With a 'Fuck It,' TV Reporter Quits On-Air To Pursue Dream of Legalizing Marijuana

She's mad as hell, and she's not going to take this anymore.


Last night this happened:

That's Charlo Greene of Anchorage's KTVA-TV—sorry, formerly of Anchorage's KTVA-TV—wrapping up a report on the Alaska Cannabis Club by revealing that she is the CEO of the organization and declaring that she'll "be dedicating all my energy toward fighting for freedom and fairness, which begins with legalizing marijuana here in Alaska. And as for this job, not that I have a choice, but fuck it, I quit." Then we cut to the surprised anchor.

I wish Greene best of luck in her new career, especially since I don't think she'll be able to fall back on local news if it doesn't work out.

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  1. I wish her success. She’s got balls.

    1. Awesome mic drop moment – kudos!

    2. And an awesome rack.

      1. She has bigger balls than Patrick Kennedy. She should run for Congress.

    3. She’ll need it. She’ll never work in TV again.

  2. I think we can assume the FCC will be along shortly to slap her with a giant fine.

    1. No, strangely enough it would be the station and network that gets fined.

      1. It will be the station, and there’s nothing strange about it. She was acting as an employee of the station when it happened. The station is responsible for making sure certain content restrictions are adhered to.

        1. Can we agree it’s strange for the federal government to fine a business because someone said a naughty word?

          1. I agree. But by basing their business around a government issued license they’re playing the government’s game.

            1. ? and just HOW would one run a (normal) tee vee station without a license and ‘playing the gummint’s game’ ? ? ?

              1. You don’t. If you want to be in the over-the-air TV business then you’re going to have a relationship with the government. If you want a business free of such heavy regulation, go into another business.

                Not ideal, but not something that’s going to change anytime soon.

              2. Hey there, if you want to use the public airways, you need a license. The spectrum is limited and must be effectively managed or stations would be stepping all over each other… When cock blocked by the constitution, congress finds a way to avoid the block. License to broadcast, doesn’t limit speech, it merely manages the spectrum. Happily it also keeps our airwaves safe from the vulgar but not from the stupid.

                1. “The spectrum is limited and must be effectively managed or stations would be stepping all over each other? ”

                  Is there actual evidence for this? I mean, obviously the spectrum is limited, I don’t dispute that. But did, for example, radio stations step all over each-other before the government stepped in? Or was it a power grab that was justified by claiming that they would?

                  1. But did, for example, radio stations step all over each-other before the government stepped in?

                    Yes. But there was cooperation too.

          2. Oddly enough, the NLRB would force them to re-hire her if they had fired her for using bad language.

            See WSJ article

            “The Hooters Precedent”
            The NLRB says you can tell your boss to @$%#! and still keep your job.

            Authors Frederick Braid and Loren Forrest note a recent case in which the board sided with an employee of an auto dealership who cursed out the owner in a meeting to discuss compensation. The employee used words not fit for a family newspaper as he insulted the business owner, called him “stupid,” told him that nobody liked him and that he would regret it if he fired the abusive employee. After the dealership went ahead and fired the worker, the NLRB ruled that the business had violated the National Labor Relations Act. The NLRB said the employee’s behavior was neither “belligerent” nor “menacing.”

        2. Why is the FCC still permitted to censor broadcast TV? Now that all broadcast TV is digital, all receivers now have a V-chip, so the argument that government needs to “protect” viewers (which I don’t except, but the Federal Government does) is moot.

          1. I’ll just put this here.


      2. It will be the station that gets fined. But don’t think for a moment that she doesn’t have a “hold harmless” from personal actions in her contract. She will lose her last paycheck and probably get sued for the cost of the fine plus damage to reputation of the station, and several other malicious damage charges.

        No, she left thinking she’d drop a load for everyone else to have to clean up. But she’s gonna find it on her own doorstep soon enough. She’s not as funny as she thinks she is right now.

        1. She wasn’t being funny.

        2. Don’t you know the ability to read contracts is racist. That’s the argument with payday loans.

    2. Yup, this is why the “fuck her right in the pussy” meme has taken off. Maximum shock value, minimal blow back on the culprit unless you’re Jameis Winston.

    3. Put this pothead behind bars! She’s corrupting our childrenz twice over!

  3. Pure, sheer awesomeness.

    1. Unless you’re Bluwater, then for some reason you fantasize about financial ruin for anyone who dares question the status quo or utter a naughty word.

  4. The coworker vapor lock was worth the price of admission…

    1. Would. Both.

  5. does the station hold/push strong anti-pot positions? If not I don’t get the abrupt departure. I’d guess she has other non-pot related issues with the job.

    1. Yeah, and how’d she get the assignment to cover a story on…herself?!?

      1. My guess is she assigned herself the story, and this was her way of making her employer aware of her departure.

    2. She’s the only black woman in Alaska – she can do anything she wants.

    3. It wouldn’t surprise me if the station dutifully regurgitated all the cops’ stories of arrestees being found with the evil weed.

      1. They are a lot more worried about meth and booze in Alaska than weed.
        When I was there a few years ago, it seemed like everyone there smoked and half of the locals either grew or sold the stuff.

  6. lol, wow thats jsut too funny dude. Seriously.

  7. I haven’t seen a deer-in-the-headlights look like that since Mike Myers stood beside Kanye West as he welcomed half the viewing public to turn off the telethon for Katrina.

    1. That was awesome. I had almost forgotten about that. I’m still trying to figure out why people think Kanye West is smart or talented.

      1. Intelligence level is relative. Compared to those folks, he IS smart and talented. Of course that says more about them than it does about him.

      2. West is extremely talented. You may not like him or appreciate his work, but he managed to parlay a modest amount of talent into millions of dollars and worldwide fame. That’s definitely a talent at something, right there.

        1. “That’s definitely a talent at something, right there.”

          Making and producing music, would be the talent in question. It certainly isn’t his people skills.

        2. That’s definitely a talent at something, right there.

          Being a shamelessly self promoting narcissistic attention whore?

          1. Apparently.

        3. ICE T has made millions as well by saying words, and doing single lines on cop shows. But when he was hired to do an afternoons narrating of a young adult 35 page short story, they had to add 2 extra days to the scheduled afternoon. You are basically saying the Horse Mr Ed was good at math.

          1. And he could discuss it too. To this day I’m still amazed.

      3. He’s the motherfucking voice of a generation, and a lyrical wordsmith!

        /Fish Sticks

        1. Who’s totally not married to a hobbit.

  8. There are so few heroes in the world but she might be one of them.

  9. A strong Black woman!

  10. The future is more awesome than I thought it would be.

  11. I think I’m in love.

  12. THAT IS FUCKING AWESOME !!! Good for her !! I hope she succeeds ! Best of luck !!

  13. Now there’s a Greene I can get behind.

  14. What an idiot

    What exactly was a self-important petulant temper tantrum supposed to achieve? Other than demonstrate that she is incompetent and immature and probably incapable of actually doing anything other than getting attention

    1. Ah, did somebody piss in your low fat soy latte?

    2. It got a lot of publicity for her organization for starters.

      1. The only thing I think of her organization now is that it’s ran by an immature person, so it’s probably full of people like her. That’s not the best public face for a group that wants to legalize weed.

        1. *Run. And she has shown the ability to conjugate basic English words correctly, which puts her at least a step above you.

          1. Take your debate skills back to reddit.

      2. Hunh? Any publicity she got for the organization occurred when she did the segment itself – and before. Sabotaged by her when she attempted her own imitation of reefer madness.

        The only thing she achieved was to make it MUCH more difficult for supporters of the pot regulation/legalization referendum that is on the Nov ballot in Alaska.

        Not only because they will now have to explain/parse that the referendum doesn’t affect the ability of employers to fire employees like her who let their pot usage/advocacy interfere with their job. But because many of those supporters will now be assumed – by the media – to be a bunch of flaky pottymouthed potheads – and will thus be ignored/avoided from now until the referendum.

        Not exactly an intelligent strategy when Alaska polls indicate 48% support, 45% oppose, and 7% undecided.

      1. Fuck you American.

    3. I agree. If anything she hurt the cannabis movement by doing this.

  15. They’re doing something right in Alaska. I read these interesting factoids:

    “In Alaska it is legal both to own and grow marijuana. Alaskans can legally carry up to an ounce of marijuana for personal use. Alaskans are also allowed to grow up to 24 plants at home for personal use.”

    I didn’t fact-check this but I’ve watched enough episodes of Alaskan State Cops show to know they allow people to carry a certain amount legally.

  16. This is a deleted scene from Northern Exposure. It’s on the twenty-fifth season bonus disc.

    1. Is it? Ha!

      I wouldn’t know. With very rare exceptions (most of which I regretted before I got through the first season)I haven’t watched a (admittedly) fictional TV show for about 25 years.

  17. I have such a crush on that woman.


  18. At least she didn’t go Ron Burgundy with a “go fuck yourself Alaska.”

  19. Wow, that felt good!

    Who hasn’t had moments like that at work?

    Maybe not the smartest move, but I’ll bet that felt good!

  20. And with a quick look at her paper, she finds no place to hide her surprise. There is no algorithm there to weigh her quieting response.

  21. First, there is a clear conflict of interest if she’s covering a story that she’s a part of. She either hid this from her employer, or they were irresponsible in letting her cover this anyway.

    Secondly, has damaged her mission. We’ve alreaady seen what happens when the reasonable people who demand decriminalization of drugs are represented by people who are wake-and-bake blasted out of their mind 24×7 and living out of vans outside of Phish concerts.

    This is a woman who has the talent to be a speaker, a well-known face, and one who could appeal to those who may oppose or be on the fence with legalization. Now, she’s just that nutjob who tossed her career and violated basic decorum.

    And yeah, I’d hit it.

  22. When keeping it real goes wrong

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