The Libertarian Party in Governors' Races: Three Spreads Beat (At Least), With One Possible GOP Loss


Gleaned mostly from the Libertarian Party's own updating page of news of note from election night, herewith the governor races in which the L.P. is now breaking 2 percent. (There aren't many.):

•Dan Feliciano of Vermont is very much beating the spread at 4.36 percent in a race currently un-called but with Democrat Peter Shumlin with a narrow lead. This could be a real chance for GOPers to get mad at Libertarians, whether for justified reasons or not. (This is one the L.P's own page hadn't caught.)

•Andrew Wyllie in Florida, beating the spread handily in a race where Republican Rick Scott won, so this is an interesting data point for the "who do L.P. candidates possibly divert votes from?" debate, at 3.76 percent.

•Keen Umbehr in Kansas is beating the spread handily, again in a race with a Republican, Sam Brownback, winning, with 3.86 percent.

•Barry Hess in Arizona at 3.83 percent–far better than the 2.2 percent he got running for the same office in 2010.

•Mark Elworth in Nebraska at 3.35 percent.

•Andrew Hunt in Georgia at 2.44 percent.

•Dee Cozzens in Wyoming at 2.41 percent.