For Ladies Only: Is this Anti-Obama Ad Sexist? Scintillating? Neither?


Here's a 60-second spot from a Republican group called Americans for Shared Prosperity. It features a woman who says she fell in love with Barack Obama in 2008 but now wants out of the relationship. Barack is great with the emails and the texts, she notes, but kind of sucks on everything else, except for "free birth control."

In the Washington Post, Nia-Malika Henderson says the ad is "very, very bad" and "and probably sexist, too." Because you know, nobody ever fell in love with Obama as a politician or made sexual innuendoes about how voting for Obama was like losing your virginity (only with less immediate disappointment), right?

Well, ladies, what do you think? Is this a very, very bad ad? A sexist one? Both? Neither? All that and more?

All of which is another way of saying: Midterm election season is the worst. Except for presidential election season.