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Tonight on The Independents: 'The Evolution of Terror'


Evolution IS terror, amirite? |||

Tonight's theme episode of The Independents (Fox Business Network, 9 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. PT, with re-airs three and five hours later) is a timely examination of "The Evolution of Terror" in our troubled age. Guests include:

* Anjem Choudary, the controversial British Muslim apologist for Sharia law and the Islamic State, who will get shouty and shrill about whether 9/11 was a bad thing & so forth.

* Rosa Brooks, the former Pentagon official (2009-2011) and L.A. Times columnist (before that), who will lay out a sharp critique of her former boss's policies in the Middle East.

* Brad Thor, thriller writer and conservative commentator, who will talk about the Department of Homeland Security's "Analytical Red Cell Unit" of fiction-spinners who help dream up terrorism scenarios.

* Occidental University historian and Reason contributor Thaddeus Russell, who will talk about the relatively recent history of Arab/Muslim anti-American terrorism, and also about the contentious theory of "blowback."

* Frequent foreign policy guest Michael Weiss, who will attempt to describe what life is like under ISIS.

* Former FBI/Border Patrol agent Cesar Paz, who will warn about the alleged Islamic threat along the southern border.

* Ex-CIA employee Mike Baker, who will describe how Islamic terrorist tactics have (and have not) changed over the last 13 and 26 years.

It is a wide-ranging, stimulating, and occasionally combative show, and I think you will like it.

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  1. …a timely examination of “The Evolution of Terror” in our troubled age.

    I haven’t watched the Saw series yet so if there are going to be spoilers let me know now.

  2. Anjem Choudary

    Are you people fucking nuts?

    1. TNTTI: We know drama.

    2. Perhaps they couldn’t find an actual ISIS member in time for the show?

      1. They should have just done ‘Ask a Rapper’ again.

        I mean, ISIS is like half-rappers anyway.

        1. “I’m a rapper” is the 21st century’s “I’m a writer.”

          1. To be fair = I’m a pretty big fan of Rap Music (RIP)

            but to your point…

            when the media describes someone as an ‘aspiring’ or ‘modestly successful’ rapper… you have to consider how genuinely awful most of the “successful” ones are to really comprehend how unbelievably talentless these people have to be.

            1. Feel ya.

              First album I ever purchased was Run-D.M.C.’s Raising Hell, and I enjoyed the evolution of the genre but things in the industry have changed and not for the better, imo.

              1. First album I ever purchased was Run-D.M.C.’s Raising Hell

                Good man. I might even be tempted to “like” that statement were this fb .

              2. !!

                the first music I ever paid for w/ my own money were also the first 2 Run DMC records (On Cassette = S/t and King of Rock)

                (i’d already had a music collection gifted/hand-me-down from elder siblings and friend, but the Rap was my first ‘acquisition’. I still listen to KoR often)

                1. Hey, back in the day I burned through my cassette of Raising Hell and had to buy a 2nd copy.

                  Good times.

              3. Heh, I still have a t-shirt from those days, which would probably not be one to wear when trying to catch a plane. Or within 1000′ of a school. Or if you should happen to be pulled over for having a taillight out.

            2. Aspiring rapper is the second most common biographical detail in the obits of ATL homicide victims. “Just started to turn his life around” still ranks #1. If shot dead in the parking lot of a Church’s or Mrs Winners it is safe to assume the deceased was “an aspiring rapper who was just starting to turn his life around”.

    3. Haven’t heard about this guy…I’m guessing he’s almost as bad as Rick Santorum?

      1. British Islamic crazy man, often rants about the glorious Islamic Republic he wants to turn Britain into. Well-mannered scum of the earth basically.

        1. Well-mannered

          Not even that.

  3. Anjem Choudary,


  4. the relatively recent history of Arab/Muslim anti-American terrorism

    Only a history professor would consider the Barbary Wars of 1801-1815 to be “relatively recent”.

    1. Conflating 18th/19th century Barbary piracy with modern Islamic terrorism is a bit problematic.

      1. – 1 gulf full of Somali pirates.

        1. Well when you can’t travel by road, what options do you have?

  5. If you’re going to bring on Choudary, could you at least get someone halfway knowledgeable to debate him, like Robert Spencer?

    1. Ha, I’d watch that. And let me again plug Spencer’s book Did Muhammad Exist? (Despite the provocative title, an interesting look at early Islam.)

      1. Spencer is an anti-liberty fanatical nut.

        1. Even if that’s true, which I doubt, it in no way invalidates what he says about Islam. Facts don’t become lies merely because you don’t like who says them.

          1. His book on Muhammad not existing is terrible history. It’s as bad as the bravetheists who claim that Jesus never existed

            1. Again, even if that’s true, it does not disprove anything he says about Islam.

              An he’s not the only who doubts the existence of Mohamed. I don’t think he or Jesus were real people. I think they were confabulations of various real and mythical figures.

              1. It does cast doubt on his claim to be some sort of expert on Islam, despite having no degree in any related field, not being able to speak Arabic (relevant because of the huge importance the language has in Islam. I don’t know if it was in this book, but Spencer once made an argument based on a quote of Muhammad that was badly translated from Arabic to English), etc.

                The vast majority of scholars believe that both Muhammad and Jesus were real people. Their claims of being prophets (and in the latter case, the Son of God) are obviously doubtful, but it’s pretty well-established that they did exist.

                1. The book is not just his opinions. He’s basically gathered and summarized the scholars whose conclusions don’t jibe with the official Muslim narrative. There’s less evidence of Muhammad’s existence than you might think, but setting that issue aside, much of the book is about the formation of the Islamic faith, and there he seems on pretty firm ground: the Koran is not the work of one person. That destroys the central tenet of Islam, whether Muhammad existed or not.

                  And “anti-liberty”? Sorry, I think opposing Sharia is pro-liberty.

                2. “It does cast doubt on his claim to be some sort of expert on Islam, despite having no degree in any related field, not being able to speak Arabic…”

                  Strawman & appeal to authority

                  “Spencer once made an argument based on a quote of Muhammad that was badly translated from Arabic to English…”

                  I’m sure Isaac Newton once forgot to carry the one.

                  “The vast majority of scholars believe that both Muhammad and Jesus were real people.”


            2. His book on Muhammad not existing is terrible history.

              Have you read it?

  6. Wow thats messed up dude, seriously.

  7. Here is a neat video that tries to explain the poverty of the Islamic world. The gist is that Islamic inheritance laws hinder capital accumulation. When someone dies, the wealth is divided among many instead of passed on to a few. As a result, large businesses never formed. There is something in Islam that is like a corporation or a trust called a waqf.

    1. Banning of interest hurts, too, and cousin marriage causes a high rate of physical and mental birth defects.

      1. I can’t think of single prosperous society that did not allow some form of money-lending.

        As for your other point, British Pakistanis are 3% of the population, but account for 30% of the birth defects:…..fects.html

  8. Blowback is the political version of newtons 3rd law of motion.

  9. Did you Know that China, North Korea and Vietnam have more independents in their legislatures than Congress?

    1. I think you mean “independents.”

      1. Obviously Communism is numbered!

        North Korea and China are officially run by multi-party coalitions too.

        1. And this basically is only allowed to occur because the CPC needs to create the facade of a functioning democracy.

  10. “whether 9/11 was a bad thing”

    (sigh) let the enlightenment commence.

    I’m going to take a wild guess and presume the ‘answer’ to this question is: immediately deflect, and start off talking about
    – Israel/Palestine
    – US support for Egyptian Despots
    – US support for Saudi Despots
    – blah blah blah
    – Oil
    – blah blah blah

    …and at no point actually say anything remotely critical about “why arab ‘states’ are so unbelievably fucked up even without Western meddling”

    I’ve always thought one of the epic-genius moments of the epic-genius film, ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ was how it portrayed Laurence’s conflicting loyalties between:

    – Allenby and the English/French diplomats who were preparing to betray the Arabs…
    – and the Arabs themselves, who despite reaching Damascus first, and having the window to potentially stake their claim on the region and establish their own rule, instantly collapse into tribal infighting and treachery amongst each other;

    i.e. The film both shows both the manipulative dishonesty of the West AND the tribal barbarity of the arabs that led to their ultimate fracture and failure to achieve real independence.

    There is some quote I always mis-remember, that goes like,

    Q: Who is the only Arab enemy *greater than the Jews and Americans* combined?
    A: Other Arabs!

  11. But…but…I don’t think any of these guests ever beat anyone up in an elevator. Nor are they scheduled to speak about beating up people in elevators.

  12. Between
    “Mike ‘172 ways to kill a man with paperclips‘ Baker”
    “Brad ‘Want to see my Hammer?‘ Thor”

    The Independents are only 1 “Max Boot (named after a Large German Submarine)” away from having a Full-House* of REAL AMERICAN

    I mean, for the love of Chuck Norris – just look at Thor’s twitter account. You may not actually *see* bald eagles flying across the face of a weeping statue of liberty while an old man walks through the graveyard @ Normandy…but look into his eyes… and you can FEEL it.

    Which i can only assume is considered mandatory on Fox to counter the perception that the Independents are going soft on Terrorists. What with the ‘obligatory Krazy Mullah’ segment and all.

    (*and by ‘Full House’ I reference not a poker hand, but the delightful late 1980s TV-Sitcom featuring Bob Saget, Jon Stamos, and some other guy)

  13. Off-topic, but I’m gonna have to drink some budweiser tonight to reward them for making the best damned commercial/PSA I’ve ever seen.

    Global Be(er) Responsible

  14. Don’t forget it’s Talk Like A Pirate Day, so for a second time, I’m posting this montage from the worst movies in the world, accompanied by the most awesome song in the world.

    1. Aye refuse to paarrrr…ticipate.

      1. Uh, yeah, whatever…OK, yeah, I haven’t gotten your Total Pirate Schedule (TPS) report. You were supposed to turn that in, didn’t you get the memo? And, yeah, I’m gonna have to ask you to get keel-hauled on Saturday…

  15. Ok, if you’re going with Anjem Choudary the Attention Whore, could you at least get Timur Kuran on sometime to give some commentary on Islamic economic development?

  16. a timely examination of “The Evolution of Terror” in our troubled age

    But before they ‘evolve’, they first have to get elected to congress.

  17. in our troubled age

    Has there ever been an untroubled age?

    1. Era of Good Feelings?

    2. The proglotards of the new engligtenment are trying to bring it about, but you ratbagging teafuckers can’t get out of the way and let them do their magic.

      1. I believe the correct nomenclature is “ratfucker teabaggers.”

  18. OT: But I was stuck in traffic again this afternoon on my commute home and listening to NPR.

    So there was a discussion about how unfair it is that rich folks can afford good lawyers when they are convicted of some crime, but poor folks aren’t so lucky. Poor folks get stuck with publically appointed lawyers who are so overloaded with clients that they can’t even possibly expect to do a good job of protecting their clients. Some of them can have 500 cases at a time, yes, 500! Because our courts are so overloaded with cases.

    Now, ask yourself, what do you suspect the geniuses at NPR suggest as a cure for this great injustice?

    No, you probably didn’t guess unless you have this deadly brain virus called progressivism, that renders logical thinking null and void.

    The cure is to spend billions in new tax dollars to create more public defenders and programs to help public defenders deal with an impossibly enormous case load.

    Did these geniuses ever touch on the subject of why the courts are so overwhelmed with cases? No, not even for one fucking milli-fucking-second.

    What about this, what about looking at ENDING THE FUCKING DRUG WAR!, YOU BRAIN DEAD DUMBFUCKS!?

    1. Hyperion, for all their pompous smug belief in their understanding of the universe (with the requisite rolling of the eyes), all of their banal solutions come down to two things: More taxes and more government.

      Take an issue – any issue – and you can bet your bottom dollar all they will discuss is to tax people or create more of a bureaucracy. SOLVED!

      They’re boring and predictable.

      1. And, of course, a large percentage of problems that progressives wring their hands about are the result of previous progressive “solutions.” Here, the War on Poverty leads to more single mothers, which leads to more crime by their offspring, which leads to overloaded public defenders.

        1. PapayaSF|9.19.14 @ 8:25PM|#
          “And, of course, a large percentage of problems that progressives wring their hands about are the result of previous progressive “solutions.””

          There isn’t a bandaid made that can’t be covered with another.

    2. I’m all for ending the War on Drugs, and it sure could not hurt with what you’re talking about, but what percent of state/local criminal court cases are drug offenses? I’m betting not as much as many might think.

      1. De Rugy says 25%…..ue-de-rugy

        BJS says more like 18%

        but there are other stats covering “Drug related” that expand that #

        (i.e. a violent crime committed by dealer, etc)

        If you funged the #s of actual ‘drug-crimes’ with ‘related’ I’d guess that’s where VDR gets her estimate.

        What was your point bo?

        1. Gilmore, where does de Rugby give that figure in that NRO article? I don’t see it.

          1. Look at the words and then sound them out.

            1. Why not cut and paste the relevant part?

              1. Why not know the facts before you say stupid shit?

                1. Does it say it or not? I’m curious. Why this dance?

                  1. I don’t cater to your laziness.

                    1. So it doesn’t say it and you were wrong?

                    2. I mean, why the coyness? If she says 25% she says it. Should be easy to shut me up and cut and paste it, shouldn’t it? If you need help, you underline things by positioning your cursor in front of the selection, then left click and drag the cursor over the selection, let go, control and C, then come back here and hit control and V in a comment box.

                    3. reading is hard

                    4. Fuck, go to the link and find it yourself. And you want to be lawyer? LOL!!

                      I found it and I’m not a lawyer. I program computers for a living.

                    5. LOL!!!!!

                      This isn’t some contract case I’m working on, it’s an article on Friday night. Since he cited it I figured he’d know exactly where in the numbers soup of the article it was and could reproduce it. That he was so coy was interesting to me. Turns out he was right but just being a juvenile (‘I know where it is, but I’m not telling, find it yourself!’).

                    6. “Nonviolent drug offenders now account for about one-fourth of all inmates in the United States…”

                      Holy crap, Bo. I come back to H&R after more than a week away, and you’re just as smug and stupid as ever.

        2. I think also when talking about the reduction of stress on the courts one must consider is how much petty law enforcement is tied to or used as cover for the WoD. Remove that incentive and you’ll probably make a dent in things with no relation to the WoD.

      2. OK, so it appears that about a third of all felony convictions in state courts are for drug offenses, so I’m wrong and Hyperion is correct that just ending the WOD would really cut the caseloads. I was thinking of all the ‘petty’ offenses such as larceny, assault, and the various ‘not paying for government licenses’ offenses that people get jailed for (of course, many of those will be misdemeanors and though they may still see jail time would not be counted in a list of felony convictions).…..2s0346.pdf

        1. so I’m wrong and Hyperion is correct

          *Francisco collapses, hell freezes, pigs take flight*

          1. Not the first time, but you’ll forget this one soon time so you can keep the narrative that makes you sleep better going.

    3. Hell, just a mass repeal or generally stupid laws.

      We have too many and progs AND cons don’t seem to get it.

  19. Sounds like this Choudary feller is gonna tempt me to throw my lap top at the wall.

    I swear, if there’s no redeeming quality to watching this guy – intellectually or morally – I will never shop here again!

  20. It is a wide-ranging, stimulating, and occasionally combative show, and I think you will like it

    I am intrigued by the Choudary bit, as I didn’t think people like him that lived in the “west” and believed that stuff said it out loud. I am sure it would be like rubber necking an accident on the interstate.

    But, nursing school has pulled away too much of my attention from my wife, and she would not be pleased if I suggested watching TI during our time together.

    1. Oh, they exist. Here in Canada just a few years back Muslim leaders were angling to get Sharia Law in Quebec and Ontario. While Quebec rejected it outright, Ontario took the typical politically correct approach but as of yet has not signed off on it.

    1. The first thing i saw?

      Maybe i wouldn’t “ban it”. But damn that was pretty awful.

      The rest of them were all above average tunes. Particularly the Kitty Wells and the “Glad to be Gay” #.

    2. Before I check, let me guess that Sunday, Bloody Sunday is on there.

      1. No? What kind of censors *are* they?

  21. voters are smart to stick with the status quo, no matter how miserable it might be.

    So much for the libertarian moment and the millennial independent libertarians.

  22. Jesus, its Piscopo on Cavuto again…

    …he’s almost as depressing as “Crazy Wino Eddie Van Halen”

    1. He’s one of the most under rated SNL cast members though. Man he was funny.

    2. Maybe not quite that depressing. Long story short I ended up sitting next to Kim Lynch from Overkill for about 18 hours on a bus once and what he described was just sad as fuck. You could see the sorrow in his eyes. Major bummer.

      1. Sorry, I have tried Googling “Kim Lynch” and “Overkill” and I still have no idea what you are referring to. In fact, this thread shows up on the first page of results.

  23. These are the panel? Not even in the studio?

  24. *somebody* ate too many churros

    1. 25% too many?

      1. I can see where your confusion arose.

        From de Rugy’s article: “Nonviolent drug offenders now account for about one-fourth of all inmates in the United States.”

        Bo: “Yeah, but it doesn’t say anything about percents!”

        1. SoCooonnnnnnnzzzzzzzzzzz

      2. Nonviolent drug offenders now account for about one-fourth of all inmates in the United States, up from less than 10 percent in 1980.

        How old are you?

        1. How old are you? Was it that hard to cut and paste it the first time I asked? Sheesh.

          1. “was it that hard to read out loud to me”!?

            You have the time to whinge, moan, dissimulate, prevaricate, wheedle, and enagage in endless pointless tete-a-tetes…

            …but apparently reading a 4 paragraph blog post about the *very fucking topic you raised in the first place* is asking way too much.

            Again – do you normally make statements *assuming* facts, and then cry foul when asked to actually verify them?

            While you were busy complaining, a half dozen people who *cared enough* read the fucking piece. complaining that you weren’t spoon-fed isn’t exactly digging you out of your deep, deep credibility-hole, bo. You’re pathetic by internet-standards, much less as a posturing ‘proto-student-lawyer’. God help anyone who relies on your wit.

  25. Lucky Charms worked for the FBI?

  26. Okay Kennedy…interrupt…please!


  28. I agree it’s all the same garbage. Not decades, centuries they’ve been at it.

  29. Mike Baker is a master of “sounding confident” + “using lots of nouns and adjectives and cliches” without ever actually stringing a coherent sentence together.

    I swear I want to play that back to see what the fuck he just actually ‘said’

    1. Dear god, @#*($@# shingles.


  30. Which is more probable, dying at the hands of a terrorist or getting struck by lightning?

    1. I consider stroke and heart disease to be terroristic.

    2. Getting eaten by a giant catfish!

    3. Which is more probable, getting shot by a cop during a no knock raid or getting hit by lightning?

      Just because it’s not as common as getting hit by lightning doesn’t mean it’s not a problem.

      And I have to think once Sharia Law gets installed, getting killed by a religious fanatic is a helluva lot more common than lightning.

      Which is why we should do our best to keep it from spreading.

  31. A little late, the live stream is choppy.

    1. Yeah. As long as it doesn’t cut during this Chooch feller.

      1. I gave up watching and worked on getting VirtualBox running again.

        VirtualBox wouldn’t run after I upgraded Ubuntu.

        I finally discovered the problem. For whatever reason the Ubuntu upgrade didn’t update the kernel version. Sigh.

  32. It’s like the war on climate change. You gotta do something NOW or ELSE! But what that is no one is exactly sure or committed to.

  33. And the left turns on Brooks in 3…2…

  34. It must be very irritating to sit smiling while people keep saying “He’s gonna say some crazy stuff!!!”

  35. North Korea is officially run by a Three-Party coalition with some independents who are part of the “Democratic Front for the Reunification of the Fatherland”.

    According to Wikipedia:
    A voter may cross off the candidate’s name to vote against him, but must do so in a special booth without any secrecy; according to many North Korean defectors, such an act of defiance is too risky to even attempt

    1. According to Wikipedia:
      “A voter may cross off the candidate’s name to vote against him,”

      Yep, and that’s the last ‘vote’ a voter would ever make!

  36. Right off the bat.

    Why doesn’t Britain deport his sorry ass?

    There you go, Islam is not peace; it’s submission.

    1. I think it would make great TV to get Ward Churchill to ‘debate’ him.

      1. I had to look that guy up.


        I think I’d pass…

        Unless you add Alex Jones to the mix.

        1. “Unless you add Alex Jones to the mix.”

          You mean Van Jones? I’d go for that!

        2. Oh, yes!
          “Van Jones said, “I will say this, we might be missing something. This is actually rare moment in national unity. Everyone now from the far left to Rand Paul to the president, to most Republicans are say we have to do something about ISIS.”

  37. Free will?

    Jesus, couldn’t kennedy have just asked the guy a specific question rather than turning this into a @#$*(@ freshman philosophy class?

  38. OT?

    Chesterton wrote a novel about a crazy dystopian England where an alliance of Muslims and Socialists (as if such a preposterous thing could ever happen) banned alcohol. It’s called The Flying Inn.

    1. He was prescient.

  39. So this is what evil looks like.

    1. Too ugly for my stream to handle, I guess. What’s he saying now?

      1. Well, I caught some of it.

      2. I lost connection too.


  40. The Independents Attire Review, 19 September 2014


    – Kennedy: Raven hair and ruby lips… I know this is navy blue, but my muse keeps whispering, “doesn’t she look like someone from the movie, “Coven: The Gathering? The really creepy part of that is there is no such movie as far as I know, and also: Why I am i hearing voices? Witchy-Kennedy gets +1 Magic Interruption-Wand.

    – Matt: Hey! I was wondering what happened to the old ‘purple and silver’ tie; one of the former “classic staples” of Matt’s arsenal. I like it very much with the white shirt – much better, in fact than it would be with pink, despite my frequent mentions that Purple/lilac goes great there (*this is too busy).

    – Kmele: We frequently try and distinguish between “plaid shirt-tie combos we like” and… most of the rest. This is closer to the ideal than most, which was something like the Grey on Grey job we flagged earlier. I think regardless of how good its put together, I get bored with it more than once a week. Its not as interesting as ‘traditional suiting’, which Kmele is generally superb with.

    – Krazy Muzzy: Nice beard. Better than Weiss.


  41. Yawn.

    Worst. Terrorism. Debate. Ever.

  42. This is about as interesting as listening to guidos going, “No, Fuck YOU!” over and over again in a nightclub.

    1. The guidos *would* be interesting.

    2. Careful brah. I’m part of that tribe.

      How are they any different from the ‘Micks’ I’ve seen in pubs?

      1. they don’t look like this

        1. Ah. So that’s how it goes then, eh?

      2. Also, Rufus:

        ‘Guido’ is not a slur againt “Italians”.

        If you’ve lived in the NY/NJ/Long-Island/Staten Island* area, you understand that ‘guido’ means a type of human being who can (in theory) be of any particular ethnic background. There are asian guidos, albanian guidos, russian guidos, puerto rican guidos, etc.

        That said, the Italian ones are the worst of course. They’re absolutely disgusting.

        but I do not blame italy. I blame Staten Island and the Jersey Shore.

        1. I did not know that about ‘guidos.’

          Here the terms are strictly attached to one group.

          1. This movie provides a really funny look into the lives of 2 suburban kids who decide they’ve become dissatisfied with their conventional WASP lifestyle and want to adopt the conventions of Staten Island guidos.

            Not everyone thinks its as funny as me, but if you don’t get it, you might after watching this.

            it involves hairgel, lifting, talking ‘street’ and learning to dance like a retard.

            1. oh, and tanning salons

        2. for example: there are large amounts of italian-extraction people in the tri-state area who are NOT guidos. They make fun of guidos the same way white southerners make fun of Honey Boo Boo

        3. “asian guidos”


          1. No, they are more like vietnamese kids from Flushing Queens who drive tricked out shitty cars (neon underlight, kickers, tinted everything, rims, etc) and lift weights to try and look like the real guidos. They have perfect hair for the blowouts, FWIW, so that’s really big with them.

            basically, some immigrants to nyc see the natives who drive pimped out shitty cars and lift weights, and go, “MAN!! I want to be like THOSE GUYS!!”

            Other immigrants beat their children to try and prevent this.

        4. My wife’s cousin is a Syrian guido.

          1. Do they have their own militia, too?

          2. Yeah, arabs are another strong contender.

            Basically, between eastern europeans and arabs and asians, italian guidos are in the minority in NYC

            they still rule Jersey AFAIK

        5. Don’t sleep on my hometown of Providence, RI, who produced this guy.

  43. That’s 5 minutes I’ll never get back.

    1. If they encompass that schmuck, be glad.

  44. A terrorism novel to make your plane ride go faster?

    1. No giant angry beaver, though.

  45. “OK, so the terrorists take a large building and drop it on another building…”

    Wait, they *did* consult Michael Bay, just like in SouthPark.

  46. – Brad, Son of Odin’s Blood:

    good god that is a horrible tie

    For reference – That looks like a proper ‘windsor knot’. If it were not a horrible tie, it would probably look nice.

    Is that Nashville in the background?

  47. “So they turn a ghost-possessed classic car loose on a small town, no, wait, they create a living cannibalistic oil spill, no, wait, a Satanic clown…”

  48. He’s not wearing a tie, is he?

    1. Wow, I was right!

    2. it gets worse: he’s wearing sweatpants.

      1. I’m grateful he *has* pants.

  49. Don Johnson called and says Thad looks like shit

    1. So leave them alone. They’ve got nothing we need.

      1. Oops. Not intended to be a reply GILMORE.

  50. Hornets are mean SOBs, and they might sting you for no reason. However, if you hang around the hive and throw rocks at it, they’ll sting you for sure.

    1. True and concise, and more persuasive than Mr. Dress-for-Success.

  51. You called that ‘probing the mind’?

    That was like arguing with an ex-girlfriend.

  52. If there’s something I can do about it, then I’ll start worrying. Anxiety is supposed to get you to do *constructive* things.

    1. It’s a matter of probability.

      1. God/nature/evolution gave us anxiety to get us to respond to threats. This is good if we have the knowledge and ability to respond, but if not, it just gets you all upset for no reason.

  53. I decided to take a drink every time Kennedy interrupts someone. Now I need a liver transplant.

  54. SHE-DOBBS!?

    1. When cable TV host Reanna Rayne was in a car accident, she got a blood transfusion from Lou Dobbs…now, she fights illegal immigration as…SHE-DOBBS!

        1. Not quite what I was expecting – the music was too mellow, and nobody was shaking their ass.

          1. Surely you remember the Hulk TV series of the late 70s, yes?

          2. Me too. I was expecting music by Cyndi Lauper.

            “She Dobbs. He Dobbs. We Dobbs. I Dobbs. You Dobbs. They Dobbs. Be Dobbs.”

  55. 8:30 and the sidewalks are rolled up?
    Well, in SF there are people who are really pissed that some people make more money than others, ’cause, uh, fair. Or, uh, dammit, you shouldn’t make that much!:

    “Bay Area 2nd wealthiest area in nation ? but prosperity eludes the poor”…..hc-bayarea

    BTW, lefty writer, if the prosperity didn’t elude the poor, they wouldn’t be poor.

    1. A better angle: “Bay Area has been controlled by the left for decades ? but prosperity eludes the poor.”

      1. And how come the libertarians haven’t made headway there? The GOP is dead and surely there must be libertarians there who are also willing to run for office?

        1. The inability of libertarians to make headway in Democratic strongholds is a very serious problem for libertarians. It’s all well and good to cause statist Republicans to go down to defeat but replacing them with even more statist Democrats is self-defeating unless libertarians can actually defeat those Democrats as well.

          1. Winston,
            At last check, you can count the libertarians in our “voting block” without taking off your shoes, so when we threaten to unseat the lefties in SF, we aren’t taken seriously.

  56. And if anyone else might enjoy some humor this evening, well the CA socialized medical program makes people wait!:

    “Legal aid groups sue state over Medi-Cal approval delays”
    “Medi-Cal – which previously covered only families with children, pregnant women and the disabled – was expanded to low-income single and childless adults under the new federal health care law, with the federal government paying nearly all the costs. But California, which started accepting applications in October, has struggled with a cumbersome approval process and a huge waiting list.”…..767630.php

    But not to worry, it’s single-payer (!) so all will be fine as soon as they work the bugs out of theft from others!

    1. UK and Canada have no waiting lists, fact. Wealthy Canadians go to public hospitals in Canada all the time.

      1. Except the ones who go to the US.
        Seriously, I know a Cdn MD who can’t seem to find her way back from SF, and her mother (still in Cnd) needed care. She simply pulled strings and bypassed the line entirely.

  57. I never liked the name “The Independents” since that implies some sort of non-partisan attitude when libertarianism is a pretty extreme ideology.

    Also this implies that the people who are opposed to the existing 2 parties are sympathetic to libertarians when most of them aren’t.

  58. Damn! Missed the episode since I’m a homeless loser who moves from fleabag motel to fleabag motel and sometimes the TVs don’t have all the channels I like. Can someone summarize what happened tonight so I don’t feel like I missed anything? Thanks!

    1. Kennedy said dumb things. Guests said obvious things. Muslim supremacist said crazy things.

      Also, Michael Bay was asked to help the govt predict terrorist attacks. Your tax dollars at work.

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