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For Ladies Only: Is this Anti-Obama Ad Sexist? Scintillating? Neither?


Here's a 60-second spot from a Republican group called Americans for Shared Prosperity. It features a woman who says she fell in love with Barack Obama in 2008 but now wants out of the relationship. Barack is great with the emails and the texts, she notes, but kind of sucks on everything else, except for "free birth control."

In the Washington Post, Nia-Malika Henderson says the ad is "very, very bad" and "and probably sexist, too." Because you know, nobody ever fell in love with Obama as a politician or made sexual innuendoes about how voting for Obama was like losing your virginity (only with less immediate disappointment), right?

Well, ladies, what do you think? Is this a very, very bad ad? A sexist one? Both? Neither? All that and more?

All of which is another way of saying: Midterm election season is the worst. Except for presidential election season.

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  1. I think it is a very good bet that since various Democratic hacks like Henderson and the morons at Vox hate the ad, the ad must be very effective and hurt the Democrats. They wouldn’t be screaming “have you no shame!!” if it didn’t hurt them.

    1. Yeah, pretty much my take. When a certified member of the DemOp Media whines about an ad, that tells you the ad must be at least somewhat effective.

  2. Ian: Hello Sir Dennis. Hi, how are you? (out of phone) Oh, fucking old poofdah! (into phone) But it’s really not that offensive, Sir Dennis, come on. Okay. I’ll call you absolutely first thing in the morning. (slam phone) Ah, shit. They are not gonna release the album. . .because they have decided that the cover is sexist.

    Nigel: Well so what? What’s wrong with being sexy? I mean there’s no–

    Ian: Sex-ist.

    David: -ist, not sexy.

  3. Ladies? Any out there? *Crickets*

    Since there are no lady libertarians, I’ll answer on their behalf:

    No, if you have to say “probably sexist”, then it’s not sexist.

    1. Sorry I took so long–I was held up in a meeting.

      No its not sexist, and its actually kinda clever (for the GOP, anyway)

      I like the part about how he’s “snooping in my emails.”

      1. Similarly sorry — I was landing an Airbus A380.

        The ad is halfway there. Plenty of disillusioned Obamabots can’t wait to rectify their mistake by voting for Hillary.

        The ad needs to conclude with some notion that a vote for the other guy, or the other way of thinking, would have left her better off, and will leave her better off in 2016.

        1. But I’ll say this: that demographic sure is real. I knew a lefty gaybot in 2007 who was driving his lefty fembot friend crazy by going for Obama explicitly and unashamedly because he was a cool Black dude.

          I’ve lost touch with the gaybot, but I’m sure he’s disillusioned with O and all set to vote for Hillary. As for the fembot, the scales fell from her eyes when her particular Identity Group lost the victim contest and O got the nomination. I don’t think she votes at all anymore.

  4. In the Washington Post, Nia-Malika Henderson says the ad is “very, very bad” and “and probably sexist, too.

    When in doubt, smear your opponent with an “-ist/-ism”.

    Works every time.

    1. I thought voting or being registered Republican was prima facie sexist.

    2. When in doubt, smear your opponent with an “-ist/-ism”.

      I would like to see someone smear a little ‘-ism’ on Nia

      1. I would like to see someone smear a little ‘-ism’ on Nia

        You are the first person I’ve met who has a Talosian fetish.

        Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

        1. Is that Christina Ricci’s dad?

  5. Girls always pick the guy who’s bad news.

  6. All of which is another way of saying: Midterm election season is the worst. Except for presidential election season.

    Mr. G, c’mon – Nicole is the worst.

    1. Mr. G is terrible. You would think he’d know the worst when he sees it.

  7. Of course it is sexist. The Democrats own women and any ad aimed at taking away that ownership is sexist.

    1. Bitches be out of pocket.

  8. Well, ladies, what do you think? Is this a very, very bad ad? A sexist one? Both? Neither? All that and more?

    I’m not seeing a lot of women answering Gillespie’s questions here.

    1. I’ll check w/Mrs. Soul and brb.

  9. When Lena Dunham does it it’s not sexist because it’s “ironic” but when a Republican makes an ad making fun of the sexist Lena Dunhma ad, somehow that’s sexist now.

    *eye roll*

    1. Lena Dunham did a political ad? Where does she come down on the issues?

      1. The ugly side.

      2. Yes, the one linked to above.

  10. JTFR, I thought the original Lena Dunham ad was ragingly sexist. But because it was made by Democrats the femists didn’t think so.

  11. What good is free birth control if your in a frustrating phone/text relationship?

  12. How about “Humans of the female persuasion”?

    1. Penis challenged americans?

      1. Penis challenged americans?

        Hasn’t the President demonstrated his willingness to fuck all Americans equally, penis or not?

        1. This will be my new approved nomenclature for referring to wimminz.

      2. Excuse me, you phallocentric pigbot. You are vagina-challenged Americans; we fepeople are normal hupersons.

  13. Stop your cisprivilege Reason. What about the transwomen?

  14. That ad leaves marks that Roger Goodell will have to deal with.

  15. So, after he hit you and said, “Baby, you know I didn’t mean it, it’s just… that son of a bitch Bush made me do it. C’mon baby, you know no one loves you like I do. Now come over here and give daddy some sugar”

    You doubled down on the relationship.

    I constantly hear that the Democrats are the party of women. Those that suffer from battered wife syndrome, I suppose.

    1. The left is so fucking patronizing to the identity groups it purports to own. I’m stunned that those groups don’t flee in terror.

      1. There are a lot of very dumb people who can’t tell when they are being patronized.

    1. Now that’s an Obama I’d vote for.

    2. So, that’s Obama quoting his friend Ray-Ray?

      1. You think gangly, teenaged, stoner Obama got chicks on his own?

  16. Sexist? No.

    Racist? Very yes!

  17. Say, Nick. You’ve got some chicks on staff. What do they think? Maybe a poll?

  18. It features a woman and it’s anti-Obama. Of course it’s sexist. She could be complaining that Obama’s economic policies contributed to the loss of her job as a nuclear physicist and now, because of Obamacare, she can’t afford healthcare for her African American lesbian partner who became disabled from her job in the mine, but it would still be sexist. The actual content of the video doesn’t matter. Sexist.

    1. It’s sexist because it’s against a Democratic politician. By definition everything Democrats do is pro-woman, and therefore everything anti-Democrat is by definition sexist.

      The Democrats could advocate forced sterilization and mandatory abortions, and as long as they kept saying the right things about capitalism (i.e. grrr, greed bad!) the left would go around saying “but capitalism is bad for everyone and therefore being pro-capitalism is being anti-woman by definition!!!!”

  19. Democrats only approve of the Boyfriend President when its Lena Dunham spewing about him.

  20. I thought it was funny, but then I am not some uptight, give me free birth control type. Wasn’t it just a few years ago that the prog ladies were saying O was like the perfect boyfriend?

  21. “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

    It’s a funny ad but it makes me really not like her. Why the hell didn’t she just stay home, instead of voting in 2012? Grrr…

    “Time heals what reason cannot.”

  22. The “Crush on Obama” chick is no longer blossoming and idealistic. Six long years later, she’s grown worldly and haggard in her middle age.

    1. The wall yo. She brought that Gen X game back in 2012 like she did in 2008 but it didn’t work. Barackstar ws busy banging millenials.


  23. I didn’t think it was sexist, just dumb.
    I’m a female, btw.

  24. Foul for using the sexist card. I think this ad is great. It appeals to me, although I never could stand the guy.

  25. I see the cosmotarians have the vapors today. Instead of seeing the purposeful absurdity of the ad, how it basically spoofs the Lena Dunham spot, Nick chooses to cultivate favor from the church of the aggrieved and the offended.

    1. The Cosmos have given up on trying to smash the absurdities of identity politics and are merely relegated to trying to curry favor from people by helping metastasize their perceived victim status.

      It’s a losing game.

  26. It may be tgat because I’m a woman this video refuses to play for me…definitely sexist!
    On a serious note:link anybody? I can’t find it on youtube.

  27. Having watched the video – much LESS sexist than the Lena Dunham video.
    At least this chick cares about issues other than her vagina.

  28. I’m female, hi.

    The Lena Dunham one made me throw up in my mouth a little at the end (and just as an aside, I had no idea that was a famous person before I read the comments here). The one here I thought was fairly clever for what it is. I’m not sure what the problem would be with it, but some people can complain about anything.

  29. I didn’t think it was sexist, but then I think a large portion of non-libertarian women are blithering idiots. I mean democrat women vote with their feels right? And conservative women vote for whoever their pastor tells them to.

    1. Most female voters are idiots who vote what they “feel”.

      Was reading the Feynman Lectures on Physics last night. Right there in Chapter 8, page 1: “Some changes are more difficult to describe than the motion of a point on a solid object, for example… the change of a woman’s mind.”

      Feynman also famously advocated asking women if they intended to put out BEFORE picking them up on a date. If the answer was “No”, he recommended leaving them on the curb.

      Who knew there were such Menschen in Physics?

  30. I think the Dems should run James Earl Jones as their candidate, because Obama has proved it doesn’t matter that the candidate is actually qualified or capable as long as they have the proper racial identity. And face it James Earl Jones giving the State of the Union address would be fucking awesome.

  31. I am outing myself as female. Always have been, always will be.

    I wasn’t offended by this ad. But I thought they shouldn’t have used the phrase “fell in love” and instead said “fell for a guy” or something like that. People were enamored with Obama in a non-romantic sense back in 2008.

    I found the Lena Dunham ad disgusting. It intends to brings to mind sex with Obama. Not interested. I don’t want to picture her doing it with Obama. Nor either of them doing it with anyone else. That’s just repulsive.

  32. “Well, ladies”, Nick? I think you already lost.

  33. Damned… the bitch is in a bad relationship with a guy for FOUR YEARS and is too stupid to figure out that he’s a lying bum who’s spying on her and spending money she doesn’t have… and the bimbo signs up for MORE OF THE SAME!?

    All kidding aside, this is what WOMEN voted for. Women voted to “feel” safe. Politicians can tell them any lie, make no rational sense whatsoever – as long as they can make women “feel” safe.

    Feeling is not about thinking. That’s why the 19th Amendment is the biggest legislative mistake in the history of the world. Women will vote to “feel” safe – even if it endangers everyone.

    As for the Republicans – they’re morons too. It’s like, “Oh, you don’t want to be with a wife-beater? Well, how about this used car salesman?”

    We could have had Ron Paul.

    1. Following your logic, basically only libertarians should be allowed to vote. That is, people who can separate out emotion and debate rationally.

      Never going to happen.

  34. But what do millennials think of the ad?

  35. Not sexist. From a female libertarian. It’s all true. This administration is sexist because all they think I’m worried about is birth control. That seems to be the only “women’s issue” on the table.

    They would like to see us all on public assistance and not thrive as small businesses or employees. Naming a few: Inflation, war on fossil fuels, police brutality, lack of school choice, increases in health insurance cost, losing my doctor or my child’s doctor. AND turning men into sissies….WAR ON WOMEN.

    Do they think that women are so stupid that we can’t think for ourselves and see what this administration and the gov’t is doing to take away our liberties? They think we are the sum of our lady parts…

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