Elizabeth Warren ?s the Ex-Im Bank


Elizabeth Warren voted against funding the Export-Import Bank a few weeks ago. But is that because she wants to

elizabeth warren

live up to her reputation as a crusader against crony capitalism or "socialism for the rich" as she calls it? Not really, I note in the USA Today.

Warren voted against the funding because it was attached to a bill to fund Syrian rebels. Otherwise, she's a big fan of the bank, which, she insists, "helps create American jobs and spur economic growth."

But both those claims are laughable. So why is Warren, the female Robin Hood, so readily abandoning her pet cause (and making a liar and a fool of herself again)?

It's because, as former Democratic Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank told the Huffington Post, Democrats have made a tactical decision to close ranks and dump their previous opposition to Ex-Im. Why? Because they want to wrest Corporate America — and presumably its campaign contributions — from the GOP.

In other words, it appears the woman who went to Washington to vanquish the corporate powers-that-be has become a classic Washington insider serving those powers.

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