How Kids Find Online Privacy

Three ways kids keep their virtual lives to themselves.


Anthropologist danah boyd (uncapitalization hers) is the author of It's Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens (Yale University Press). In May, she told reason three ways kids find privacy online.

1. Social steganography. The most common way teens find privacy is not by restricting access to content, but by restricting access to meaning. They encode what they're posting using in-jokes, song lyrics, pronouns, and references that outsiders won't recognize.

2. Super logoff. Even Facebook can be turned into an ephemeral tool if you deactivate your profile whenever you're done using it. All you have to do is pretend to delete your account and Facebook will give you the option to deactivate instead. When you're not activated, no one can search for you or leave messages for you. While this is not a common practice, it's pretty ingenious.

3. Switch, switch, and switch. Parents think that they're "cool" when they know about the latest, greatest app. But once they show up, it's not as much fun. As a result, plenty of teens are on the hunt for something that no one's ever heard of. They jump from service to service, looking for a place where they can be let alone.

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  1. danah boyd (uncapitalization hers)

    Seriously? NEEDZ MOAR individuality!!1!

    Anthropologist danah_boyd (underscore hers)
    Anthropologist #danahboyd (hashtag hers)

    1. Indeed.

      danah boyd apparently swiped her style from bell hooks.

      How about spelling it in Wingdings?

      1. e e cummings says bell hooks can go fuck herself.

        1. don marquis says ee cummings can go fuck himself

    2. I wonder if reason is promoting this woman because of their own bias against capitalizing proper,names.

    3. Reading just one interview with her a couple of months ago was enough to make me hate her.

    4. Emoji seems like the obvious choice.

    5. Why didn’t she go with all caps like STEVE SMITH?

  2. If she told reason in May, why are we just finding out about it now, in October?

    1. You misunderstand. She told it to Elaine May.

  3. Sounds like the same ol’ stuff kids have always done in whatever medium they are using.

    1. That’s basically her point.

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          1. This is one of the creepiest things I’ve ever heard about. The coffin, the US flag…

          2. And look at the slideshow

            I did. I am in OKC so I was a little more interested than I might have been otherwise. I don’t catch hardly any local news so this is the first I heard of it.

            I dearly love dogs. I would have loved this dog that was killed. Labs are wonderful animals. But Science H. Logic, how much fucking money did they spend on this funeral? The twisted nature of being able to shoot a terrier at will but then turning around and giving a parade for a killed police dog is some serious, in your face, FYTW.

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            1. Caption on the photo: “K9 officer Kye”

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  10. Yale publishes someone who uncapitalizes her name? Sigh.

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