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Whistleblower Monday: Watch the V.A.'s Scott Davis and the NSA's William Binney Explain How the Government Punished Them for Telling the Truth


Friday's theme episode of The Independents was on "Governmental Breakdown," and as such included some Q&A with various whistleblowers who tried to go through "proper channels" to let superiors know that things at their agency were seriously messed up. Their experiences are a stain on our national conscience. 

First up, the Veterans Administration's Scott Davis:

Then a man known to Reason readers and viewers: former NSA whistleblower William Binney:

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  1. Whistleblower: There’s no accountability at the VA.

    No shit, really? HELLO!? There’s no fucking accountability anywhere in the government. Do we need more proof of that than the recent clusterfucks at the IRS and HHS? Oh, I’m sorry, the dog ate my emails. Well, ok then, I guess you’re off the hook!

    In a just world, probably 90% of elected officials and bureaucrats would be in prison.

  2. Wait, didn’t Obumbles push through some kind of whistleblower protection law?

    Whats that you say? Everything he says is the opposite of what he actually does? Really?

    *scratches head/puzzled look*

  3. Elizabeth Nolan Brown’s best friend continues to impress with his Serious Intellect:

    Charles Clymer @cmclymer

    Tragic that Dr. Cornel West is arrested for protesting racism on a day the nation celebrates a genocidal racist. #Ferguson #ColumbusDay

    Man. Progressives are so deep with the way they nobly stand up to Christopher Columbus 300 years after his death.

    Also, after that hilarious Elizabeth Nolan Brown mini-feud she had with Charles Clymer, I looked up some of his articles. This guy is fucking nuts:

    Here’s a good question: what the fuck have you done for women’s rights, lately, other than troll the page I created?
    You want to talk about privilege? Fine, we’ll talk about privilege. What about your idiot privilege? It would seem you’re so used to people not calling you out for being an absolute fucking moron that you’ve become blind to how your asshat actions affect others.
    So no, after us reaching out to you, you decided to insult me, and, more importantly, my moderators with your bullshit, half-hearted, tongue-in-cheek apology.

    Hahahahahaha, what a little bitch.

    1. Stephanie, I’m going to let you in on a little secret that, apparently, no one has had the guts to tell you up to this point in your life: having a vagina does not grant you magical powers of perception and nuance anymore than my penis magically blinds me from the horrors of the world.
      You have to earn respect for your opinion. I’m not going to hand it to you because you’re a woman talking women’s rights.

      Take that you misogynist patriarrrr… oh, um, er, nevermind.

  4. I have never been more proud of New Hampshire.

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