Minimum Wage

Socialists Push For $20 Minimum Wage But Won't Pay Workers That Much

Or, how to prove your beliefs don't work in the real world.


The Freedom Socialist Party wants the minimum wage to be $20 an hour. However, they don't feel compelled to compensate their own workers with that kind of cash.

The party is looking for a web developer, and posted a job listing on Craigslist a week ago and yesterday, and it's been raising eyebrows on social media.

Although the average annual salary of a web developer in the U.S. is around $62,500, the Freedom Socialist Party only wants to pay $13 an hour, which would be $26,000 a year. Except that the party won't hire someone full-time, so their next web developer's total compensation won't even be that modest chunk of change. Perhaps they're just trying to protect their employees from the temptations of "capitalist greed."

In case it vanishes or gets amended, the entire listing is below:

According to the party's last presidential platform, these self-described Marxists want:

"jobs program at union wages with childcare available"

"no cuts to Social Security, Medicaid or Medicare. Raise the minimum wage to $20 an hour. Provide a guaranteed annual income. Free medical care for all, including reproductive services and abortion."

Reason contacted the party and confirmed that the listing is legitimate, and that in spite of the party's commitment to unionizing laborers, the available position is not a union job. Don't count on any of those other sweet benefits either, part-timer.

The Freedom Socialist Party applauded the push for a $15 minimum wage in Seattle earlier this year, stating that the city is unlivable otherwise, "compromise destroys solidarity," that the party must "leave no one behind."

One could argue that it's not fair to pick on small organizations like the Freedom Socialist Party, because they can't afford high-pay web developers. Given the requirements they list, chances are they're looking for a high school or college student who is just starting out in the field. But, these are exact reasons why people argue against artificially high minimum wages. It's not "capitalist greed," but an understanding that it puts a barrier between small organizations with limited funding and low-skill workers who want to earn experience. 

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  1. I’ll bet a few of the H&R commentariat would do it for *free*, if you catch my drift.

    1. $153 / hour min wage, ah sez!!! Ah is WAY the Heck MOAH compassionate than that them thar Freedom Liberation Socialist “Free Shit”, Party, all day, every day… And vote for MEEEE, and Ah will sweeten the pot…. With FREE LOVE!!! Just don’t be askin’ MEEE personally to baby-sit the un-wanted or barely-tolerated offspring of “Free Love”, if it ain’t mine… Or even, honestly, when I am a THIEVING, LYING SOCIALIST, when it IS MINE, fer Chrissakes… when Momma wants a new, fresh date on Sacred Saturday Night… Ah, Mahself, in Mah Own Glory, has THAT particular night,. reserved for looking for “Free Love” for Yers Truly…. Ah will NOT volunteer mah “free love” for baby-sitting, only for FREE SEX an’ fer FREE SHIT! So PAY UP, ya cheapskates!

      1. As Springstein sang… “This gun’s for hire”… Read, this boner is for hire, in my case. If you want baby-sitting services, though, no free love fer ye… $153 / hour is the “compassionate” going rate, except (as we can see here) NOT if AH ams doing the hiring! Do as ah sez, not as ah does, ancient old story… Move along now, nothing to see here, nothing new under the sun, the socialists have NOT re-invented human nature after all, and ah fer one am SHOCKED! SHOCKED, and SOOOOO disappointed! Utterly crushed, am ah!

        1. Anyone up fer semi-“free” baby sitting fer in return (totally freely offered) nookie for the baby sitting? Neil Young sang. “Welfare mothers, Make better lovers”, ya know, an’ ah ams willin’ an’ able ta test his theory?.

    2. Hahahahahahahah, that’s why they insist on no telecommuting. I might be able to fake my way through the ideological purity interview online, but there’s no way I could do it in person.

  2. A pony in every pot.

    1. A Tony in every tot.

    2. I believe it’s a Pol in the Pot

      1. Hahahahahaha….good one.

        1. I’m here all week

  3. To each according to his need.

    1. From each according to my spending habits.

  4. …these self-described Marxists want…”Provide a guaranteed annual income.”

    Wait. Haven’t some of the commenters around here been assuring us that the guaranteed annual income is the hallmark of a bold, bright, libertarian future?

    1. …don’t get me started…again…

      1. Didn’t Tom Paine advocate for something similar?

        But then again he was the guy who attacked Burke for supporting the “the authority of the dead over the rights and freedom of the living” before trying to write the French constitution

        1. Didn’t Paine move to France?

          1. Yes and he was a Girondin who sat in the Convention. And unlike Robespierre he refused to compromise his anti-Death penalty views.

          2. And didn’t the people whose constitution he wanted to help write throw him in jail?

            1. Well the Jacobins did oust the Girondins and had their leaders executed. Sure civil liberties are good and the death penalty is bad and war with Austria was stupid but now that they were in power then people who disagreed with them deserved to die.

          3. Not only that, but Robespierre had him arrested and marked for execution.

            He only escaped the guillotine because the jailer neglected to make the appropriate mark on his cell marking him for death.

            1. “Guillotine?”
              “No, release actually.”
              “Oh, jolly good then. Off you go.”

              1. Are you the same Sloopyin in … I’ve seen here before from twwo different places ?

                How and why are you now in Texas ?

            2. “Hey, uh… I’m supposed to get *out* of jail today.”

              “You’re in the wrong line, dumbass! Hey guys! Let this dumbass out!”

              1. Hey! I’m made of 40% dumbass.

    2. Wait. Haven’t some of the commenters around here been assuring us that the guaranteed annual income is the hallmark of a bold, bright, libertarian future?

      Yes, though for different reasons.

      Libertarians prefer a CBI because it rolls up the waste and fraud inherent in the current *multiple, overlapping* welfare programs and simply tosses the money from the ‘safety net’ at people and then they can do as they please – minimal oversight (reducing administration costs significantly) and removing the built-in incentives to avoid working that the current welfare-support regime has while keeping the ‘last-ditch safety net’ many believe the government should provide.

      Socialists believe that in a CBI because its *not fair* that someone else made more money than you so they’re gonna take it and give it to the deserving (while getting a taste themselves) IN ADDITION TO keeping the current social engineering aspects of the existing welfare system.

      1. while getting a taste themselves

        I’m willing to let them have a taste, as long as they are licking it off the floor.

      2. Yeah, I keep hearing that. But, one side or the other is wrong about how the guaranteed income would turn out. And I don’t see a lot of reason to think it’s the libertarians.

    3. With a libertarian guaranteed income, you can actually buy something (since there are private businesses to buy from). A Marxist guaranteed income is simply nice worthless pieces of paper.

  5. If the Revolution is close at hand, I’d be asking to be compensated in soon to be rare goods, such as toilet paper, chocolate bars, and soap.

    1. And blowjobs.

      1. No, there will always be blowjobs. In fact, blowjobs will be a popular means of exchange for goods and services after the glorious peoples’ revolution.

        1. How progressive! And very sexually liberating!

          …is what I said when I found out how prevalent sexual favors are in prison.


          1. I recall the socialists used to hate the gays for, among other reasons, they felt it was the upper-class literally screwing the working man.

            1. Well, even ‘well educated’ people like Scalia believe that teh gays are all well-off.

      2. First you get the toilet paper.
        Then you get the power.
        THEN you get the blowjobs.

        1. “First I came at the end of the blowjob and she said nothing…”

          1. “Then they came at the end of anal, and there was nothing left to say.”

    2. If the Revolution is close at hand, I’d be asking to be compensated in soon to be rare goods, such as toilet paper, chocolate bars, and soap.

      Get a night job at Walmart so you’ll be in good position to loot the stuff during the apocalypse.

  6. Exploitation for a good cause!

    1. “Wooo, I’ve never worked for so little. Except once, and it was a very noble cause.”

  7. The Freedom Socialist Party

    That, right there, tells you how consistently they’ll follow their own stated principles.

    1. Not unlike the Loving Rapist Party or the Respectful and Kind Murdering Party.

  8. Anyone who calls himself a communist deserves more contempt than someone who calls himself a Nazi or a KKK member.

    1. The fact that they don’t is one of the great tragedies of life.

      1. I wonder why they don’t. Do the leftists have better a better propaganda campaign? Is it that the KKK members and the Nazi expressly state their intentions to hurt, maim and kill while the Communists claim to be “for the people” and only end up maiming and killing “by accident?”

        I think the average American’s conception is that the KKK and Nazi members are evil and full of hatred while the Communists are just misguided hippies or something…

        1. Is it that the KKK members and the Nazi expressly state their intentions to hurt

          I think that’s a large part of it. Naziism is/was built with racial oppression and, to some extent, racial annihilation at it’s heart. Marxism is/was presented as a means to right injustice.

          1. commies believe in killing with out regard to race

          2. Aside from the actual death count, it was easier to think bad of a dictator taking over a democracy versus a dictator taking over from a dictator.

        2. I wonder why they don’t.

          Stated intentions, duh.

        3. We shot all the Nazis so they have a hard time getting their PR campaign off the ground.

          The KKK was once quite popular so people got to see them with their masks off….I mean hoods.

          Very few people here have had direct contact with a commie regime so it is easier to sell the equality/social justice horse shit. If the commies keep making grounds people will get it…but too late.

          “No matter how much information you give them, they will not believe. They will believe when the boot is crushing their balls, but not before.” – Yuri Bezmenov

        4. Do the leftists have better a better propaganda campaign?


        5. It’s just spoils system mentality; don’t attack people on your side of the fence. Talk about Nazis, and liberals will chime in about warnings from history, reasons for vigilance etc. Communism, and it’s eyerolls and acting blaze….this old trope from the right? *sigh* can’t you think of anything other than the 50’s. Atrocity only matters when it’s right-wing atrocity.

    2. A few guys wearing Confederate battle flag apparel show up at a Tea Party rally, that’s ironclad proof they’re all a bunch of racists.

      Thousands of actual communists show up at a climate change rally and it’s utterly silly to suggest they’d burn down the country so they could redistribute the ashes.

      1. And wasn’t nearly every “peace” rally during the Bush years organized by Communists?

    3. I don’t know why there’s any need to make it a competition. They’re all odious groups.

      1. Eh. The KKK were evil, but they were really more like Hamas or Sinn Fein back in the day than like the Nazis or the Commies. Very few groups make it to the pros like the Nazis and Commies did; indeed the only ones I can think of that did were some breed of authoritarian socialist/communist (e.g., Ba’athists).

        1. Yeah, but a lot of that is due to power difference. If Hamas was powerful enough, there would likely be a genocide, or at least mass ethnic cleansing (which accounts for forced expulsion as well as killing, in case anyone is unaware of the difference) in Israel. If the KKK had more power, they would have been responsible for more deaths and oppression than they were. Within the commies themselves, there is a pretty wide variance in degree of oppression, although all of their regimes have been oppressive, murderous, and authoritarian. For example, while Fidel Castro is a bastard and anyone who defends him or thinks Cuba is some sort of paradise is an idiot (and/or evil), Cuba under him was still not nearly as bad as the USSR under Stalin, China under Mao, Cambodia under Pol Pot, etc. You are correct, though, that in terms of dead bodies, nobody (in the 20th century) really compares to Nazis and the worst of the communist regimes.

      2. a conluence of fuck weasels?

        1. confluence (sp)

  9. Well, I, for one, am shocked–shocked!


    Pay a web dev $13/hour? Here in Seattle?

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh god these people are priceless. Beyond the hypocrisy, they’re fucking retarded.

    1. Tell the truth, Epi. You’re just pissed that they haven’t replied to your resume yet.

      1. Why won’t they get back to me?!? My cover letter specifically expressed my love of Marx!

        1. Probably because you mentioned Zeppo by name, dumbass.

          1. But he’s the cool one!


              Apparently he did an excellent Groucho impression and was able to sub for him.

          2. I love Zeppo!

    2. I recently saw a freelance writing job advertised. They wanted 40 entertaining catalog descriptions, about 300 words each. They offered $20 total for all 12,000 words. A hack writer in the Depression would have turned up their nose at that.

      1. Copy a template, and 280 words in each description will be exactly the same. So it’s only about 1000 words. Seems like an hour’s work, tops.

        1. No, they wanted you to understand and describe 40 items in unique ways.

          1. I know what they wanted. I was describing what they’d get for $20.

      2. You couldn’t even hire one of those overseas forum poster, article writer people to crank out “spun” articles for that price. A lot of decent, English fluent writers would do that for $125-$200 though.

    3. But in the New World Order of rent control that they’re also whining about, you could have a part-time, $13-an-hour job, and still afford the chic Capitol Hill loft to which you’re entitled. In an ivy-covered building no less, which is apparently a hipster requirement.

    4. $13/hour, only four hours work per day, and NO TELECOMMUTE.

    5. “One could argue that it’s not fair to pick on small organizations like the Freedom Socialist Party, because they can’t afford high-pay web developers”

      It’s fair to say that they’re a bunch of hypocritical assholes.

  11. Socialists Push For $20 Minimum Wage But Won’t Pay Workers That Much

    They may be crazy. But stupid they ain’t.

    1. If they can’t see that the $20 min wage they are promoting stomps out small business, the way it would their small party if they stuck to it themselves, then yes. they are stupid also.

  12. Reminder: Socialists don’t believe that individual virtue matters

    But this isn’t simply a matter of right-wing news sites impugning environmentalists, or of critics nitpicking anything ? even a problem that’s universal to big crowds everywhere ? in order to mock people who offend their ideological tribalism. Focusing on the marchers’ trash is also an example of one of the most fundamental errors in the entire climate discussion: namely, the assumption that what matters is individual virtue.

    This line of reasoning is basically individualist: it says that combating climate change and moving to an ecologically sustainable society requires adding up hundreds of millions of changes in individual habits and values. Under this frame, when the People’s Climate marchers demand policies to combat climate change, they’re seen as demanding more virtuous behavior from their fellow citizens as individuals. Which makes all their trash evidence of their hypocrisy.…..rash-news/

    This is a very useful and tidy way of communicating that they have zero principles and zero scruples as long as their cause is righteous enough.

    1. the assumption that what matters is individual virtue.

      So is Thinkprogress openly endorsing tyranny?

      1. Yes. And if you read the rest of the article the author embraces the true nature of the movement as wanting to radically alter the fabric of society, both economically and socially.

        So we have unscrupulous people with a self-righteous desire to remake the world into a new order of justice and harmony and are openly seeking total control over the lives of their fellow man.

        Sound familiar?

      2. this isn’t new. they’ve been for tyranny from their inception.

      3. Thinkprogress….isnt that the outfit funded by some old Nazi?

    2. Those masks keep on slippin’, don’t they. 20 years ago, even 10, they would never have dared say this outside a closed meeting. It’s always refreshing seeing them expose themselves for the total, abject collectivist scum they are.

      1. the assumption that what matters is individual virtue.

        If individual virtue doesn’t matter, then why would I, as an individual, want to be a part of their group? Are all their member enslaved?

        1. No. You will be a Party man, maybe even a Top Man in the new regime. It’s the proles that will be enslaved.

    3. Huh. So apparently they really do believe that individual actions don’t matter; the individual doesn’t have to do anything, any yet somehow this individual lack of change adds up to huge changes. I guess the Top Men are just supposed to make everything better while you continue to use energy like it’s going out of style.

      1. Our God government binds the whole; makes black white and white black; He makes Up Down and Down Up. Yay, verily he is like unto indie platform developers, and stupidity is his gimmick.

      2. Sometime, for grins, read the comments in response to any “climate change” post on Bill Moyers’ FB page. These morons really do believe that it’s Big Momma Gub’mint’s job to both give them the resource-intensive good life regardless of their contribution potential, choices, and skill set, and then perform magical-unicorn environmental damage control for living the good life. “Somebody ought to do something!” is the motto that should be embroidered on the proggie flag. The response is never, ever “me.”

        1. Having grown up in a progressive’s wet dream (Denmark), I can tell you how true this is. I grew up with people saying “we” when they meant “you” or “I”, and blaming society in general for anything.

          Progressive socialism (in my experience) is really all about escaping personal responsibility by diffusing any responsibility as broadly throughout society as possible. Wealth redistribution, socialized healthcare, education, identity politics, etc. are just means to this end.

          Since individual liberty and personal responsibility rely on each other, only group rights matter in that kind of society.

    4. Of course, big public events like this always come with trash afterwards. Handling it is one of the reasons city governments and public services exist.

      This is the perfect distillation of their “argument” – why should I have to clean up after myself, that’s a job for government! And anyone who disagrees is a traitor to Gaia and should be dealt with accordingly..*throws trash on ground next to a trash barrel*

      1. “The sign said ‘Fine for littering.’ “

    5. From the comments:

      “Eric Names There isn’t any such thing as a neutral news source, but it’s odd… I go to right-wing sites and read their crap and I’m amazed *more* of them don’t go on shooting sprees. Hate here, nastiness there, yuckiness everywhere. I feel like most of the time I can read left-wing stuff and they seem like they care about a larger segment of the population.”

      Dana, you’re a cunt. And I won’t go on a shooting rampage for saying it!

    6. I happened to be watching a foreign news broadcast the other evening where they showed video of the tent camps in Hong Kong. It was astonishing how neat and orderly the camp appeared. Absolutely no sign of trash or personal items lying about, tents neatly lined up, with wide corridors left for pedestrians to walk freely. It was a sight that would put any Boy Scout Jamboree to shame. It’s interesting that these images don’t seem to have made it to American shores.

  13. See also: unions that have hired pickets for a demonstration to raise the minimum wage, but pay the pickets less than the current minimum wage.

    1. It’s hypocritical if they pay them any less than what they say the minimum wage should be.

      1. Indeed, but I’ve seen worse than that, at least once.

    2. See also: latte-limo liberals who crusade for $15-$20 minimum wage, then balk if they have to pay $10 to their nannies.

      1. Or want to staff their companies with unpaid interns.

  14. OT: I’ve had a hard time sleeping since coming here by myself before the wife and babies get here and my eyes are looking rough. Does hemorrhoid cream really work to get rid of bags and lines?

    1. Better get the hazmat suits.

    2. Do less cocaine. I know it’s no fun but it’ll help with the eyes.

      1. That’s, that’s crazy talk.

        I,need real solutions, people. Not pie in the sky schemes that don’t work in the real world.

        1. Do more cocaine! Can’t hurt, right?

        2. Balance it out with Everclear and ecstasy?

          1. Everclear, ha! I’m presently in a dry county and have to drive 20 minutes to just buy beer.

            East Texas, I’m finding out, is an odd place.

            1. What the brochures don’t tell you is that it’s really West Louisiana. Tyler is the worst.

              1. No way, dude. West Louisiana is actually Texas. The same stupid accents, the same culture, the same everything.

            2. Then you should stock up on Mad Dog 20/20 son. Just ask the kids at SFASU.

              1. I’m gonna be in Houston this weekend. I’ll pick up some decent beer while there. I managed to get a 12’pack for tonight to watch the Giants hopefully clinch.

                But by midweek next week, I’m probably gonna be back to having the shakes.

            3. I have a parent from Waskom. Spent a lot of time in that place growing up. Take heart, Dallas isn’t far away, and if you are in college, they have those there too.

              1. And if this place is West Louisiana, where are the damn margarita drive thru’s?

                1. Thats SE Louisiana.

                2. There’s a party barn in College Station. So they’re around.

            4. I think its funny that I live in a dry county now.

              The city is fortunately very, very wet.

      2. He’s working oil in Texas – it ain’t cocaine he’s doing, he’s on teh mef.

    3. The best way is to drink a crap ton of water. At least that’s what’s worked best for me.

      Also, welcome to Texas! Try not to get the Ebola.

    4. I can’t attest to how well this works, not having tried it myself, but a lot of females keep a couple spoons in their freezer, then gently(!) apply them to the bags until the spoons lose their chill.

      Also, maybe don’t rub your eyes so goddamn much.

    5. Wait, what, Texas?

      You moved again?

      1. Yeah. I posted the story in the pm links.

    6. Quit partying so much and get some sober sleep.

      everything will be fine.

  15. I had some socialist friends in college. One of their crusades was Wal-mart hatred. But they told me one day they shopped at Wal-mart rather than local mom-and-pop stores because they couldn’t afford the local stores. Their reasoning was that the capitalist system constrained their choices. Apparently this was also why they were hard-core environmentalists who drove a mini-van that belched brown smoke everywhere.

    1. Wait, when did colleges start allowing retarded people to enroll?*

      *With the exception of football players.

      1. Being a socialist in college marks you as edgy. Being something the faculty aren’t quite courageous enough to embrace.

      2. That just means you’re tenure track.

    2. I know some people who had the exact same mentality, but they took it a step further. See, bartering with evil capitalist Wal-Mart would be wrong, so they just resorted to shoplifting instead. They rationalized it by saying that Wal-Mart is evil, therefore stealing from them is helping to fight the system.

      I never ceases to amaze me the mental contortions people will undergo to make a moral good out of being a selfish asshole.

      1. Like idiots who engage in credit card fraud. Apparently they’re doing us all a favor since cc companies are evil. Of course, they don’t realize the rate of interest charged already discounts thievery.

        I’ve known people like this and they have no moral compass. They believe it because they’re rotten.

        1. My fav was a friend of a friend who racked up tens of thousands of dollars in debt because she believed Jesus would come back before she would have to pay the money back.

          1. By the way, same in my time. All the hipster doofuses were Che t-shirts and took left-wing positions as if they were unique.

            They just looked like idiots to the rest of us.

          2. Jesus took one look and rescheduled the whole thing.

    3. I have a number of friends who all bitch and moan about Walmart and talk about how they never shop there, except when they do, because where else are you going to get swimming trunks at 2:30 in the morning, etc.

  16. Freedom Socialist Party

    Who wants to work for a pack of oxymorons?


    1. ^^This^^ is why we need a “Like” button on H&R.

      1. Thanks, it’s always nice to be appreciated.


    2. Aw, come on. You’re assuming freedom means liberty. Freedom means asking permission and obeying orders. Freedom means forcing your will onto others.

      Freedom does not mean liberty.

      1. As a wise wise man once said, “Freedom is about authority.”

  17. Somewhat OT: Republicans, [Michelle Obama] explained, counted on “folks like us” to stay away from the polls

    I suppose had Joe Biden been speaking it would have been “you people”.

    1. That was H. Ross Perot. And he was pilloried. So add “you people” to things you can’t call “those people”.

      1. Crazy Joe wants everyone to vote. Even if it’s Orientals.

        1. Or Injuns. You know, the dot ones, not the feather ones.

          1. Do you mean “call center Indians” and not “casino Indians” ?

    2. You know your 20 people. You know the people in your neighborhood, in your church, in your family who aren’t focused. And you can’t leave anybody behind.

      That nephew you know who sleeps — get him up. Wake him up. (Laughter.) Young people, you all know folks who aren’t paying attention. Your classmates, your dorm mates — wake them up, get them out.

      Jesus. Not even Joe Biden could get away with calling an audience of black people lazy and stupid.

    3. “Folks like us”? Rich heiresses?

    4. The gonna put yall back in chains so you can’t make it to the polls.

  18. jobs program at union wages with childcare available”

    “no cuts to Social Security, Medicaid or Medicare. Raise the minimum wage to $20 an hour. Provide a guaranteed annual income. Free medical care for all, including reproductive services and abortion.”


    You know, say what you will, you gotta give the socialists props for their achievements here. We’re moving closer to these things remarkably quickly, where at minimum, a slightly amended version of these things are being proposed and enacted by the democrats. There’s zero movement away from these things, so I’m going to have to rethink America’s libertarian moment.

    1. *We’re moving closer to these things remarkably quickly, where at minimum, a slightly amended version of these things are being proposed and enacted by the democrats*

      Coincidentally, the cliff over which America will surely tumble is moving closer remarkably quickly.

    2. so I’m going to have to rethink America’s libertarian moment.

      Welch and Gillespie are acting on the “clap your hands if you believe” school of politics. That is assuming they even believe what they are saying.

      1. They believe what they’re saying. I just think that their focus is a bit narrow in that their arguments are mainly in the realm of things like consumer choice. We’re living in an amazing time in that respect. I don’t think that means we’re moving towards a less regulated society.

        Although I’d agree we’re moving towards one that’s going to be more difficult to regulate, and as such, will be more dangerous than ever to freedom. Because when the Mega state is in its death throes, that’s when it’s most dangerous.

    3. Hey, I’m just glad somebody on the left has the decency to differentiate between reproductive services and abortion.

      1. Huh. I expected at least one of you to touch that one.

        Bunch of pussies.

        1. I wanted to but I didn’t want to pull material from the C list.

  19. Communism ‘over 100 million killed’ since 1917

  20. I can’t to see what the Queen’s Own Anti-Royalist Party thinks of this.

  21. Share it fairly,
    but take a slice of my pie.

    1. don’t…take a slice of my pie.

      fuck…fucked up the quote.

      1. Floyd’s lyrics were often quite cynical, but in this case they were also revealing the psychological subjectivism of the left.

  22. Nice application page, but I think they’re missing some bullet points:

    *A signed statement denouncing the last web designer is required; spitting on the kulak’s unmarked grave is encouraged but not necessary
    *Workers will be paid in fiat currency as soon as the revolutionary council seizes City Hall and drives out the capitalist running dogs
    *Female applicants will be expected to demonstrate their commitment to the revolution, if you know what I mean comrade
    *Stalin mustaches are a must
    *Must have written a term paper explaining the similarities between the plot of Bioshock Infinite and Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle

    1. Man – you seriously need to get on Craigslist and post a parody ad.

  23. Of course they’re not going to pay $20/hr. Not until everyone else is forced to.

    Same idea with more taxes, charity, or anything else. They’re not going to lift a finger until it is forced upon everyone.

    Otherwise it’s not fair.

    1. The excuse I got from a small-business-owning Facebook friend was that although she couldn’t pay her workers more right now, once the minimum wage went up and she was forced to, there would be more money being spent, and so the increased business revenue would allow her to raise wages.

      She owns a bookstore. She honestly believe that if the minimum wage goes up, she’ll get more business.

      1. It’s magic. You see, raising the wage magically gives people more money to spend, which magically increases revenue. And it’s magic because all that extra money just magically pops into existence. Because government wills it into being.

        1. To paraphrase the Futurama newsmonster: “Economics does not work that way!”

  24. OT: I watched Peter Jackson’s Hobbit movie yesterday, and it reminded me of why I hate Peter Jackson movies.

    A few examples:

    -There are multiple scenes where the dwarves fall very long distances and yet are somehow unharmed.

    -The dwarf king gets hit square in the face with mace by orc triple his size and does not even get a scratch.

    -Bilbo stabs a wolf in the head, but when he pulls out the sword, there isn’t a drop of blood on it.

    -Was it really necessary to show the eagles picking up every single dwarf?

    -How did the dumbass mountain trolls end up with elf weapons? I thought elves were supposed to be super hard to kill.

    Bottom line- too much repetitive/pointless action & too unbelievable

    It was a little better than Aeon Flux movie which I also watched. It features the most incompetent totalitarian government depicted in film, with the possible exception of They Live.

    1. I was disappointed with the Hobbit movies. LoTR movies were great. Hobbit movies felt like… a sequel that was contractually obligated, and they went into it saying, “Ok, but the action needs to be BIGGER!” In the end, it just felt smaller.

      1. Apparently they were.

        Peter Jackson is on record as saying he was done at the end of LOTR.

    2. How did the dumbass mountain trolls end up with elf weapons? I thought elves were supposed to be super hard to kill.

      That was in line with the book. Elves aren’t any more difficult to kill than anyone else. Their immortality lies in that they are immune to aging and sickness. This allows them to live for thousands of years and develop mad skills, but they can still be killed. They’re not immune to swords and arrows.

      Those particular Elven weapons had a long history and weren’t any old swords. They were thousands of years old and were once wielded by Elves of First Age (Hobbit and LTR are set in the Third Age). Likely the goblins came across them in a tomb or some ruins.

      1. So the elves deliberately left these powerful weapons lying around unprotected for some random bad guys to find and use against them? Pretty implausible if you ask me.

    3. Oh, and so far I have really disliked the Hobbit movies as well. You expect movies to deviate from the books somewhat, but in this case it’s ridiculous.

      1. Disney rides in every film. It’s pathetic. The entire 3rd movie is supported by about a paragraph in the book. The Battle of 5 Armies was mentioned only briefly.

    4. Plenty of elves got killed in big battles. It’s no surprise that some of their weapons got picked off the battlefield.

    5. What killed me about They Live was the extended fight scene needed to get one character to just try the frigging sunglasses.

      That and the spooky-attractive looks of the female lead.

      1. You mean one of the most brilliantly stupid fights in cinema? And no one tells Keith David what to do.

        1. Yeah, that one. It seemed so utterly pointless.

      2. What I dont get about the Hobbit movies (and the LotR movies to a lesser extent) is the heroes go on a long trek, and are always seemingly rescued by Gandalf calling giant eagles to transport them to safety. Why not just call the eagles first and get them to take you were you need to go?

        1. Because the eagles are wise. They only get involved when they must, and then they get the fuck out.

          1. Like Obama in Libya.

            *nods knowingly*

          2. scenery, scenery, scenery…fight, fight, fight…shitty dialogue, shitty dialogue, shitty dialogue…scener, scenery, scenery…repeat hour after fucking hour till my eyes bleed….ta da LOT (fucking)Rs

    6. Yeah, the swords plunging into bodies and then being removed totally bloodless and sparkling was rather distracting. I don’t need the movie to be bloody and gory, but that kind of sanitization just took me out of it. Some black ichor or something would have been fine, doesn’t even need to be red.

      Although quite frankly if the movie itself were better in general I could have easily overlooked such flaws. I was dubious to begin with when I initially heard they were going to try and stretch The Hobbit into some “epic trilogy” movie format.

    7. “It was a little better than Aeon Flux movie which I also watched. It features the most incompetent totalitarian government depicted in film, with the possible exception of They Live.”

      You need to re-watch “Brazil”. In fact, libertarians should be required by law to watch this movie at least once every year.

  25. Remember yesterday when I posted this?

    Behold this gem from the aforementioned Salon article.

    “The film proves that conservative American Christians have not learned an important childhood lesson: You can’t threaten, vilify or bully someone into liking you.”

    The total lack of self-awareness is breath-taking isn’t it?

    Well, I found some more today:

    Once these tools and ideologies are developed, #Gamergate uses hate and fear tactics to create a culture of silence around the topic and prevent progressive dialogue around them.

    It’s my theory that #Gamergate as a movement is now acting out of fear. After the release of the IRC logs revealing the movement for what it is, the damning mainstream opinion pieces, and a brutal series of PR losses, the movement is now scared, and lashing out at everything that stands to fit the narrative of their perceived aggressors. At this point, there is no dialogue, even though they still say they are trying to promote one. You simply can’t have a sane and productive conversation with someone who would be happier if you killed yourself.

    Their defacing of this survey was a desperate effort to silence potential truth that might not serve their purpose; they were afraid of even the possibility that other opinions or new facts would be heard.

    1. There is no end to the projection!

      Rather it should illuminate the fact that even the most nebulous and inconsistent ideas can proliferate wildly if strung onto the organizational framework of the hate group, which additionally gains a startling amount of power online.

      1. Dude, step away from the Derp.

    2. I have a slightly different, more pessimistic view of this GamerGate thing. The progs now have a foothold. They have established a beachhead, albeit a tiny one… but there here. And from hereon out, they will only make inroads.

      I point to the fact that it’s still being talked about as proof.

      1. That is their SOP, but I think they underestimated the sheer bloody-mindedness of gamers.

  26. Lead by example.

    Its why laws arent necessary for most issues. Do what is right and people will reward you. Or not.

    Its like how Costco pays better than Sams Club. In theory, it benefits there business and is good publicity too. No minimum wage/benefit hike necessary.

    1. Does Costco pay their owners more than Sam’s ?

      1. They have far fewer employees per unit of revenue, which is precisely what basic economics will tell you happens. If Sam’s Club, or worse, Walmart, had the same revenue per employee, they would fire a significant fraction of their staff.

  27. OT:…..g-red-wine

    I wonder who will complain louder, the idiots outside FedEx Field or Dan Snyder. Either way, I smell a copyright lawsuit in the works.

  28. “The Freedom Socialist Party”

    /pounds table in laughter.

  29. Where are all the trolls? This article is right up their dirt bag alley.

    Do as WE SAY and not as WE DO.

    Classic left-wingism.

    1. I think I can provide the prog perspective, if they’re all busy at the moment.

      “Put your money where your mouth is” is only valid when used by my side, not when used against my side! So Ayn Rand is a hypocrite for taking advantage of the welfare state she hated, but there’s nothing wrong with living wage advocates paying their employees less than a living wage! Or liberal One Percenters advocating higher taxes while trying to reduce their own tax burden! Or white diversity advocates living in all white neighborhoods! Or…

      I think that pretty much covers it. Maybe throw in a reference to the Koch Brothers, but that’s the meat of their argument.

  30. One could argue that it’s not fair to pick on small organizations like the Freedom Socialist Party, because they can’t afford high-pay web developers.

    Look, if you can’t afford to pay a living wage then maybe your advocacy program should close. You obviously don’t have enough societal demand to be worth sucking up resources while putting out products that are not needed.

  31. For those of you that are following this whole #GamerGate thing…

    Have you heard about the (i swear this is not a joke) role of the “DERP Institute”, MIT media lab/Center for Civic Leadership, and a bunch of other networked academic gender-studies researchers…?

    Basically, my retarded summary =

    – it seems like some of the GamerGate people have unearthed how the Progeratai are involved in an orchestrated online efforts to bring SJW-issues to the forefront of all major social-media.

    IOW, actual leftist conspiratorial behavior that goes far beyond things like Journolist, GamePros(?) etc. Basically, its people all over the map actively trying to marginalize opposition through coordinated ‘issue control’ on social-media.

    This is one org associated with this effort. read their summary and see if it isn’t just long winded way of saying, “coordinated propaganda”…..h-justice/

    1. The DERP institute huh? Heh.

      On the page you linked to I like the quote from Mr. Poo.

      War. On. Parody.

      1. You think “DERP institute” is bad…?

        The Fembot Collective” is a thing too

        1. I’m confused. Aren’t fembots programmable to do their programmer’s bidding? Or are they malfunctioning fembots, running some form of Windows? Do they carry viruses?

      2. Example =

        active efforts to promote the idea of ‘rape culture’ everywhere…..p-sos-map/

        “This map lists universities in the US that need help addressing sexual violence: all of them.

        it then provides a bunch of text to share with people that provides a way to statistically obfuscate their claims. That “1 in 5” women is somehow assaulted…. even though there is no single source anywhere validating it, they manage to gin-up ways to spin the numbers.

        A simple example as i mentioned regarding Clery Act data when the ‘rape culture’ meme started spreading earlier this year – the Clery data shows TONS of growth in numbers of ‘assaults’… because they mandate that any ‘event’ could be reported multiple times depending on how the information was collected.

        e.g. if a victim tells their teacher… and if the teacher tells a adminstrator… thats 2 Cleary Act ‘reports’. The system is designed to grow exponential ‘reporting’.

        Its (surprise) the way that the data collection *is designed* is to artificially inflate the appearances of ‘problems’.

        Forget that the increased pressure from the administration is forcing universities to “report more”.

        Because if a ‘rape culture’ doesn’t exist? It needs to be invented.

        1. I’m surprised we haven’t seen more GamerGate articles on reason (although a lively discussion last weekend). As you point out – a number of serious issues here, but they seem to be lost because “Gamers” are targets.

          My son and I are considering a new comic book series “Daughters of Menarche” with SJW antagonists.

        2. “Because if a ‘rape culture’ doesn’t exist? It needs to be invented.”

          There was a “great” article in Slate this week, noting that the rule of thumb is that the fewer cases of sexual assault reported for a given campus, the more prevalent the problem of sexual assault must be.

  32. Freedom Socialist Party. Nothing says freedom like forcing other people to live the way you see fit. Fuckin’ idjits.

    I remember an old Doctor who was Jewish and had been in Germany with the Nazis. He said that people think of the Nazis as refined, sophisticated evil, when in fact, they were just stupid bullies. In his words “cheap thugs in snappy uniforms”. That was the first thing that popped in my head when I read about Brian Schmidt being hassled by the TSA over his Nobel prize.

    And that is who these fuckers are. If they had their way the gulags and firing squads would be cranking up tomorrow.

  33. They will pay $20 (and more!) once they are in power. In socialist countries, party members always are the best paid. Until then, it is the evil capitalist system’s fault that they can’t pay $20/h to their political cronies.

  34. Besides the obvious, my favorite part about this is that whoever posted the ad must have absolutely no idea how web stuff works. Content Manager/Strategist != Developer != Designer. Each of those positions are $50k – $70k starting annual salary positions. Of them, Content Manager is probably the one you could potentially get away with paying the least. Mind you, anyone who’s applying for that position doesn’t know shit about front-end development and probably doesn’t even know what PHP IS, so you can forget that Drupal shit.

    Meanwhile, DRUPAL!?!? HAAHAHAHAHAH!!!! Yeah, you’re gonna hire a Drupal dev for $13/hour. Try $25/hour for a freelancer with no experience who might have screwed around with Drupal in his/her spare time. Someone who’s actually set up a Drupal site (with e-commerce I see, rofl!!!) for a small to medium sized organization? A freelance consultant will rightly charge something around $50 an hour at a minimum. If you were providing benefits, paid vacation, etc., you could probably snag someone for $35/hr. $13/hr will get you an intern. Maybe.

    I haven’t freelanced in a while, and I’m not eager to get back in, but I can tell you with a certainty that I don’t know any developers, designers, content people, anybody who would take a job for $13/hr. At that rate you’d just do it for free because it’s a friend or a family member.

    1. You are doing it for the cause, Comrade!

  35. From The Telegraph:
    “Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook Chief Executive, this week upped his status even further by joining the millionaire paradise club. The 30-year old bought a 700-acre piece of land on Kauai, the fourth largest of the Hawaiian islands, for a cool $100 million (?63 million).
    With its pristine beaches, old sugar plantation buildings and land on which there are plans for an organic farm, Zuckerberg and his family will be able to enjoy private vacations on one of the most beautiful places on earth.”
    From Craigslist:”Our newest Sustainable Farm Project is in need of a Kitchen Lead Interning Cook/Work-Trade Interns before the end of September. You need to be adventurous, enjoy the outdoors, and it helps to want to live in the tropics. Don’t know how to afford it? Sustainable Work-trade Cooking (for that position) in the tropics is a very rewarding way to do it all. This would be a great opportunity to be living in Hawaii while growing a community based on freedom of lifestyle, while creating a producing farm for ourselves and our surrounding communities, and being in charge of a kitchen to cook for the farm working hands. Enjoy cooking with new and different types of tropical produce, including Papaya, Avocadoes, Cacao (Chocolate), Coffee, Bananas, Orchids, Passionfruit, Citrus, and many other unusual tropical fruit and veggies.”

  36. NO TELECOMMUTE! – Because we know workers cannot be trusted

  37. blah, blah, blah, real world, blah, blah, blah stupid fuck weasels, blah blah, blah, death to commies etc. etc. etc.

    1. Above: what socialists hear when presented with evidence their beliefs have have proven wrong countless times.

  38. Freedom Socialist Party

    Well that’s a contradiction

  39. There’s the ideal, and the current condition reality… One example of apparent hypocrisy doesn’t mean that the concept of a living wage is a bad idea… there’s a dichotomy with being a non-profit that relies on volunteers, donations, and fund-raising to promote a social agenda to help the general society versus the agenda of greed backed by those who have the money to buy the influence that protects their greed. In any case, it’s a part time job, and just like capitalists, they want to spend as little as possible… because they rely on charity, not because they’re hoarding wealth.

    1. It may be your/their opinion that the “social agenda” being promoted benefits society – obviously this POV is not universally shared and I question whether you would be supportive if the non-profit stated “conservative” versus “progressive”…

      1. They’re helping by getting everyone else to raise their wages. They don’t feel the need to do it themselves.

    2. Regardless of whether or not you think a living wage is good, the posting is a perfect example of why it is destined to be a disaster.
      Either you cannot afford to pay someone 20/hr, which leads me to wonder what you think of projects that you like but don’t have the money for living wages? How should they be funded? By taking money from others?
      Or you think there should be special exceptions to the minimum wage, which means you don’t really believe in a true minimum wage at all. You just think that certain jobs should have legally managed wage.

  40. …interest in the fights for women’s/ LGBTQI/ people of color/ immigrant rights…

    But all you WASP males can go fuck yourselves, you have no rights because oppression something something. /DERP

    What’s the “QI” in LGBTQI stand for? I can’t keep up with the latest PC terminology.

    1. LGBTQI ? A common abbreviation for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer
      and intersexed community.

      Source: LGBTQI Terminology; found between definitions for “Lesbian Baiting” and “Lipstick Lesbian”

    2. That’s not even the most comprehensive alphabet soup list of people the “community” claims to represent.

  41. “Compenasation”? It looks they need to hire a proofreader and speller first.

  42. It’s sad to see the quality of articles written on Reason these days. Worse still is the quality of the commentary.
    The problem seems to be one common with most punditry. The people most qualified to speak on economic issues, or liberty issues, are those that work for a living, and those who find their legitimate rights most often constrained.
    In short, the exact opposite experience of those who pundit for these establishment publications.
    While there is a glimmer of legitimacy in calling out the socialists for offering a $13/hour wage instead of a $15/hour wage, it is just that, an inconsequential glimmer.
    Given the resources as the author’s disposal, and the incredible number of legitimate issues that confront liberty and economic freedom, the author chose a silly cheap-shot to write about.
    It’s goal? Only to reinforce an ‘us versus them’ mentality.
    Judging by the comments below. It succeeded in its dubious goal.
    Now we are freer? We are more educated? We have accomplished something?
    Nope. But we sure have hated on those ‘evil’ people.
    (part 1 of 2)

  43. The author’s entitlement and obliviousness is evidenced by the reference to the $62,000 average salary for web developers in the US.
    The author clearly has no experience with the job market and no knowledge of what it means to work for a living.
    I’m not criticizing that, it’s a great life if you can get it.
    The problem is when the author publishes articles concerning people who do work for a living.
    Anyone who works for a living should be able to read the job description and immediately understand that they are advertising for a person with minimal skills.
    That anyone would think that a person meeting those qualifications averages $62,000/year salary in the US is absurd.
    Yet the author, and apparently the commentariat below, evidently think so.
    I challenge anyone to write up a resume with those qualifications and get a $62,000/year job with a company not run by your relative.
    In the real world, people trying to break into a field, such as web development, look for jobs exactly like this one; part-time work at lower pay requiring minimal expertise to develop their skills so they can eventually get those $62,000/year jobs.
    Shoddy journalism aside, do we really need more articles demonizing others? Or could Reason use its resources a little more wisely, finding common ground, and exploring complex issues, for a generation coping the best they can with an imperfect world?

    1. “In the real world, people trying to break into a field, such as web development, look for jobs exactly like this one; part-time work at lower pay requiring minimal expertise to develop their skills so they can eventually get those $62,000/year jobs.”

      So, you’re against minimum wages for this exact reason, correct?

    2. Excellent example of complete ignorance of any arguments made, then followed by a lame and pathetic plea for “Why can’t we all just get along?”

      No one is claiming this position needs to pay $62,000 (although posters like wwhorton|10.16.14 @ 10:59PM| point out that such a salary is low-ball for some of the skills the job is requiring).

      It is simply pointing out that if one of your basic tenets is everyone should be paid at least $20/hr (not $15 like you try to weasel in), then you should be leading the way, by, you know, paying everybody $20/hr.

      Excellent work, too, on the always effective and not at all disingenuous “aren’t there more important things to write about?”, as part of a two-part post about a subject apparently not worth of discussing. Bully I say, bully on you!

  44. I just got paid $ 7500 working off my computer this month. And if you think that’s cool, my divorced friend has twin toddlers and made over $ 8 k her first month. It feels so good making so much money when other people have to work for so much less. This is what I do,,COPY THIS URL IN YOUR BROWSER..======

  45. As predicted, the Ministry of Truth at The Freedom Socialist Party has changed the posting to “Compensation: DOE, plus benefits”

  46. The socialists will have a hard time explaining their way out of this embarrassment. They can’t even afford to practice what they preach. Excellent point by triclops-either you can’t afford to pay someone $20/hr or you think there should be exemptions to the minimum wage, which means you don’t really believe in a true minimum wage. You can’t have it both ways.

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