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Tonight on The Independents: Red Meat Wednesday, With Anthony Fisher, TV's Andy Levy, Chris Moody, Jason Mattera, an ex-Secret Service Dude, and a New Enemy of Freedom!


A little bleary. Worse for the wear and tear. |||

Who doesn't love Reason Writer/Producer extraordinaire Anthony L. Fisher? We don't, that's who, which is why the baseball-loving semi-ginger will be one-half of a Red Meat Wednesday of a Party Panel (along with TV's Andy Levy), on tonight's swell episode of The Independents (Fox Business Network, 9 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. PT, with re-airs three hours later). Andy & Anthony will opine on Jimmy Carter's diss of President Barack Obama's ISIS strategy, on former Obama advisor Bill Burton's diss on the smack-talking Leon Panetta, on the phantasmagorical claim by Rep. Duncan Hunter, Jr., (R-San Diego) that "at least" 10 ISIS baddies have crossed north through the U.S.-Mexico border, and also that horrendously violent seatbelt-stop in Indiana blogged here yesterday.  

The great Yahoo! News political reporter Chris Moody will discuss the surprisingly prominent position that drug-reform policy will play in the 2016 GOP presidential race, subject of his latest piece. Former Secret Service official Jeff Stover will detail the governmental breakdowns that led to his former agency screwing up so many damn times. Conservative enfant horrible Jason Mattera will talk about his new book Crapitalism: Liberals Who Make Millions Swiping Your Tax Dollars, and also his stalking of Lois Lerner. And the show is now making "Enemies of Freedom" a weekly affair, with our first Wednesday nominee.

Follow The Independents on Facebook at, follow on Twitter @ independentsFBN, and click on this page for more video of past segments. Speaking of the latter, watch this terrific segment about North Korean politics with Michael Malice.

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  1. Ah. Before the show is a decent off topic time. Here is a story I have been wanting to tell y’all since it happened.

    I was in my late teens when I bought my first chainsaw. I had heard lots of scare stories about them even though I had experienced none of the problems featured in those stories. I had never had a chainsaw injury, but I was afraid of them and wanted very much to keep it that way, so, after picking out the saw I wanted I asked the salesman “What is the number one way people get hurt with these?”

    He casually replied “Don’t worry, you aint gonna get hurt. Only pros get hurt with ’em.”. Puzzled I asked why that was.

    “Cuz, they think they know what they are doing and they aint afraid of ’em no more.”

    Complacency can be a far more insidious enemy than outright recklessness.

    1. Last week I went fishing with an old friend. My wife, his wife, and his young son sat around the living room watching television while we walked down to the water. His property borders on a large pond. The fish aren’t large, but they bite like mad and it is fun to catch them. The cats are big enough to eat so we were keeping them for a fry that night.

      The property owner on the other side of the pond is a local big-wig who keeps a dozen massive Angus bulls as a hobby. I know, you are thinking he does it to reassure himself about his manhood, and maybe he does, but he is a decent guy.

      While we were fishing we noticed the bulls wading out into the pond and endangering my friends water line which inexplicably crosses the bull pasture and pond on its way to his house. We tried shooing the bulls away using a BB gun, but the gun is feeble and the bulls are not. If they noticed the BBs we pelted them with, they did not show it.
      He informed me that he has to repair the line on a regular basis as the bulls weigh around 1500 lbs each and his line is PVC. He asked if after we fished I would help him check the line and repair it if necessary.

      We fished on. In a bit his dog, having been let out of the house by his wife, came running to the pond and jumped in. It swam over to the boat to be hauled in by the more unlucky of the two of us, me. He remarked to the dog that it had earned itself an outside day. The pond water is a bit smelly.

      1. After fishing we docked the boat so that he could retrieve a shovel from his house and get his pistol.

        After he had been gone a few mins I heard a shot. I didn’t think anything of it. He had been complaining about snakes in his yard, which borders on the swampy pond so it was no surprise really. After he had been gone what seemed like much too long I decided to go see what was taking so long.

        He had gone into his house to retrieve the pistol. He was strapping it on as he exited the door and his dog saw an opportunity. It dashed to the door and tried to slip in as he was going out. He tried to stop the dog and stumbled around a bit. In doing so the belt slipped from his hand and the pistol, still snapped in the holster, fell. It flipped over and slid down the belt to the tile porch floor.

        He has an old design Colt in .45LC. If you are familiar with that design you know that the firing pin is fixed to the hammer and rests on the primer if the hammer is let all the way down. It is customary to carry this gun with a single unloaded chamber for that reason. He did not have an empty chamber. It landed directly on the hammer.

        1. If you have firearms, if you are like me and are around them constantly for years on end, if you practice good gun safety then you likely will go many years with no incidences. That is when complacency will creep in. The mindfulness that was drilled into you when you were taught about firearm safety will turn into rote behaviors and over time they will deteriorate. A series of seemingly unconnected events can be result in disaster.

          1. The bullet missed my friend by an inch. It went past him, through the glass patio door into the living room. He said in the instant he realized he was not hit he waited for screaming to start from in the house. Fortunately everyone had left the living room and gone to the kitchen for food mere seconds before the accident.

            I crawled up on the roof with a caulk gun.

            He was devastated. He was humiliated by having done such a foolish thing and barely able to comprehend what had very nearly happened. He looked like he had aged ten years in two seconds.

            Many of you here have firearms. I implore you, do not let complacency get the better of you. Be mindful at every moment.
            Some people are lucky enough to get a stern reminder why they must be extremely mindful, others are may not be so lucky.

            1. I apologize for the shitty editing. I wrote that out in a hurry with lots of distractions around me.

              1. Don’t apologize. Great shit.

            2. Ask dead pilots about complacency. It’s not the old guys who die. It’s not the young guys who die. It’s the tweeners who think they no longer need to stay on top of shit.

              1. I bet you have a hundred stories like that.

                And hey, watch those side-by-side bird guns, they can be very dangerous too. We like you around these here parts and want you to stick around.

            3. The former Marine brother and I shoot Ar-15’s and 9 millimeters and other crap around here all the time. Point taken, dear. Point taken. Never can be too careful around the plunging screaming bit o’ steel that can send a human into the great darkness.

            4. I appreciate a great reminder, too. Thanks for sharing that story.

              1. Great story Suth, and great lesson, thanks.

              2. It was a simple mistake made in an instant. He choose poorly because he was complacent about the gun and mindful of the wet dog about to defile his couch. Reflex really. A mistake anyone would be likely to make. My wife, whom I adore and am still very much in love with was in that living room. I would be lost without her. Suppose she had been approaching that door to go out and smoke on the porch, which she does frequently? The bullet might as well strike me.

                I am going back in two weeks and we are all going down to conroe to the Tx Rennaissance boob fest. It should be great fun. The girls chose the fantasy theme weekend so we keep joking with our wives about which loincloths we should wear. I say sparkly ones.

                I am also bringing my Ruger Vaquero 45LC with the safety leaf in it and trading his carry gun for it. He will have a carry gun in 45LC that is much more accurate and that is safe. It is my carry gun. I keep my old style colts for target shooting only. They live in a case, mostly for show. I will give him mine and start carrying the blackhawk .44 mag that is also equipped with a safety leaf. I like it better anyway. It has target sights.

                1. OK… well… this is getting a bit…well… Vicodin… broseph. Just sayin’…

                  1. Ambien, not vicodin.

                2. Late to the party, but, a blackhawk .44 mag for carry? I guess you left the “concealed” part out for a reason.

                  And a heartfelt Thank You for the reminder. My dad, who was not very responsible in general, placed his Ruger .357 on the hood of his truck on a hunting trip. He says he thought it was unloaded. It wasn’t. The gun slid off the hood and, like toast lands butter side down, the gun landed such that it fired.

                  A lot of people around camp, but thankfully, the barrel ended up pointing back at the truck. Blew a 5 inch diameter hole in the side of his F150. He was humiliated, and even refused to explain how the hole got in his truck for some time.

  2. Former Secret Service ‘official’ Jeff Stover
    Former CIA Agent Mike Baker


    1. Most films in Hollywood are created with CIA and hedge-funds. And this GILMORE fellow seems particularly spaced out, man… way more than normal…

  3. Why do people care what Jimmy Carter thinks? Do people still ask H. W. Bush or did they ask Gerald Ford what they were thinking?

    1. The Bush’s, for all their faults, don’t talk religion and politics at the dinner table. They have an American WASPy sense of noblesse oblige and don’t armchair quarterback their lessers.

      Carter and Clinton are hillbillies, so they sound off from time to time, but rarely and not in bad faith.

      Just wait until Obama becomes an ex-President.

      1. Dumbya’s girls bare liberal. You don’t know shit.

        1. Your point is what? Did I mention anyone’s children?

        2. Go refract that up your nadir.

    2. Carter considers himself an ongoing statesman. I think it has something to do with the way he failed to achieve peace in the middle east at Camp David.

    1. Slather some asian flour biscuit sauce on it and deep fry it, fisty. It’ll taste like your fav corndog.

  4. It IS small and petty (and obnoxious)…just like Kennedy.

  5. Jimmy Carter Disses Obama as Weaksauce
    Dalai Lama adds: “I’d have kicked their little bitch-asses before it was even cool”

    1. Wait. what? Is that an actual Bukowski line?


      1. Go refract that up your nadir.

    1. Gorf was better.

      Bad move, space cadet!

  6. I had a dud .38+ round the other day. The hammer fell but no bang. I kept it pointed down range and counted to 60. Then I took out the round and saw the mark from the firing pin. I walk out onto the range and dropped the dud down a small hole with the bullet side down. Then it put a big rock on top just in case somehow went off later. I made a note to stick with Winchester ammo in the future.

    Another time, I had a squid load with my lever action. After I cleared it, I dropped a .22 case down the barrel to make sure nothing was stuck inside.

    I remember when I bought my first gun. I was in Chicago and I bought a revolver as a silent protest to the gun grabbers. I remember being nervous about leaving it loaded, so I always left the cylinder open and I pointed it so that it would hit a brick wall if it somehow fired.

    So yeah, being a little uneasy around guns is a good thing.

    1. So yeah, being a little uneasy around guns is a good thing.

      Abiding by the “principles” of using any particular item, no matter how proficient you think you are with it, is a good thing.

    2. Derpebulletologist… just sayin’… nice gun safety…

      It’s like driving a car at 70 for hundreds of miles… stay alert and people don’t die.

    3. oopsy, *squib* load

      Although a gun that shoots squids would be cool.

      1. It’ll shoot squids fine if you can aim at ’em before they get too deep.

    4. Out of curiosity, what harm is there in a bullet that fails to discharge? I always assumed it’s the hammer imputing enough kinetic energy via the firing pin to ignite the gunpowder, and absent this action, the bullet isn’t capable of discharging.

      I may be entirely mistaken about the mechanics of firearms.

  7. For whatever reason, my stream has dropped the commercials again, and i just get silence.

    You have no idea how much better that is.

    1. Everything is better when your ass is stoned.

      1. Like you would know.

        1. Never. I love the Lord.

          1. So which blend did you go with, “Mind rape” or “This is permanent”?

            1. Paul. Stop it. I can’t reveal shit like this to you you goddamn narc. Peace out.

          2. I love the Lord

            Lord Calvert?

            … Hobbit

  8. Fuck him and his magic underwear!

  9. Fuck Chris Christy. That is all.

    1. Weak. Like Barbie Dolls grillin’ marshmallows. You have literally nothing better to say than that?

      1. Kindly, fuck off.

        1. Kindly, fuck off.

  10. Chris ‘Moody’ Moody bears an uncanny resemblance to that guy from Seventh Heaven.

    What is it with the blue-eyed, All-American Boy look being so frequently associated with “Child Molester/Strangler”?

    For the record, I wouldn’t see Chris as a child molester.

    He is more of the Robert Chambers, “strangle his girlfriend trying to fuck her in the bushes” type.

  11. Federal government’s role on the States

    If there was only some document…


    1. How about people just git together and have a Chris Christie roast where all parts of his fat and delicious carcass are roasted, bbq’d, and deep-fried into a delirious range of meats placed hither and yon onto the various breads and sauces?


  13. The Independents Attire Review, 8 October 2014

    Keep the Home Fires Burning-Edition

    – Kennedy: I confess – I once identified with Ducky in ‘Pretty In Pink’. It was short-lived. I later identified with Judd Nelson in ‘The Breakfast Club’. I’m pretty much still doing that. That said: We like Pink on girls more than Blue. Call me old-fashioned if you will…It actually looks really nice. (Platonic Hug)

    – Matt: Is that shirt blue or grey? Either way: *finally* Matt gets a royal-blue tie and brings the formula I have mentioned *COUNTLESS* times. Given that yesterday we were witness to the “Miracle of the New Purple Tie”, a second similar Miracle now puts Matt one decent card-trick short of Sainthood. Don’t fuck it up, Welch: its your last chance to make good with the Lord before the Seventh Sign.

    – Kmele: After last night’s bomb-dropping dapness, I’m jaded to the point that nothing will impress me. This is the plaid formula which I give the general ‘thumbs up’ to for its relative mono-chrome subtlety (versus the fruity, red-yellow-blue number with the black tie which makes me go ‘ick’). We’re down with it. The hanky ties it together like Houdini.


    1. Kennedy is married and cute and I’d like to bring her home with me. I’ll share my hot wife with her husband for payment. Tho, Kennedy’s clothing style is.. well…kind of awful unless she’s wearing dark shit that matches her glasses. She’s like a tigress, and will give that screen a sneer and a gaze that will cripple any TV.

      Matt is attractive, bright, and hardcore family. Articulate. Very articulate. Non-invasive and resists interrupting people UNlike the Kennedy fist. But a bit too complacent and probably overwhelmed with the awful FOX world and its insidious and beautiful guests. All conjecture on my drunken part.

      Kmele is a glorious black man that reeks with sexy and brains. Welcome in my bedroom anytime. I like his eyes. Darting about, thinking… and then the speech… I, as a white boy, would LOVE to speak as well as a Kmele.

  14. Sit up straight. You’re on national television. Well, Fox Biz.

  15. Jeff Stover’s ‘best pickup line’ = “Want to see where i took a bullet”…?

  16. Oh, here we go. “The sequester was never around in my day.”

  17. The Secret Service…budget


  18. And now, another exciting episode of Dramatic Readings of Amanda Marcotte Columns:

  19. Stover used to protect presidents by putting would-be assassins to sleep.

  20. “I don’t want to comment on the lady director, but THIS ADMINISTRATION CHOSE THAT INCOMPETENT WOMAN.”

    1. “don’t suggest that i’m sexist….we had plenty of women in the secret service in my day….in fact, my secretary for 20 years was a very nice Colored Woman…”

  21. Give Secret Service guy the hook. I’m switching back to Angerls in the Outfield on TCM.

  22. sewers of government

    They’re going to France? Ew.

  23. This show needs Moynihan and Borowski.

  24. I thought aunt Jemimah was that character in Gone With the Wind?

  25. I prefer Log Cabin brand liquid sugar.

  26. What about Uncle Ben and Uncle Wiscus?

  27. It’s always the dead guy’s fault, isn’t it, Welch?

    1. You are a FIST! and you somehow find fault with Kind Welch. You need to fuck, Fist.

  28. Why do you hate freedom, Matt?

  29. Fuck that, Welch = i still think the show The White Shadow was one of the greatest pieces of television, EVER, and it was ALL Racism, all the time.

    The blacks were named ‘Coolidge, Washington, and… I forget’

    The Italian was named ‘Salami’

    The Jewish kid was ‘Goldstein’

    And there was a spanish kid. Named Gomez.

    1. No, there wasn’t a kid named “i forget”.

      There was a great episode though where salami gets a teacher pregnant…and Gomez steals a car.

      It was like Beverly Hills 90210, only all ‘urban stereotypes’

        1. And the Irish coach…?

          A DRUNK with a bad temper.

          I mean, come ON! they were batting 1000

    2. I loved The White Shadow, obviously.

      1. You know what would also be a great theme song…for the Independents? this song.

        1. You are so totally not wrong.

          1. In the super secret chatroom that is not grylliade, we were just discussing our plans to restart the campaign for a Matt Welch fan service concert on air.

            Of course, by “we”, I mean “I”. The others just humored me.

            As they usually do.

            1. I have no idea who a “Matt Welch fan service concert” would be servicing. Though that’s probably the point.

              1. There is a subgenre of Welch fans known as Welchesters.

                You’ve probably never heard of them. He only plays ultra-lo-fi gigs at the Laundromat in Seattle.

                1. Purple Rain – A Capella.

                  (drops mic)

            2. Ixnay on the atroomchay.


              1. You forgot to install the 7 Tor proxies?

            3. What are you talking about? Everyone is right here.

              1. We won’t be complete until Groovus joins us once again.

          1. Need’s moar cowbell

      2. “Matt Welch|10.8.14 @ 9:38PM|#

        I loved The White Shadow, obviously.”

        The show taught me many invaluable life-lessons.

        The most important of which was: Whatever you face in life… any struggle, conflict, doubt, fear, crisis?… all of them can be resolved with a better Fast-Break Offense

  30. In a shocking twist, Matt Welch is revealed as the number 1 enemy of freedom!

  31. When seconds count, the police don’t give a shit.

  32. It’s not her fault. No one can resist staring at a train-wreck…or a train in the process of wrecking.

    1. Wait. What? Where? And, kindly. Fuck. Off.

  33. Clown ferrets are coming to get you, < i The Independents!

  34. I have achieved a cole slaw breakthrough, and will let you in on the secret: cook six ounces of bacon, chop coarsely, and mix with cole slaw.

    You’re welcome.

    1. Nice. I’ll have to add bacon to my current two ingredient cole slaw recipe of store bought cole slaw mix with Asiago Peppercorn Dressing which is an awesome combo. Use less dressing then you think you should and let set for a little bit. Bacon is my drug of choice so that’s a no brainer for me.

      1. Thanks for the dressing tip. I’ve just been winging it with mayo and a little red wine vinegar and whole-grain mustard.

      2. Never going bacon in fresh homemade coleslaw. Never. Ever. Bacon does not belong in the whispery sweet subtle leaves of lettuce and herbs and mayo.

        1. I turned cole slaw into a main course. I consider it a win.

    2. Breakthrough?

      This is the secret to EVERYTHING.

      Just Add Bacon

      1. ISIS? = Just Add Bacon.

        Global Warming? = Global Bacon

        EBOLA? = Bacon Bits. Microbacon.

      2. Bacon is great. But it is a bazooka to sweet subtle flavor. Leave it out of the nuance.

  35. I was recently watching this video of a talk for a new nuclear reactor design being developed by a private company in Canada called Terrestrial Energy. I have not been more excited for a reactor design in my life. As far as I can tell they are a privately funded company. I have met their Chief Technology Officer David LeBlanc (before he was with Terrestrial Energy) and spoken with him about the technology they are developing.. really smart guy.

    The reactor is called the Integral Molten Salt Reactor. It’s basically a small reactor core running on a molten salt with fissile uranium in it.. so a liquid fuel core. This avoids all of the issues with “meltdowns” in the case of a loss of coolant accident and production of hydrogen in the core during an accident. The reactor is essentially walk away safe and is much more efficient at “burning” the fuel. The core would be used for 7 years and then changed out for a fresh core. I think the fuel salt would be reused in the replacement core. Totally awesome technology. Shows much promise for bringing the price of nuclear power down to lower than the cost of coal. It actually could be a game changer for nuclear power.

    1. Keep us posted!

    2. Sounds a lot like a thorium reactor- LFTR I think it’s called.

      1. Yeah, same idea but simplified. No thorium, just low enriched U-235 (

        1. God damn squirrels ate my entire post.

          Basically, this runs on low enriched uranium, which gets rid of all the issues with breeding fissile from thorium.

    3. Sounds cool, and I love the sentence: “I have not been more excited for a reactor design in my life.” The words of a true geek!

      1. Haha its becoming more and more apparent to me that I am. I spend my time switching between nuclear news and Reason.. warning signs right there.

      2. He reads like a mad scientist that is full of shit also.

        1. You must lead a very sad life, huh?

    4. Any thoughts on this.

      1. I don’t think anyone has been able to produce more energy than they put in to a fusion reaction yet (other than in the center of a nuclear weapon), so I’m not sure how they claim it will be cheaper than coal. I don’t know how you put a price tag on something that is that far away from reality.

        I want to have more faith in fusion but they are nowhere close to a machine with practical applications.

      2. The UW researchers factored the cost of building a fusion reactor power plant using their design and compared that with building a coal power plant. They used a metric called “overnight capital costs,” which includes all costs, particularly startup infrastructure fees. A fusion power plant producing 1 gigawatt (1 billion watts) of power would cost $2.7 billion, while a coal plant of the same output would cost $2.8 billion, according to their analysis.

        Seems like they cooked the books a bit so they could lead with a “Cheaper than coal!!!” headline. Other than the impossibility of having a realistic price tag at this point, I doubt they have factored in government regulators meddling. Fission using light water coolant started out cheaper than coal too.

  36. Tales from the Derp

    When I was in 5th grade, my class was forced to listen to musical green propaganda from the band Magpie:

    ? Mother earth and Father sky! we can save them if we try!

    At the same time, I was subjected to the song “Follow the Prophet” at the Mormon church where much of my youth was misspent:

      1. You seem very interesting.

    1. Holy fuck that Hot Air video about Marcotte is hilarious. Marcotte seriously thought they were going outlaw contraception in 2004. That’s just brilliant. Sometimes you forget that Marcotte has actually gotten less crazy with time, so it’s nice to be reminded of Marcotte’s total psychosis circa 2006.

  37. Officer Safety

    It is much more important than YOUR safety.

  38. THE POLICE OFFICERS WERE ON THE VERGE OF WETTING THEMSELVES. Do you think they should be allowed to be so scared without acting?

  39. Play the race card for something positive when you can, Foster!

  40. Why do younger people want to become cops when they see video like that? BECAUSE THEY GET TO DO THINGS LIKE THAT WITH IMPUNITY.

    1. It embiggens a select few.

    1. That thing you use penicillin to get rid of?


  42. Segment-break music seems to have improved.

    Is the DJ back from his summer break?

  43. Is this Where It’s Matt? I missed the graphic.

  44. Whose up for a green propaganda song to the tune of “Lollipop, Lollipop”?

    1. Is watching this stuff the equivalent of SERE training for you?

      1. Pfft! This is nothing. This is the derp equivalent of holding a lit match until burns itself out.

        Do you have what it takes to be a Derp Beret?

  45. Oh, it’s Enemies of Freedom. Which isn’t a clever play on words at all.

  46. Do YOU Love America?? SO DOES DOBBS

    1. What does America have to do with anything? And Dobbs is a vapor…

  47. OT: 3-2-1 Context!!1!…..ill-quote/

    That quote, often truncated to “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it,” or even just paraphrased to hew to the right’s narrative of the quote, has been perverted to mean that the Affordable Care Act was just too many pages, and Democrats just wanted it passed without anyone reading it, and rammed it down America’s throat.

    1. What a strange ending.

    2. “But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it ? away from the fog of the controversy.”

      How is this better?

      1. It isn’t. Context is the all-purpose excuse dishonest people use to claim that the words don’t really mean “that”.

      2. Exactly. That just makes it worse. Let’s just start passing laws and ignore what our constituents are saying.

        We have to pass these 1st/2nd/nth Amendment restrictions – away from the fog of the controversy.

        We have to declare war on Canada – away from the fog of the controversy.

        We have to pass complete immunity for all civil servants – away from the fog of the controversy.

  48. I will be traveling from North TX to the Big Easy and onto Ozark, AL via the great state of Mississippi at the end of the month. If there are any Reasonoids along the way who would like to meet the legendary Derpetologist himself, let me know.

    1. If there are any Reasonoids along the way who would like to meet the legendary Derpetologist himself, let me know.

      So he’ll be with you?

    2. Well, dear, you are fuck all hundreds of miles away from me but if you happen to veer hundreds of miles near Columbus, Ohio let me know. I have a delicious dinner and plenty of beer waitin’ ferya. Plus you can spend a couple days here quite peacefully in the rural Ohio wood.

    3. You headin thru Austin?

  49. And now, some derp-ssert: Chris Hedges presents “Revolution in 15 Minutes”

    For extra fun, try to fill this checklist:

    -I speak Arabic

    -corporate coup d’etat in slow motion
    -Christian fascism
    -unfettered capitalism
    -democracy, democracy, democracy


  50. Oh joy, another series of protests/riots: today a cop shot and killed a black youth near St. Louis today. Looks like this one had a gun and he shot first, but no doubt we’ll hear that he’s another victim of the War on Young Black Men.

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