The Fugitive Assata Shakur, U.S.-Cuba Relations, and the So-Called 'Anti-Cop' Movement

Past imperfect


The thawing of U.S.-Cuban relations after 40-plus years of isolation opens the door to the extradition of convicted cop killer JoAnn Chesimard back to the United States to complete her life sentence. An alleged leader of the radical Black Liberation Army, she was convicted in 1977 of a 1973 shooting of a state trooper in New Jersey, escaped from prison in 1979 and ended up in Cuba, which granted her political asylum. The wide use of the term "anti-cop" to describe contemporary supporters of police reform, along with the new turn in U.S.-Cuba relations, give the Chesimard case renewed interest.

On the night of May 1, 1973, a few minutes before one in the morning, New Jersey State Trooper James Harper stopped a car driven by James Costan, known as Zayd Shakur, and also carrying Chesimard, known as Assata Shakur, and Clark Squire, known as Sundiata Acoli, allegedly for having a broken tail light and "slightly" exceeding the speed limit. Trooper Werner Foerster showed up in a backup car. Harper said he found a discrepancy and asked all three to get out of the car, saying he had also seen guns in the back seat of the car. A shoot-out between the occupants of the car and police ended with Foerster and Zayd Shakur dead—Foerster shot in the head by Acoli with his own service weapon.

The wounded Assata Shakur was captured shortly after the incident and Acoli a few days later. Acoli was convicted of killing Foerster and sentenced to life in prison plus 30 years. He was granted parole and ordered released by an appellate panel in September but the decision was appealed by the state parole board and he remains in prison.

On a third attempt (the first ending with a change of venue, the second a mistrial due to pregnancy) in March 1977 Shakur was convicted of the first degree murder of Foerster and the second degree murder of Squire as well as five other felonies. The left-wing National Lawyers Guild (NLG) notes multiple problems with Shakur's trial, including an all-white jury that met with an assemblyman who urged a conviction, as well as five jurors who had relationships with members of the State Police. The NLG points to medical evidence the defense said showed Shakur had her hands up when she was shot, as she testified in her trial, and that no gunshot residue was present on her hands. Harper also eventually recanted testimony that Shakur shot Foerster.

In the 1970s Shakur was accused of a string of crimes including bank robbery and murdering police. She was targeted by the FBI in CHESROB, an operation apparently named after her which, according to Kenneth O'Reilly's Racial Matters, the 1991 book that chronicled much of the FBI's campaigns against radical black groups in the '60s and '70s, tried to link Shakur "to virtually every bank robbery or violent crime involving a black woman on the East Coast." The Turnpike shooting, however, remains the only crime for which Shakur was ever convicted. On November 2, 1979, three members of the Black Liberation Army (BLA) visited Shakur in a New Jersey prison carrying concealed weapons and facilitated her escape. By 1984 she had made her way to Cuba, where she was granted political asylum.

Now, with the shift in U.S.-Cuba relations, New Jersey authorities hope to bring Shakur back to the U.S. "We remain ever hopeful in our resolve to bring Joanne Chesimard to justice," said John Hoffman, New Jersey's acting attorney general, according to The Star-Ledger, promising to work with federal authorities to find a way to capture Shakur in the new climate.  "We view any changes in relations with Cuba as an opportunity to bring her back to the United States to finish her sentence for the murder of a New Jersey State Trooper in 1973," the state police's superintendent said in a statement.

The FBI placed Shakur on the list of Most Wanted Terrorists last year. The special agent in charge of the Newark division of the FBI, Aaron Ford, said in a statement his office, too, was "hopeful" changing U.S.-Cuba relations will help them apprehend Shakur, "no matter where in the world she is located" and that the FBI would "continue to utilize all available resources" on that mission. "The individuals on the Most Wanted Terrorist List are not ranked in any way," Special Agent Barbara Woodruff of the division's public affairs office told "All are dangerous and all are wanted by the FBI equally. No priority is placed on any one over any other."

In addition to Shakur, that list includes or included Abdul Rahman Yasin, accused of building the bombs used on the World Trade Center in 1993, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, a 9/11 mastermind captured in 2003 and then tortured, Al Qaeda operative Adam "The American" Gadahn,  as well as terrorists involved in the 1996 Khobar Towers bombings, the 1998 U.S. embassy bombings in East Africa, and the 2000 USS Cole bombing. Shakur and Ahmed Ghailani are the only two people to be convicted in a U.S. court—Ghailani on conspiracy charges related to the 1998 embassy bombings and Shakur the only one on the list for a crime committed in the continental United States and for a crime not linked to terrorism.

Although some liberals would like to create distance between the FBI's inclusion of Shakur on the list of most wanted terrorists and Attorney General Eric Holder and President Barack Obama, the man in charge of the FBI and the Department of Justice and the man who is his boss, that distance doesn't exist. The move to treat Shakur as a domestic terrorist fits into the wider project adopted by the Obama administration of expanding the definition of domestic terrorism to encompass mere criminal conduct. It's foolish for Obama's more radical supporters, those that may be left, to hold on to the idea that the president has any sympathy for Shakur's cause. Renewed U.S.-Cuban diplomatic relations could instead make Obama the president who finally returns Shakur to prison.

Why is this important? Events this summer in Ferguson, Missouri, New York City, and in other places, helped propel the issue of police violence to the national stage for the first time in recent memory. Under the Obama administration, the Department of Justice has relatively vigorously pursued allegations of patterns and practices of abuse by police departments around the country. At the same time in these investigations the feds have been careful to display deference to the actual police officers comprising the abusive departments. "We recognize that many of you are dedicated public servants who wear your badge with distinction," acting Assistant General Jocelyn Samuels said while announcing the results of an investigation in Albuquerque, which saw at least two fatal police shootings and sustained police reform protests in the weeks before the announcement and one fatal shooting shortly after. "You must come home safely to your family and loved ones," Samuels said.

Nevertheless, President Obama and Attorney General Holder have both been accused of being "anti-cop." One popular meme wrongly accused the president of not recognizing police fatalities. More damagingly, even non-controversial and inadequate measures to reform cops, like $250 million in funding for body cameras and police training recommended by the Obama administration, became contentious debates about whether police are being supported. Bill Kristol compared the recommendation to "beating up on cops." Former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani accused President Obama of "anti-cop rhetoric" that contributed to the murder of two New York City police officers this weekend. All this for the president's public statements expressing sympathy with the idea that police sometimes use excessive force, and that their interactions with the public can be racially tinged. These aren't the makings of radical anti-cop rhetoric. They're small, insufficient steps toward reform being treated like a wholesale abandonment of law enforcement.

The headline of the New York Post's coverage of the weekend murders was "War on Cops," a tack taken by opponents of police reform. But it's not true. It's never been safer to be a police officer. Yet the state legislature in New York is now pushing to dip into a $5 billion bank settlement fund to buy bulletproof glass for the police in New York, starting with the NYPD. What about priorities? Cost-benefits? And this same legislature overwhelmingly passed a bill earlier this year ceding more control of the law enforcement disciplinary regime to police unions. The "war on cops" calls are dangerous rhetoric that evokes a time gone by.

The NYPD is processing the horrific loss of two of its members. But it's not facing the kinds of conditions the BLA, which Shakur was accused of leading, tried to foment in the '70s. The radical group was responsible for the assassination of at least four police officers in one nine-month period in New York City in the early 1970s and as many as nine other police killings across the country.

Today, civil rights activists push for an array of reforms, some worthwhile, some distractions. An extremist minority may hold bona fide anti-cop views but despite the protestations of cop apologists those kinds of anti-cop views are policed by protesters. The same pro-police reform activists organizing protests over the last few weeks participated in vigils for the NYPD officers gunned down this weekend. Members of the NYPD are understandably on edge. They patrol a city of seven million and haven't seen a line-of-duty killing in more than three years. But such tension also characterizes the city's poorer and marginalized residents, who experience the brute force manifestation of all the nanny state laws emanating from City Hall and the state and federal government.

Painting supporters of police reform, and President Obama, as "anti-cop" is an unfair game, and a dangerous one, as it assigns an extremist anti-cop view held by an insignificant minority of people to a position taken by a broad swath of the population. That attitude, of mistrust and fear, can only be corrected by embracing reform, not by writing off the campaign for it as "anti-cop."


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  1. Oh great. We need another Poet Laureate.

    1. There was probably a tenured professorship open at some university.

      1. She should be well versed in marxism so she passes the only qualification.

        1. Requirements:
          [x] Marxist
          Bonus Point Categories:
          [x] Cop killer
          [x] Copious melanin
          [x] Inverted penis
          [x] Keen sense of “Social Justice’


      1. Did someone do that for St Patrick’s Day? Poor cat.

        1. “But in fact the emerald green cat is this hue reportedly because it usually sleeps on an abandoned heap of synthetic green paint in a garage.”

  3. as she testified in her trial, and that no gunshot residue was present on her hands.

    By the way, apropos of nothing, I’ve been doing prior reading on gunshot residue tests and they’re non-conclusive.

    There have been cases where people have fired a weapon and a gunshot residue came back negative.

    They have cases where suicide victims have no gunshot residue on them.

    1. Vince Foster?

      1. Where I grew up the cops, judges and coroners were very close. During those years there were numerous suicides in which individuals who had gotten themselves on their bad sides resulting in them committing suicide in very peculiar fashions. Some of those most memorable examples were those who bound their hands behind their backs then repeatedly shot themselves in the backs of their own heads.

        1. Those suicidal people do the wackiest things.

  4. Yet the state legislature in New York is now pushing to dip into a $5 billion bank settlement fund to buy bulletproof glass for the police in New York, starting with the NYPD.

    Why don’t they just buy MRAPs for every officer?

    1. Buy?

      The Feds would love to *give* them for free!

  5. Do Americans do presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas?

    I was raised in England (dual citizen), so Dickens is the definitive authority: “Presents on Christmas Eve, as usual.”

    1. Usually Christmas morning. Often one special gift may be opened Christmas eve. Like perhaps a sexy nightie for the misses.

      1. We do presents early and then stockings after we eat.

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    3. What we do NOT do is mention “Christmas” in public.

      1. Actually, this is my favorite time of year. To every clerk in every business establishment handling my every transaction, no matter how big or small, I loudly proclaim for all to hear; “MERRY CHRISTMAS”!! It’s fun to watch them squirm and worry for their livelihoods should they without thinking say anything involving the word “Christmas” back to me.

  6. Awesome that Reason commentator makes the same Dr Tiller/ NYPD analogy my friends and I have been pimping

    Similar to Ft Hood as well. Fucksticks listen to ‘kill XXXX’ long enough and they snap.

    Awesome community backlash. I saw some total hippy looking dude wearing NYPD shirt, people coming up to us all the time saying fuck all those assholes – we support you

    I can breathe movement going strong, and

    TONS of ASSMUNCHES GETTING FIRED FOR ‘kill cops’ posts on Facebook!!!!!

    The teeming hordes as poll after poll prices – support us and it’s more clear every day

    The worst thing that could happen to the antis are any more assassinations and we have seen a couple thwarted already

    Booya Bernie Kerik and I’ve said it before I’ll say it again – I LOVE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!!!!!!

    As opposed to reasonoid elitist a who trot out the dumb merikuns derp elitist shit all the time

    We are winning!!!!

    Booya body cameras

    Kerik is a copocrat who GETS IT!…..-homeland/


    2. George Green, is that you?

    3. You’re not arresting people for pot. Just that dials down the hate level two or three orders of magnitude.

    4. “It is a war on cops who live to protect those they serve.”

      I can get behind showing love to those cops.

      It’s the other 90% I have a problem with.

  7. In the 60’s and 70’s the police in many areas and the FBI were almost as bad[as bad?]as the radical groups they hunted.

    1. + Serpico

      1. Booya Serpico!!!

  8. Reason needs some kind of stylebook to standardize how they refer to “putting wings on pigs”.

    The radical group was responsible for the assassination of at least four police officers in one nine-month period in New York City in the early 1970s and as many as nine other police

    I disagree with the use of the word “assassination,” which implies a political motive and a public figure

    1. Semantics.

    2. With the increasing Progressive slant from Reason, the Newspeak Chicago Manual of Style is used, where the proper term to use is whatever serves the ideological interests of the Progressive Theocracy.

      It is amusing that Ed Krayewski wrote both articles.

      1. Ed has a Masters in Journalism from Columbia! Just like Anna Merlan.

      2. Seriously? The BLA killings were highly politically motivated. Thought it was obvious.

        1. Brinsley’s act was politically motivated.

          It’s the 21st Century,Brinsley didn’t have to mimeograph a manifesto, he used Instagram.

          1. Eric “Gardner” lol

            1. Thought it obvious the cop-killer didn’t get an M.S. from Columbia.

      3. With the increasing Progressive slant from Reason

        You noticed that too, huh?

  9. Booya hero cops

    Been posting newsreel footage of my grandfather who engaged i heroics that made headlines across the country

    Runs in the family 🙂

    Cops are the battered wives of 2014 and the backlash is getting sweeeeeeeet

    1. Is confused, I is. Are you saying you are a bigamist?

    2. Who is satirizing Dunphy?

    3. Sorry to bust your bubble, police officers commit domestic .I’m sure you know that.abuse at a rate far higher than any other profession

        1. it’s not a rate “far higher” than ANY profession, but then its a typical reasonoid lie not supported by evidence

          its quite high, though

          not surprising, just like the suicide rate is quite high

          setting aside the idea that cops get scrutinized much more heavily for ALLEGED DV’s than average joes with a lower evidentiary standard and more kneejerk prosecution

          just like in general…


          (unless they are a copocrat like David Brame, iow a police CHIEF not a real cop, in which case they get away with murder)

          fwiw, one of the cases where one of my buddies got hired back after premature firing, year of back pay, nice legal recourse etc (booya binding arbitration) was for a alleged DV incident that turned out to be a big nothing.

          boooya binding arbitration

          1. Cops with supervisory responsibility aren’t real cops.

            I suppose that supervisors who get promoted up the ranks aren’t real cops either. But the bad traits which they exhibit as “cop o crats” were supposedly already there when they were beat cops, so right now there’s a class of beat cops who will end up in supervisory positions, who presumably are [insert dunphy’s standard anti-copocrat insults].

            Why do you hate our brave working class heroes, dunphy?

    4. Well, if anyone knows about battered wives its cops.

      1. Not nearly as much as libertarains know about blue balls. I take that back if you count banging one’s sex robot libertarians get laid all the time.

        1. Well, if anyone knows about my balls…

    5. Too bad American ideals won’t tolerate dictatorial cop unions, smooches. It will swing around, weirdo.

      Cops are the battered nothings of no time. Cops are panty-wearing crybabies and I’m frankly weary of the weak psychology that props up a battered ‘wife’ union.

      Lovya, smooches.

      1. the proof is here at reason where my analysis constantly gets reinforced by courts, by the people and by history, such as when sloopy and the other morons claimed the feds would backlash against legal mj in WA state

        as I SAID


        and it has been an awesome success!!!

        just like my legal analysis (granted, bolstered by lawyers) gets reinforced by the courts, not yours

        WE are winning this fight.

        i have never received more warm fuzzies from average joes than recently.

        my partners too. tons of people anonymously paying for a meal when we sit down at a restaurant (not gratuity we can counter so we just leave a big tip – its already paid for), walking up to us and saying “cops, fuck yea” (essentially), and even many longtime criminals, people we arrest constantly KNOW that when they dont act assaultive and like idiots they get treated with utmost restraint, have expressed support.

        the american people, contrary to the reason elitists “dumb merikuns” posts are smart and intuitive and they know this is bullshit and that WE dont want bad cops in our ranks either.

        we are winning, and we will win

        get back to me when cop unions get dissolved lol

        that’s the funniest thing ive read in a while and like all cop bigots claims it never comes to pass that their analysis is reinforced

        BOOYA American people, cops, and justice!!!

        1. Jesus has given his love to your people, smooches. Jesus loved the Romans (otherwise known as the local cops) because he knew he’d live thousands of years after the roman cops fucked him up. Jesus on this Christ-like week KNEW the cops were going to torture his fucking lame ass white boy shit on some timbers surrounded by other white boys who fucked up.

          Roman cops like smooches here killed Christ because… laws.

          Roman cops like Dunphy are why Christmas exists.

          If DUNPHY’s didn’t exist thousands of years ago…

          Life would actually likely be fuckin free of this Christmas shit.

        2. Aren’t you the guy who says the cops are justified shooting and killing a homeowner in his own home if he dares to answer the door at 2am with a gun in his hand?

          Wasn’t there a story today about a cop being fired and having her pension removed for trying to stop a bad cop from beating a suspect in handcuffs?

          Aren’t you really just a fascist little fuck?

          /using my best Judge Nap voice

    6. Been posting newsreel footage of my grandfather who engaged i heroics that made headlines across the country

      Links, or this is just more testilying.

      1. newsreels are newsreels

        granted in the 40’s, the proamerican procop sentiment was stronger…

        its wicked pissah stuff

        1. id love to give you links, but i again cannot provide links that could identify me , sadly.

          He’s a hero, whose actions echo throughout history!!!

          that’s pretty fucking awesome

          He didn’t want me to become a cop, btw.

          granted, he was used to old skool cop work and only a moron doesnt recognize that cops are WAY WAY WAY WAY less brutal and handheavy now than they were in the 40’s

          my grandfather carried a sap

          he saw kids playing dice on the street, he’d whack one in the head with a sap, drag him home by the ear, and the parents would thank him profusely

          very different times

          1. “Wait, that looks like Johnny’s ear – but didn’t Johnny used to be attached to it?”

          2. smooch fail.

          3. So you admit he was a violent thug, and you are proud of his thuggery. Very revealing.

  10. I also find it ridicules that many cop supporters say the protests in NYC should have a permit and be allowed only in approved venues. How would the civil rights protests in the 1960’s worked out if they had followed such rules? Disruption of normal live ,with peaceful protest is the best way to demand change.Not standing in a parking lot on a side street between 4 and 8 p.m.

    1. Why does anyone have a right to block my way to make a point about something that I had nothing to do with? It’s one thing to (e.g.) sit at a lunch counter where you are supposedly not allowed, or not move to the back of the bus. Even disrupting a business that you have a beef with makes some sense. But just blocking a street or a mall, disrupting the lives of random people? No. That kind of protest violates the NAP.

  11. “?special agent in charge of the Newark division of the FBI?”

    I’m sick and tired of these bloated, overwrought monikers used for nothing more than a freak’n government employee.

    “Special Agent” is a laughable label to blow smoke up the ass of some twerp.

    1. See, I figured these people were “special” agents the same way that mentally disabled people are “special” needs.

      1. +1 short bus

        1. FBI – Famous But Incompetent

          (of course, reason double standard morons recognize the FBI and DOJ are full of shit…

          EXCEPT when they claim cops are using excessive force etc. as in the case of their oversight of Seattle PD for alleged violations

          in which case reasoinoid double standard bigots

          accept their analysis without question and w/o reading the actual reports


          it’s called “narrative based analysis” same things hardcore progs and feminists use

          when the analysis fits their narrative (cops bad), it is accepted without question

          that’s where you get McMartin preschool prosecutions, Duke “rape” case, Tawan Brawley shenanigans etc

          reason anticop bigots are about as critical when it comes to cop analysis as Sharpton is when it comes to scrutinizing a teenage black girl who claims a prosecutor and cop raped her lol

          1. Smooch fail above… why you still jabberin?

          2. Smooch, where you runnin’ beats like a real man?

  12. “Under the Obama administration, the Department of Justice has relatively vigorously pursued allegations of patterns and practices of abuse by police departments around the country.”

    Do they pursue police abuse generally, or only “unequal” abuse? I’m thinking the latter.

  13. We are winning, kneejerk fact averse anticop bigots are losing.

    People are fighting back! Booya “I can breathe T shirts!!!!” *buy one now!!!!*

    Booya Bernie Kerik

    Booya Body Cameras

    Booya NYPD, that bloodthirsty pack of dogs that shot omg 30 people out of nearly 10 million (service population not city population) in a recent year!!! (13 cops shot that year and none killed – BOOYA bullet resistant vests)

    btw, NYPD has a MUCH lower rate of both officers getting shot and officers shooting than my agency. we are actually about 3 times as high. it’s a WICKED safe city for cops and people in general


    the american people are NOT stupid and they know bullshit then they smell it!

    1. Smooches, copper. What does smooches coppers do everyday and what city and state?

      Is smooches a massive fucking troll living in his Gawker/Salon basement?

  14. Back to the Chesimard situation – it would certainly be a confidence-building measure if Cuba sent her back to prison in the U.S.

    Let the Cubans show their good will.

    As to her claims of unfair trial – I suppose these claims could be true, but my skepticism stems from all the lefty cause celebres involving “radicals” where the defendants actually turned out to be guilty.

    1. Oh yeah, that dude doesn’t look like a total douchbag. He’s probably somewhere drowning some single moms kids puppy.

      1. He’s off somewhere #WINNING


        /the artist [who has] known Dunphy [in the biblical sense]

        1. I’m still sore

          Sweaty, sore, stretched… And happy

          (Feeling the glow)

          1. Paging Barfman…

    2. See! Cops do get fired! (When they aren’t crooks)

  15. Booya NYPD, that bloodthirsty pack of dogs that shot omg 30 people out of nearly 10 million

    10 million people in NYC they could justifiably shoot and they only shot 30 of them. That is some remarkable restraint!

    (And btw – those guys coming up to you and telling you how great you are and wanting to buy you dinner? They’re hitting on you and they know from the uniform that you have absolutely no moral standards and will be up for anything. Go for it, dude!)

    1. And Jeffrey Dahmer only killed 17. We should cut him some slack.

      1. “We should cut him some slack.”

        I think someone did

    2. those guys coming up to you and telling you how great you are and wanting to buy you dinner? They’re hitting on you and they know from the uniform that you have absolutely no moral standards and will be up for anything.

      He said just above

      Sweaty, sore, stretched… And happy

      so yeah, that’s right.

  16. Horrible shitty xmas exists because of lame dunphy’s over the centuries.

    No xmas without dunphies.

  17. Dunphy’s killed Jesus because he broke the laws…

    And Dunphy’s hung the bitch up and nailed his shit to a cross…

    ‘Cuz Dunphy…

    1. Speaking of Jesus. Zombie Jesus is going to smite this town…..taken-down

  18. Would fucking centuries of Christmas exist without Dunphy’s? Dopes who live to enforce laws?

    Are Christians so fucking stupid that the very dude their entire life is based upon BROKE a shit ton of laws?

    1. bra, there a metric assload of bad law that Screams – break me


      Much better is to advocate for and be successful in CHANGE- eg getting MJ legal

      I am a huge advocate for that, which happened and against poker law chicanery as well

      Setting aside that IF Jesus existed he did say some shit about obeying Caeser and the law etc he was kind of radical y0

      1. Dunphy’s hung Jebus.

        If Jebus obeyed Caesar, smooches, he wouldn’t be dead.

        1. Yawn

          New Centurions and all that

          Btw true libertarians don’t believe in collective guilt shit

          Assuming Jesus existed, yes the cops of the day enforced the Law ™ against him


          America has some fucked up laws but when and if I am forced to nail some radical Jew to lacrosse I can guarantee you I will quit my job

          1. Atheist?

          2. but when and if I am forced to nail some radical Jew to lacrosse I can guarantee you I will quit my job

            I fight your fucking cop ass constantly but this is why I love you

  19. Christmas exists because of Dunphy, brother and sister Christian.

    Was Jesus the ultimate anarchist?

    1. Is having sex with your mom and being your own dad anarchy?

      1. Is called an AJB, boo.

        1. Awesome

          1. You fucking KNOW the FUCK whos awesome, boo. YOU! FUCKING thread angel.

  20. Did Jesus FUCKING flip off the FUCKING state that was FAR superior to this lame ass America?

  21. Bad laws CRY out for civil disobedience

    Of course civil disobedience includes the idea of dealing with the punishment for same

    There is not a sentient being in this country who does not disagree with a whole host of laws

    Derp derp but that makes you a hypocrite for enforcing them derp!!!!

    Uh, no. But this was a common reason canard when I first posted here

    By the way I have a lot of friends who are medical doctors and they similarly have to follow dumb law a lot and often enforce it by turning in people who violated it and it disgusts them also

    MOST drug cases in patrol (remember in WA we cannot search cars incident to arrest fortunately) come from doctors and pharmacists

    1. Dunphy, your people pounded nails in the hands of the lord and created hundreds of years of this fucking ‘holiday’.

      Dunphy, how about you just be a fucking normal human being with a tinny badge and catch actual murderers, kidnappers, rapists, and car thieves and leave the rest of us drug-enjoying, life living’, edge-defying kind Americans the fuck alone?

      People despise cops because they get in our shit. They fuck with our habits that affect no one. They are allowed by politicians to raid homes over weeds and a couple of guns.

      Minimize the laws. GET cops out of my NON-neighbor fucking life.

      And I will live poetically with a few local dudes who are cooperatively granted the right to chase true nasties…

      1. Yawn

        Again for those who care about facts and contra above


        otoh, lawyers and journalists are far far far more despised

        Per actual polls

        So yer premise is as usual unsound ‘Dunphy, the reason why cops are despised’

        Now of course in general people don’t like authority figures and cops most of all do not, which is why we choose a job where at least in many agencies we have a staggering amount of autonomy are not chained to a desk and can go a week without even seeing a supervisor

        A cop in WA wrote a book saying we are the last true heroic Cowboys (western myths notwithstanding) walking the fences (desperado) and keeping it real as fuck


        1. So what you’re saying is cops are hypocrites then. Cops resent others having authority over them, but LOVE having power over others. Seems legit.

        2. I think this is what he’s referring to.

          #low bar

  22. derpfee – “We are winning so much that I can’t identify who I am, but – trust me – both my grandfather and I surfed with Morgan Fairchild and were pronounced ‘heroes’ by David Bowie, and he dedicated an album to us. In my case, before I was born. BOOYA!

    Also – we are winning so much that we’re seeing more and more anti-cop protests and articles! Which I take as evidence of DERP! WERERKJHAH IMHO.


  23. Hey! There was a shooting just down the road from us. 12 shots, hit the vic (who’s alive and relatively OK) twice.

    Musta been a cop doing the shooting…

    1. Country livin’ at its finest! The perp then tried to off himself – shot himself in the head but managed not to kill himself.

      Nice shot, man. Again, based on this lack of skill, I’m guessing “off duty hero”.


      1. Oh I thougbt for sure we lost another dog.

      2. SMOOOCHEz!

  24. So, Roman cops kill this fucking loser son of a carpenter because he broke some laws. He goes before a grand jury and the bitches roll with the neighborhood.

    Jesus gets fucking slow-deathed on a cross when some dunphy’s pound fat nails right through all his peripherals.

    Because he broke some loosies.

    Praise the lord?

  25. The derp is strong in here

    We are winning

    American people (vast majority) think cops are neato keen

    Anticop bigots advocating for dead cops getting fired like a morherfucker

    Reasonoid commentator echoes the Dunphy and draws parallels between Tiller and NYPD

    Kerik writes awesome screed

    I got a fallout New Vegas for $2.50

    No, Tonewoods do not make any difference in electric guitar sound (amplified electric sound) and studies and physics makes this clear

    Buying Soda streams and I can breathe T shirts makes me warm and fuzzy

    Bigots policing their own- more assassinations just = more cop sympathy which is already high as fuck

    If Jesus existed he was stopped frisked, and brutalized in part by cops … And if you Mel Gibson …. The joooooooz

    New mad Max movie? I am agnostic

    In high school we were rabid ridiculous mad max, repo man and minty Python nerds and be careful when messing with legends

    Paul Reed Smith makes awesome guitars

    The above truths brought to you by dunphy

    Educating bigots and speaking truth to power



      Time fer reason:
      –We are winning: eh, yes.
      –American people (vast majority) think cops are neato keen: eh, yes, sorry to sez
      –Anticop bigots advocating for dead cops getting fired like a morherfucker: er what the ferky derky? Dunphy is gettin drunky
      –Reasonoid commentator echoes the Dunphy and draws parallels between Tiller and NYPD: who the fucky lucky cares?
      –Kerik writes awesome screed: Kerik is an acid reflux butt
      –No, Tonewoods do not make any difference in electric guitar sound (amplified electric sound) and studies and physics makes this clear:
      ok.. fuck my pooper right now you fucking whore

      –Paul Reed Smith makes awesome guitars:
      I play fucking vaginas with by penis, dear…

      –The above truths brought to you by dunphy:
      dunphy is a swaggering fuking liar of humongour fucking proportions BUT his strange as is bizarre enough for 8 credits into Mamasita’s Dungeon of Pain.

      1. –Buying Soda streams and I can breathe T shirts makes me warm and fuzzy: well, NO, YOU ARE NOT WARM AND FUZZY YOU ARE A FUCKING HORRIBLE FUCKING GOVERNMENT TANK OF HELL
        –Bigots policing their own- more assassinations just = more cop sympathy which is already high as fuck: What the fuck. deos this even fucking MEAN you FUCKIN WHORE COP? hmmm… I dont dig bigots… maybe some flava-flav mathematics…. check mornin..
        –If Jesus existed he was stopped frisked, and brutalized in part by cops … And if you Mel Gibson …. The joooooooz: bitch finally gets fuckin surrealz… won’t admit in THIS fuckin thang but so it goes…
        –New mad Max movie? I am agnostic: NEW mad max movie? Fuck don’t actully know what to kthink…

        –In high school we were rabid ridiculous mad max, repo man and minty Python nerds and be careful when messing with legends:
        Fuckin comic book on steroids and bologna sammiches bro!!

        1. Tuna shake and fried bologna sandwich, bra!!!!!!

          TUNA SHAKE!!!!

          1. New mad max movie staring the guy from Bronson and that awesome MMA movie – Hardy

            He has great traps and embodies roles

            Similar to Eric Bana’s ‘Chopper’

            Awesome movie if you missed it

            Watch INTERVIEWS of Chopper when he was young

            Bana fucking nailed it

            Ditto for Hardy in Bronson

  26. Reasonoid bigot:’polls that show broad public appreciation of cops are bogus and people just say that because they are afraid of police retaliation’

    Yes, a paraphrase of an actual bigorati response when I first presented the data that crushed their erroneous beliefs that people on the whole agreed with the radical few

    Confirmation bias cognitive dissonance etc work just as strongly with cop haters as they do with Feministing wackos and mother jones tools

    1. Who fuckin cares about Oprah, brosephus?

  27. ok that is why we roll with the punches dude.

  28. OT: Spanish-American War

  29. Lol

    Ironic and so much truth…..f-attacks/


    1. Dunphy has a fuckton o’ bon bons’ that should bve reverted to /merican ideal.

    2. Smooches



      (13 COPS SHOT – very safe city in same year)

      Let’s compare – my agency shoots people over 3 times as frequently and we get shot more than 3 times as frequently

      Anticop bigots response to the NYPD shooting: ‘well, I hope they don’t get even more trigger happy in response’


      Note I cannot find any article that says ‘black man shot 2 cops in …’

      Whereas as usual, when cops shoot it will be ‘2 cops shot another black man today ‘


      1. Oops

        Should be 60 cops shooting 30 bad GUYZ

        1. Dunphy, you’re a fake and a faggot, nothing more than John-like comedy relief.

        No database exists, twinkie, that is ‘real’ for cop injuries on the citizens.

        Time for a real time app that exist from 1990 and into the future.

        1. Yes, many police agencies refuse to follow the law and report cop KILLINGS, much less injuries. The double standard is strong with government.


    1. Frank, I’ve been meaning to ask are you a nigger? It would explain why you get so stupidly apoplectic when I make fun of niggers.

  32. Elizabeth NB should sell a Reason calendar… of her nude mind, boo’s… I’d buy it../

    1. “The World’s Oldest Millenial”.

    1. Love the comments saying it was a ‘loaded question’. Admittedly, the interviewer didn’t exactly deliver it as well as they should have. But come on, monopoly of the use of force is a central concept in statist philosophy. This isn’t even a libertarian thing, it’s Max Weber 101.

      1. Yep. But to confront the fact that they advocate violence is too much for their brains to handle.

  33. Joe Friday is on the Internal Affairs beat again. Dragnet LIVE BLOG


      Some straight citizen got a little rough treatment, but no arrest, for Drunk and Disorderly.

      1. He accused a righteous, nameless hero and Friday has to clear the pig.

  34. Gestapo, Fuzz, Stormtrooper, the usual thing.

  35. Janmmin’ to Fogfhat on my 8-Tracxk…

    1. Fuckin’ Windows tablet…

  36. Night Gallery is on now. I wish Rod Serling had lived to 100.

    1. The last gasp of a doomed genius

    2. I hope you are getting your fat ass off the couch every five minutes to adjust the loopy UHF antenna.

  37. ITT: Dunphy dunphies harder than he has ever dunphied before

  38. Another shooting by a cop in St. Louis.

    Looks like he had a gun, but that doesn’t seem to stop protesters…

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