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North Korean Internet Goes Down Again, The Interview Will Be Screened, Supreme Court Considers Gay Marriage Bans: P.M. Links


  • I'm still going to see "Into the Woods" instead
    Sony Pictures

    Somebody keeps accidentally kicking the plug out of the wall that connects North Korea's computers to the Internet.

  • The Interview is going to be screened on Christmas Day in a handful of independent theaters, which is kind of funny because one imagines indie theaters would not have touched this movie with a 10-foot pole had it not launched this censorship controversy. It does serve as a reminder though that it was the chain theaters (and their legal teams) who had been keeping it out of the theaters.
  • The Supreme Court will consider on January 9 whether it will take up any of the state-level challenges to bans on gay marriage recognition from Tennessee, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, or Louisiana.
  • Rep. Michael Grimm (R-N.Y.) has pleaded guilty to a felony charge of preparing a false tax return, which has led to pressure for him to resign.
  • A baggage handler for Delta is accused of helping smuggle firearms on plane trips to sell in New York.
  • Lots of available supply has led to lower natural gas prices and likely lower heating bills for the winter.

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