4 Ways Democrats Are Full of Shit


It's awfully tough to narrow these down to just four, so feel free to list more ways the Democrats are full of shit in the comments. And since we're equal opportunity offenders, check out a list of 4 ways the Republicans are full of shit.

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Helping Poor



Civil Liberties

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  1. The best way to help the poor is obvious: Free markets. The improvement in the condition of the poor since the advent of freer markets is staggering.

    1. Russel Brand told me capitalism doesn’t work.

      1. Ugh… Celebrities who deride the system that made them wealthy. How do they fail to see this?

        1. They don’t.

    2. Yeah, but free markets cause inequality. Some people get really rich, and that just isn’t fair.

      1. It isn’t really fair that Russell Brand got rich. I don’t think anyone could spot his talent with an electron microscope.

    3. Absolutely. I mean, never mind that “free” markets aren’t remotely free, and require massive supports, infrastructure, and regulation to exist. Or that when markets were ostensibly “freest” human beings tended to be bought and sold there. Or that the widest dissemination of safe goods is invariably accompanied by a moderate amount of regulation intelligently balancing the needs of buyers and sellers, consumers and producers.
      I mean, if not for all that and more, you’d have a point. “Free markets!” [kneejerk] “Free markets!” [kneejerk]

  2. How about another point under “Helping Poor” about inflationary monetary policies through deficit spending? Of course, both parties are quite guilty on that one.

    1. Great addition! And both parties are guilty of a lot of these.

  3. I notice the Peanuts largely ignored the ‘4 reasons why the GOP is full of shit’ article.

    1. ‘8% of the reasons why PB is full of shit’ would still threaten to crash the interwebs

      1. Four reasons why Dipshit Dave Weigel is completely full of shit:

        1) Pretends to be a libertarian when he’s a conventional lefty democrat.
        2) Pretends that he’s straight when he’s gay.
        3) Pretends that he’s a financial investor when he’s a JournoList.
        4) Pretends that he lives in Georgia when he lives at 2124 12th St NW Washington, DC 20009, with a phone number of 302-507-6806.

    2. I notice you’re completely full of shit.

    3. Looks like more posts on that thread than this one.

    4. Turd.Burglar.

    5. You guys might find this hard to believe, but Palin’s Buttplug likes the thread about how the GOP is full of shit but not the one about how the Democrats are full of shit.

      1. I can’t believe that…

    6. I actually read that one first. I imagine most people are reading both.
      I notice that the other article has more than twice as many posts so I think your full of crap.

    7. Ah, good. I was worried because I hadn’t seen PB in a while. I should’ve known that a feature generally critical of Democrats would jumpstart his heart and bring him back to the world of the living.

      Now, off to the Republican version so I can read all about how Libertarians secretly love Democrats because we don’t always vote for Republicans.

    8. Tin ears?

  4. So where’s the one on how Libertarians are full of shit?

    1. Same heading, but under each entry, it says this: “Yet fails to win elections to change anything, showing total moral emptiness.”

    2. We’re full of shit because we pick-apart any potential libertarian candidate and can’t form a coalition.

      We’re full of shit because we still claim the income tax is illegal despite decades of decisions deciding otherwise.

      We’re full of shit because we want to legalize gay marriage but not sex with animals or children.

      We’re full of shit because we all worship Ayn Rand even though she hated pot smokers.

      We’re full of shit because we want to force the Government to get smaller but oppose efforts to make Americans’ waistline smaller.

      1. We’re full of shit because we want to force the Government to get smaller but oppose efforts to make Americans’ waistline smaller.

        Uh, smaller government benefits us through lower costs, reduced taxes, and a closer alignment with Constitutional principles. How does forcing people to become a size that’s acceptable to you do anything to promote liberty? (Answer: it doesn’t.)

      2. “We’re full of shit because we want to legalize gay marriage but not sex with animals or children.” Yes, you can’t be a true libertarian unless you’re pro-pedophile. Seek counseling.

    3. “So where’s the one on how Libertarians are full of shit?”

      Let me count the ways…..

      1. Look up to a KY Republican as one of your saviors – also look up to a dead Fiction Writer.

      2. Are largely financed by far right wing billionaire zealots who made their money from Uncle Joe Stalin and who finance ONLY GOP Candidates….

      3. Have a complete world view that simply does not work in the real world.

      4. Lay out carefully how Big Gubment isn’t needed, then are the first to shout for it when things like Ebola happen.

      5. Should be much further left – more of a tie-in to civil liberties, human rights, domestic happiness, ending of the drug war, etc…..BUT, can’t do it because they made up so many good names to call lefties and it would be a shame to waste them.

      6. Are often, in my experience, in jobs and situations which are very much related to Big Gubment. I’ve been lectured by Libertarians who work for the Fed. Gubment!

      7. Have a non-inclusive world view which seem to exclude females (I think most libertarian convention pictures will show this – along with the comments here).

      Well, I could go on……

      1. It’s pretty funny that you’re so simple and vacuous that you pretty much copied word for word the tongue in cheek list posted here and you were actually serious.

      2. 8. Can’t say the word ‘simply’ with a cock in their mouth.

  5. War – Democrats love to cut military funding then stumble into wars…

    Woodrow Wilson’s fraudulent 1916 campaign for peace – then immediately jumping into WW1 in 1917.

    And Truman’s colossal fuck-ups that led to the Korean War. We were literally repairing WWII equipment from junk yards.

    1. “And Truman’s colossal fuck-ups that led to the Korean War. We were literally repairing WWII equipment from junk yards.”

      And he should have…..let the commies have the whole place?

      heck, we wouldn’t have Samsung!

      1. He shouldn’t have told the Russians he wouldn’t defend South Korea. He shouldn’t have let his SecDef cut the military to the point of being useless. And if he was really going to defend the free world with nukes instead of an army, he should have grown a set of balls.

  6. Republicans claim to support “family values” but then try to prohibit gay marriage and gay adoption.

    1. Goddammit, wrong one. Oops.

      Here – Democrats claim to support minorities but then destroy primarily minority cities such as Detroit and support policies that treat them as children.

  7. Judging programs by results and not intent is mean, and probably racist.

    1. If the dems intentions get any better, we’re doomed.

  8. Reasons why democrats are full of shit:

    We have to pass it to find out what is in it.

    If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.

    What difference, at this point, does it make?

    Anything related to Chuck Schumer.

    1. What are you full of when your thoughts consist only of tired gotcha quotes repeated ad nauseum by bimbos on cable news? Shit-colored confetti?

      1. I would hardly refer to Nancy Pelosi as a bimbo. For one thing, the term “bimbo” connotes youth and sexual attractiveness.

        1. It must be so nice to be completely unburdened by considerations of actual issues. See back in the day we used to collect Bushisms as an exercise in amusement–but we didn’t assume that all the idiotic crap that came from his mouth was truly what mattered. It was the actual wars and the torture and stuff.

          1. “…and stuff.” -Tony

            Like the ass raping we take from both Political parties.
            By the way, what salve do you usually recommend for that, Tony?

          2. Hahahaha! You did not seriously just defend Bushisms as having a real intellectual undertone, did you? I nearly fell out of my chair. Thanks for that.

          3. You mean, torture like force feeding Guantanamo Bay inmates? Wars, like Afghanistan that Obama could have pulled us out of on his first day of office?

            You have no desire for an actual honest conversation do you? You’re just a fucking despicable person.

      2. What are you full of when your thoughts consist only of tired gotcha quotes repeated ad nauseum by bimbos on cable news? Shit-colored confetti?

        Hit close to home? When the legacy of your party, Tony, consists of nothing but loss of liberty for every individual not tied at the hip to those in power, then silly little gotcha quotes is all the attention that you and your fellow thugs deserve.

        1. And all you’re capable of.

          1. And all you’re capable of.

            Coming from you, I don’t have much to work with.
            With an intellect as shallow as yours, maybe you are really John Boehner… or Rush Limbaugh… or Michael Savage… or Glenn Beck.

            1. “Coming from you, I don’t have much to work with.”
              No problem, head over to the huffo post or blue nation to find something to work with, that’s where tony and his kind lurk.

          2. And all you’re capable of.

            And, apparently, that’s all you’re capable of. Telling people that it’s all they’re capable of.

            It’s all so brilliant, really.

      3. We have to pass it to find out what is in it.

        I just think it’s funny that we can remember that, but, somehow, being surprised that only state-run exchanges get subsidies is outlandish, even though it’s clearly written in the law. Why? Because, we all knew so well what Obamacare was supposed to be, even though we had to pass it to find out.

        Go figure.

  9. The Donks claim to help women but the party of Julia creates dependency on government programs while penalizing two parent households.

    Increasing access to higher student loans while doing nothing to reign in the cost of higher education. That combo basically ensures debt slavery.

    1. So you’re essentially sexist and racist.

      Every sensible person knows that indiscriminately throwing money at a problem will fix it.

      1. So then PLEASE throw a SHIT-load of money MY way, ’cause Ah know DANG well that Ah ams a “problem child” !!!!

  10. Neither the Dem’s. or the Repub’s could survive on their own merits. Both parties require the fuck up’s of the other party, to make them look good to their respective bases.

    1. Thread winner!!

      1. This x 100

    2. “Under democracy one party always devotes its chief energies to trying to prove that the other party is unfit to rule – and both commonly succeed, and are right.”

      ? H. L. Mencken

      1. Hoist the Black Flag !!!!

  11. Wow. Thomas Payne just got a lot better!

  12. So what it really comes to between these 2 blog bits is: Most people are full of shit.

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