'Your Eyes Are Kind of Messed-Up Looking,' Says Cop Interrogating Girlfriend of Man Wrongly Killed By Cops


Rodney Curd
Public Records

There's a new development in the death of John Crawford, the man gunned down by police in an Ohio Walmart last August. He was holding a fake gun at the time—an air rifle that he had picked up off the shelf of that same store. The cops claimed that he pointed the weapon at other people and refused to drop it when they approached him, but surveillance footage showed that neither of those things occurred; the police killed him on sight, before he had any time to react.

Thanks to a public records request, we now know that Crawford's girlfriend, Tasha Thomas, endured a different kind of police mistreatment. Shortly after his death, she was brought to the police station and aggressively questioned by detective Rodney Curd. No one told her that Crawford was dead; instead, they insisted that he had brought a gun into the store and demanded that she explain why.

Shaken and crying, Thomas repeatedly insisted that Crawford didn't own a gun, and wasn't carrying a gun when she dropped him off at the Walmart. But Curd didn't believe her. He accused her of lying to him, threatened to send her to jail, and asked her whether she was on drugs or suicidal. He even insulted her appearance, saying, "Your eyes are kind of messed up looking and you seem lethargic, but I don't know if it's because you are upset or not."

But it's obvious Thomas was upset, as a six-minute video clip of the 94-minute interrogation makes clear. And she hadn't even learned the awful news yet. After concluding the interrogation, Curd coldly informed Tasha that Crawford was dead, according to The Guardian:

"As a result of his actions, he is gone," said the detective, as she slumped in her chair and cried.

What a terrible way to treat a woman whose companion had just been wrongly killed by cops. Of course, the police insist the killing was justified, and a grand jury—surprise, surprise—declined to indict the officer who pulled the trigger.

As for Curd, he said he didn't know at the time of the interrogation that the gun was fake and available at Walmart. He was operating under the assumption that Crawford must have smuggled it into the store. But even that explanation is suspect. According to Crawford's attorneys, it would have been perfectly legal under the state's open-carry laws for the man to carry a gun into Walmart.

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  1. Officer Rodney Curd DID believe her, because he was fully briefed on the whole story. They were trying to coerce her into saying “well, maybe he does own a gun that I don’t know about”, in order to set up an excuse for the murder. Period.

    1. Well, who would notice if someone riding in your car was carrying a rifle?

    2. So they were looking for a way to change the story to:

      Mr. Crawford brought a real gun into the store & was threatening people with it while not appearing on surveillance video during those periods, then hid the real gun, picked up the toy, and then the cops came & shot him?

  2. Nice. There’s everything wrong with everyone and everything having to do with cops.

    Fuck ’em all. Yeah, “Collectivist” THIS. Till I see some evidence – ANY – that the “good” pigs are doing ANYTHING to stop the “bad” ones, they’re ALL bad.

    And I see zero evidence – quite the opposite, as we see on this fucking website EVERY DAY.

    FUCK! This makes me madder than the fucking killings! That’s messed up…

    1. It’s not collectivist to note that absolutely zero cops seem to stop the “bad eggs”. You’re judging them on their behavior, and not a single one you can see is being “good”. That’s just observation.

    2. Anytime someone has near total immunity for potentially robbing, kidnapping and murdering you, assume their intentions to be malicious until proven otherwise. All cops are aggressors, it’s their job to enforce government whims that are commonly mistaken for ‘law’.

      1. Hey, The Nazgul informed me that it is OK if they make “reasonable” mistakes in the law. Whatever the fuck that means.

  3. Rodney Curd, you are a scumbag.

    I don’t know what else to say.

    1. I think he’s cheesed about that. (sry, TDMMDI)

      1. Come on, don’t make me laugh after reading this awful, soul-crushing story. Now I feel like a huge asshole.

    2. Curd? No whey!

    3. You people and your cheesy puns!

  4. Speaking of Santa, for all of their flaws, ESPN often does brilliant commercials. I saw this for the first time this morning and almost choked on my coffee.


    1. WRong thread. But funny anyway.

      1. Meh. I needed a laugh.

    2. “Playoffs!?”

  5. I don’t even get the point. They guy was dead. They knew it was a fake gun. If she said he had guns at home how would that change anything?

    1. They would twist it to say that she confirmed they had reason to believe he had a gun on him, and that it was ‘known’ that he had a gun, or some other bullshit to justify the execution.

    2. It would have helped them pretend they didn’t know the gun was fake.

    3. Because if he owned real gun at the time he was killed, it would somehow excuse the fact he was killed holding a fake one.

      Of course, assuming he DID own a real gun, HOW exactly the cops were supposed to even know this guy owned a real gun when they killed him would have punched a rather large hole into that excuse.

      But I’m sure the grand jury would have believe that police officers’ possess innate psychic abilities and the ability to form time-warp wormholes.

    4. They probably had a “throw-down” gun ready in the event that the interrogation yielded any suggestion that the victim owned a handgun.

      The victim did not know that she should NEVER TALK TO A COP, and was just lucky that she did not say something that could be twisted to make her or her boyfriend seem culpable in this horrific crime.

  6. It’s coming.

    1. What’s coming? A bunch of impotent whining from those of us pissed off at what’s going on but realizing that the police will kill us if we try to do anything about it?

      1. Eventually they’ll hit the wrong guy/group. Maybe. But yeah, until then, lolz.

        1. Who/what do you think the wrong guy/group would be? I’m coming up blank. As long as these incidents are apparently isolated enough, people will keep either taking the cops’ words or assuming it’s just a few bad ones.

      2. Unless he meant marches and protests that do nothing but entrench the status quo. In which case, yeah that’s probably coming.

  7. As a result of his actions, he is gone

    You can’t even call that passive voice. It’s just a flat-out lie.

    Makes me hope the grand jurors die in fires. How can anyone buy this nonsense?

    1. The grand jurors are useful idiots. They do what they’re told to do by the prosecutor.

      No, it’s the prosecutor and the police officials that deserve to die slow, painful deaths.

      1. Sometimes useful idiots need to suffer harm, too.

    2. It’s not a lie. If he didn’t have the gall to leave his house that day to go shopping, he’d still be alive.

  8. Also, this is a great illustration of the fact that the only word you should ever say to a cop is “lawyer”. They were clearly – clearly – trying to coerce or trick her into saying something that would have given them leverage to claim it was a “good shoot”.

  9. Never talk to the police. And, apparently, never go into a store where the police might come and shoot your black ass for no reason.

    1. Just don’t do anything, if you want to live. Any action can result in your being gone.

  10. He even insulted her appearance, saying, “Your eyes are kind of messed up looking and you seem lethargic, but I don’t know if it’s because you are upset or not.”

    I see that more as insinuating that she was either drunk or high than just a mere insult. Why he would do such a thing I leave to you.

    1. Yeah. I think he was trying to find a way to threaten her.

    2. Yep.

      “Hey I don’t want to interrupt you while you’re not saying what I want, but it looks like you’re a drug addict and I think should totally throw you in jail/get CPS to take your kids away. Just an FYI. You were saying?”

  11. Ask for a fucking lawyer!

    1. I don’t know about you, but I’ll take a lawyer when s/he’s not fucking, thanks.

  12. https://reason.com/archives/201…..nt_4974485

    ^^^ Wonderful example of how they get away with this.

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  14. An anarcho capitalist society would never work because armed gangs would go around killing innocent, unarmed men and fucking with the people who care about them, all without consequence. We need government so that this kind of thing does not occur.

    1. *slides beer over*

      Cheers to that!

    2. Die in a fire.

      1. He’s being sarcastic, T-dawg.

      2. I was being sarcastic. I’ve grown much more ancap the longer I’ve been a libertarian. We read daily about events that people hold up as reasons ancap will never work, and yet these things are perpetrated by our very own government. Which by calling it “government” it gets labeled with legitimacy.

    3. Precisely. And the anarchist society would be ruled by warlords who can do pretty much whatever they want, unlike what we have now.

  15. Disband the entire department. Burn it to the fucking ground.

    1. If the Department of Justice doesn’t do just that, then there is no reason to have a Department of Justice.

    2. Should we call ahead before we light it on fire?

    3. No, lock all the cops inside, then burn down with them in it. They are all complicit in the murder and you can bet this is just one of many. They should all be execcuted.

  16. Once upon a time I wondered how there could be enough recruits to keep the SS, Cheka, NKVD, StaSi and such in business, but I don’t anymore.

    1. Read Stanley Milgram’s “Obedience To Authority”.

      You only need 1% of society to be an out-of-control police force, and clearly 50% of society want to be out-of-control police.

  17. When feminists talk about “patriarchy,” I think of the police state. Every argument they use against males, applies to the reality of our everyday situations with cops. When I see police, I panic. Every time. Without fail. “But have you done anything?” IT DOESN’T MATTER! John Crawford didn’t do anything. He was shot for existing. No warning or anything. And the fact that this can happen to anyone at any time scares the ever living shit out of me. I initially bought a radar detector for my car because I was a speed demon. Now I just use it to let me know when these bastards are near so I can be 3 lanes away and out of view. Fuck….

    1. What’s fucked up is that most of the time your interaction with a cop will be fine. But if you just get the wrong cop on the wrong day…you could die. For doing NOTHING. This could happen with any interaction with cops. You just never know.

      1. Except for a few occasions as a teenager, I have never really had any unpleasant interactions with cops. But I still make a special point to avoid them for exactly that reason. You never know. It’s like having a bunch of bears or something wandering around. They will probably ignore you, but one day they might just decide to eat you.

        1. A big problem is that while your actions can have an effect on how the police treat you, a much larger part of that is totally beyond your control.
          If they see you as ‘one of those people’ it doesn’t matter if you are polite, they will see that as being ‘a smart-ass’
          If they are in a jumpy mood, just reaching for your wallet can set them off.
          The cops in this case were deploying their ‘active shooter’ training, meaning they run in and kill anyone they see with a gun. Nothing the man could have done would have saved his life or changed the cops actions.

  18. As a result of his actions, he is gone

    I watched the video. He didn’t have enough fucking time to perform any actions.

    1. He left his house to go shopping. Which equals a death sentence.

    2. He could have gone for skin bleaching like Michael Jackson and Rita Hayworth.

      But he actively avoided doing so.

      1. They’re just as happy to kill whites, yellows, or reds. Just not blues.

  19. What the hell is it going to take for this country to say “no more”?

    How can anybody make the serious argument this guy — walking around a store with a product he TOOK OFF THE STORE’S SHELVES — deserved to die? Just look at that video: he panicked for a two seconds when heavily armed cops surprised him — in the process, DROPPING the fake gun — and then was shot.

    I mean: what the fuck?

    1. As long as most people can avoid interacting with police for the most part, no one is going to go beyond impotent outrage. Actually doing something carries risk, and as long as people are for the most part comfortable, they aren’t going to risk their or their families’ safety and security.

  20. Where’s dunphy’s totally-unbiased analysis of how this was a good shoot and everybody loves police?

    1. Don’t invite him to come hear and gloat.

  21. Am I under arrest? Am I being detained? Am I free to go? Am I under arrest? Am I being detained? Am I free to go? Am I under arrest? Am I being detained? Am I free to go?

    1. You’d be shot dead before you got to the second syllable of “under”.

  22. It will never happen, of course, but if I were king of the world, I’d require that police wait until first blood is shed before using deadly force. If you think that the guy with a gun is a threat to you, you still need to wait until you are certain. If a few more pigs have to die, I don’t give a fuck at this point.

    1. My rough understanding of the ROE for the military in the Mideast is essentially that they are not allowed to shoot anyone who doesn’t shoot at them first.

      For a war zone, that’s crazy. For cops, that should be common sense.

      1. Its positive ID of threat or hostile intent – no “furtive movement” or “I feared for my safety/life”… it is what did they do so that you used deadly force? And the answer had best be – “they shot at us”, “they were burying an IED”, “they were setting up a mortar”, “he loaded an RPG and was leveling it at us” and such.

    2. You just never know if that cane/camera/phone/car key/etc. isn’t some sort of improvised weapon, because you know cops are being slaughter like flies everyday by perps with improvised weapons. Being a cop is just such a fucking dangerous job. Up there with fishing the Alaska Gulf or underwater welding.

      1. I’m not even talking about improvised or disguised weapons. If they see someone with an obviously real gun, they shouldn’t shoot until it is clear that he intends to shoot someone with it.

        And just in case Dunphy shows up, yes that does include people who answer the door with a gun in their hand when the police pound on their door in the middle of the night.

  23. Once again we see incontrovertible proof cops are the scum of the earth.

    There should be a bounty on ’em.

  24. Wow, they called an ambulance after they killed him. I supposed that was because the store wanted his cadaver out because it might be bad for business. If it had been out on the street however, different story.

  25. One little nit-pick. An air rifle isn’t really a fake gun. It’s not a firearm, but it is an actual weapon (assuming it is a proper pellet gun and not some air-soft type thing).

    1. Yeah, this. Be more precise or the point might get lost, Reason.

    2. That’s an awfully little nit-pick.

  26. Considering this took place in my hometown and I’ll back for Xmas, I’ll try to take a dump in front of the police station. Anyone want a Red Ryder from the Wal-Mart?

  27. Anyone want a Red Ryder from the Wal-Mart?

    They’ll shoot your eye out, Kid.

    1. It would almost be comical if they shot me, a commissioned officer in the military given that the only thing keeping Dayton OH afloat is Wright-Patt Air Force Base which is about 5 mins away from Beavercreek’s border. (You can also call it The ‘Creek if you’re from there.)

    2. +1 leglamp

  28. I re-reviewed the tape of the shooting. It seemed to be that the Beavercreek police officers shot Crawford as soon as they saw him-no warning given.

    This will be interesting as my wife’s sister and husband lives in Beavercreek, OH. I will see them over Christmas and will try to ask them about it if there is an opportunity in discussions.

    1. What part of Beavercreek? Having two libertarians in SW OH might create critical mass and spark police riots.

      1. Sad that, as much evangelical work as police do for the libertarian cause, we remain such a rare breed.

        1. Unfortunately, even if they get to the point of actually admitting there are problems, and even if they get past the ‘isolated incident/few bad apples’ rationalization, it seems most people then fall into the ‘but we’d all be raped/robbed/murdered in our beds without the police’ mindset.
          The leap to the realization that the police can’t/don’t/won’t actually serve or protect in most cases, and often just make things worse seems just about impossible for most people.

  29. I have a great idea to save tax dollars: abolish grand juries and replace them with a law that says all “civilians” will go to trial and that no police will go to trial. The percentages of both cases handled this way would be practically the same as they are now.

  30. We need to start seeing some people hanging from lampposts. I’mm not saying who, but someone needs to be hanging from a fucking lamppost with a sign around his neck which says “corrupt”.

    1. This is a terroristic threat. Please come out of the building with your hands in plain sight, then lie prone on the sidewalk until your hands are secured behind your back. The cops waiting for you will be very jumpy and will take every action they feel necessary to ensure that they can go home safely at the end of their shift.

  31. So can we finally put away this bullshit idea that we live in a free country of laws and not men? Because when the pigs have zero (and I think most of us would agree that “Zero” is not any hyperbole) accountability, you live in a defacto police state.

  32. Grand juries are a joke. A sad, lethal joke on justice.

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