Washingtonian Mag Ranks Congress: Amash 'Lobbyists' Worst Enemy'



Washingtonian magazine this week released its fifteenth biennial survey on the best and worst of all the Congresscritters roaming our great nation's swampy capital.

The publication takes a jab at them:

Despite approval ratings lower than Vladimir Putin's, the men and women of the 113th Congress have continued to debate, investigate, raise funds, and campaign with ebullience. Seeing as little if any legislation arises from their activities, it's apparent that if there are winners and losers, hits and misses, the average citizen isn't privy to the scorecard.

As such, the survey is conducted not among the great unwashed of the American public, but among the aides of these lawmakers.

Most of the categories have a total of four spots, two for each house. For example, the "meanest" in the Senate are 1. Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.) and 2. Harry Reid (D-Nev.), and in the House are 1. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Tex.) and 2. Virginia Foxx (R-N.C.).

However, one category, Lobbyists' Worst Enemy, has a lone representative: Justin Amash (R-Mich.). The libertarian-leaning congressman, who posts on Facebook detailed explanations of all of his votes in the House, succinctly commented on his distinction: "Hmm."

Conspicuously below him in the Lobbyists' Best Friend category were two other Republicans: 1. Eric Cantor (Va.) and 2. John Boehner (Ohio).

Of course, Cantor's biggest distinction this year was losing his primary. He is the first sitting House majority leader ever to manage that. Washingtonian notes that the survey was handed out just after his loss. Cantor resigned in August but bounced right into an investment bank gig worth $3.4 million.

As for Boehner, rumors have long swirled that fellow Republicans are going to try to oust him from his Speaker position.

Some other interesting highlights from the poll include Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), who earned spots in the Rising Star, Best Speaker, Surprise Standout (whatever that means), and Most Likely to Run for President (with competition only from Marco Rubio (R-Fla.).

On the other hand, presidential hopeful Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) "earned… a variety of dubious distinctions in our survey, including showhorse, clueless, and most disappointing—and that was just from Republicans," explains Washingtonian.

Read the rest of the rankings here.

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