Michael Brown Shooting

Darren Wilson in Negotiations to Resign from Ferguson Police Department


Darren Wilson

Officer Darren Wilson, who shot an unarmed Michael Brown in August, leading to months of protest, is reportedly "negotiating" a resignation from the Ferguson Police Department with city officials, according to CNN, which reports that the talks are dependent on the grand jury decision expected tomorrow but not how. Wilson tells friends he wants to resign to "ease pressure and protect his fellow officers."

It's not a bad idea but probably won't dampen any protests if the grand jury decides not to indict Darren Wilson. Given the question marks about what happened the day Wilson shot Brown, an indictment seems highly unlikely as it doesn't appear there's enough evidence to prove a crime beyond a reasonable doubt, particularly considering in Missouri it is legal for cops to shoot people they believe they've seen commiting a felony, like assaulting a cop. Even though Wilson is in a position of power, authorized to use force in a way "civilians" aren't, it's important that due process protections extend to him, too, especially in the face of public pressure in the other direction.

The problem, as I've written about since this happened, is that police unions have helped produce rules that produce bad actors. While no one should go to jail based on the public's opinion of them, that shouldn't extend to employment, especially public employment in a position that requires significant interaction with the public.

Companies cut ties with people over appearances all the time. No rational person would argue someone like Ray Rice was deprived of any due process for losing endorsement deals or even his NFL contract without being convicted of a crime. Those endorsements and contracts are privileges. Wilson may not be paid nearly as much—NBC News has made a point to lament the low pay of St. Louis-area cops like him—but his job, like all public and private jobs, is a privilege too. One the city should've had the power to revoke in the wake of the Michael Brown shooting, potentially avoiding months of protest and community tension. Instead we have this farce, where a disgraced cop is negotiating an exit while the threat of a politically expedient but legally unsound indictment hangs over him.

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  1. This case shows all of the UGLY of AMERICA:

    1. The Police should fire Darren Wilson for malpractice and not support him.
    He did not commit a crime. Police officers are generally immune from Criminal Prosecution when they make a mistake.

    According to Police Narrative
    – Darren Wilson politely calls over Mike Brown over to discuss Mike’s J-Walking
    – Mike Brown, knowing he robbed the store, walks over to the police car and tries to kill Darren Wilson.
    – In a Struggle, Mike Brown is Killed.

    A reasonable Narrative,
    – Darren Wilson rudely calls over Mike Brown over to discuss Mike’s J-Walking
    – Mike Brown, walks over to the police car
    – Darren Wilson tries to Apprehend Brown FROM HIS CAR.
    – In a Struggle, Mike Brown is Killed.
    I call this malpractice.

    2. The Black community for Supporting and Defending a THUG that just robbed a store and bullied the Clerk.

    3. The White Americans that contributed to Officer Darren Wilson’s Thank you for Killing a Black Guy FUND

    4. The DA for even considering Criminal Charges where none are even possible

    God Bless America…We Need it.

    1. Cool story, brah.

      Go over to Yahoo News where they’ll take your commentary with all the seriousness it deserves.

    2. I really don’t understand this narrative that Wilson tried to apprehend him from the car. At this point, the evidence would lead a reasonable person to the conclusion that the shooting itself was justified. You know, before the witnesses and the storyline became tainted.

      The video of the witness at the scene describing Brown’s action sold me. One way or the other, there is absolutely no way you could charge him with a crime or malpractice. The evidence isn’t there.

      1. All we really know (barring any eye witnesses) is that there’s blood in the Car and on the Gun.

        I don’t believe for one second that Mike Brown just walked over to the Cop Car and tried to take the Cop’s Gun to kill him. That just doesn’t make sense.

        The Police are implying that Given Brown’s possible state of Mind is that he knew that Brown just robbed the Store, So that’s why Brown walked over to the Car to Kill Wilson. That doesn’t make sense, Brown would had ran if that was his state of mind…not walk over to the Cop Car.

        I think Wilson did know and the Cops are covering it up. I think Wilson called him over, told Brown of the STRONG ARM Robbery, and then Brown Acted Like a THUG.

        I call it malpractice on Wilson’s part for not STEPPING out of the CAR with GUN DRAWN as he should for apprehending a Strong Arm Robbery Perp.

        Purely My Opinion

        1. The way the PD explains it is that it took a moment for Wilson to realize that Brown was the suspect. That gave Brown a head start to try to resist arrest by trying to push Wilson back into the car. Brown had a head start in figuring things out because he knew what he had done.

          I don’t know whether it fits the evidence (that’s for the grand jury to decide), but it sounds plausible enough to me.

        2. We’re talking about a young thug who (based on known behavior) thinks he can always get whatever he wants by being physical, or threatening to get physical. I don’t expect such a character to A) Be reasonable B) Be aware of just how much of a disadvantage he is at with a man armed with a gun. He probably grew up on TV shows and movies where The Hero can run trough hails of bullets with impunity, where car doors stop rifle bullets, and similar stupidities.

          I think we have two persons in this narrative, both of them coming from groups that (based on known patterns of group behavior) we have reason to expect to be violent, arrogant dolts. It really seems to be a wash to me.

          In fact the ONLY cop I have read about in this whole mess who strikes me as possibly innocent of wrongdoing, is Wilson. The rest of them screwed up the reaction in almost every way possible. Not that that seems to have mattered, since the protesters have displayed all the reasonableness one associates with Manchester United supporters.

        3. And your opinion is not worth the space it takes up.

    3. The thing is, there are certainly many problems in the St. Louis area when it comes to police.

      In particular the habit of police being used to generated revenue for a tiny township.

      Everyone in the metro area (of which I am one) knows it’s a problem.

      So it’s nice to see there some some national spotlight on it.

      But at the same time, that had nothing to do with Michael Brown’s death. He made some poor decisions.

      I don’t think he deserved to die for them, but at the same time, I can’t imagine what else Wilson should have done. I am not small (6′ 180 lbs) yet have been attacked by a 6’5 300 lb person. I was almost helpless.

      The whole point of guns, at least handguns, is they are the great equalizer. It makes size differences much less meaningful.

    4. Your “reasonable” narrative is BS.

      Item 3 is also pure BS. It wasn’t thanking Wilson, it was defending him against outrageous charges. Moron.

  2. Disgraced? WTF?

    I hate cops as much or more than any libertarian but I still haven’t seen anything that indicates the Michael Brown shooting was anything other than “cop confronts fleeing felon, felon reacts violently attacking cop, felon gets capped and dies”.

    1. I tend to agree with everything you said besides that Brown was a ‘felon.’

      There is no way in hell his shove of the clerk would have resulted in any felony conviction.

      1. hitting a cop is a felony

        1. If you read what you wrote, it was that he confronted a fleeing felon. AS in, he had committed a felony when confronted. Which goes with the narrative pushed by the pro-cop defenders that he was guilty of a ‘strong-arm robbery.’

          Even if he had actually been charged with that in an alternate universe where he didn’t run into the cop and whatever happened happened, it’s almost guaranteed he would have been pled down to a misdemeanor.

          1. I mixed up the commentators I was responding to here, but argument is the same.

          2. I believe that the STRONG ARM Robbery is a FELONY. But I’m not sure in Missouri.

      2. Strong arm robbery. It would’ve been plead down to shoplifting/larceny but the initial crime is still a felony.

        1. Just commented on this. I think the odds are slim his shove of the clerk on his way out would have led to a felony charge even the way most prosecutors like to operate.

          1. It doesn’t matter.

            If Mike Brown knows the Cop is calling him over for the Robbery, he would had ran away and not walked over to the Police Car.

            I think the Cop tried to Grab Mike and he put up a fight.

            No Crime, but malpractice on part of the Cop.

            1. Dude. Seriously. There is no such thing as “malpractice” by a cop.

            2. How, exactly, is it malpractice? Not to mention the narrative itself makes little sense. I’ve never seen a cop grab someone from their squad car. What was his goal there, exactly?

              Unless Brown turned to walk/run, it wouldn’t make any sense to grab him. In which case, it would be impossible to show malpractice.

            3. You’re saying that a cop putting the arm on a robbery suspect is malpractice?

              The cops do a lot of things I think they should be ashamed of, but this strikes me as a little to far the other way.

    2. I agree. The comment “disgraced” says more about the mind set of the author.

  3. I think the real question is if Darren Wilson shooting Michael Brown will help immigration reform

  4. I think the real question is why is BLACK AMERICA standing up for a THUG that Died 10 minutes after committing a STRONG ARM ROBBERY?

    I’m ashamed of the Black community for this. I understand that this may have been the last straw with the Furgerson Police, But Please, at least wait for a legit-gripe.

    1. Or, to put it another way, if the local cops are so bad that these protests are legit (which strikes me as all too probable) WHY THE HECK DIDN’T YOU DO THIS BEFORE?

      1. Or better yet, why didn’t they vote people out of office?

        St. Louis County is pretty much run by Democrats these days – it’s not like like Republicans are suppressing the vote as Democrats like to imply. (I don’t think that happens, but not here)

        The truth is, these same people can’t be bothered to vote.

        1. Or they are offered the same range of choice that the voters in DC (to pick a place I have lived in and observed) get; Democrat Machine Candidate A or Democrat Machine Candidate B. They won’t consider voting for a Republican largely because the local Republican party is a collection of oddballs and fruit-loops. The won’t spontaneously organize to run a Democrat candidate of their own because their (public) education leaves them completely unprepared to do anything of the kind. They know the “Take to the streets and shout ineffectually while somebody else plays for political points” model of protests because that is what they have been taught in school and by the media.

          I’m not best pleased with them, but as with so much in the inner cities it all boils down to we let the Proggies take over the public schools and they have turned them into breeding ground for the kind of fools that the Proggies can actually lead around by the nose.

          What the Proggies have done to Black culture, family structure, and education in this country is abominable. If deliberate, it outdoes the most deranged fantasies of the KKK. If a byproduct of well intentioned mistakes, it is grounds for never letting any progressive run anything anywhere ever again.

        2. I saw a news report that said less than 10% of Ferguson residents are registered to vote. Don’t know if it’s true or not, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

    2. Dude, the real question is why are you taking us through a nightmare tour of bad Internet amateur typography. Seriously. You might even be making sound arguments but I can’t stand to read Sentences that Are Composed LIKE THIS BRO!!!

      I mean, Christ, why not just break out the Comic Sans for the trifecta.

      1. Anyone that begins their comment with “Dude”, deserves to be ignored.

    1. “economic activity”

    2. So many hipsters in that article.

  5. OT: Holder tried to lean on Sharyl Attkisson


    1. If it was about immigration reform then that is good right?

      1. Oh of course, but in this case she was being a pest about Operation Fast & Furious. So, better still.

  6. While not a fan of cops, I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to be able to fire one simply because people threaten to protest. It seems to me that this would give a heckler’s veto to professional grievance mongers like Al Sharpton.

    While it SHOULD be easier to fire cops for misconduct, I haven’t heard much CREDIBLE evidence that this particular cop engaged in misconduct (although this case provides a clear argument in favor of police having a video camera active while on duty; the truth of both sides’ claims would have been a LOT easier to determine).

    On the other hand, everybody responsible for the Ferguson PDs actions SINCE the shooting should be fired for gross incompetence.

    1. This leads me to believe even more strongly that Wilson was on the up and up. If he was one of the real dirtbags, there’s no way he would consider resigning.

      1. Wilson isn’t “retiring” for any reason stated so far. Think about it with a bit of seriousness. This guy doesn’t ever want to think about walking the streets anywhere near Ferguson again. He will be shot from a dark alley or moving vehicle. Wilson simply has to go find another career somewhere that he can pretty much redefine himself and let it die. I’d suggest somewhere in Montana or Idaho for at least the next couple of years.

        The police department doesn’t want him around either, but I don’t think it has a blessed thing with innocence or bad decisions. It has to do with cowardly backing up to intimidation by the public. This guy will essentially be fired by public opinion, and his employers will simply be the conduit.

    2. And what do you think needs to be done to the rioters and vandals?

  7. You know, I don’t claim to really know what happened in the underlying incident. But, there’s really not a scenario I can think of where Mr. Wilson needs to be fired and that’s it. Either the guy was within his rights to shoot Brown, in which case firing him is unjustified, or he wasn’t, in which case he should be prosecuted, rather than fired.

    1. Which is why they are “negotiating”. The PD doesn’t have grounds for firing and they know it. But his retention is a PR liability. He will “retire”, but he will get a very nice severance, and the city will be happy to pay it.

      1. And he should get one. I hope he moves to Georgia, we need good cops down here. And yes, I consider Wilson a good cop. If you have a problem with that, then screw you.

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  9. The Blacks in Ferguson are about as racist a bunch as you can find.
    It’s a necessary thing for Wilson to leave the area, probably change his appearance and his name and live where Black mobs do not exist. The Blacks in Ferguson have demonstrated that they cannot be considered civilized folks, and I can’t imagine any White person even wanting to stop for gas in Ferguson after all this malarkey. I sure wouldn’t.

    1. Maybe they can’t be considered civilized folks, but to a large degree that is because ether HAVEN’T been considered and treated like civilized folks. This is the soft racism of the Progressive left and its insidious result; a permanent underclass that the Proggies can patronize forever.

      The Plantation Aristicracy was, ever so slightly, morally superior.


  10. Remember how at the beginning of these troubles we were told that the cop had murdered a “gentle giant” who was picking wildflowers by the roadside? You’d think the robbery video would have made the protesters say, “wait, maybe we’re not getting the full story here”?

    Or maybe the protesters suspected the guy was a thug and told the gentle giant fables for media consumption.

    1. Or maybe that is the standard of “Gentle Giant” they have been taught to accept.

      *evil grin*

    2. Remember how at the beginning of these troubles we were told that the cop had murdered a “gentle giant” who was picking wildflowers by the roadside?

      “Yessir, Boss. Like the drink, only not spelled the same.”

      (I agree – they were going for the John Coffey narrative from the beginning)

    3. This may be too cynical, but I wonder. Like you, my reaction to Brown and Trayvon was “Their narrative is harmed by the fact that they are defending a thug. Oops!” But maybe that doesn’t matter to them. So many of these recent civil rights martyrs have been frauds, if not dangerous criminals. Maybe that’s the point. Maybe it’s just a “Screw you” message, the point not really being that “innocent blacks are unjustly killed by whites,” but that no black should ever be killed by a white, no matter how justified the circumstances. (And meanwhile, of course, there’s little to no activism about blacks killed by blacks, and none about whites killed by blacks.) Maybe it’s more than “We’ve run out of Emmett Tills to talk about, so we have to take questionable cases.” Maybe it’s “Let’s defend a scumbag and intimidate whitey.”

    4. Most black will always lie to provide cover to their own. They are scum.

  11. Smart move. It’s only a matter of time before someone in an Al Sharpton shirt snipes at him.

  12. Another absurd analogy between private employ and law enforcement as to job issues

    If I employ people they work for ME

    it’s my company

    Cops do not work for police chiefs, political appointees, in the same way

    They don’t own the PD

    so, just because they want to fire a cop, it does not and should not have the same ‘decider’ status as if a boss in a private company wants to fire

    Thank god we have civil service due process protection

    Noted also the civil courts are a very good thing 🙂

    I love me some dying for civil redress when Copocrats violate my rights

    Note also a cop employer is the government. We have laws and a constitution that apply to govt in cases where they do not apply to private industry

    I’ve had four friends out of five hired back due to binding arbitration in the last couple years in every single one was wrongfully terminated and thank God we have a process to review these firings when a police chief can get some sort of political reason to fire a cop and then all rationality goes out the door

    The very nature of our job is such that we naturally face public scrutiny in ways that almost every private employee cannot even imagine

    Our job and actually entails doing things that sometimes piss the public off like restraining of liberty using force et cetera making arrests and thus we need these protections and thank God we have them and always will no matter how much antip bigots whine

  13. Another way public employ as a peace officer differs

    Here in WA, a cop gets fired for ‘misconduct’, he is barred by state law from working for ANY police agency in the state ever again AND also barred from certain private employment eg bail recovery agent (bounty hunter)

    So, a decision to fire has meaning well outside the scope of his current employment

    Another reason for due process protections

    BOOYA body cameras

    1. “So, a decision to fire has meaning well outside the scope of his current employment”

      As it should. When you are given the licenses to arrest and kill, it comes with great responsibilities.

      BTW, I just read my first book by this 30 year PD veteran – I like his style. He clearly sees all sides of human nature and cops and readily admits that vast numbers of cops turn (or are) bad.


  14. So is it safe to say that folks here don’t believe the anon stories about this dude and his GF (also a member of the PD) being tied in deeply with the local KKK?


    BTW, I don’t buy that MB was some kind of gentle giant – I think he was likely a violent bully. Lawless and probably did go for the cop’s gun. If the cop would have killed him at that moment, there probably wouldn’t be much of a question. I’ll await the grand jury assuming they have more info than any of us. Last time I checked, we don’t do justice by mob any longer.

  15. “disgraced cop” The guy did his job. When I say a pray at Christmas, I give thanks for my hero of the year, which will be Officer Wilson, he did his job and there’s one less evil person in Fergeson to destroy innocent lives. On the flip side I’ll pray for those deceased officers whose deaths left families behind.

  16. So, does anybody have a link to a completely unbiased rundown of the events as they happened? Apparently, Twitter and Tumblr aren’t the best sources for news gathering (shocking, I know).

  17. Thank you for articulating a powerful point!

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