Nick Gillespie Talking ISIS and Threat Inflation on CNN's Smerconish at 9.30AM


I'll be on CNN's Smerconish this morning, talking ISIS and threat inflation with the eponymous host and former NYPD commissioner and nominee to be secretary of Homeland Security Bernard Kerik (see our interview with him here).

For more info on the show, go here. It starts at 9 A.M. E.T. and my part should come on around 9:30 or so.

Read my piece "Threat Inflation and Our Next Dumb War" here.

And here's "3 Reasons to NOT Fight ISIS":

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  1. “What killed Joan Rivers?”

    I don’t know how you’re going to follow that, Gillespie.

  2. That was something like six full minutes of commercials. Is advertising on CNN so cheap they have to sell so much time to make any money?

  3. That backdrop is airbrushed. Cincinnati never looked that good.

  4. Kerik is saying that they’re going to melt back into the community like chameleons? Who doesn’t want the foreigners who come here to assimilate?

  5. A proxy war? Wait a minute. Are we the proxy? Oh, HELL no. We have others fight our proxy wars. America doesn’t fight others people’s proxy wars.

  6. We have to be prepared to pacify civil opposition.

  7. Well, at least it was a longer continuous conversation than what we get from < i The Independents.

  8. Why Joe Biden’s gaffes don’t matter.

    Joe Biden misspeaking, or going too far, isn’t news. The vice president’s gaffe history is legendary; mistakes are expected. But three slips in the space of a mere 24 hours? That’s a Biden record.

    In a Tuesday speech, the vice president referred to people who sold bad loans to service members as “Shylocks,” a Jewish slur derived from Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. The next day, just hours after apologizing for the antisemitic remark, he did it again, calling Asia “the Orient” in his kickoff speech for the “Nuns on the Bus” bus tour in Des Moines. And that afternoon, he capped off his Iowa trip?a testing ground for a possible 2016 run?with a flourish. Straying from the administration’s set line that there wouldn’t be any boots on the ground to combat ISIS in Iraq, he told a reporter, “We’ll determine that based on how the effort goes.”

    Of course, the real reason it doesn’t matter is that he’s never going to be president. But in any way, I can’t wait for his campaign to get fully going once again. High political comedy doesn’t get any better than this dude.

    1. I don’t remember “the Orient” being offensive – it’s just not the latest PC-approved term. It would be like gays deciding “gay” is offensive and then laying a minefield waiting for anyone not hip enough to use whatever the new acceptable term is.

      1. Agreed. I may need some hypersensitive shitnugget to explain to me how ‘the Orient’ is offensive.

  9. OT: Our political master think we are out of touch with Washington.…

    1. they’re more likely to vote, and they have considerably more confidence in the fairness of the political process; 62 percent of congressional staffers, 55 percent of federal workers and 49 percent of other Washington policymakers believe that election votes are often counted fairly.

      Holy Shit!

      So DC insiders are basically admitting that democracy is a sham. Or am I reading too much into the fact that less than half of them think that votes are often (not always or usually) counted fairly?

  10. Any room left on that band wagon?

    “Stars join Obama campaign against campus sexual assault”…..768322.php

    This has been a major concern of his ever since he got the invitation to the gala!

    1. This Serious Issue clearly requires a celebrity PSA and a hashtag campaign.

      Nothing is more pathetic than a president who seems more attuned to what’s ‘trending on twitter’ than the strategic objectives of American foreign policy.

      1. The term “trivial” comes to mind.

  11. “Smerconish”

    Did I fall asleep and wake up in Finland?

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