Hit & Run

Steve Chapman: Targeting 'Assault Weapons' Again



Gun control advocates, with a heroic disregard for real-world evidence, have never given up trying to get rid of certain firearms. The latest effort is a lawsuit filed by families of students and employees killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., two years ago.

The complaint says the maker and sellers of the AR-15 used by Adam Lanza should have to pay damages because in putting it on the market, they "chose to disregard the unreasonable risks the rifle posed." If they were held liable, the companies might also be ordered to stop selling it.

The AR-15 is too dangerous to tolerate, the lawsuit argues, because it is a military weapon whose "overwhelming firepower" and "extreme efficiency" serve to produce "maximum carnage." But, as Steve Chapman writes, the argument proves too much and too little.