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Al Gore Gives Good Powerpoint

But the former VP is not always completely accurate


Al Gore in Lima

Lima, Peru – Former U.S. Vice-President and long-time climate campaigner Al Gore gave an impassioned powerpoint performance today. The rapt audience for his Climate Reality Project presentation was composed of the negotiators, activists, and reporters at the 20th Conference of the Parties (COP-20) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The U.N.'s side event listing promoted Gore's talk as explaining "In the struggle to solve the climate crisis, a powerful, yet largely unnoticed shift is taking place."

Gore started off by saying, "I am going to present an optimistic message here." To set up the two-part structure of his talk, Gore whipped out the well-worn, but wrong, cliché that the Chinese word for crisis is composed of the two characters signifying danger and opportunity. The danger, of course, is man-made global warming. The opportunity…we'll get to that.

To illustrate the danger, Gore graphically showed the uncontroversial data that global average temperature has been increasing over the last few decades at least. He displayed a bell curve graph taken from a study by climatologist James Hansen and his colleagues showing that summer high temperatures have been shifting toward the right over the past 60 years. Gore also cited the World Meteorological Organization's recent statement that 2014 is on track to be the hottest year in the instrumental temperature record.

The Nobel Peace Prize laureate noted that most of the excess heat from global warming is being stored in the oceans and hinted, without stating outright, that rising sea surface temperatures are already intensifying hurricanes and typhoons. As examples, he cited the massive damage that Typhoon Haiyan and Superstorm Sandy inflicted on the Philippines and the U.S. respectively. Those storms were indeed intense, but not as intense as earlier storms such as Typhoons Tip (1979), Nora (1973), and Ida (1958). Gore also failed to mention that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's (IPCC) new Climate Change 2014: Synthesis Report found, "There is low confidence that long-term changes in tropical cyclone activity are robust and there is low confidence in the attribution of global changes to any particular cause."

Gore further stated, "The climate crisis disrupts the water cycle which increases the frequency of extreme events." He noted that warmer air can hold more water vapor; specifically that a 1 degree Celsius increase in temperature boosts the atmosphere's ability to hold more water vapor by 7 percent. In fact, climate researchers report that the global atmosphere now holds 4 percent more water vapor than it did 30 years ago. On the principle of what-goes-up-must-come-down, the result of increased water vapor is an increase in the number of heavy precipitation days. Indeed, the Synthesis report reckons, "There are likely more land regions where the number of heavy precipitation events has increased than where it has decreased."

The former Vice-President evidently concluded if it rains more that must mean it floods more. Gore said that floods and mudslides are increasing "on every continent." He then treated the audience to a long series of slides featuring pictures and videos of recent fearsome floods and landslides from around the world. The cumulative impact of the dramatic images is to suggest that floods are getting worse and coming soon to your town. But the Synthesis report observes, "There is low confidence that anthropogenic climate change has affected the frequency and magnitude of fluvial floods on a global scale."

If it is raining more, then why isn't it flooding more? Largely because significant floods don't result from intense short downpours, but instead from longer events such as a slow moving storm systems that intersect with spring snow melt. In any case, the good news is that number of people who die annually from floods around the world is down 98 percent since the 1930s. It is true that floods are destroying more property than before, but that's almost entirely because, as a result of economic growth, there's more property around to be destroyed.

Gore next suggested that the extra heat from man-made global warming "also pulls water out the soil which deepens droughts and makes them longer." Consequently, the world is experiencing "more droughts" and more "epic droughts." Again, the former Vice-President ran through a succession of photographs depicting heat-blasted fields and dried up reservoirs to illustrate his point. During his talk, Gore certainly left the impression, but didn't quite say, that global warming caused the recent California drought. And well he should be reticent; even Mother Jones reported just two days ago that "according to new research by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, California's drought was primarily produced by a lack of precipitation driven by natural atmospheric cycles that are unrelated to man-made climate change." Due largely to data issues, the Synthesis report concludes, "There is low confidence in observed global-scale trends in droughts."

It is true that the amount of ice and snow on the planet is falling and the Vice-President had the slides of retreating mountain glaciers, ice sheet melting in Greenland and shrinking Arctic sea ice to prove it. The Synthesis report notes, "Over the last two decades, the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets have been losing mass (high confidence). Glaciers have continued to shrink almost worldwide (high confidence). Northern Hemisphere spring snow cover has continued to decrease in extent (high confidence)." In addition, since 1979 the rate of decrease in the annual mean of Arctic sea ice extent has been "very likely in the range 3.5 to 4.1 percent per decade."

Melting ice on land will contribute to rising sea level and increase the probability of coastal flooding. The Synthesis report concludes that "global mean sea-level rise will continue during the 21st century, very likely at a faster rate than observed from 1971 to 2010." Depending on how high greenhouse gas concentrations go the report notes with medium confidence the rise will likely be in the ranges of 0.26 to 0.55 to 0.82 meter by 2100.

Somewhat oddly in the context of a talk on the dangers of climate change, Gore next cited the recent Living Planet Index report by the World Wildlife Fund that finds since 1970 that the populations of vertebrate species—mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish—have dropped by half. This is indeed alarming, but the report itself notes that climate change accounts for only 7 percent of the threats to the survival of the measured wildlife populations. That's not insignificant, but as the report makes clear reducing hunting, habitat loss and habitat degradation would do a lot more to protect endangered species.

Having recited his litany of the present and future dangers of man-made global warming, the Vice-President suggests that humanity is at a tipping point. "Easter Island stands as example of choices made wrongly by an ancient civilization," intones Gore. "We have a similar choice to make." Obviously, Gore is deploying as a parable for our times the popular narrative in which the population and culture of Easter Islanders collapsed after supposedly committing ecocide by chopping down all of their trees. Unluckily for Gore, that account is now being challenged by archaeologists, many of whom argue that any social "collapse" occurred after European contact as a result of epidemic disease and enslavement.

So what then is the opportunity that the climate crisis presents us? Investing in wind and solar power. No really. Gore enthusiastically cited the fact that wind turbine generation capacity has increased globally 10-fold since 2000. Actually, it's increased nearly 20-fold and is projected to nearly double by 2018. The investment consultancy Lazard reports that the cost of installing wind turbines has fallen by 58 percent since 2009. The firm now estimates that the unsubsidized levelized cost of wind is now between $37 and $81 per megawatt-hour compared to $61 and $87 per megawatt-hour for natural gas generation.

But what really excites the Nobel Prize winner is solar photovoltaic panels. Gore argues that solar panels are now entering the steep end of an exponential curve. In 2000, global solar PV capacity was 1.5 gigawatts. In 2012 it was 98 gigawatts and is projected to rise to 300 gigawatts by 2018. Lazard notes that since 2009 the cost of solar PV has dropped nearly 80 percent and that the unsubsidized levelized cost of utility-scale solar PV is between $72 and $86 per megawatt-hour.

Gore likened the growth trajectory of solar panel technology to that of mobile phones. Gore cited with glee AT&T's 1980 projection that world would be using about 900,000 mobile phones by the year 2000. Instead it was 109 million and the number is now 6.3 billion. Like mobile phones, solar PV is experiencing sharp cost reductions; their quality has greatly improved; individuals are choosing to buy them, not big centralized bureaucracies; and they enable people to leapfrog over legacy technologies, e.g., landlines. He pointed out the conference host country, Peru, has 3 million telephone lines and 30 million mobile phone subscriptions.

In his presentation Gore skipped over the intermittency issue (the sun doesn't always shine and wind doesn't always blow) that makes wind and solar power problematic as baseload sources of electricity. Given that issue, an optimistic assessment of the prospects for renewable energy issued by the International Energy Agency this year forecasts that wind and solar together could supply 38 percent, and solar PV 16 percent of the world's electricity by 2050.

What do we need to escape the looming danger and seize the opportunity? A price on carbon and the application of the "renewable resource" of political will, asserted Gore. (I can't help but observe that the development of cheap utility-scale batteries would help a lot too.) Of course, if Gore is right that the prices for energy from wind and solar will soon fall below the prices for energy produced by conventional fossil fuels, a carbon price and political will be entirely superfluous.

Note: The Al Gore Effect was curiously absent in Lima.

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  1. Al Gore gave an impassioned powerpoint performance today.
    Then took a limo to the airport where his private jet was waiting to whisk him back to his gigantic mansion.

    Why nobody believes him or his impassioned pleas for neo-feudalism.

    1. “””powerpoint performance “”

      Did he use carbon free electrons?

      1. He had a stack of true believers on stationary bicycles give the impression of that, but used grid power anyway.

    2. Why nobody believes him or his impassioned pleas for neo-feudalism.

      Oh, there are plenty of rubes who still buy his bullshit.

      1. The opportunity *is* neo-feudalism.

    3. I wouldn’t take him to task over his interpretation of the Chinese word, ‘weiji,’ or crisis. The first character, ‘wei’ means danger and while the second, ‘ji’ doesn’t mean opportunity, ‘jihui’ does. ‘Ji’ by itself refers more to ‘a crucial moment.’

      It’s not all that different to the English word ‘crisis’ which comes from the Greek word meaning the ‘turning point of a disease.’ As long as we’re in a state of crisis, we have the opportunity to turn away from danger to something more positive.

      1. “As long as we’re in a state of crisis,”:

        Which we aren’t.
        mtrueman is an admitted and proven liar.

        1. “mtrueman is an admitted and proven liar”

          Sevo is a bigger liar and refuses to admit it.

          1. mtrueman|12.11.14 @ 12:52PM|#
            “Sevo is a bigger liar and refuses to admit it.”

            Not only am I not a bigger liar than you, (and that would be difficult), I’m not a liar at all, liar.

            1. Liar and a dullard, dullard. You prove both in every response.

  2. Al Gore is a lying sack of shit. Having good presentation skills only makes his lying more effective. There is not one fucking thing to admire in this man.

    1. I’ve always admired at least one thing about him, that he went and did his time in Vietnam even though he could have gotten out of it and he and his father opposed the war.

      Of course, that was a long time ago and recently he’s most known for trying to destroy the modern economy and standard of living because of alarmist nonsense, so there’s that.

      1. He lied about his service. Ask any wingnut. Only Cheney and Bush were fit to be commander-in-chief.

        1. So is this turd’s 8% of truth for the day? Or just more of the 92% of lies?

        2. What I admire most about Gore is this. Not long after he invented the internet he built a website where one could buy carbon credits from him. Why, it was such a good idea the Rev. Al Gore led the way and set a good example by purchasing enough carbon credits from himself that completely zeroed out his personal carbon footprint. Not only was the single passenger private jet and the limo zeroed out, so was his 20,000 sq.ft. mini mansion which used conventional HVAC for heating and cooling during this time period.

          Not only were his enviromental jihadist supporters blinded by his brilliance and example, they were also so blinded that they ignored the fact that the evil George Bush’s modest Crawford ranch home used geo thermal heating and cooling with conventional HVAC as back up.

          Have a nice day Butplug, bless your little pea pickin heart.

      2. His time? He spent a couple of months as a journalist in Vietnam after enlisting for political reasons.

        I guess not everyone can be a Senator’s son.

        1. +1 Hear me, hear me, I ain’t no senator’s son, no.

          1. Why does everyone get CCR lyrics wrong? IT AIN’T ME.

            1. Because I haven’t heard the song in a couple of months and couldn’t be bothered looking it up? Sheesh, sorry.

              Is this another purity test?


                1. If I’m cast out of the kingdom will I have to run through the jungle?

                  1. You could always take the midnight special.

                    1. As long as I can see the light, while I make my way back to Green River, I will consider myself a fortunate son. And, if I should make it to my home up around the bend, I will spend my time lookin out my back door wondering who’ll stop the rain.

                    2. But what if someday never comes, and you end up down on the corner with Suzie Q, living like a penthouse pauper?

                    3. Well, then I’m screwed.

                  2. + 11 for running thru the jungle nekid.

            2. “There’s a bathroom on the right.”

              1. Well, that is clearly the real lyric of that song. “Bad moon” my ass.

                1. Just make sure, on your way, that you don’t get stuck in Lodi again.

        2. I could care less if he went over to Bien Hoa and played cards all day for the near half a year he was there. He could have not gone at all.

          I don’t like him so I won’t expend any more time defending him, I’m just commenting on one thing he did that I think was a good mark of character.

          1. I’ve got a good friend who enlisted while still in college, did a year in Vietnam as an infantryman including surviving Dong Ap Bia. That’s what happened to those who aren’t muckety-muck’s sons.

            He later joined the Guard and did another year as an infantryman in Iraq. Reminds me I need to send him a Christmas card.

            Fuck Gore and his politically connected feathered service.

          2. He sat his ass in a safe job that would have gone to someone without the connections to avoid going.

        3. “His time? He spent a couple of months as a journalist in Vietnam after enlisting for political reasons.”

          Yes and the Army assigned him a babbysitter to protect him and make sure he didn’t get anywhere remotely close to any actual combat.

      3. I’ve always admired at least one thing about him, that he went and did his time in Vietnam even though he could have gotten out of it and he and his father opposed the war.

        Enlisting to join government kill squads in one of the most unjustified acts of brutality in the 20th century is hardly admirable. And if he was drafted, accepting conscription out of principle is acceptance of the moral legitimacy of slavery. He didn’t “do his time”, unless slavery is acceptable to you. Which as a progressive yourself, whether you admit it or not, is par for the course.

        1. Sorry Mrs. Gore, even your husband was a “baby killer”. :^)

    2. I admire the fact that he turned his eco-babble in a vast fortune.

      1. I guess I can kind of admire him for getting on Futurama. Although envy would probably be more accurate.

        1. His daughter was a writer on that show. One shouldn’t envy nepotism.

      2. Much monocles, many orphan

      3. That he did.

        He’s an environmental alchemist.

      4. I admire the fact that he turned his eco-babble in a vast fortune.

        And, given that he makes your average 2×4 look animated and flexible, you’ve got to admire his charismatic anti-charisma. It’s almost like watching a 14-yr.-old girl box light-heavyweight successfully.

      5. I admire the fact that he turned his eco-babble in a vast fortune.

        By that standard you must admire Warren Buffet for buying up shit assets that he knew his friends in Washington would pay him top dollar for. There’s nothing admirable about making a fortunate from extortion and thuggery.

    3. He did warn us of/create the dangers of Manbearpig.

  3. “”””In his presentation Gore skipped over the intermittency issue (the sun doesn’t always shine and wind doesn’t always blow) that makes wind and solar power problematic as baseload sources of electricity.””‘

    Which actually hurts his cause since if they put more effort into solving the electrical storage problem it would make his beloved solar and wind power much more able to replace carbon using electrical generation. Instead he ignores a major stumbling block.

    1. The way you know solar is not viable is because no one pays full cost for it. I would love to generate my own power. I’ve looked into solar and there is no way to recoup the investment, even with tax credits. Also show me a solar powered factory making solar panels. I know fossil fuel companies actual use the fuel they are harvesting to do work.

      1. And so-called “green energy” wasn’t even economically viable with oil being more than $120 a barrel, so just imagine how non-viable it is with oil down to $50-$60 a barrel!

        And contrary to what our cretinous troll Dave Weigel constantly likes to imply, the oil plunge has absolutely nothing to do with the policies of the Barack Obamas and Al Gores of the world. It’s happening in spite of them.

        The Obamas and Gores of the world absolutely despise what’s happening to the price of oil right now, and wish it were going in the opposite direction, especially considering that they’ve been telling us for so many years that the world supply had peaked out. Guess we all know now what a lie that turned out to be, don’t we?

        1. Well, the cheap oil is actually killing the American Oil industry as much of our oil production can’t make any money with prices this low. The fracking bubble will burst and probably take even more of the economy with it than the housing market did in 2008. All, again, thanks to FED QE fueled leveraging and speculation. Sad thing is, when it crashes, people will blame Republicans for not confiscating enough oil company wealth via taxation, which is probably the only reason we’ve made it this far without the bubble bursting.

          1. As A Texan and businessman who is old enough to have been busted by two oil biddness crashes I don’t think this one is to be like the past because it is going to be a short term dip. This downward spirial is being pushed by Saudi’s and the US simply to bust apart OPEC who refuse to go along and voluntarily limit production as to maintain a target price of $80 to $90 per barrel where every body makes money. They are bitch slapping OPEC so to speak. They tried to make others limit their peoduction but keep their own high output. We are in a short term situation where production is a 92 million barrels ans consumption at 91 mbbls. Some of the highly leveraged independent frackers will go down, no doubt. The majors and the well funded independents will take up the slack.

            Gas will be back to $3+ by the end of the second quarter 2016 so several well placed sources tell me. The target is between $80 and $90 per barrel. There may be a revolution in Venezuela in the meantime though as the gov there won’t be able to subsidize staples for their people due to serious loss of oil revenue. Look for oportunity there if you invest.

            This rambling explanation was spur of the moment and train of though so please excuse the presentation but the facts are there.

            1. I’ve been to Venezuela three time in the last 14 months. Their oil infrastructure is woeful, even if they don’t have a revolution the degradation of equipment and general incompetence of the operators will have a pretty lasting effect on their ability to recover oil.

              I’d be shocked if they were able to maintain profitability at $90/bbl considering the entire system needs to be rebuilt from the ground up.

              Also, they are practically giving it away (sometimes literally giving it away to Cuba and Bolivia). Diesel in Caracas was .38 USD (yeah, 38 CENTS) last time I was there. Gasoline was only 50-60 cents.

      2. And producing solar panels produces actual poisonous pollution too, in addition to using lots of fossil fuel based energy.

      3. My daughter and her husband have been talking about solar for a couple of years to help offset their costs. Lo and behold, the other day I drive up and there are panels on their roof. Not enough, mind you, to run the entire house, but they are there. Curious, I asked where is the inverter and the batteries? As it turns out, they do have an inverter, but there is no local storage. So what this means is that they get power on sunny days when no one is home, and that power gets “sold” back to the utility. Here’s the kicker – Solar city manages that and my daughter and her husband don’t see a dime of that. The best they get is a reduction in cost of electricity for periods when the cells produce enough power to offset their daily use. The whole thing seems like a scam to me.

  4. Al Gore is a constant reminder to me that I have yet to figure out the secret ratio progressives have of “spouts blather that we like to hear” versus “is a horrible person and hypocrite” that they use to determine when exactly they will flip 180 and move from deep love to broad social ostracization.

  5. For stupidity beyond common acceptance:

    “A climate idea comes of age: Zero emissions”
    “”In your lifetime, emissions have to go to zero. That’s a message people understand,” said the Pakistani-born Yamin,”
    environmental groups and celebrities including Leonardo DiCaprio have backed variations.”…..issions-2/

    Personally, I’d settle for, oh, free mansions for everyone, and an infinite life-span. Maybe I can get Lennie to back my wish-list.

    1. Leo has multiple mansions, one he uses merely as a “beach house,” and I believe he’s regularly seen on yachts with a harem of model-looking chicks. Does he feel guilty about living this good life and is doing penance by telling everyone else to stop using so much energy?

      1. Everyone he convinces to use less, consume less, emit less…is an “offset” for him!

    2. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon shows a Peruvian dish called ceviche during the presentation of ecological stoves at the UN Climate Change Conference in Lima, Peru,

      They made ceviche on an “ecological stove?” Did no one tell the UN what ceviche is?

      1. Hey, it’s the same stove they use to prepare Sushi: No emissions at all!

  6. ‘manbearpig is attacking as we speak.He is destroying cites and coasts. Manbearpig must be stopped at all cost!Hide the women and children,caves are the best shelter. I will be in my 5000 square foot compound leading the war.I’m cereal.’

    1. He’s half man, half bear, half pig.

      1. He’s the intersection of Common Core Math and Common Core Biology.

  7. “Earth is our home. We only have one and if we mess this up? where do we go next? We don’t have another earth right next to us, just in case we lose this one,” says Hippocrates Polemis, an eight-year-old featured in SAVING MY TOMORROW.…..y-tomorrow

    1. Cool the Earth is a grassroots, school-to-home program that was founded in 2007 by Marin County parents, Carleen and Jeff Cullen, who were inspired to take action after seeing the documentary “An Inconvenient Truth.”

      1. Earth Guardians is an organization of dedicated youth from around the world. We are committed to standing up to protect the Earth, Water, Air and Atmosphere so our generation, and those to follow, inherit a healthy, just and sustainable planet. We are focusing on weaving together the synergy of individual grassroots youth driven projects around the globe, to create one international, intergenerational movement for effective change.

        1. Latest news on our federal legal action! We filed a Writ of Certiorari in the U.S. Supreme Court on October 3, 2014, to confirm the federal government’s public trust obligation to protect natural resources for the benefit of future generations. Our time is now!

          1. You doing harvesting work for the Derpetologist?

      2. Cool the earth. Great, another Ice Age is just what we need. Fucking morons.

        1. But the summer is really HOT where they are! The price of arugula is through the roof!!!!

  8. Look, when Al Gore starts selling his beachfront property, that’s when you start to take him seriously.

  9. In his presentation Gore skipped over the intermittency issue (the sun doesn’t always shine and wind doesn’t always blow) that makes wind and solar power problematic as baseload sources of electricity.

    Since the goodthinkful media have already served up straw-man versions of intermittency (“What happens when we run out of wind?”), we don’t need to care.

    1. It’s always sunny in Philadelphia!

      1. Not today it ain’t.

  10. Ok, so Ron think’s Gore gives good Powerpoint. What does Edward Tufte say?

    1. I’ll bet Al’s Powerpoint’s not as good as .

    2. I heard Stalin did too

  11. A civilized and progressive humanity will never “believe” in climate change enough to condemn its children to a GLOBAL CLIMATE CRISIS that science has NEVER said was; “PROVEN”.
    *Occupywallstreet now does not even mention CO2 in its list of demands because of the bank-funded and corporate run carbon trading stock markets ruled by politicians.
    *Canada killed Y2Kyoto with a freely elected climate change denying prime minister and nobody cared, especially the millions of scientists warning us of unstoppable warming (a comet hit).
    Canada and the USA have not had smog in close to ten years because those “Alerts”, “Advisories” “Watches” and “Be Kind to the Air Days” are not measurements of smog and are only “predictions” that a “Smog Warning Day” (real smog) “could be” issued within the next 36 hours and 10 years later there is still no smog. And any of the smog days that are recorded are so low that they barely qualified as smog.

    1. There are scientists who claim because they’re getting less funding it will mean catastrophe – or something.

      Harper did the right thing keeping Canada out of this disingenuous farce called Kyoto.

  12. Now that the unsubsidized costs of solar and wind are approaching the competitive range with other forms of energy generation, I’m sure Mr. Gore can agree that it is time to end the subsides, right?

    1. They are? No one has told Solar City that.

    2. I want what your drinking

  13. You guuuyyys, I’m super cereal! Man-bear-pig!

  14. But what about the ruminations of a chronologically preset group of obstinate bipedal meat Popsicles?

  15. You remaining Greenzis of climate blame “belief” that are goose stepping our children to their exaggerated greenhouse gas ovens someday will be rounded up and charged with uttering CO2 death threats to billions of innocent children. If science can’t say “proven” for a “threat to the planet” then it’s not a proven crisis so stop telling kids it is before history condemns you.

  16. Dude knows how to play the insider game. Was (is still?) on the board at AAPL and supposedly bought in at

    1. How much did the Crazed Sex Poodle have to hand over to Tipper, on the way out the door?

  17. “In the struggle to solve the climate crisis, a powerful, yet largely unnoticed shift is taking place.”

    Heh. Everybody knows about plate tectonics.

  18. I thought that PowerPoint automatically underlined any falsehoods in your presentation using little red squiggles?

    It isn’t Gore’s fault if the autocorrect feature in the software wasn’t working properly.

    1. MS just underlined the file name.

      1. HAH!

        (Maybe that explains why all the Obamacare servers melted down.)

  19. Today we have a commentary on the Powerpoint skills of the head charlatan of a movement comprising anti-civilization nature worshippers, statist control freaks, fear mongers, cowering chicken littles, end-time nutjobs and grant snaffling academic quacks.

    By the science correspondent of a publication called Reason.

    1. Reason and Ron Bailey call out ‘nutjobs’ in that movement regularly. He just said the guy did a good Powerpoint presentation and then went on to criticize aspects of the substance of the presentation.

      1. Why bother?

        1. Why ask why? Bud dry.
          /hazy memory of commercial from childhood

          1. Because somebody pays you to do it?

        2. Because Gore takes himself very seriously and putting pin in that is entertaining. Get over yourself.

        3. H: Just doing my best at trying keep folks honest when it comes to talking about climate change and energy.

    2. Sometimes I like to know which black hole is sucking up my tax dollars.

  20. Gore is a bore.

    1. The recap is always more entertaining than he is — intentionally or not.

  21. Largest solar powered factory in the Nordic.…..d622f.aspx

    They can charge forklift batteries people! What more proof do you need to validate the technology?

  22. Unless he is advocating more nuclear energy, I ain’t listenin’.

    1. Yeah, if you think that CO2 emissions are a huge, catastrophic problem that will be upon us in a few years and you aren’t promoting the shit out of nuclear power, you are nuts. The solution is right in front of you.

      1. Especially considering the only real problem (cost) that makes nuclear difficult is something the progressives have never cared about in the past.

        1. And costs could be a lot lower if it were done in a more sensible way.

  23. Good ol’ Easter Island, no one left to tell the tale, is a favorite of scientific frauds. Erich von D?niken said humans couldn’t have made those heads — PROOF of ETs! How long before Jonathan Gruber cites them as the indirect cause of his “inexcusable” comments?

    1. FC: Take a look at the fantastic video that shows how the Easter Islanders got their gigantic statues to “walk” at URL:

      1. Okay, we’ll have to emend our theory. Clearly, the people of Easter Island were visited by time-travelers from the 21st century who had degrees from Ivy League universities, because there’s no other way people who lived on that island for thousands of years could have figured out how to use their own resources in such a manner.

        But cool vid.

    2. Good ol’ Easter Island, no one left to tell the tale, is a favorite of scientific frauds. Erich von D?niken said humans couldn’t have made those heads — PROOF of ETs! How long before Jonathan Gruber cites them as the indirect cause of his “inexcusable” comments?

      Well his theory makes total sense. Hear me out;

      An advanced alien civilization utilized and focused their interstellar technology towards the goal of crossing an unfathomable distance through time and space to come to Earth and move some rocks around and then leave without any other trace. Makes perfect sense.

      1. Hey! They drew that hummingbird that Rufus linked to.

      2. See my emendation above.

  24. Google pay 97$ per hour my last pay check was $8500 working 1o hours a week online. My younger brother friend has been averaging 12k for months now and he works about 22 hours a week. I cant believe how easy it was once I tried it out.
    This is wha- I do…… ??????

  25. Al Gore is a liar. He’s gone a long way telling the Liberal Establishment the pretty lies they need to validate their overwhelming thirst for power, but the plain fact is that he really isn’t very good at it. His Nobel Prize would be a disgrace if that award had ever been anything but a Proggie sop that draws what little dignity it may posses from the awards for the Hard Sciences and Economics (Don’t get me started on the Prize for Literature. Just don’t.). If life were just he would end his miserable existence at a tar and feathers party, as the centerpiece. As it is, he will slowly fade away, like the pillocks who were carrying on about the coming Ice Age in the 1970’s. And as he enters his twilight years, with dwindling bank accounts, making the occasional low paid guest appearance at some sad conspiracy theory convention, he will wonder why he isn’t more respected.

    The turd.

  26. Jesus you’d think Al Gore killed all your grannies. Does it ever get boring in the rightwing bullshit echo chamber? More interestingly, does it ever occur to any of you ridiculous morons that science might have this right because carbon dioxide is emitted when you burn fossil fuels and it is a greenhouse gas and any reasonably bright kindergartener can understand this phenomenon? No? Hello? One day one of you might step outside the bubble and find yourself in shock at how emotional you were over someone like Al Gore. Do none of you shit-flinging babies realize that “Al Gore rode in a jet” does not disprove an entire field of research? Thought not. Idiots.

    1. Does it ever get boring in the rightwing bullshit echo chamber?

      Not as long as ManBearPig provides his inimitable brand of unintentional humor.

    2. More interestingly, does it ever occur to any of you ridiculous morons that science might have this right

      Science doesn’t make a statement on the subject. Consensus is not science. Your continued inability to distinguish between the two illustrates quite clearly your lack of understanding of what science is.

      carbon dioxide is emitted when you burn fossil fuels and it is a greenhouse gas

      I sincerely doubt that there is a single person on this board or anywhere else that disputes either of these things. Again, your complete inability to logically process the argument of others shines through.

      1. You are not making a scientific or logical argument, you are asserting, with zero evidence, the existence of a worldwide conspiracy of scientists to distort the truth on this subject, for purposes that are unclear. It is the mindset of a young-earth creationist without even the excuse of having been indoctrinated as a child.

        1. I’m doing no such thing. Again you demonstrate your inability to understand the arguments of others.

          1. IF you understood what science is and how it works, you would recognize that concensus is not empiricism, and that a faulty concensus is not by necessity a byproduct of corruption or willful dishonesty.

            Your every remark lays bare that you clearly do not understand these distinctions. In fact, based on your sophomoric attempts at argumentation, I would guess with near certainty that you lack even the capability to understand what these sentences are saying.

            In short, you’re an idiot.

        2. “A conspiracy is not necessary when a carrot will suffice.”

    3. Until you live in a cave and shut off your computer it doesn’t matter. STFU.

      Seriously, I don’t know if GW is true or not, but it doesn’t matter. Don’t ask me to do something that you’re not willing to do.

      1. I’m not asking you to do anything but stop being profound idiots. I’m tired of being embarrassed for you. Individuals reducing their carbon footprints is nothing. It’s a pleasant political statement. The only actual solution is massive international cooperation to stop emitting greenhouse gases. That this is “big government” should tell you that the things you believe about “big government” are flawed, not that facts aren’t real.

        1. The only actual solution is massive international cooperation to stop emitting greenhouse gases.

          And that is not going to happen. What fucking world do you live in where people are capable of such coordination and cooperation?

    4. You emit carbon dioxide when you exhale! Everytime you exhale you are killing Mother Earth! Stop it! Stop it now. Stop your evil Mother Earth killing breathing right now! (And save us the bother of reading your mindless bullshit ever again.)

      1. I am part of the preexisting natural carbon cycle. The carbon warming the planet used to trapped in the earth’s crust.

        1. What is the perfect temperature for the Earth, Dr. Pangloss Tony?

          What is the perfect concentration of CO2?

          Is the natural state of the Earth an ice age, runaway greenhouse, or something else?

          Based on the most recent literature, what is the expected ECS and TCR?

          When you can come close to understanding and answering these questions, then you can finally have a little justification for your blind faith.

    5. Tony;

      The “science” quoted by Gore and his kind (and you) is largely eyewash. The Computer Models that make the predictions so hotly touted by the Green Establishment have not predicted any climate change that actually came to pass. Global Warming is a bullshit panic created to scare the citizenry into giving up much of their self-determination in favor of central planning by a bunch of unapologetic screwups.

      An you are just one more pathetic Lefty trying desperately to justify your Aristocratic pretensions.

      Go peddle your papers, elsewhere.

  27. “The Nobel Peace Prize laureate noted that most of the excess heat from global warming is being stored in the oceans…”

    He didn’t “note” it – he asserted it as that is not an established fact

  28. Google pay 97$ per hour my last pay check was $8500 working 1o hours a week online. My younger brother friend has been averaging 12k for months now and he works about 22 hours a week. I cant believe how easy it was once I tried it out.
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  29. “To illustrate the danger, Gore graphically showed…”

    There is no danger. There is no global warming. There is no climate crisis. Al Gore is a fraud and a liar – just like Michael Mann. This article is a lie about liars lying about their lie, and it another reason I haven’t donated to “Reason”. Prove to me you’re different than the rest of the LSM and maybe I’ll give you some money.

  30. So, what I get from Gore is that if I say something, it must be true!

    From now on, I am a 6’2″ chisel-jawed multimillionaire Ayn Randian Hero who invented the prepositional phrase and influenced all the first punk bands with not only my music, but my vast collection of avant-garde paintings and bestselling novels that Hemingway “called genius to emulate.”

    The Gore Principle rules! I now have 15 devoted wives and 30 genius babies! All just ’cause I said so! Whee!

  31. my neighbor’s mother makes $67 /hr on the internet . She has been out of work for 5 months but last month her pay was $16448 just working on the internet for a few hours. see here……

  32. Are we still HIDE THE DECLINE?

  33. Ron, that Lazard study is garbage. They assume ridiculously high capacity factors for wind–40%?!!–and even solar, and they just love to toss in additional cost for sequestration. Please stop quoting such poorly researched nonsense.

  34. Al Gore has been caught in so many lies, you’d be a fool, or a gullible idiot, to ever listen to him. The man doesn’t practice what he preaches. No “global warmer” does.

  35. Let’s Change the Dialogue

    The past five years of global climate debate have convincingly shown:

    1. Society lives in a worldwide Matrix of Deceit, built in 1945 to save the world from possible nuclear annihilation [1].

    2. Delusions of grandiose power in science advisors to politicians and members of NAS, especially in the geophysics section of NAS, have been progressively addictive since the end of WWII- beyond control of the addicts – and destroyed constitutional limits on government.

    3. Now sixty-nine years after WWII ended in 1945, politicians and heads of federal research agencies are themselves trapped in the Matrix of Deceit and need help to escape.

    We have instead vilified politicians like Gore, Obama, et al., and federal agencies like EPA, NASA, etc without admitting that we could not do a better job if we had to rely on advice from NAS’s self-perpetuating network of scientists – descendants of those who tried to save the world in 1945 by sacrificing the veracity of their advice – and who now review and advise Congress on the annual budgets of each research agency.

  36. Crap! We built our solar plant in the wrong place: The Desert

  37. Google pay 97$ per hour my last pay check was $8500 working 1o hours a week online. My younger brother friend has been averaging 12k for months now and he works about 22 hours a week. I cant believe how easy it was once I tried it out.
    This is wha- I do…… ??????

  38. Actually, I bet it was a Keynote and not a Powerpoint … as in Gore is an Apple user, not a Windows user.

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