Police Abuse

Arbitrator Awards Miami Cop Job Back, 76k in Back Pay After Getting Fired For Fatal Shooting of Unarmed Man


Travis McNeill
family photo

In February 2010 Miami police officer Reynaldo Goyos shot and killed the unarmed Travis McNeil during a traffic stop, and in the summer of 2012 prosecutors decided not to charge Goyos for manslaughter because they couldn't disprove his claim that he feared for his life. Nearly three years after the shooting, more shootings, a new police chief and a federal monitor later, Goyos was fired. Internal investigators found he made inconsistent statements about why he shot McNeil—because, he alleged, McNeil was reaching for a cellphone.

The Miami News Times' Riptide blog obtained the decision of an arbitrator the union went to that this month awarded (yes, awarded) Goyos his job back and more than $76,000 in back pay. Via Riptide:

In a report dated August 8, he picks apart the department's case against the officer.

Goyos had been criticized for saying he shot McNeil when the driver reached to his waistband, a fact the review board found inconsistent with a bullet wound that entered McNeil's left shoulder blade.

But the arbitrator said that forensic evidence, in fact, showed the shot hit McNeil's left side in a position consistent with the cop's story.

Goyos was also fired for erroneously believing his life was in danger and for claiming he'd seen a "black object" in McNeil's hands when the evidence didn't support that claim; but the arbitrator points to a black cell phone found on the floor of McNeil's car as proof that Goyos may well have had reason to fear for his life.

Finally, on the claim that Goyos shouldn't have put himself in such a risky position, the arbitrator found that another officer who was driving their car actually put Goyos in that position.

And nothing else happened.

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    1. It’s time to make such shootings per se criminal homocide. The jury should only have to decide whether the shooting was merely criminally negligent, or murder.

      1. of course you draw that conclusion without actually reading the arbitrator report which is typical of bigots and ideologues.

        if the arbitrator didn’t do his job right then lets see the actual report so we can accurately view it.

        i have yet to see an arbitrator report reinstating a police officer that didn’t fucking get it right as rain.

        again, the pattern is almost exactly the same every time an agency fires an officer and later gets overturned.

        they jump to a conclusion and shit on the officer.

        case facts come out that vitiate their initial case narrative.

        they have already dug a hole so they fabricate dishonesty during the investigation largely by saying

        cops said X

        X can’t be right. darnit .

        therefore X is a lie

        my buddy recently got a reinstate and a year back pay. guy is brilliant, has two master degrees and an awesome pension and chose to enter police work to do good, did so, and got fucked over in a similar manner alleged dishonesty etc.that was all a crock.

        dept claimed he assaulted a guy based on an EMT report of injuries.

        arbitrator relied on union who hired an expert doctor who had 10 yrs experience as a FIGHT DOCTOR IN PROFESSIONAL BOXING and could actually tell how a punch injury looks different than a fall etc.

        1. seriously. they relied on an EMT report who wrote punch injury becuse that’s what he was told by the suspect.

          and of course arbitrator got him his job back.

          in addition to bogus claims of lying they fired him because they claimed it MUST have been a punch because the EMT documented it as such in a report.

          iirc, they never even fucking INTERVIEWED THE EMT.

          what a clusterfuck

          the cop was so innocent he advised the dept he was looking for exculpatory evidence, then scoured the area trying to find if there was any videotape of the incident that could exonerate him.

          admin claimed that showed signs of GUILT

          right, because a guy who committed assault is going to try to secure videotapes of the crime scene before gas stations etc. cycle through their video and erase it as they do over time.

          thank fucking god for arbitration

          god’s work


          1. Holy fuck. Gotta be a spoof, I don’t recall the original dunphy ever being this insane.

            1. I think it’s him, but something happened to give him lots of time on his hands, something so psychologically devastating that he has returned here hoping to reacquire a community to sneer and look down at.

              And either intoxication or a general devil-may-care attitude has lowered his inhibitions to the point where he is opening his black heart to scrutiny.

              1. Paid vacation?

                What say Dunph? Ya finally get to shoot somebody?

                That’s nice. It’ll give you more time to enter some powerlifting and surfing championships, in between opening for Van Halen and fucking Morgan Fairchild.

                Being a hero is so time consuming.

              2. Did the original always use british spellings/idioms? (defence, realising, mum)

                1. No, but that can happen when one accidentally switches auto-correct to a British English dictionary.

                2. If it’s not him, this guy is an awesome sockpuppeteer.

                  1. I actually assumed it was someone mocking him, till I saw the handle.

            2. roided out of his gourd

          2. It would appear that in your mind, the mere presence of an item in a hand, furtive movement, or any fucking thing that scares a LEO is grounds for the LEO to blast away, as long as he can reasonably articulate that he was in fear of his life. So if an officer is a total fucking pussy that gets scared at the sight of a cell phone, it’s perfectly justified if he shoots, simply because he was scared, or can say he was scared. Is that about right?

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      1. They are somewhere in my abdomen at this point.

        1. Yeah, mine got punted into my pelvis sometime late this morning. Ed is just piling on at this point.

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    2. It’s Nut Punch Thursday.

  3. Union arbiters. Is there nothing they can’t excuse?

    1. Sure…there was that one…no, wait. Or howzabout the time….nah. I am sure it will come to me in a minute.

      1. I bet not paying your union dues is pretty inexcusable. Also, ratting on your union brothers.

        1. Dorner is the only example I can think of.

          1. more sarcasmic idiocy.

            hint: the arbitrators are NEUTRAL PARTIES who are qualified under strict standards, who have extensive experience and credentials and who are


            they are NOT union arbitrators

            god, sarc, your idiocy is extra special juicy today

            1. your idiocy is extra special juicy today

              He said as he looked in the mirror.

          2. Dorner is the only example I can think of.

            Yep. Forced out for being honest. Then snapped.

    2. Anybody who’d testified against this murderer would presumably have been left to twist in the wind when they got fired.

  4. all these cases hinge on the cop’s panicpiss situation and not on whether he actually fucked up. wtf? he killed an innocent man and his intent doesn’t change that. even if he’s not criminally culpable, he’s unfit to do the job.

    the situation is so rigged I believe there should be a hard bag limit of one on human lives for peace officers.

  5. Thank god the officer is safe.

    1. It’s really all that matters.

    2. But he never feels safe.


  6. …but the arbitrator points to a black cell phone found on the floor of McNeil’s car as proof that Goyos may well have had reason to fear for his life.

    But we don’t know for sure that this was the same black object that put fear into Goyos?

  7. Thanks, Ed, you gratuitous nut kicker.

    Guess it must be time for REASON to vote on the Radley Balko Award winner for the year. Ed’s the early leader, clearly.

  8. but the arbitrator points to a black cell phone found on the floor of McNeil’s car as proof that Goyos may well have had reason to fear for his life.

    Well to be fair, the black cell phones are damn scary.

    1. And if it was a white cell phone, the officer would fear it was a 3D printed gun.

      1. Mighta been one of those Sovereign Citizen Phones.

  9. Thank the gods this hero will soon be back on the streets soon protecting the public etc etc

  10. Thank God for arbitrators they are truly doing gods work.

    I’d like to read the actual arbitrator report in detail but from my experience they almost always get the facts right in cases where officers are erroneously fired

    In my experience so many of the cases that involve erroneous firings have exactly this kind of a fabricated dishonesty claims by the investigators.

    They can’t make the case in chief against the officer so they will even use the tiniest inconsistencies or will even claim the officer is lying simply because they don’t believe him therefore he’s lying QED

    I swear to God it’s what I see almost every time and it must be written in bold Inc. in the internal investigation manual on how to fabricate bogus charges to justify firing an officer

    Two good friend of mine’s were both rehired due to arbitrator decision and with yearbackpay in both cases.

    1. In both incidents in my opinion the firing was entirely political due to public pressure and outcry. I have a sneaking suspicion the administrators knew the firings were unjustified and you will be overturned but didn’t care since they could get political points for making the firing and then just blame the evil arbitrator for reversing their moral decision

      I’d love to read the actual arbitrator report in this case if somebody has a link and if the arbitrator was wrong he was wrong but just statistically in my experience they are almost always right

      It sucks that my agency does not allow us to wear body cameras which I think are the first line of defense against bogus accusations and punishments but at least we have binding arbitration to protect us after-the-fact

      n my experience arbitrators are about the best investigators I’ve ever seen and in general are much more skilled than internal affairs investigators in taking complex cases with a lot of conflicting facts and circumstances and making the best decisions from abroad tapestry of inputs

      1. As somebody with a near perfect record of conduct I still wouldn’t give up my right to binding arbitration even if you offered me a $40,000 a year raise

        Also contrary to bigoted belief unions will not fight for officers to be rehired and I’ve seen several cases where fired officers were not allowed to appeal to binding arbitration because the union determined they were justly fired

        A good public example was the Paul Schane case where he got two hung juries for assalult he clearly was not fit to be a police officer and his union rejected his request for binding arbitration. We call this was the case where the guy was caught on tape slamming a juvenile auto theft suspect in her cell after she lackadaisically kicked her shoe at him

        1. B+

          Hit MOST of the high points, but:

          – too wordy
          – too many caps and too much puntuation

          Otherwise – fine effort.


        2. As somebody with a near perfect record of conduct I still wouldn’t give up my right to binding arbitration even if you offered me a $40,000 a year raise

          Who says you have to choose? Shoot an unarmed man and you might end up with both.

      2. Lemme get this straight, the COP likes the findings of his union way more than he likes the findings of IA? Got it.

  11. Did someone take a shit in here?

    1. If Morgan Freeman shits on your surfboard while it’s sitting in the weight room, does anyone smell it?

      1. Pintail or rounded squashtail?

      2. Don’t you mean Morgan Fairchild?

        1. I think I do. That’s pretty funny….

    2. I can’t tell; After dunphy fled the video thread, I added some pigshit filters to reasonable and now can’t smell him anymore.

      He was garbage back in July of 2012, and he remains a worthless piece of garbage to this day.

      1. i didn’t flee jackshit.

        i, as usual,. spoke the truth about a cop uof case and as usual the bigorati keep bringing up the stupid case of some moron who decided to answer the door when the cops knocked with a gun in his hand.

        and for the umpteenth time, you answer the door when the cops are knocking with a gun in yer hand, you have only yourself to blame for gettin yerself shot up and shit.

        i find it unsurprising that out of in excess of 10,000 door knocks in uniform, in a jurisdiction where guns are common as fuck, nobody has had the idiocy to answer the door with a gun held in their hand for me to see.

        because outside the reason sphere of galactic stupidity, not even the whackest 220 would think that is in any way a good idea.

        if you FEAR POLICE (an unjustified fear but still), dont answer the fucking door you idjit

        back in the real world, where most people respect and admire police, almost everybody with the rarest of exception recognizes that you dont answer the door when the cops come a knockin with a gun in yer hand.

        as for going to town with it, thats a story for mr cash


        1. Nice dodge, liar. The question involved cops who were not in uniform murdering someone for answering the door with a gun in their hand.

          Yes I call it murder, because if I knocked on my neighbor’s door and then killed him because he answered with a gun in his hand, it would be treated as murder.

          1. Sarcasmic, let it go. You’ve won; there is no way to refight the battle.

            Just point people to the two threads, and let them for their judgement as to his murderousness and his craven dishonesty.

            He had his chance to attempt to be a decent human being, he fled trying to cover his retreat with appeals to authority, ridiculous denials, transparently irrelevant special pleadings, appeals to popularity and red herrings, like a defective squid desperately squirting transparent ink.

            Toss him in the bin of reasonable and save your energy for civilized people rather than the garbage that freeloads off their civilization.

            1. He had his chance to attempt to be a decent human being

              He’s a cop. So that rules out decent human being immediately.

        2. You just told him that , despite the 2nd amendment protection of his right to be armed (in his own house, no less,) that he deserved to be shot. Not for pointing a gun, for HOLDING one while answering the door. And you’re pretending to be the reasonable voice of the pigs! Yeah, his fear is justified.

      2. sniff!

        Smell that guys? Clean air! Not even a mewling, attention-craving, arrogantly moronic molecule of pig shit to sully it!

        The smell of freedom baby!

        1. Work browser…no reasonable. I use the old fashion way, scroll wheel.

    3. Did someone take a shit in here?

      Not quite an anagram for “The artist known Dunphy”.

      Here’s one:

      NYPD: we kan shit on truth


    If you’re a cop for one fucking day, the government owes you a job in perpetuity.

    1. nope but under the loudermill decision, a cop (and govt employee IN GENERAL) has a PROPERTY interest in their job. thus it cannot be taken away w/o due process.

      it is utter rubbish that law enforcement is unwilling or unable to fire bad cops for cause. with rare exceptions in rare depts, it is entirely doable.

      however, fire a cop without due cause and he is going to get his job back and with back pay and thank god for that.

      you cant expect somebody to make the sacrifices necessary to enter law enforcement, devote their life to same, and then have their job taken away without due cause.

      won’t fly.

      sorry if yer butthurt y0 but binding arbitration is an overwhelming force for GOOD!

      b00ya binding arbitration

      1. you cant expect somebody to make the sacrifices necessary to enter law enforcement, devote their life to same, and then have their job taken away without due cause.

        Let’s try this then.

        you cant expect somebody to make the sacrifices necessary to enter puppetry, devote their life to same, and then have their job taken away without due cause.

        Sounds stupid, doesn’t it?

        Cops aren’t special snowflakes.


        1. police work is special in numeroyus ways that morons like you can’t recognize. it is public service, puppetry isnt. there is no profit motive, or there are substantially different incentives and disincentives than private industries.

          you can do puppetry pretty any way you please without worrying about violting the civil rights of puppets or running afoul of puppet watch or the ACLU etc.

          its just laughable how the ignorati cannot recognize the substantial differences between public service in a job that often requires you to do shit like take people into custody and deprive them of their liberty, which naturally results in resistance, necessitating force, which naturaly pisses people off and etc. and so it goes.

          fwiw, as a general rule, countries that tend to have the best, fairest police, also tend to have rules somewhat similar to our own regarding due process etc.

          one of my partners recently did a ridealong in russia, which is like the wild west of policing.

          please show me your magical utopia fantasyland where cops are no different than any other private employee and applying for police work involves no POST standards, civil service rules, etc etc

          show me this magickal utopia where different police agencies can do shit based on a whim with only profit motive to worry about like company A can when competing with company B

          i realize you understand neither law, govt. nor economics.

          1. No profit motive? Tell that to the people who have their property stolen from them by the police every day under the guise of asset forfeiture.

            Which isn’t really a profit motive, because profits involve voluntary exchange.

            No, police have a power motive.

            1. Why do cops insist on collecting checks to ‘guard’ people doing roadwork if they have no profit motive? Why is there such a fuss about making sure everyone gets the same opportunity to collect overtime? Is he really arguing that cops don’t want to make money?!?

              I think the simile of a squid desperately squirting ink that – due to an unfortunate birth defect – is utterly transparent is really apropos here.

              1. I try to avoid talking with my stepson’s cop father as much as I can, but sometimes I can’t. On those occasions I try to let him do most of the talking, and it’s usually him bragging about all the overtime and holiday doubletime he gets.
                I’ve seen more of his kid’s sports games than he has, and I spend more time with his kid on holidays than he does. Because he works all the fucking time. Though it’s not just about the money.
                It’s a lifestyle. He can do anything he wants, and no one will stop him. Anyone who tries gets a beating. The guy is a piece of shit.

                1. I feel for you man, I really do.

        2. you cant expect somebody to make the sacrifices necessary to enter puppetry, devote their life to same, and then have their job taken away without due cause

          Sounds stupid, doesn’t it?

          Cops aren’t special snowflakes.

          +1 Gustav Mollinari’s Production of Security

  13. Ok, D, suppose a mere mundane such as myself mistook someone’s cell phone for a gun and shot them, you think that would fly? The thin blue line, laying their lives on the line to protect we mere mortals. What a fucking crock. I’m sorry, FTP should become the mantra of anyone who cares at all about liberty.

  14. I’d like to read the actual arbitrator report in detail but from my experience they almost always get the facts right in cases where officers are erroneously fired

    You know what would fix this terrible problem?

    AT WILL EMPLOYMENT. no such thing as “erroneous” termination.

    “You’re fired. Once all department-issued equipment has been accounted for, you will be escorted from the building.”

    1. You mean like every other non-government job in the country?

      1. non govt jobs are in many ways disanalogous.

        if you work for company X, your boss is the boss of company X. he is who you have sole responsibility to

        you work for the pd, you work for THE PEOPLE, but the “boss” is the chief, usually a political appointee , a butt boy for the mayor.

        there is a split there that doesn’t exist in private industry

        also police are in a unique position where they are required to do shit (like make arrests etc.) that tend to make some people unhappy, involve necessary force etc. such that if the chief has carte blanche to fire for no reason, officers become mere political pawns of the chief and CANNOT properly serve the public since they have to worry about pleasing the chief.

        and of course the chief will fire you if the mayor asks him to for whatever political reason (same almost never occurring in private industry) the mayor fancies.

        if we want good honest cops they need due process protection.

        fortunately we do have mostly very good honest cops partly because they know if they do their job and get fucked over for it they have redress

        the system largely works

        which is why the public loves us so much


        1. there is a split there that doesn’t exist in private industry

          Bullshit. In private industry the you work for your customers.

          The difference between private industry and government is that in private industry you can’t throw people in a cage for refusing to purchase your product.

          1. rubbish. again, you dont undersand the difference.

            your myopia and cognitive dissonance is necessary for you to continue to believe in the kind of myths you have to to support such ludicrous lies.

            comparing an industry that operates on profit, where customers are free to pick and choose in a marketplace and where a company only survives if it makes shit people want to buy to a police agency that is DISINCENTIVIZED to be efficient in most cases, where if a cop does his job he WILL piss people off necessarily, where he works for a chief, but not really since his customers are the public to include people he has to use force against to arrest, etc.

            it’s just a stupid comparison even for you.

            puppetry company makes bad puppets customer X can go elsewhere. doesn’t work with police. if you dont’ like LAPD service you cant call sheboygan PD to service your house in WATTS.

            there is just simply NO analogy.

            i really dont think you are honestly this dense, but you just can’t help bu t try to fit even the roundest peg through the squarest hole since your understanding of markets is so limited and you can’t understand how police are unique

            1. and again, this isn’t unique to the USA. find me your utopia where the cops are run like a private business, for profit, where residents can choose whateverr police gency they desire to serve them, and feel free to NOT deal with the police lkke they can choose not to deal with a puppet company etc.

              you are just involved in absurdities.

              otoh if you want a good example of how private industry can do a police function far better than law enforcement look at how the bounty hunter and bail bond industry works.

              THAT is a good example of how private industry works in an aspect of law enforcement and far better than cops can

              note also by the way, that in many respect bail recovery agents can break through doors, shoot people, surveil etc. using rules of engagement that make the police look anemic as fuck.

              no warrants EVER required to break down a fucking door for example.
              i have massive respect for the private bail bond industry and a friend who is former local cop who owns a bail bond company btw does an aesome job and of course with few of the shackles places on law enforcement (4th amendment, etc.)

            2. All I said what that both private industry and government work for their customers.

              Bosses answer to the customers, and employees answer to their bosses.

              When police chiefs are elected officials, then they answer to their customers in every election.

              When police chiefs are unable to fire their employees based upon customer complaints, then they no longer serve their customers. They serve their employees.

              Which, as a protected employee, is I’m sure how you like it.

            3. Obviously you dont understand markets unless you are talking about markets brought about by political means. In a free market police services would have competitors. Of course that would leave you an unemployed because no company would hire someone that is disrespectful as you. You have continued to call names to others in your posts. Its amazing you get off on arresting people for theft when every penny in your paycheck had to be stolen from someone who has a job thats based on voluntary interactions with others. You act like cops are Gods and should be able to do as they please by any means necessary. Cops kill far more unarmed people than people kill cops. You are not a God and should never have rights others dont have. Youre a leach on society

    2. at will employment would vastly erode the quality of cops in this country. one reason we get good applicants (and a metric assload- when i applied to maui pd we had over 700 applicants for 17 positions) is cops know that they need to make some sacrifices, but they also have some protections (in most jurisdictions) suhc that they cant get fired w.o cause.

      the marketplace works.
      libertarians know this

      jurisdiction A has at will employment and pays cops 100k per year
      jurisdiction B has binding arbitration and pays cops 100k per year

      which agency will get the best talent pool of applicants?


      if you erode benefits you get shit cops

      look at new orleans PD, probably the most corrupt police dept in the country by a mile, not to mention one of the most violent crime ridden jurisdictions in america.

      they pay their cops SHIT and get shitty cop applicants and shitty cops and that’s why theyve had the problems they have had.

      they had low standards for entry because they had to since they offered such shit pay and it just perpetuates a process of shit

      1. Look at LAPD, Burbank PD, LASD. They get boucoup bucks. Thank god the top men working there are scandal free.

        1. if you honestly think the LAPD et al aren’t better NOW than they were in the past you are fucking deluded as hell.


          even a big fan like wambaugh, or the (real) dunphy at NRO etc. would school you on that shit.

          back in the day, the LAPD hat squads did shit that makes rampart look like fucking romper room

          seriously, it just astounds me of how ignorant of history some people are.

          you criticize police but you have no undersanding of police history

          1. Because they used to be worse, it excuses how bad they are now? Really? And the sheriffs dept has zero scrutiny until now, ZERO. Look how that turned out. The LAPD are much better than they were when I was a kid, but that’s still inexcusably horrible.

            How about the Dorner stakeout shooting gallery, or the time they lied to a gang banger and claimed a 14 y/o girl snitched ( who didn’t) and the got reassigned when the gangbanger shot the girl dead? Or the exonerations due to video evidence of lapd lying? You want more?

            There always a current scandal. The warlike mentality is obvious to anyone who interacts with these agencies. People don’t complain because they are scared of retaliation.

        2. btw, if you are seriously stupid enough to think that LAPD, burbank, sheriff etc. are even CLOSE to corruption as compared to new orleans PD please read a fucking book or something to educate yourself.

          compare use of force statistics for god’s sake.

          or anything else.

          new orleans is a shithole of a city, with a crime rate that makes LAPD look like fucking disneyland and NOPD is nationally renowned for doing wy wy way way worse shit than LAPD way more frequently and far more often per officer

          1. I’m not comparing them to N.O., I’m comparing them to humans.

          2. Compared the Stazi, or the SS, they are nice enough guys, right?

  15. a PROPERTY interest in their job

    Nonsense. On diamond encrusted stilts.

    1. thats case law. it’s irrefutable fact.

      if you are speaking normatively, more power to you, but if you aren’t you are wrong.

      and thank god we have such an interest

      1. Yeah, imagine how awful it would be if murderers had to suffer the indignity of losing their jobs.

  16. Funny how policing was an honorable profession before arbitration. Back when they carried revolvers instead of carbines.

    1. police work is far more honorable now than in the past. ask ANY old timer and they will regale you of the shit they could get away with in the bad old days that would NEVER fly now.

      you are deluded if you think cops were more honorable (on average) in the past than they are now.

      hearing cops talk about the shit they did in the old days reminds me of when my coaches etc. talk about weightlifting in the days before they did much if any testing for steroids.

      which is why they had to keep changing the weightclasses since not even decades later can lifters beat the drug assisted records.

      assume you are a criminal suspect, or even better a minority or homosexual criminal suspect


      or in 1950

      which PD would be more likely to treat you fairly.

      you are more fucking deluded than i thought you were, which is saying a lot, if you dont think cops do a much better and more honest job NOW than in the bad old days.

      its not remotely comparable.

      sure there were good heroic cops back in tghe day too, but systemic corruption was the RULE, beating confession etc.

      cmon, get fucking real.

      there is not a single knowledgable student of police history who thinks police were better back in the day

      1. I’d run this by HM first, but I think a good slogan for a modern police department should be “Sic positum in peiore.”

  17. PoliceOne, decency: zero.

  18. sarcasmic and his fellow travelers with more idiocy in this thread. can he make a single post without a factual error.

    hint: these are not “union” arbitrators. they are neutral, highly qualified and agreed upon BY BOTH THE POLICE DEPT (you know, the guys who FIRED the officer) AND the union.

    he erroneously believes arbitrators work for the union

    god, the idiocy just never ceases to amaze me

  19. more sarcasmic idiocy, his belief that police work used to be more honorable, having never studied police history.

    no criminologist or student of police history, pro or anti police can reasonably believe the cops aren’t way way way way less corrupt, less violence prone, more honest, more accountable, more professional now than back in the day.

    if onyl 1/4 of the old timers stories are true, jesus fucking christ.

    does any rational person think innocents weren’t WAY more likely to get railroadd back in the day vs. now or that cops werent more prone to beat the fuck out of you for a confession, etc. back in the day?

    the primary drawback for (guilty) suspects these days is DNA and some other technologies. of course other technologies expert bogus testimonies are still doing a good job of fucking over innocents to this day, sadly

  20. dunphy, you’re no more fit to serve than Officer Panicfire if you think killing innocents is acceptable police behavior.

    1. Ive never defended unjustified shooting or attacked justified shootings. Im a staunch opponent of police excessive force and have testified before IA to help punish cops for excessive force

      Ill continue to make judgments based on evidence and law which is why my anslysisi so often agrees with the finders of fact.

      1. you’re defending the killing of an innocent citizen here. at best, the officer is incompetent. if you don’t think killing an unarmed man is excessive, what is? you can’t even admit the guy fucked up at his job. that’s sociopathic on your part.

        1. if you don’t think killing an unarmed man is excessive, what is?

          Firing a murderer.

      2. Ive never defended unjustified shooting or attacked justified shootings.

        When the chance the officer might have been scared is reason for justification, any shooting is justified.

  21. The artist known Dunphy|9.25.14 @ 3:17PM|#

    police work is special in numeroyus ways that morons like you can’t recognize.

    The artist known Dunphy|9.25.14 @ 3:34PM|#

    more sarcasmic idiocy

    The artist known Dunphy|9.25.14 @ 3:30PM|#

    sarcasmic and his fellow travelers with more idiocy in this thread.

    Just exactly who do you think you are talking to anyone like that? You identified yourself a police officer, and there you are acting like that. How are we supposed to think police act, if you, an admittedly highly decorated officer who is very well behaved, acts like that?

    And before you blame everyone else, remember, your supposed to be able to deal with bad attitudes and remain professional. Any blame to be had is yours.

  22. Roll that beautiful bean footage.


  23. prosecutors decided not to charge Goyos for manslaughter because they couldn’t disprove his claim that he feared for his life.

    In classic self-defense law, the defendant (Goyos) has the burden of proof that he reasonably feared for his life.

    A little research by Reason staff on what the law is in Florida would come in handy right about here. Florida does have a “castle doctrine” statute that flips the burden of proof, but it doesn’t apply in this case as the dead man wasn’t trying to forcibly enter a building or vehicle, etc.


    So what law does apply, and was it applied correctly, or was this officer cleared in violation of the law?

  24. Arbitrators : doing gods work and pissing off reason bigots day after day


    This message brought to you by those who understand caselaw and love their local arbitrator

    1. Nobody “loves” arbitration unless the scales are weighted in their favor.

    2. If by love your local arbitrator you mean “I’m a deeply narcissistic Sus scrofa domesticus”, then you’re spot on.

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