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Indiana Cop Responds to Eric Garner Protesters by Selling T-Shirt: 'Breathe Easy—Don't Break the Law'

An artifact of the backlash.


The South Bend Uniform Co., a cop-owned company that sells "only the finest public safety apparel," has responded to those "I Can't Breathe" T-shirts by producing shirts that look like this:

Run, rabbit, run.
South Bend Uniform Co.

That's tasteless and offensive, but I don't think I would have blogged it if the story had stopped there. If I want to write about the backlash against the anti-police-brutality movement, there are much bigger fish than a guy churning out T-shirts in Indiana. But then the guy in question posted this reply to his critics on Facebook:

And that's the sort of insult to everyone's intelligence that I just have to share. I mean, I suppose it's possible that the company could create these shirts without recognizing that they also carry a second message—roughly speaking, "People who break the law deserve to be choked to death." Possible, but not very likely.

WSBT reports that the store has "already received more than 100 online orders." It adds that the owner "says his shirt is an opportunity to show the other side of the story. He says the other side is the police perspective."