whole place up. But then you, Dr Buttplug, used your scalpel-sharp wit and (cherry-picked) statistics to show us the way.

          We all, every single last one of us, totally agree with you.

    2. You’re an idiot. Open Excel, put the data in, do a scatter plot, and look at the trend. Even take the first differences from year to year, then look at the trend. What you’ll see is that the increase, from year to year, was already declining significantly by the mid 2000s. Notice that the rise in costs from 2008-2009 were the smallest rises (for both family and individual) fromt he whole period, at 5% and 3%? What this graph tells us is that prices were on the way to plateauing anyway.

      Just curious, you lefties all too fucking dumb to even know how to use microsoft excel? I swear, it doesn’t take a PhD, yet I keep finding myself refuting your points so easily and wondering why you won’t put in at least a little bit of effort.

    3. Um, the PPACA passed in 2010 and didn’t fully go into effect until way after. This is completely worthless to your point, as is just about everything else you’ve ever posted.

  14. Cla$$ War!… It’$ Fanta$tic

  15. OT: I’ve been watching Black Mirror on Netflix. It has to be one of the most uncomfortable things I’ve ever viewed. It has consistently good writing and concepts combined with not too distant future tech and the worst of everyday human nature.

    Gives me the Willies.

    1. Hey, is ‘Be Right Back’ a part of that?

      I was just reading a story on, one of my favorite websites, and they were talking about that. I jotted down a note on my android phone to check it out and it only says ‘Be Right Back on Netflix’, but I could have sworn they mentioned Black Mirror.

      1. That’s the next one up for me. Just finished The Entire History of You. Really unsettling

        1. Cool, I have to check it out. Thanks.

    2. I loved the 15 million units one. That first episode? Too much!

      1. As much as I hate politicians, it was still bothersome.

    3. Sounds right up my alley. This season of American Horror just ended so need something else to watch.

    4. Never heard of this – thanks for mentioning it. Looks good.

  16. Hittem up JD, Hittem up!

  17. OT: Two republican state senators attempt to block The Big Dig II, The Big Dig Goes to Washington.

    Democrats counter:

    “They’re within six feet of completing the repair tunnel to get to the tunnel to begin the repair process so the broken boring machine can complete the 99% of the rest of the tunnel. We’re so close! We can’t stop NOW!”…..l-project/

    1. Reminds me of Westway, which luckily had a happy ending some decades later. How’s about when these things fall down, uh, don’t replace them? Nobody wants this shit downtown anymore.

    2. “They’re within six feet of completing the repair tunnel to get to the tunnel to begin the repair process”…

      ‘We’re holding the meetings to determine which tax fund it going to be drained’…
      Hey, close enough.

      1. This shit is beyond farce. They actually stopped digging the repair tunnel which was supposed to get to the main tunnel because they found seashells. Seashells, where a beach used to be. Thought it might have been native fishermen. Can’t disturb the archeological purity.

        After a whole investigation, they discovered it was merely colonial white folk who left them, and they were told to carry on.

  18. I’d start off by throwing the Dept of Ed. to the curb. We need to separate education from the state while it’s still possible. Let alone legal. *Stops dreaming*

  19. So, is this the Kennedy thread?

    Stop laughing and tell me!

    1. Uh, hello?

      1. Eddy, pretty sure Kennedy has not made a lot of convert here.

  20. It must be a challenge having to fit every policy prescription into a dogma that says you can never raise taxes ever.

    1. Not really. Just follow this thing called ‘The Constitution’.

      1. Pretty sure it allows for tax increases.

    2. Write a check for more than your share of taxes (I am 100% sure that is south of zero) to the IRS, Tony, and post a picture of the cashed check right here on H&R, Tony. Or STFU, you dishonest hack.

    3. Not challenging at all if you think responsible spending is key. However, if your a statist cocksucker more taxes is great because you end up with more government.

    4. You are just everywhere today! Have you gone all spider-monkey?

      Are you going to threaten to kill us now?

      1. Tony never threatens to kill anyone. He threatens to have his beloved all benevolent government to kill us, with heat seeking cruise missiles, and he even includes pictures!

        1. That was some funny shit.

          And those gun owners sure are a violent bunch! Better kill them!

          Good times, good times.

          1. It’s almost as funny as when he recently proposed the genocide of white people. Tony, he’s a really funny guy! The model citizen of leftist!

            1. I’m embarrassed to say that I missed that rant. Not surprised by it, mind you.

              I do like when he gets indignant when Bailey posts retorts to his comments. “Why are you singling me out?!”

              Reading the climate change threads is like watching the head roll down the street. You just can’t look away.

              1. I can’t remember exactly what he said, but he went into a bit of detail about how we’re going to gradually get rid of ‘white people’. Whatever he said, it could in no way be mistaken for not calling for the genocide of white people.

                His mommy should be more careful about how much alcohol is in the house when he is allowed access to the intertoobs.

    5. That’s like saying “it must be difficult to find something to eat every night when you adhere to a cuisine that says you can never eat feces.”

      Bad analogy, given that I’m pretty sure you eat more feces than bread.

    6. Not really. Courts, police, fire, roadz, etc., need to be funded in some manner. But I’d say a big chunk of government budgets are spent on nonsense.

    7. Not really. It’s called “keeping to your budget”. It’s nothing more than acknowledging the simple fact that one’s resources are finite and therefore one’s spending plans must be limited accordingly.

      You just have to be a grownup about it and understand that you can’t have everything you want. It’s also helpful to be able to do basic arithmetic.

    8. That definitely sounds more challenging than just assuming that you can just grab and borrow as much money as you want, so who cares about making hard choices.

    9. Just tell us how much and leave it at that. Why can’t you ever say just how much is enough?

      Because you always want more.

  21. Kim Tallbear (“I have also recently begun to theorize in the area of indigenous, feminist, and queer theory approaches to animal studies and new materialisms.”) is getting on Razib’s last damn nerve.

    But when you see where these practitioners of science studies take their project, you understand that they’re basically crazy. That is why people like Steve Fuller end up making apologia for Intelligent Design. And that is why Kim Tallbear can boldly analogize scientists to Christian missionaries.

    Here is an indisputable fact: science is not religion, and the two are very different enterprises. If you don’t accede to this distinction, you have just lost all touch with the empirical world. It is no surprise that Phillip E. Johnson, the doyen of the Intelligent Design movement, has acknowledged a debt to critical theory. The flight from empiricism is exactly what has occurred to many scholars within science studies, probably because that’s where the career incentives are. Instead of actually pursuing a sociology of science*, they just slot science into the theoretical framework of critical theory, postcolonial studies, Marxist analysis, etc. etc., and generate out their truths deduced from a priori in a stream of prolix papers and prose whose primary purpose is to be read by a few other fellow travellers.

    1. What did I just read there? I need an interpreter.

      1. Not for that last paragraph.

        But this one from the link is particularly amusing:
        “”We know who we are as a people, as an indigenous people, why would we be so interested in where scientists think our genetic ancestors came from?” asks Kim Tallbear, a researcher at the University of Texas at Austin,”
        Uh, because what you “know” isn’t worth shit?

        1. You’re just mad you weren’t asked to speak at least year’s Berkeley symposium on New Materialisms.

          1. “You’re just mad you weren’t asked to speak at least year’s Berkeley symposium on New Materialisms.”

            And I had a nice talk written on quantum theory as applied to the cisgendered community!

        2. I love the “we only rely on our oral history” stuff. How…malleable!


  22. If you’re looking for evidence about how incredibly fragile the left-wing political coalition is, Marine Le Pen’s National Front is now picking up a lot of support among gay Frenchmen.

    An insight into the phenomenon comes from Patrick McCarthy, a young gay blogger who lives in Bordeaux. ‘Up until 2005, Bordeaux was a very gay-friendly city,’ he says. ‘Same-sex couples could openly walk down the street holding hands without any problems. However, in the space of two months, five gay men were murdered in the city. The blame was put on Bordeaux’s Muslim community since some of these hate crimes were carried out by people of Arabic origins.’

    The Bordeaux gay scene has dwindled since the attacks, but McCarthy says that he, like Lestrade, is alarmed at the way that assaults by a few Arabs have created a major polemical opposition between gays and Muslims. The Front National now offers a welcoming home to gay people who feel judged by Muslims and share wider concerns about immigration and the loss of French identity.

    It turns out that, shockingly enough, many members of these leftist political coalitions actually kind of hate each other.

    1. Leftists hate everyone, and so that naturally includes themselves. Self loathing luddites. Just look at Tony for a good example.

    2. La Pen also recently applauded the take-over of the new Greek coalition, which is sort of a socialist-fascist hybrid type thing. Suffice it to say, wormholes are re-emerging in the European political spectrum.

      As for Greece, the Germans and the rest of the EU should just sheer that country off of the Eurozone like a wart, they’re basically begging for it now. Of course, more likely they’ll lose their balls and end up giving Greece another bailout and forgive most of their debt, teaching the insolvent countries of Europe the important lesson that if you throw your food on the ground and bitch and moan and cry, you get whatever you want.

    3. I do love the weasel words in that article, though.

      However, in the space of two months, five gay men were murdered in the city. The blame was put on Bordeaux’s Muslim community since some of these hate crimes were carried out by people of Arabic origins.

      Okay, how many is ‘some?’ Does ‘some’ of these crimes mean 2 were committed by Arabs or 4? Moreover, how many of the solved homicides were found to have been committed by Arabs? Because if only three of these crimes were solved and all three were found to have been committed by Arabs, then that’s vastly different than all five being solved with only two being committed by Arabs.

      Secondly, were all the Arabs who committed these anti-gay homicides Muslims? Because if a bunch of gay people were murdered by gay-hating Muslims in a town that used to be very safe for gay people, then it seems to me that you shouldn’t be behaving as if the gay people are being bigoted when they’re actually acting out of a legitimate worry of an actual threat.

      Apparently being worried when immigrants are actively killing people from your neighborhood just means you’re a racist.

      1. But that’s not how it works according to leftists.

        By definition, Muslims cannot be bigoted.

        Therefore, the gays have to be the ones who are bigoted.

        1. Whoa there.

          I thought, by definition, gays can’t be bigoted.

    4. With a name like McCarthy, why is a mick hanging out in France. That is asking for trouble, LMFAO.

      1. A descendant of the Wild Geese?

  23. “Extend employer health insurance tax breaks to individuals. ”

    Why are all these anarchists such spineless punks when it comes to health care?

    I got the health care reform for you. How about citizens being *free* to buy health care from anyone who wants to sell it to them?

    The Medical Mafia is the biggest “private” government shake down in America today.

  24. Our emperor has become lord Shiva; destroyer of the world.

  25. “If Obama wants to be truly bold, he ought to look for fresh ideas to advance his middle-class agenda…”

    “What’s more, some of the president’s tax hikes will actually hurt the middle class.”

    Does it cross your mind that maybe hurting the middle class is his agenda? I was always told what one does is more indicative of their intent than what one says.

    1. My theory says that Obama really means proletariat when he says middle class. Thus, he intends to support the poor and working classes by taxing the rich and middle classes.

      1. The Left has master the art of destroying language. If you aren’t in an union or your family income is over $100k, you aren’t what they call “Middle Class” any more. Now your are just a rich greedy asshole to suck dry.

  26. just before I saw the bank draft four $7417 , I did not believe that…my… sister was like actualie receiving money part time from their laptop. . there friend brother had bean doing this 4 only six months and just paid for the mortgage on there place and purchased a new Honda NSX .
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    1. I don’t really get the idea behind the obvious spelling and grammar errors. What is that supposed to achieve?

      Anonbot, can you weigh in on this?

  27. I emPHATICALLY agree with the depiction of Obama as some Middle Eastern king. Congress MUST NOT TOLERATE him governing by executive order every time that he doesn’t get his bogus proposals passed (like some five year old).

  28. Since this is a Shikha article why didn’t she add:

    5) Build WWII Liberty type ships to ferry all the worlds wretched, lice, and disease infested poor to the US and put them on welfare.

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