Nick Gillespie, Bernard Kerik Debate ISIS on CNN's Smerconish


Yesterday, I appeared on CNN's Smerconish to talk about ISIS, whether the group represents a threat to the United States, and whether we should be re-entering Iraq (and entering Syria) to combat it.

Joining me and the eponymous host was Bernard Kerik, former commissioner of the NYPD and a nominee to head up the Department of Homeland Security. (Reason TV interviewed Kerik recently on sentencing reform, terrorism, and more. Watch and read that here.)

Click above to watch and go here for more Smerconish (an excellent show, by the way, that focuses and conversation rather than barking, as so many cable yak shows do).

My basic case against fighting ISIS is laid out here. And I discussed the large issue of "threat inflation" in this Daily Beast column.