Libertarian Senate Candidate Sean Haugh Talks About Smoking Pot on the Campaign Trail, Drinking Underage in Gay Bars

The most open candidate in the North Carolina race.


Matt Laslo of Bills and Brews has interviewed Sean Haugh, the Libertarian Party's candidate to represent North Carolina in the Senate. Haugh's poll numbers are greater than the margin between the two major candidates, so he's been attracting more coverage than most third-party candidates get.

The headline here is that Haugh tells Laslo he not only has smoked marijuana in the past but has continued to do so during the campaign, a question he answers with direct (and perhaps slightly tipsy) honesty. He also talks about going to Tulsa's gay bars when he was 15 because he knew they'd sell him beer. And then there's the part where he says it's "stupid to take" PCP. When Laslo follows up by asking whether it's stupid to take LSD too, Haugh says he's "not going to judge that."

Ordinarily all this would be very impolitic, but if you're seeking the support of a niche—a boutique bloc of voters, not unlike the craft beers that Haugh praises and drinks during the interview—then it might be savvier than it sounds. At any rate, you can watch the whole thing here: