Police Abuse

Ex-Baltimore Cop Alleges Retaliation for Reporting Police Brutality


Joseph Crystal
CBS 13

Former Baltimore police detective Joseph Crystal, who resigned this summer, is now suing both the Baltimore Police Department (BPD) and the police commissioner for not protecting him from retaliation. In 2012, Crystal reported an incident to prosecutors where a fellow cop assaulted a handcuffed suspect previously found in his girlfriend's house. While police officers often complain about the "no snitch" culture in crime-ridden communities, that same culture often appears alive and well among police too. Crystal says after he reported the misconduct he found a rat on the windshield of his car that was parked outside his house.

That was just the beginning, as The Baltimore Sun reports:

Crystal also alleges that other officers refused to back him up on the streets. He alleges that in November 2012, no one from his unit responded to a call he put out over the radio that he was involved in a foot chase as part of a drug investigation.

Two days later, he stopped two suspects and called for backup. He contends his supervisor called his cellphone and "gave him a direct order to return back to the district and that he would not be given backup."

"Nobody wants to ride with you," a detective told him later, according to the lawsuit.

Crystal also alleges that a detective once pulled up alongside his police car and asked if he was "having a cheese party. I know rats like cheese." And he says a union official told him he should "look into going to another agency."

BPD won't talk about the lawsuit while it says an unspecified outside investigation continues. The police commissioner, Anthony Batts, publicly promised to protect Crystal when news of his whistleblowing broke.

Whether or not Crystal wins his lawsuit, this story doesn't really have a happy ending. While Officer Anthony Williams, who was off duty while he beat the suspect, was convicted of assault and obstruction of justice for the incident, he was sentenced to… 45 days in jail, this after telling the court he'd do it all over again. And he appears to remain employed as a Baltimore police officer.

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  1. I’m pretty sure beating a handcuffed suspect doesn’t qualify as police brutality in Baltimore any more than “What the fuck are you looking at, asshole?” qualifies as rudeness in the NYPD.

    1. “What the fuck are you looking at, asshole?”

      Is just a standard greeting for any new yorker.

      1. What do you expect when the light at the end of the tunnel is New Jersey?

  2. Judge Brook Murdock saw it differently, saying, “The community has a right to expect police will obey the law.”

    You can bet that that judge will get the same crickets our good cop got when he called for backup if she ever calls nine eleven.

  3. I’m pretty sure beating a handcuffed suspect doesn’t qualify as police brutality in Baltimore any more than “What the fuck are you looking at, asshole?” qualifies as rudeness in the NYPD.

  4. And there you have it.

    Serving time, with pay.

  5. HBO Signature Channel is showing a marathon of The Wire right now.

    1. Now in HD.

  6. Crystal also alleges that a detective once pulled up alongside his police car and asked if he was “having a cheese party. I know rats like cheese.” And he says a union official told him he should “look into going to another agency.”

    Seriously, fuck police unions. In every way possible.

    1. RICO was made to take down police unions.

  7. doesn’t much matter that all cops aren’t bad in a police culture that makes them all bad.

    1. When your supposedly “good” cops do nothing to get rid of the corruption, then they are complicit and equally bad. Look at it this way, if you are the driver in a bank robbery during which a victim is murdered, you would be guilty of the murder too. The cops are no different.

  8. Hoping the squirrels don’t attack this post:

    The link title says it all.

    “How about if I see you post this on Youtube, I’ll find a way for the D.A.s office to arrest you,” asks the trooper.

    “Is it illegal to record police officers?” Houghtaling replies.

    “When I tell you to put the phone down and you disregard what I’m telling you, yes, it is,” said Rosenblatt.

    To a cop, failure to obey a lawful order is any order given by a cop. Ask Eric Garner.

    1. I can’t wait for Dumphy to come defend this.

    2. The saddest part of this (other than the pig is an asshole), is the cop is totally justified in making the stop simply by lying about the reason for the stop. “Your muffler is too loud.”

      That’s a law. If your muffler is too loud, the man can pull you over. No scientific equipment required. Pig can pull you over because he thinks, your muffler is too loud.

      Cops think they can do anything they want, because shitbag politicians have given them the tools to do whatever they want.

    3. All orders are lawful by virtue of who is giving the order. And if the order is not lawful, that’s something to hash out later in court. Worst case scenario is a taxpayer funded payout. No consequences for the cops. So they don’t care. Do what they say or they’ll kill you.

      1. So if some cop learns a man in cardiac arrest is “gay” and “has AIDS” he can order me, as an EMT, to not provide the CPR that is needed to save his life?

        I call that an unlawful order. The cop will have to shoot me to get me to stop CPR. And if you think the shitstorm was bad in Ferguson, just wait.

    4. Shit, why do I watch videos like that? Who do I think I am, Iron Balls McGinty?


      I don’t know what urinates me off more, the shitty attitude of the cop or the fact that the driver has to bite his tongue and not lay into the cop for not having a basic grasp of a citizen’s rights.

    5. “You’re obligated because I asked, you, that’s why”

      Look, the officer is simply making a reasonable mistake in the law.

    6. In this video, the bigger asshole is the punk, who has a smart answer for everything the cop asks.
      We are, also, not treated to what happened, after, which probably included not only a ticket for a loud exhaust but for every other violation the cop could find and, probably a field sobriety test, because the cop clearly states he wants the phone put down so that he can look at the driver’s eyes – a beginning of determining if the driver is impaired from drugs or alcohol. This driver sure made the traffic stop much easier for himself because of his brilliant act of filming and being so cooperative.
      Are you all OK with someone avoiding having cops, who make legitimate traffic stops, from trying to see if one is driving under the influence of something that might make them unsafe to be on the road? If this driver was impaired and hit you, or yours, you would be, and if you knew the cop had pulled this guy over, just before, and didn’t prevent him from further driving, you would go after the cop for not doing his job.

      1. No, most of us would prefer the cops leave people alone for committing victimless “crimes”. There was no person being injured by the “loud muffler”. This is just an excuse to abuse citizens and create fines and penalties for the public

        Fuck off you statist prick.

        Normally I would leave a dead thread response alone but he was really late and I didn’t want to leave it.

    7. Though I doubt most of you have jobs, I’ll bet that you would get just as frustrated if someone you interacted with on your job, made doing what you are supposed to do, as difficult as this idiot was making it for the cop.
      The police have a job to do and making it more difficult will, likely get an angry reaction. Is that so hard to understand?
      Cops are not robots, and for anyone to expect them to react like one, is simply not being in touch with reality. Which, I guess, is understandable viewed from your mother’s basement.

      1. I don’t expect cops to be robots (Brillo), I expect them to follow the fucking law.

        Ordering a citizen to stop recording an interaction is breaking the law, and the State Trooper involved needs 30 days off without pay to think about it. Then he needs to seriously consider a change of career.

    8. NY PL 195.00 Official Misconduct.

  9. Charm City. What a shithole. Although, to be fair, the rat could’ve just wound up there by itself. It is Baltimore, after all.

    1. Good point, tis a rat infested shit hole. I am glad I was able to move up north, Batlimore sucks. Next move is out of MD all together.

  10. Police seem to strongly believe that they are above the law and strike out in anger whenever that proposition is questioned. The attitude is particularly strong in police states, in which the police have impunity for everything. We’re getting there.

    1. Getting there? We are there. It just hasn’t tricked down to the white people yet.

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  12. No Dunphy this thread?Huh

    1. Sorry

      I just got home

      It’s fucking Christmas

      SOME Of us have a life

      Christ on a cracker, the loser posting from Mina’s basement brigade is out in force today

      See my below post


      1. Some of us live in the attic.


  14. Doesn’t surprise me

    I was retaliated against for speaking to IIU about an officer assault of a teen

    Nothing hardcore. Nobody abandoned me to get shot a la Serpico

    And police admin routinely retaliate against officers who they fire, but then get rehired through binding arbitration

    Booya for police unions who advocate and protect officers from such retaliation (mine is awesome)

    Of course with substantial
    Evidence, the remedy is always the same as when faced with actionable police misconduct

    Sue… And win

    It’s worked for me and my Union

    Booya police unions

    1. That would be the police union doing nothing for this guy, with a union rep telling him to go away, right?

      1. In fairness, the story doesn’t say the union itself engaged in the harassment. It said the union rep suggested he transfer to a different agency…that advice may have been in response to the harassment (rep saying there’s not much they can do to help him) rather than a coordinated part of the harassment.

        While there’s plenty to despise about police unions, there are also departments that just have shitty leadership and cultures independent from the police unions. Like Serpico pointed out with the NYPD, there are a lot of different factors that go into systemic police corruption.

        1. I the union isn’t standing up for a good cop, the union meets criteria for prosecution under RICO.

      2. Although, it does mean the union is pretty much worthless in controlling police corruption and intimidation in this story, whether due to collusion or impotence.

        1. The police union is a complicit enabler of police corruption.

    2. Booya police unions who defend cops that drop flash bangs in a child’s crib.

      And a extra special Booya to the asshole who says you should be shot if you dare answer the door of your house with a gun

      Smooches slaver

  15. I am so glad the police are not the same everywhere. It seems the police in Baltimore have become no better than the criminals they are supposed to protect the public from.

    1. The sole difference between the police and a street gang is the medical insurance.

  16. Joe Stampy Jo Jo is not going to liek that.


  17. Crystal found out what Serpico went through when the largest blue-uniformed criminal gang in the country doesn’t like you.

  18. Now that is a police action worth of a big protest. Not only did he admit beating on a suspect after handcuffing him, he said he’d do it all over again.

    That should have earned Anthony Williams a lifetime, nationwide blacklisting from being a police officer.

    Off duty officers should not be allowed to initiate enforcement action against anyone except in cases where there is risk to life. In other words, off duty officers should not be allowed to write traffic tickets or any of the other things they do as part of their duties while ON DUTY – unless called upon by an officer who is on duty.

    That would provide officers with strictly enforced down time so they won’t get so wrapped up in the job.

  19. Many years ago as part of my role as a Psychologist I working for the State of Oklahoma, I administered the lengthy psychological test?..The MMPI. One of the things I learned is that police officers often have very similar profiles as do the criminals they arrest.


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