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NYPD Cops Tell Comedian to "Shut the Fuck Up" After Interrupting to Arrest Alleged Theater Masturbator


Cops from the New York Police Department (NYPD) stormed in during stand-up comedian Adam Newman's act to arrest a homeless man allegedly masturbating in the theater.

The audience quieted down for the police but like a pro the stand-up comedian tried to talk through the incident and incorporate it into his routine. The cops didn't appear to appreciate it, especially when he asked them if they really couldn't wait until after the set to make that arrest, responding that he should shut the fuck up. Watch below, where the cops come in at about 40 seconds in:

Newman made a comment about the profanity but eventually apologized to the cops. After they left, he noted that usually he'd go crazy on a heckler who told him to shut the fuck up but that it's different with cops, and he couldn't tell them to shut the fuck up, could he?

These cops must not have heard about the civilian complaint review board chairman's desire to see police use less profanity on the job.

h/t sarcasmic