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Tonight on The Independents: Mohammed Cartoons Publisher Fleming Rose, Obama-Putin Fashion Show, How to Support Veterans, Bye-Bye Ebola, the War on Valerie Jarrett, the Death of Procreative Sex, and Aftershow


Tonight's live episode of The Independents (Fox Business Network, 9 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. PT, with re-airs three hours later) includes a couple of segments on Veterans Day. Iraq War vet and former Marine Dan Caldwell of Concerned Veterans for America will react to a piece by David Masciotra with the headline: "You don't protect my freedom: Our childish insistence on calling soldiers heroes deadens real democracy." And Kmele Foster will show a clip from the great documentary he produced along with ex-Reasoner Dan Hayes, Honor Flight. Here's the 2009 Reason TV video that got that project started:

Party Panelists Ellis Henican (Newsday columnist) and Sherrod Small (comedian) will deconstruct the body language and fashion choices of Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin at their APEC non-summit; assess the late-breaking volley of criticism against Obama consigliere Valerie Jarrett; vote whether sex will soon be 100% non-procreative, and examine the case of a Virginia Tech Young Americans for Freedom chapter that got its funding pulled after hosting an anti-immigration lecture by Bay Buchanan.

Did you know America is now Ebola-free, at least as far as we know? We'll talk about that. And there'll be an interview with the great free speech champion Flemming Rose, culture editor of Jyllands-Posten (think: Mohammed cartoons), who will talk about his new book, The Tyranny of Silence.

Online-only aftershow begins at just after 10. Follow The Independents on Facebook at, follow on Twitter @ independentsFBN, and click on this page for more video of past segments.

NEXT: History Suggests Fewer NYC Pot Busts May Not Signal the End of Civilization

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  1. Look who decided to show up and post.

  2. From the link:
    “Whether it’s ObamaCare or the VA or immigration or ISIS or Syria, it’s the president who is making the decisions and selling them.”

    The writer seems quite sure of this. Me, not so much.
    Oh, and he left out the IRS targeting…

    1. “Not so fast.” – Valerie Jarrett

  3. More from the link:
    “Now to MSNBC’s Mika, who admits her defense of Jarrett is in part personal:
    “Yes, Valerie and I have a friendship. And despite this personal relationship, I am never reluctant to cover her in the news?”

    I’m sure the coverage it totally unbiased, too!

    1. She should recuse herself. Hey, this actually should be done more often in the media haha.

  4. Death of pro-creative sex
    So where’s the Junior anti-sex league?

    And where’s Eddie?

    1. Ask your mom…I’m going antiquing with her.

  5. “…vote whether sex will soon be 100% non-procreative,…”

    Isn’t that like voting on whether to have the sun rise or not rise?

    1. it’s a pretty silly claim

  6. Anyone who thinks procreative sex is over don’t live in my neighborhood. Your average Jewish couple here in their 20s – 30s have like 8 – 10 kids. I’m not exaggerating. They must take that thing about multiplying and making their numbers like the stars in the sky and the sands on the seashore, quite literally.

    1. That’s interesting. It seems to me like I do see a lot of couples choosing not to have kids. More than in the past.

      1. Ok, well then you have to visit my neighborhood and watch all of these young Jewish couples walking down the street pushing stroller conglomerations the size of school buses.

        I’m not putting them down or anything, I’m just sort of amazed by it really.

        1. Yeah, that’s interesting. Someone has to keep the pyramid schemes going I suppose.

          1. “YES!” – Bernie Madoff

    2. What neighborhood is that?

      1. It’s in Balmer, NW.

        1. Sorry, that doesn’t help me. Northwest Territory, Canada? NW in DC?

          1. Umm, Balmer wasn’t a clue?

            1. Actually, no. It’s not famous or infamous. At all.

              1. Maybe, but it does have a definitive geographical location.

                And then again, I will have to say that it is both infamous and famous.

                1. Try searching for Balmer on Google maps and see if you get anything. I don’t.

            2. I get Thom A Balmer, MA in Ardmore, Oklahoma.

              It is two blocks, I shit you not, from a place called Hard To Find Liquor Store.

  7. childish insistence on calling soldiers heroes deadens real democracy.

    Afterall, it’s teachers, firefighters, police and other public employees that are the real heroes of democracy

    /AFSCME-We make America Happen

    1. Obviously he goes off the deep end as expected. But I have to say I totally agree with the central argument. You’re a hero if you do something heroic. You’re not automatically a hero because you wear a uniform and a gun. I find the automatic deference more than a little maddening myself.

      1. You’re a hero if you do something heroic.

        agreed. desk workers in the military deserve the same respect as desk workers in a corporation.

        1. Indeed – you can generally tell who is a hero in uniform, they will have a MoH, DSC, Silver Star or such. They are few and far between.

  8. Did you know America is now Ebola-free, at least as far as we know?

    Crisis let go to waste.

  9. “Did you know America is now Ebola-free”

    I find this attitude towards Ebola very disturbing. It just wanted to come here for the opportunity to thrive, grow, prosper and reproduce. just like any other organism. This celebration of death is horrible.

    1. Ebola, so worldly!

  10. Why are they letting Salon troll them? No one who is not on Thorazine takes Salon seriously.


    Feminists manage to make Andrew Sullivan seem sane and reasonable again.

    1. Hate speech isn’t free speech, John.

      1. a completely open and unmoderated platform imposes its own form of censorship

        So, in order to counter that form of censorship, SJWs have to suppress certain kinds of speech, which isn’t really censorship. Get it?

        1. That’s the greatest Orwellian double speak I’ve ever seen. It’s brilliant.

          1. Well, it can only be pure when the correct men womyn call the shots and rule over who can say what. Only they have the proper divining power.

          2. I’ve seen better:


            Turns out that not letting someone censor you is interference with free speech.

            1. Is tearing down posters or interfering with your ideas not a form of free expression?

                1. God, that was painful watching that again. Whiny SJW vandal vs. poisonous shrew, and we got to hear them both whine at each other and the police.

                  Is it wrong that I wanted them both to explode into tiny shards of self-promoting filth?

        2. It’s not censorship of progressives do it.

    2. I’ve been noting with some interest how “SJW” is slowly entering the vernacular–for once, I feel ahead of the times!

    3. I googled ‘Jaclyn Friedman Mental Illness’.

      First hit was for WAM with this description:

      “Executive Director Jaclyn Friedman is a writer, educator, and activist, and … in mental health advocacy and has shared her story of mental illness, difficulty …”

      I am not even gonna click on it.

    4. Less than 1 in 100 of classical pieces performed in concert in 2009-2010 were written by a female composer (and 1 in 15 was written by Beethoven!). Women make up 2% of the standard repertoire of pieces (Repertoire Report 2009-2010).

      Sullivan quotes this but doesn’t even mention the dumbest thing about it.

  12. The Nation has these articles about ‘student activism’ and they are among the saddest things I’ve ever seen.

    How Much Does College Pay?

    After four years of campaigning by students and union members, the University of Memphis is raising base pay for more than 100 campus workers making poverty wages. Effective January 2015, pay will be raised from $8.75 to $10.10. Since 2010, as the nationwide push to raise the minimum wage has grown, members of the Progressive Student Alliance, United Students Against Sweatshops Local 68 and the United Campus Workers have engaged in direct action, diplomacy and lobbying. Now, we will continue to fight until all workers?including adjuncts and Aramark workers, who are not covered by the raise?are paid a living wage. The victory comes in tandem with USAS’s Campus Worker Justice Campaigns Halloween national week of action. Across Tennessee, students and workers are running a statewide living wage campaign demanding that the governor reinstate $40 million cut from public higher education; in Knoxville, students read a horror story at the University of Tennessee’s president’s office calling on him to advocate for reinstated funding.



    1. Seriously, how much do you want to bet these are the same people shrieking about high tuition and student loan debt? Clearly there’s no correlation between the cost of college and the pay they give employees.

      There’s also some mighty fine KOCHTOPUS! howling in that article.

      1. If the universities and colleges would just do with less profits they could pay more and charge less. DUH.


      1. Step 1: Double pay for all college workers

        Step 2: Complain that poor students can no longer afford tuition

        Step 3: Create student loans for poor students

        Step 4: Act confused by level of student debt

        1. You should get a nobel prize in economics…and a gig writing for the NYTimes!

        2. You should get a nobel prize in economics…and a gig writing for the NYTimes!

        3. Step 5: Enact law putting taxpayers on the hook for student loan payments.

    3. What adjunct is making less than 20 an hour?

      1. Adjunct teaching pays less than minimum wage. Or right about it. If you only count class time and office hours it looks like it’s a lot but you have to do a shitload of work outside of class. It takes up a lot of time and pays dick.

        1. I adjunct-ed for several years. I was making way more than minimum wage. Though I guess what you’re teaching and where matters a lot.

          1. You must have been teaching at least 3 sections. Teaching 1 section only is like minimum wage. Teaching 2 is like grad student stipend territory. Teaching 3 is almost worth it. It’s way too little pay for the amount of work. I taught 1 section for a couple of semesters and was paid the relatively high rate of $3800 for the semester. If I say I only put in 20 hours a week to teach that 3 hours a week (low estimate) it works out to about $11/hr. But usually adjunct teaching pays less than that, $2000-2500/ semester, something like that. I guess it depends on the school.

            1. I was teaching 3 plus. If you’re only teaching 1 or 2 sections, I can see your argument. But I haven’t met anyone who did that. Sure 1 section at one school, but they usually taught at 2 or 3 other schools.

              1. I was just “filling in” for a bit. But sometimes 1 or 2 sections is all you can get.

                Oh, and all I was doing was helping out by taking that section, but then I had SEIU sending me threatening letters saying I owed them dues or payment. I just threw the letters in the trash.

                1. SEIU? Wow. I would have told them to go to hell too. Though, I have heard talks of an adjunct union starting up.

      2. I think we’re paying about $2200/course/semester for someone with an MA. I don’t know what that comes to in an hourly rate. They can’t teach more than 2 courses per semester.

        The problem is that people argue that one can’t survive on an adjunct’s pay. Well, no, it’s a part-time gig.

        1. Only 2 courses? How many weeks are your semesters?

          1. 14 or 15. The two-course limit has to do with state employment laws: if they teach three, they’re considered full-time employees and have to get benefits.

            Some of the adjuncts pick up another course at the local community college. And, apparently, there’s some weird work around where they can teach one regular course & two on-line courses which are funded out of a different pot of money.

            1. I see. At my institution, they can teach 3, but that limit is recent, but for the same reason as yours but due to the ACA.

              1. See? The ACA freed up some time for people to follow their dreams (or whatever that spin was justifying everyone having to reduce hours).

    4. No, they need to be paid $500 an hour, and the Progressive Student Alliance need to ante up and kick in.

    5. We were discussing this at work today. Within 10 years or so, a large percentage of manual labor jobs will be eliminated.

      It might actually be worth considering training people for real job skills in lower cost trade schoools instead of indoctrinating them into some bizarro world bullshit. Just sayin. Sure, there are some real intellectual very intelligent individuals who need to go beyond this and get into more advanced science studies, but why the fuck are we encouraging people to spend 10s of thousand of dollars for no other purpose than being convinced that there is no real difference between a man and a woman and that free markets are evil?

      1. Hyperion|11.11.14 @ 9:05PM|#
        “We were discussing this at work today. Within 10 years or so, a large percentage of manual labor jobs will be eliminated.”

        Not only manual labor; I had many instructors who could have easily been replaced with FAQ sheets.

        1. I could replace any teacher/professor that I’ve ever had with Google. Sure that takes some intelligence and discipline, but it can easily be done. You want to learn something today? You can do it for the price of an intertoobz.

            1. I don’t have that conversation with wifey, she’s a ex-prof looking at a job as new prof… I just have to bite my tongue and think of our bank account.

              And I wasn’t even trying to reduce in any way the value of a good teacher, I’m just saying, things have changed, a really independently motivated person can learn anything they want with no instructor at all.

          1. I don’t know about that. Sometimes you really need another human interacting directly with you to explain something to you or show you how to do something truly correctly.

            1. Sometimes, some people need that. Not all people all of the time. It depends on the person.

              1. I noticed while I was teaching that class, the best students (the ones with the highest grades) interacted very little with me. The worst students not at all. It was those kids that were not the best but right below them. Those were the ones that I was constantly helping.

            2. Juice|11.11.14 @ 9:38PM|#
              “I don’t know about that. Sometimes you really need another human interacting directly with you to explain something to you or show you how to do something truly correctly.”

              I agree, which is why I didn’t say “all instructors”.
              I’ve had really GOOD ones who not only answered the questions correctly, but got me interested in further investigation.
              Most unfortunately gone by now, but I sure cherish the memories of those folks!

          2. Or the price of transportation to a library. Books and Internet.

  13. Going after Jarrett is like going after Obama. LITERALLY.

    1. So do the commies. He kept them relevant.


    This is a great read and really terrifying.

    1. Sounds like a pretty tight operation compared to the Soviets. I wonder if the Russians today are much better.

      1. However they are, they are better than the Iranians will be. Think about that the next time someone tells you it is no big deal for Iran to get nukes.

        1. I hadn’t thought about that. Yes, they are clusterfuckers on an epic level.

        2. Won’t they blow themselves up first? “Hey, I can’t see if there’s gas in this tank. Light a match so I can see, okay?”

    2. And just think, now they let wiminz on nuclear submarines. What happens if one of them gets control of the fire button and gets a really bad PMS attack?

      Or worse, what if Hillary gets elected POTUS and she awakens from a bad dream of Bill wanking chubby interns?

      And then there’s Pooty.

  15. Here’s a question =

    If US presidents have to dress up like Fists of Fury-Bruce Lee when visiting China, why do we not reciprocate and make visiting dignitaries wear chaps and cowboy hats like Roy Rogers?

    I mean, come on. it seems fair.

    1. Why not plaid shirts and earflap hats?

    2. We have. We did it to Kruschev

    3. Skinny jeans, plaid shirts, horn rimmed glasses, and a PBR.

      1. They have to get a shitty tattoo also.

    4. I think they would enjoy that way to much actually. They would disappear to the karaoke bar right after changing.

    5. Don Johnson in Miami Vice?

    6. The Japanese just do that willingly.

  16. Shot at Jamaica out of nowhere.

  17. I’m not understanding.





    2. You are wrong. As I have told her many times in tweets, she’s a mutant alien rodent. She didn’t deny it.

  19. The worst part about he man pajamas is that he’s chewing gum and strutting. Looks like he’s going to a party at the Playboy mansion.

    1. No its Obama. He looks like the guy who can’t get past the bouncer to get into the party at the Playboy Mansion.

  20. Cosby Show reference. Did millenials get it?

    1. Yes. The newest meme is to drag out already discredited claims of Cosby being a serial rapist because he has slain a few sacred Progressive cows lately.

      1. Are they discredited, though?

      2. Blood in. Blood out.

  21. Commercial time!

  22. Who took the blue sharpie to that overhead monitor?

  23. Ugly to group coppers with veterans.

    1. Many cops are veterans.

      1. And many more veterans have chosen not to become cops.

  24. haha! Dude trashes Salon.

  25. Everyone knows that community organizers are the real heroes!


    1. Because he’s “concerned”.

    2. He was taught to project and enunciate.

  27. Listening to this, Shackford?

  28. A little too much what Kennedy thinks…too little interview of the guest.

  29. Notice our two other hosts are being kept away from the camera on this topic.

  30. my co-worker’s step-sister makes $76 /hr on the laptop . She has been fired for 8 months but last month her payment was $14868 just working on the laptop for a few hours. go to the website……


    1. My kingdom for a “Flag as spam” button!

      1. Can’t wait for that comment to get disappeared and it looks like you’re talking about me.

        1. I don’t want you to be collateral damage in my War on Spam, Fist. But it may happen.

  31. Anyone else just get a commercial for Common Core?

    Notice the language: They want to give all children “equal access” to education.

  32. The Ebola “system” over here didn’t really “work.” We’ve just been lucky, so far.

  33. “We’re going to hold onto Ebola by the nose and we’re going to kick it in the ass. We’re going to kick the hell out of it all the time and we’re going to go through it like crap through a goose!”

    1. Patton is on TCM tonight.

    2. +1 Ebola dying for its country.

    1. So now that Ebola isn’t here anymore, we’re going to stop paying our Ebola czar, right? I mean, we’re going to totally eliminate that position as there is no need to spend taxpayer money on it anymore, right?

      1. Because the ebola czar was so effective we’re going to triple the budget next year. Why do love ebola so much?

      2. We can never eliminate the Ebola czar. He eliminated Ebola, he’s a national hero! Why do you hate the children?

  34. The Independents Attire Review, 11 November 2014


    – Kennedy: If Kennedy doesn’t sing “Rainbow Connection” at the end of the show, then i think this outfit will fail to achieve its latent potential. We think maybe this shade might be better in Springtime? I’m not saying green isn’t great all the time. No, wait – that’s actually exactly what I’m saying. Green is mostly lame.

    – Matt: New Tie! Light blue w/ large spots. Nice. Knot is too loose, as usual. We like it, and we think this collar may be a marginal improvement away from his more-typical point-collar. We keep reiterating that something more like Kmele’s short-spread collar would be an interesting change, as would a thicker, 1/2 Windsor knot.

    – Kmele: ‘The Baller’. We continue to argue: Needs more bling. Also, Gucci Shades. And strippers. This is becoming Kmele’s version of the ‘Biker Bitch’, which leaves us wanting more than just a palette of Blackness.


  35. Behold the glory of socialism:

    A young man from a peasant family I knew had heard that market activity was legal, and decided to raise a pig to sell in the market. For six months, this hopeful entrepreneur devoted his time and money to caring for it and feeding it, hoping he would earn twice his money back by selling it. Never was a man so happy as when he took the pig to market one morning. That night I found him drunk and depressed. He was not a drinker, so I asked him what happened. When he arrived at the market, a health inspector immediately chopped off a third of the pig. The inspector said he was looking for worms. Then the police came and picked the best part of it, and left without even saying thank you. He had to pay bribes to the officials in charge of the market to get a space to sell what was left. And he had to sell the meat at state prices. By the end of the day, he earned barely enough to buy one bottle of vodka, which he had just finished drinking. This was Gorbachev’s new market in a nutshell.

    1. See! Market Failure!


  36. That hitler youth kid should have had a different stache

  37. Kmele references good Ebola news from Liberia, but not bad Ebola news from Sierra Leone.

  38. It’s Gaia’s time of the month?

  39. Uh, that place is going to be prime real estate in the zombie apocalypse.

  40. Where’s Stossel when you need him?

    1. Standing with Gene Shalit, looking on with disgust.

  41. This is why we roll with it dude.

  42. ‘Movember’ is to me slightly below to ‘Selfies’ in the list of “shitty things millenials can take responsibility for”

    1. This has been around for 10 years? I guess I am out of it….

    2. But what if they brought back the word “groovy”?

      Such a great word…

  43. Commercial for grooming tools during Movember?

    1. Micro touch max…for shaving those hard to reach micro penises?

  44. Get ready, kiddos-sex talk with Ellis Henican!!!!

  45. This was not the biggest Soviet SNAFU, but it may be the funniest:

    Gorbachev’s original theory was that the socialist system was in good working order, but the people, the cogs in the communist machine, had taken to laziness, drunkenness, and were accumulating “dishonest income” in violation of socialist ethics. His first reform was to call for “a restructuring of people’s thinking.”

    The anti-alcohol campaign began right away. Party bosses sternly announced that they didn’t want any “drunks” in their country. Their enforcers began a concerted effort to discover anyone with the smell of alcohol on their breath and haul them into the police station. When the police stations became overcrowded, it became routine practice to drive thousands of people about fifteen miles out of town and drop them in the cold and dark. Nearly every night, you could see armies of so-called drunks walking miles back to town in the middle of winter.

    Over 90 percent of liquor stores were closed. The Party bosses did not anticipate what happened next: sugar, flour, aftershave, and window cleaner immediately disappeared from the shelves. Using these products, the production of moonshine increased by about 300 percent in one year.

    1. His first reform was to call for “a restructuring of people’s thinking.”

      Heh, I bet Obama would love that one.

      Do we have an intertoobz czar yet?

    2. Meet the New Soviet Man, same as the Old Soviet Man.

  46. The predictable result was a heavy loss of life. From 13,000 to 25,000 people died from drinking poisonous homemade alcohol. Many more died standing in lines for five hours to get the little bit of official liquor that was left. Meanwhile, Gorbachev and loyal Party bureaucrats ? who said the dead deserved their fate ? would get expensive liquor from the West delivered to their homes and offices. Many families would spend up to 75 percent of their official income on alcohol. But with Gorbachev’s campaign, every other household began moonshining.

    1. If only there were better people, all our theories would work!

    2. Wow. That’s interesting. I had never heard that shit before. Before I thought of Gorbachev as a smart man. Now I realize how fucking stupid he was. Another indicator was that he thought that if he opened up the society a bit, socialism would be strengthened. He didn’t realize that opening up just a bit would collapse the whole system built on force and fear.

      1. Gorbachev was a twit, but as usual, the useful idiots in the West’s media bought his lies of reform hook, line, and sinker.

        1. Oh yes, and he was a far more admired leader among Bay Area leftists than the hated Reagan.

          1. I remember SNL falling in love with his wife.

    3. Where’d it come from?

  47. Have I mentioned I like Maltsev?…..viet-State

    1. This needs to be posted under american socialist every time he shows up. I’ll do my part.

  48. College is for date rape. EVERYONE KNOWS THAT.

    1. Sign up early for spring semester, date rape and victimhood guaranteed! Job, not so much…

    2. You can save 15 percent on your rape insurance in just 15 minutes.

      1. “Six victims ahead of us, Jimmy!”

        1. +1 you’re not helping, grandma.

    3. Even Community College?

      1. For lower-cost, local rape.

  49. We need an intertoobz czar.

    I want an intertoobz czar, we must demand an intertoobz czar!

    1. We got an Ebola czar and look what happened.
      You want the intertoobz to disappear?

  50. re: Ellis Henican

    On the “How annoying relative to Rick Ungar is this guy”-scale…

    …if he didn’t talk like he was on a fucking Infomercial and *enunciate* everything in such an overdramatic fashion, i’d probably give him a .7 Rick-Ungar score. Instead he gets 1.1 -10% more annoying

    The only liberal party panel person who doesn’t give me a headache is Basil Smikle

  51. The pope will never allow this.

  52. Ellis is not derping it up enough for my taste.

    1. He’s trying to be funny with the comedian and avoid saying anything with substance because the other hosts will embarrass him.

    2. He kicks it into maximum overderp on occasion:

      He’s not just a dingbat pundit- he’s also a horrible comedian!

  53. “Mohammed-Cartoonist-Speaks”?

    get it? GET IT?

    1. Also, did someone try and kill the guy already and fail? I might be thinking of a different cartoonist.

      And will The Independents have the cohones to actually *SHOW* the mohammed cartoons on the program??

      I bet = No Freaking Way

      1. Kurt Westergaard was the cartoonist a Muslim tried to murder.

  54. That is the sappiest commercial I have seen this year. bleh. foundation for a better life indeed.

    1. “Foundation for a Better Life” sounds like something unpleasant from a Philip K. Dick story.

      1. hah! Newpath from Scanner Darkly.

  55. Who knew then that Muslims could be batshit insane?

  56. It would be great if this guy threatened to sue Welch for trying to reprint his stuff without permission.

    1. I’ve always liked the visualization of government officials as pigs, with their snouts in the trough of tax payer money.

    2. Holy shit, he makes the dude start sounding like Mickey Mouse he gets so shrill. LMAO.

  57. Dane sez: American media has no balls.

  58. You know who else tried rapid advances?

    1. That guy Godwin mentions!

    2. Rudolph Valentino?

      1. Hah! Errol Flynn!


      1. +1 Stark Fist

  60. After hours real estate discussions.

  61. If someone says Christie I will turn this thing off.

  62. Behold the feminist who claims she was given PTSD through mean twitter comments.

    Literally some guy was posting her tweets on Storify in order to make fun of her, she claimed this was stalking (even though he never came near her in real life and only posted things she made publicly available) and then she claimed that a ‘very good psychiatrist’ diagnosed her with PTSD.

    She then threatened to get soldiers fired for getting angry that she claimed to have PTSD.

    This is an old story, but I like to think about it every time a feminist claims she’s being harassed. Given how low their threshold for ‘harassment’ is, they’re not exactly reliable narrators.

    1. I would be willing to bet that PTSD isn’t the only things she is diagnosed with.

  63. Welch was so close to getting to finish his thought. So very close.

  64. If they weren’t all high the Jamaican lobby would be all over Kennedy for that.

  65. The livestream just shit the bed

  66. He sold the message??? Even Catholics don’t do that.

  67. Henican is wisely keeping his mouth shut.

  68. WELCH IS GOING TO HOST TOMORROW? Prediction: Guests allowed to finish their thoughts.

    1. Here here, I’m watching tomorrow.

  69. Ha! The cameras are still rolling.

  70. Kennedy immediately gets on her iPhone when the show is done. NO ONE TALK TO MS. KENNEDY SHE’S TWEETING.

    1. iPhone? Ok, that’s it, if either Matt or Kmele, sensibly, use an Android phone, then name one of them host immediately and put Kennedy back in the dungeon to polish monocles. Those big earrings disturb me anyway.

  71. Behold the glory of socialist medicine:

    The system had many decades to work, but widespread apathy and low quality of work paralyzed the healthcare system. In the depths of the socialist experiment, healthcare institutions in Russia were at least a hundred years behind the average US level. Moreover, the filth, odors, cats roaming the halls, drunken medical personnel, and absence of soap and cleaning supplies added to an overall impression of hopelessness and frustration that paralyzed the system. According to official Russian estimates, 78 percent of all AIDS victims in Russia contracted the virus through dirty needles or HIV-tainted blood in the state-run hospitals.

    After 70 years of socialism, 57 percent of all Russian hospitals did not have running hot water, and 36 percent of hospitals located in rural areas of Russia did not have water or sewage at all. Isn’t it amazing that socialist government, while developing space exploration and sophisticated weapons, would completely ignore the basic human needs of its citizens?…..Teaches-Us

    1. healthcare institutions in Russia were at least a hundred years behind the average US level

      The death panels were working! Feature, not a bug! Take that pill and shut up, grandma!

    2. That was only because the right TOP MEN weren’t in charge. If the right TOP MEN had been in charge, the hospitals would have been glorious, just like the ones in Cuba apparently are.

      1. Obamacare is going to show us the way to the great glory!

    3. I’m sure no similar stories will come out of Cuba once the Castro regime falls.

      1. That’s when we’ll discover the horrible truth that the once glorious civilization of Cuba was hidden from the world so that Americans couldn’t look upon the glory of communism. Then the teabaggers got loose in the glorious secret kingdom and wrecked it all by offering sinful choices for profit.

    4. Coming to America soon…

    5. ” Isn’t it amazing that socialist government, while developing space exploration and sophisticated weapons, would completely ignore the basic human needs of its citizens?”

      No. It is exactly what you should expect.

  72. Gorbachev’s original theory was that the socialist system was in good working order, but the people, the cogs in the communist machine, had taken to laziness, drunkenness, and were accumulating “dishonest income” in violation of socialist ethics. His first reform was to call for “a restructuring of people’s thinking.”

    And this is why so-called “social liberals” turn out to be anything but.

    1. So, the people just weren’t good enough for the wonderful communist system. The people serve the system, not the other way about. Got it.

      Haven’t we heard this claptrap here since the light bringer arrived?

      1. Haha, who didn’t see that? “Obama Didn’t Fail Us — We Failed Him.” A retrospective essay that any lefty might write by 2011.

        Another one I’ve thought of writing is the abstract for a scholarly paper on how Obama was selected by White racists (who rigged the vote to get him elected) in order to discredit Black Americans and kill their prospects for the next 50 years or so.

    1. You Know Who Else didn’t like people with blue uniforms in Missouri?

  73. Conservatives upset that they played Fortunate Son at a Veteran’s Day concert.

    Sorry, I thought that Veteran’s Day was supposed to honor the military, not honor war. Given that Fortunate Son is an *anti-draft* song, it’s completely absurd to claim it’s insulting to military men themselves. I was unaware we had to pretend war is fine and dandy on Veteran’s Day and that any deviation from this party line means you hate the troops.

    1. That’s the same reason that pot is bad and will doom your children to hell, because some so called liberals might like it. Team, rah rah, team!

    2. The song is very pro-military. It’s against the politicians who continually send “other people” into useless wars. Which is probably why they hate it, because to the conservative (and liberal) hawk, to be anti-war is to be anti-military.

    3. You Know Which Other Irish-Americans didn’t like the Draft?

    4. Also:

      As much as sites like Salon and Slate can be aggravating, there’s nothing that makes me want to put my fist through my monitor like certain stories on Twitchy. See: Their latest Michael Brown protest story, and especially the comments to it.

      1. Twitchy’s comments can be racist as fuck. They’re not as bad as Breitbart’s, at least.

        I’m convinced that conservative blogs exist to make the comments at National Review look rational. When you get annoyed by thinly veiled homophobia at National Review, you can head on over to Breitbart and look at the real mouth breathers.

    1. He plays electric drums.


  74. The Onion – trying to make light of exposed lies =

    Obamacare Architect: Law Passed Because Of ‘Stupidity Of The American Voter’

    “In a video that leaked on the internet this week, a lead consultant for the Affordable Care Act said that President Obama’s signature health care law was only able to pass because “the stupidity of the American voter” allowed its architects to frame the individual mandate in a way that didn’t make it seem like a tax. What do you think?”

    – “I just hope Americans wise up and reject affordable health insurance.”
    Kelly Williamson ?

    – “If this info had gotten out earlier, just imagine the pushback Obamacare may have faced.”
    Andrew Kurth ?
    Systems Analyst

    – “That may be true, but the stupidity of the American voter can help it be repealed, too.”
    Chris Stephens ?
    Wedding Invitation Calligrapher

    I wonder who the hell really thinks any of this qualifies as ‘funny’? Its sort of pathetic.

    1. I love how all these ‘satiric’ news programs and news papers suddenly become agents of the establishment when Democrats are in power.

      1. Like how all those Hollywood types loved FDR or how the “anti-establishment” types were fond of the USSR, Mao and Castro…

      2. More seriously the media is filled with people who think that want to replace the establishment with TOP MEN who will solve the ills of society.

    2. It might be funny if you’re a proggie. But that would probably require being told by your party leaders that it’s funny. Then you could laugh.

  75. Anti-Establishment and Non-Conformist are both bullshit terms since they originally referred to 17th Century English religious disputes. The original anti-establishment and non-conformists were the Puritans after all.

  76. So in the French Revolution the original Left turned out to oppose civil liberties when it came to their opponents, only opposed war as way to crush their enemies, supported price controls, the draft, the death penalty. Also the terms left and right referred to seating arrangements! Why anyone has any stock in the terms “left” and “right” and why Sheldon Richman and co. try to salvage the “left” I’ll never know.

    1. I’ve always thought that today, despite the origins of the term, that it’s pretty well understood that right/left is an economics term, left being statism, central government, control, collectivism, socialism, communism, progressivism, or whatever other centralized control of economic matters is in fashion this week. And right being a free market decentralized economic model.

      A lot of people have tried to make it into a catchall that includes social issues, but I’ve always thought that is ridiculous and does not apply.

      1. You forgot Nazism.

        1. Why ‘forgot’?
          It is socialism, and only proggies try to hand it off to the right under some fantasy that ‘national’ makes a difference.
          Pipes (“Russia Under the New…”) makes clear the difference between the Bolshies and Hitler was simply that the former presumed it was the precursor of a global socialism (communism, to be clear), while Hitler aimed only at the Reich.

          1. heh. I don’t think he actually forgot but for exactly the reasons you mention it should be explicitly listed, and listed at every opportunity. Nazism needs to be nailed to their heads.

      2. “Hyperion|11.11.14 @ 11:19PM|#

        I’ve always thought that today, despite the origins of the term, that it’s pretty well understood that right/left is an economics term”

        I wish

        The way i hear most people using it, it seems that they feel it reflects entirely ‘cultural’ signals, where =

        – “Right” means, “Religious, Pro Gun, Big Business”

        – and “Left” means, “Urban, Intellectual, Support Govt Programs to ‘help the disadvantaged”

        Having grown up in NYC, everyone is so far left, that they don’t know how to categorize people like me who don’t fit their preconceived molds. The only in-the-flesh ‘conservatives’ they know are mostly jews who are ‘more religious, support lower taxes, and pro-Israel’

        If you’re not either the ‘baptist country bumfuck trucks & guns’ conservative’, or the ‘Rich big business conservative’, they assume you’re some kind of mental case. Because “why would you oppose your own ‘interests’ (i.e. go against your cultural class… to side with *them*? ick!)

        what i mean is, they don’t even get into ‘economics’ because they hardly have the first clue what ‘economics’ are.

        1. “….they hardly have the first clue what ‘economics’ are.”


          See the idiots calling for an end to money.

          1. Or arguing with absolute sincerity that the national debt is not a real problem because we can print money.


    BEIJING ? China and the United States made common cause on Wednesday against the threat of climate change, staking out an ambitious joint plan to curb carbon emissions as a way to spur nations around the world to make their own cuts in greenhouse gases.

    The landmark agreement*, jointly announced here by President Obama and President Xi Jinping, includes new targets for carbon emissions reductions by the United States and a first-ever commitment by China to stop its emissions from growing by 2030.”

    Notes =

    US emissions reductions are ahead of even the Kyoto protocols which we did not sign. By ‘doing nothing’, we managed to outdo the “Do Something!”-crowd.

    And china, only what – a month or so ago? Pointed out that they still have legal exceptions to any kinds of emissions caps, so are free to continue to expand and grow any kind of emitting industry they please for another 15 years. At which point they won’t even fucking remember this photo-op ever happened.

    Basically, both decided that they could keep doing what they were already doing, but pretend that a “DEAL TO KEEP DOING STUFF!” was achieved.

    1. Is this the deal that is supposed to circumvent Congress?

      1. A ‘treaty’ that obligates the US to anything real would have to be approved by 2/3 of congress.

        This doesn’t rise to that level. You will note terms ‘agreement’ and ‘deal’ and ‘accord’ being used. Which mean they are bi-lateral ‘promises’ which have zero relation to any more wide-spread global deals on climate change, or any actual legal validity.

        I believe Obama does want to do a bigger climate change deal that does put the US on the line for some kind of actual binding agreement… but that framework is still being hammered out. I believe that is the thing you may be referring to.

        1. “I believe Obama does want to do a bigger climate change deal that does put the US on the line for some kind of actual binding agreement.”

          And I think that when folks stop laughing, he might realize it’s a non-starter.
          I don’t think that at this point he realizes how much he is held in contempt.
          The Gruber vid didn’t seem to get much movement yesterday, but it seems to be worming around all over today; Obo has more problems than he knows.
          Notice Tony didn’t even bother to show today?

        2. This doesn’t rise to that level. You will note terms ‘agreement’ and ‘deal’ and ‘accord’ being used.

          It should be noted, then, that said agreement or accord is in no way binding on the U.S.

    2. I can see why Obama does this, but why is China bothering? Are they hoping Obama follows through, further hobbling the American economy?

      1. If you read the article, part of the deal lowers tariffs for IT-related goods

        It appears they wanted some Guanxi and got it.

        “For all the jockeying, the biggest trade headline was a breakthrough in negotiations with China to eliminate tariffs on information technology products, from video-game consoles and computer software to medical equipment and semiconductors.

        The understanding, American officials said, opens the door to expanding a World Trade Organization agreement on these products, assuming other countries can be persuaded to accept the same terms. With China on board, officials predicted a broader deal would be reached swiftly.”

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