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Elizabeth Warren ?s the Ex-Im Bank


Elizabeth Warren voted against funding the Export-Import Bank a few weeks ago. But is that because she wants to

elizabeth warren

live up to her reputation as a crusader against crony capitalism or "socialism for the rich" as she calls it? Not really, I note in the USA Today.

Warren voted against the funding because it was attached to a bill to fund Syrian rebels. Otherwise, she's a big fan of the bank, which, she insists, "helps create American jobs and spur economic growth."

But both those claims are laughable. So why is Warren, the female Robin Hood, so readily abandoning her pet cause (and making a liar and a fool of herself again)?

It's because, as former Democratic Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank told the Huffington Post, Democrats have made a tactical decision to close ranks and dump their previous opposition to Ex-Im. Why? Because they want to wrest Corporate America — and presumably its campaign contributions — from the GOP.

In other words, it appears the woman who went to Washington to vanquish the corporate powers-that-be has become a classic Washington insider serving those powers.

Go here to view the whole thing.

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  1. Fauxcahontas speak with forked tongue!

  2. Squaw says picture worth many blankets and firewater.

    1. How many beads is it worth?

  3. So they’re throwing what little of their priciples they have away for a little of that sweet lucre?

    1. Democrats believe that corporations should be regulated for the benefit of society; that’s their “principle”.

      Nice theory, except that they are just as unable to plan the economy as the Soviets were. And on top of that, since unlike socialism, corporations remain in private hands, it ends up just transferring massive amounts of money from tax payers to corporations.

      Democrats are true to their principles; Ex-Im is exactly the kind of thing they do. Progressivism is like socialism, only with lots more corruption.

  4. What, no alt text? That picture is just begging for some good alt text!

    1. Nah. Alt-text would be gilding the lily.

  5. In other words, it appears the woman who went to Washington to vanquish the corporate powers-that-be has become a classic Washington insider serving those powers.

    Or, perhaps, in the grand American tradition of politicians hoodwinking the boobousie, she merely discarded her carefully crafted facade when it not longer suited her needs.

  6. Lizzy’s people use every part of a cynical political ploy.

  7. Ugh.

    Warren heap big hypocrite.

    Speak with forked tongue.

  8. She looks beautiful in that outfit. I wish I had one.

  9. Lieawatha want to help poor and towntrodden and punish awful one percent, but need much wampum from one percent first.

  10. If only the Koch brothers gave me a nickel every time a populist abandoned supposed principles for electoral gain…

  11. Almost every politician who goes to Washington, DC, ends up worshipping the Corporate gods. Warren is no exception.

  12. I bet she’s a big Redskins’ fan, too!

  13. I kind of want Democrats to wrest corporate(ist) America from the GOP too, if only so they have all the wrong people on their side, making a pure black and grey choice.

    It will also make it more easier and more entertaining to point out the Democrats are the party of privilege.

    1. Um, it has always been thusly.

  14. Princess High Cheekbones lies down in teepee with Chief Moneybags.

  15. So US exports get a small loan subsidy and taxpayers make the loan profit?

    Clearly not the role of government but maybe the least important issue of the year.

    1. Were you born a fat, slimy, scumbag puke piece o’ shit, or did you have to work on it?

    2. Taxpayers get the profits? I’m a taxpayer, so why have I never seen a check?

    3. You have a great point Shrike.

      We should have the government give out more loans…like trillians of dollars worth…it works so well how about we give them out for home loans for everybody…

      Oh wait.

      1. Oh come on. FedGov in the form of Freddie and Fannie played a minimal part in triggering the financial crisis, if any. Everyone knows that.

    4. Your prioritization is indeed impeccable. At least, 8% of the time, anyway.

    5. Even if it made a profit, it would be wrong.

      Unfortunately, tax payers keep having to kick in money.

  16. I really wish people would not besmirch the good name of Robyn Hode (Robin Hood) with such comparisons.

    Robyn Hode robbed the tax collectors and the lords they served, and shared a huge portion with the poor taxpayers whom the tax collectors had originally robbed.

    Warren promises to rob the taxpayers. She also promises to give a portion back to them, but we all know that she’d actually share a huge portion with her lords.

    1. Do you really have to get all PC on us and spell Robin with a “y”?

      1. Do you need to go normansplaining about spelling to him?

        1. +y (thorn)

  17. let me give you my positions

  18. Why? Because they want to wrest Corporate America ? and presumably its campaign contributions ? from the GOP.

    So that’s like Boeing and who else?
    Can all five or so huge corporaitons that benefit from Ex-Im really be that influential?

  19. Also, that outfit makes her look like she’s on her way to Queen Elizabeths Costume/Tea party.

  20. How are multinational conglomerates supposed to pay for expensive union compensation and tedious union work rules if we don’t force other industries to pay them more money? Makes perfect sense. She went to DC to fight big corporations on behalf of the working class. The working class disproportionately rely on unionized manufacturing jobs on behalf of big corporations. Therefore, you help the big corporations afford to pay more money to the little guy.

    How is giving favoritism to big corporations in any way inconsistent with stopping the favoritism bestowed on big corporations?

    1. Well, remember Boeing is in a dispute with it’s union over where the Boeing 787 Dreamliner is being constructed. They have anon-union plant in South Carolina (iirc) but the unions are fighting them and forcing them to keep some of the work in Seattle. This is (again iirc) one of the issues heard by the NLRB, which is in contention due to Obama’s non-recess recess appointments. So it’s a hot political issue for the labor movement, and for D partisans too.

      So my guess is that Boeing is threatening that if they cut the Ex-Im subsidies they will move the 787 work out of the unionized Seattle plant to the non-unionized S. Carolina plant.
      In other works Ex-Im is the price that Boeing is demanding to let the unions claim victory on the Dreamliner.

  21. the woman who went to Washington to vanquish the corporate powers-that-be has become a classic Washington insider serving those powers.

    Bullshit. Boing has a huge and powerful union which dumps shitloads of cash into Dem war chests.

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