Police Abuse

Police Shooting Over Seatbelt Violation Leads to S.C. State Trooper Being Fired, Arrested, Charged With Aggravated Assault and Battery


South Carolina state trooper shoots man

Three weeks ago Sean Groubert, a "lance corporal" with the South Carolina Highway Patrol, shot repeatedly at Levar Jones after stopping him over an apparent seatbelt violation. Yesterday he was charged with high and aggravated assault and battery. Though he shot Jones, who was unarmed, several times, The State reports Jones may have only been hit once. He appears to shoot almost immediately after asking Jones to return to his car to retrieve his license.

The shooting was caught on the trooper's dash cam, and played during his bond hearing (set at $75,000). Groubert faces up to 30 years if convicted. 90 percent of state troopers in South Carolina are represented by the South Carolina Troopers Association (SCTA). Diane Rollison of the SCTA, however, would not confirm whether Groubert was a member or whether it would be defending him in any way.

Watch video of the shooting here: