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FBI Investigating After Denver Cops Punch Unarmed Suspect Six Times, Trip Pregnant Girlfriend, Delete Video of Incident


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On August 14 undercover police in Denver targeted suspected drug dealer David Flores for arrest. Flores allegedly put a sock full of heroin in his mouth. Uniformed cops showed up to help in the arrest and one of them punched Flores six times in an effort to get him to spit the drugs out. When cops saw a bystander recording the incident with his tablet, they seized it. When they returned it to the bystander, Levi Frasier, the video was deleted, but a few months later he realized the video had been uploaded to a cloud.

He made the video available to Fox 31 in Denver, which did not release it in its entirety because it shows undercover cops on tape. Fox 31 reports on its contents:

The videotape shows [Officer Christopher] Evans holding down the suspect's legs. A burly undercover officer can be seen bear-hugging Flores, lying on his side on the asphalt parking lot. Flores has his hands pinned behind his back.

[Officer Charles] Jones can be heard yelling at Flores to, "Spit the drugs out! Spit the drugs out!"

When Flores fails to open his mouth, Jones punches him with a closed fist six times in the face.

The video shows the suspect's head bouncing off the pavement as a result of the force.

And then:

While Jones was punching Flores, the video captures the loud sounds of a woman screaming in Spanish for police to stop.

A few seconds later, a visibly pregnant woman approaches the area where the officers are on top of Flores. Jones reaches out and sweeps her feet out from under her.

It appears on video, the woman, 25-year-old Mayra Lazos-Guerrero, falls hard on her stomach and face.

Jones reported to a superior he thought the woman was going to kick him.

Frasier disagrees with that and describes the punches he saw thrown: "Those were the hardest punches I have ever heard. I've seen some people get punched in the ring and on TV and whatnot, but the sound of those resonating, I mean, it was scary. I've never heard anything louder than that and I used to cage fight for quite a while and I've never seen punches harder than that."

The police department defended the cop's decision to punch Flores, saying he was trying to get the drugs out of his mouth, prevent him from choking, and worried another officer was being hurt because his arm was stuck under Flores.

The FBI is now investigating the incident, including the deletion of Frasier's video.

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    1. But did he bleed on him?

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  2. If we didn’t have cops who would protect pregnant women from being slammed to the ground?

  3. Probable quote from Dumphy “The ofc had the right to delete the video because of the labor contract between the ofcs and the city that’s written in the blood of the taxpayers and that makes it extra valid!”

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  8. “prevent him from choking,”

    Uh huh. Because there’s no possibility that punching him in the face would cause the bag to lodge in his throat, or perhaps burst in his mouth and cause an overdose.

    1. That is what you get when a less than bright thug is allowed to lie with impunity.

      1. I was attacked at 17 by two big bikers… no gun… kicked ass… I am self taught… oh boy… Bring it on, Reason…

    2. Big Wilson could’ve easily jacked up Big Brown without 20 bullets.

      I grew up jacking up big dudes and no one in the city gave me a state-sponsored gun.

      Sorry, Ctyolameass, have you ever faced conflict you FUCKING craphead?

  9. Should have made him swallow it and then put him in a holding tank for a day or two.

    1. Your last fight that you didn’t kill someone?

  10. Police departments budget their asset forfeiture proceeds years in advance.

    Gee…when you have to have a certain amount of asset forfeiture money in order to make your budget balance, that almost seems like it would give cops a pretty perverse incentive to steal people’s property, doesn’t it?

    1. Also, the rationale behind asset forfeiture is that it ‘takes the profit out of crime’ and therefore causes people to be less likely to be criminals. However, if that’s the case, then why don’t we do something useful with the money like give it to battered women’s shelters or put it in charities for victims of gun violence?

      Oh, I know! Because this is just state sanctioned theft meant to tax the public in a roundabout way so the average person doesn’t notice.

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    Shits funny. Bitches come and go and fuck with me…

    ULTIMATELY, ALL human life is valuable.

    When you or I think it is fucking easy to kill or erase a human life over fucking lame riddles… we have a problem with the best civilization on earth called American… which is BASED on INTELLIGENT ideals and NOT old-world European tired laws…

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  15. It’s simple. Send Brown my way.

    I’m not a cop.


    I would’ve kicked his ass.

    He would not have died.

    People with guns are pussies.

    I support gun rights.

  16. Cops are not as tough as me.

    They pay to be taught to be tough but their toughness depends on bullets.

    I grew up in the inner city of Toledo.

    I never had a gun a lone white guy in a mostly black high school.

    Based on Wilson should we arm all white high-schoolers raised in black neighborhoods?

  17. Why are cops weak when they armed to the teeth by the state?

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  20. Why do prosecutors love bullets?



    1. I live unarmed but appreciating the rights of Americans to arm themselves.

      BUT with ethics and integrity. Please leave your fucking Jesus OUT of law enforcement and gun ownership…. It is about simply human rights that have NOTHING to do with your fucking religion… it IS about the vector of the past and future and the historical reality that overwhelming government power will always transcend individual rights… ask the Jews in 1943 in the Warsaw ghetto which is Proof positive why there should NEVER exist a single KKK or neo-nazi that claims intelligence….

      1. Agile Cyborg|11.28.14 @ 9:44PM|#
        “I live unarmed”…

        For which we are all thankful on this holiday and in general.

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      Mysteries of the Universe, Agile. Happy Friday, man!

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  23. Um, what the hell is happening with this thread?

    1. Threading. It happens.

  24. So Reason doesn’t care about anti-cop protesters trampling on private property rights and interfering with the free market today? Surprise!

    1. Stampede|11.28.14 @ 11:20PM|#
      “So Reason doesn’t care about anti-cop protesters trampling on private property rights”
      There have been comments about it; none complimentary.

      “and interfering with the free market today? Surprise”
      Speech may ‘interfere’ with a market, but does not do so by coercion, so it’s pretty much irrelevant.
      I’ll bet you knew that and were just hoping for someone to take the neocon bait.

      1. Blocking access to private property is speech? Trespassing is speech?

        1. Stampede|11.28.14 @ 11:42PM|#
          “Blocking access to private property is speech?”
          “Blocking”? How so?
          Again, did you read any of the comments calling the ‘protesters’ on BS, or did you just show up and vent?

          “Trespassing is speech?”
          Are you purposely ignoring my comment or just not able to read?

          1. No, I didn’t read every comment one of the little people made today. I’m talking about the blog posts. You don’t have to search through the comments to find Reason’s take when a cop is alleged to have done something wrong, that’s for sure.

            1. Stampede|11.29.14 @ 12:08AM|#
              “No, I didn’t read every comment one of the little people made today.”
              “Little people”? Like some illiterate twit who shows up and gripes that no one has advanced his socon bullshit? That sort of “little people”?

              “I’m talking about the blog posts. You don’t have to search through the comments to find Reason’s take when a cop is alleged to have done something wrong, that’s for sure.”
              Keep pushing those goal posts; to those heaving on them, they seem to move.
              The rest of us are watching and laughing.

              1. You’re the one moving the goalposts. I referred to “Reason” in my original comment, which doesn’t include the unfiltered wankerers in the comments section.

                1. Stampede|11.29.14 @ 12:39AM|#
                  “You’re the one moving the goalposts.”
                  “So Reason doesn’t care about anti-cop protesters trampling on private property rights”
                  And then:
                  “You don’t have to search through the comments to find Reason’s take when a cop is alleged to have done something wrong, that’s for sure.”
                  Maybe that’s not moving the goal posts. Maybe it’s just stupidity.

                  “I referred to “Reason” in my original comment, which doesn’t include the unfiltered wankerers in the comments section.”
                  So you’re upset that Reason isn’t some socon journal that’ll gripe when people protest?
                  Did you get lost on your way to stormfront?

  25. Even the comments are becoming unreadable when one person shits all over the threads with crap that makes zero to no sense. I’ll try again Monday.

    1. I’m starting to hope that AC gets banned. He’s starting to make a habit out of shitting up threads.

      1. I like him, he makes me laugh, I’d take him over Dunphy any day.

  26. The police department defended the cop’s decision to punch Flores, saying he was trying to get the drugs out of his mouth, prevent him from choking . . .

    You know what else would have prevented Flores from choking? Not arresting people for drug posession in the first place.

    What else helps, short of the above, is if cops would stop treating drug possession as if its a violent crime that *demands* their intervention.

  27. What do you think this was really about? Some cop decided to beat somebody, maybe anybody, to a pulp & call him a drug dealer as an excuse? Having a bad time & taking out his frustration by killing somebody, as the president’s analyst wished he could recommend to all his patients?

  28. I’ve been periodically asking here if there’s been a case where a deleted video has been saved on some cloud app. These things have been around for a while but this is the first case I’ve heard of where it actually worked.

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  30. so destroying evidence and lying doesn’t get you terminated as a cop. I’ll remember that and assume it to be SOP next time I’m on jury duty nullification.

  31. So Mr Flores, “allegedly” stuck a sock of heroin in his mouth. So why does not the writer use, “allegedly” for the police officers?

    Haven’t read past that. Possible scenario comes to mind. Cops try to extract the sock. Flores with a mouth full of heroin resists. Cops persist, girlfriend insists on joining the fracas.

    Yep….same ole same ole….Nothing to see here, move along.


    Penalties against the cops should ensue due to deletion of the video.

    1. There’s video of the cop punching the guy in the head and tripping the pregnant woman, but no video of the guy putting heroin in his mouth. Hence, “alleged” heroin, not “alleged” capital scumbaggery.

      Had you read past whatever triggered your need to defend the police at all costs you’d know that.

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