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Poll: Eric Holder Slightly Less Hated Than Sebelius



As Attorney General Eric Holder prepares to step down as head of the Department of Justice (DOJ), a recent YouGov poll asked the American people what they think of the mustachioed mandarin.

Apparently, about as much as they think of a free U2 album—which is to say, not much at all: Holder will leave his job with a 26 percent favorable rating. Thirty-seven percent of respondents give him an unfavorable rating, while another 37 percent have no opinion either way.

The good news for Holder is that he is slightly less disliked than the other two Obama administration officials who stepped down this year. Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shineski clocked in at 18 percent favorable, followed closely on the heels by Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius at 19 percent.

But is 26 percent what Holder deserves, given his track record

The DOJ continued raiding medical marijuana dispensaries in California despite promises to the contrary. Mexican drug cartels ran guns under the aegis of Holder's DOJ that led to the death of a border agent. It took a 13-hour Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) filibuster to get Holder to admit, after much waffling and gnashing of teeth, that the president can't unilaterally kill American citizens.

From civil liberties to government transparency, Holder doesn't have much to be proud of. And given his past proclivities for harsh prosecution, Holder's recent hat-tips to criminal justice reform seem more like a rearguard action than a cavalry charge against the system.

Which makes it all the more depressing that his approval rating is highest among African Americans at 57 percent favorable—arguably the very demographic most negatively impacted by an aggressive DOJ. What does a guy in this town have to do to be universally reviled?

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  1. Congressional Dems dropped a massive turd on Sebelius’ desk and told her to shine it up. Sure, instead she just ended up getting shit everywhere, but Holder was an outright liar and unabashed political hack.

  2. What does a guy in this town have to do to be universally reviled?

    Be the political equivalent of antimatter – a libertarian?

    1. I was going to say “Be found in bed with a dead hooker or a live child.” but being a libertarian is probably more radioactive in DC than either of those.

  3. the mustachioed mandarin

    That can be his WWF name!

  4. Can’t we just hate them all?

  5. – New Flesh-Eating Disease Slightly Less Awful than Ebola
    “Less “burning alive” and more “being consumed by ants”-feeling, Say Victims”

    – Satan Now More Popular than Hitler
    ‘More Style, Less Historical Baggage’ say Fans’

    – Tsunami: ‘Not as Bad as Pompeii’ Suggest Experts
    ‘Certainly more damp’, note some, ‘but at least you’re not on fire’.


  6. The good news for Holder is that he is slightly less disliked than the other two Obama administration officials who stepped down this year.

    Just a doggone minute. What do Millennials think of him?

  7. People still think Valerie Jarret and Susan Rice are totally like teh Awesomes.

    Which leads me to ask = given that Cheney, Rumsfeld, were often blamed for the horrible consequences of Bush’s presidency (because who could credit Bush with the wherewithal to think stuff up on his own?)… I find it surprising that the above 2 aren’t really given more credit for the craptastic shitshow of Obama’s second term. Particularly the endless contrary statements coming out of the whitehouse – which is really what Obama is about anyway: Spin, more than Policy.

    i.e. If the Spin completely sucks, its probably those two’s fault.

    I am surprised no ax has fallen on either of them.

    1. I have often wondered that too. I figured the people around Obama would take the blame for the disaster that is his administration. Instead, his supporters just pretend its not a disaster.

  8. “Eric Holder Slightly Less Hated Than Sebelius”

    If he got more press, I’m sure he’d take the lead.

    1. i think the issue for most people being polled is that they can probably directly connect Sibelius to the fact they have higher living expenses this year.

      “Took my money” is always going to poll more negative than “eroded mah freedoms”

  9. Poll methodology question: do they eliminate from the answers the 90% of American people who have never heard of Holder or Sibelius? I have no doubt that people with no idea who the person is nonetheless answer “favorable” or “non favorable” just to get rid of the pollster without looking like an idiot.

  10. What does a guy in this town have to do to be universally reviled?

    If you’re black, only thing you can do to get black people to hate you is be a Republican. That seems to be about it.

    Look at Barry. He tramples rights all day every day, gives tanks and guns to the cops au gratis, is a patsy of Zionist (‘Hymietown’) banksters, and is a champion white lobbyist cock-gobbler on the begging on knees with open mouth fundraising circuit.

    But he’s a donkey, and kind of a negro. So, all cool.

    Just stupid.

    1. “is a patsy of Zionist (‘Hymietown’) banksters”

      Is he also a fucking bigot? Because those guys are biggest dickheads of all.

      They look especially stupid when they try to appear all libertarian and cool, even though they are really just David Duke with an iPod.

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