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Another Oklahoma Cop Charged With Serial Sexual Assault


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Oklahoma law enforcement seems to have something of a sexual assault problem. On Tuesday, Tulsa County Deputy Gerald Nuckolls, 26, was arrested amid accusations that he sexually assaulted two women while on duty. Though Nuckolls hasn't been formally charged yet, authorities say he admitted to coercing some six other women into sexual acts. 

On Monday, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol arrested state trooper Eric Roberts, 42, on complaints that he kidnapped and sexually assaulted three women while on duty. The department began investigating Roberts in July after a woman reported being pulled over by Roberts and then raped. 

And in August, Oklahoma City officer Daniel Ken Holtzclaw, 27, was charged with raping or sexually abusing seven people. The alleged victims, all black women, say Holtzlcaw forced them to expose themselves, perform oral sex on him, or have intercourse with him in order to avoid arrest.

So what's going on with Oklahoma police culture? Sadly, nothing that's not happening all around the country. "In any given month, there are multiple reports of on-duty cops raping women," Nicole Flatow at Think Progress notes. For example, let's take a look at March, 2014: 

• Baltimore officer Martez Johnson was charged with raping a woman he drove home from the scene of a car accident; his trial started this month.
• San Jose police officer Geoffrey Graves was charged with raping a hotel maid after she called 911 to report being assault by her husband; a preliminary hearing is set for October 1.
• In North Port, Florida, officer Michelle Turner was charged with sexual battery after an alleged victim claimed Turner and her partner (who committed suicide in March) handcuffed and assaulted her at a party.
• Former Irwindale, California, police officer David Paul Fraijo was charged with kidnapping and sexually assaulting a woman after pulling her over for a traffic stop.
• Odessa, Texas, officer Salvador Becerra was arrested after three women came forward saying they were touched innapropriately by Becerra during traffic stops and another said he forced her to perform oral sex on him after finding an open container in her vehicle.
• Detroit officer Deon Nunlee was charged with sexually assaulting a woman after being called to her home to investigate a domestic violence incident in 2013.

As Flatow writes, these incidents "illustrate the ways in which women are victims of police violence, too." And holding officers who commit sexual violence accountable seems (surprise, surprise) like just as much of a weak spot for U.S. police departments than holding officers accountable for any other crimes they commit.

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  1. When are we going to start teaching cops not to serially rape?

    1. A national conversation needs to be had.

      1. Take back the night!

        1. nice 🙂

          1. You’d think the cops would be satisfied with willing copsuckers.

    2. They’ve gotta be properly trained. Those cops just need more training.

    3. We’ve arrested them, and charged them with some very serious crimes. I’d say that’s a pretty good lesson.

  2. Oklahoma is America’s Florida.

    1. Well, Florida is America’s dong, so….

      1. “They prefer ‘The Sunshine State,’ Homer.”

  3. And.nothing.else.happend.

  4. If you didn’t do anything wrong, you have nothing to hide in your orifices.

    1. Funny thing about the laws cock….

  5. wait till Goodell hears about this.

    1. Yeah, I can’t wait.

      Goodell: These fine officers were only doing their job of protecting the people! Ray Rice, bad! Officers, good!

      Yeah, I can’t wait.

  6. Ok, let’s assess this situation using logic and reason, you know those things us libertarians do. Silly, I know, but:

    You have a group of people who are convinced through trial and error, that they can do absolutely anything they want to, anytime they want to, even murder innocent people in cold blood right out in the open, and that the worst thing that can possibly happen to them is that they get a paid vacation.

    What do you expect to happen?

    1. This is exactly right. When you create positions of unaccountable power, the worst possible people will eventually gravitate to such positions. It might take some time but it will happen, without fail. This is the situation with the police in this country at this point. And we’re seeing what happens when it reaches critical mass.

      1. It reminds me of the captain in super troopers. Time was we could take people like you out back and beat you with a rubber hose. Now you got your god damned unions.

        1. THAT’S IT!!! Unions for citizens! That’s how we stay protected. We’ll draw up contracts* that define how police will interact with us, and what our benefits will be, so they are locked in…

          *Cons-ti-tu-tion. Hmmm…we should look into that.

  7. Elizabeth, lets not be sexist here. How dare you imply women cops can’t get in on the act. What do you think they can’t cut it in the cop culture?

    The final outrage in Stemple and Meyer’s paper involves inmates, who aren’t counted in the general statistics at all. In the last few years, the BJS did two studies in adult prisons, jails, and juvenile facilities. The surveys were excellent because they afforded lots of privacy and asked questions using very specific, informal, and graphic language. (“Did another inmate use physical force to make you give or receive a blow job?”) Those surveys turned up the opposite of what we generally think is true. Women were more likely to be abused by fellow female inmates, and men by guards, and many of those guards were female. For example, of juveniles reporting staff sexual misconduct, 89 percent were boys reporting abuse by a female staff member. In total, inmates reported an astronomical 900,000 incidents of sexual abuse.


    Chicks can get their rape on too.

    1. Umm, John, Elizabeth, as implied by the name, is a woman. Women can’t be sexist. That’s like a black being racist. UNPOSSIBLE!

      1. Men die younger, more often violently, get injured in the workplace more often, than women. I forget what all the other bad shit is.

        But, yeah – these incidents “illustrate the ways in which women are victims of police violence, too.”

        Think of it as cop Affirmative Action.

    2. I don’t think I did imply that. One of the officers in the March arrests I link was a woman.

      1. Forget it, ENB – this is HyRtown…

        1. It is as it always is, a nasty stew of porn, pot, anonymous slander and Mexican ass sex.

          1. /why there are no female libertarians

          2. It’s a catchier motto than “Free minds, Free markets”

      2. I was just being flippant. My point was more “my God everyone in law enforcement seems to be a degenerate”

        1. My point was more “my God everyone in law enforcement seems to be a degenerate”

          That is what I got out of it. It shouldn’t surprise me but it does.

      3. Typically Michelle’s are female, so I think so. And it appears her male comrade took his own life because he probably knew if one of them was going to take the rap, it would be him.

  8. Perhaps if the press did a better job of not covering these things, people would trust the police more and the police would respond to this increased trust positively.

    1. *begins clapping, rises….*

      1. Just don’t be the first guy to sit down.

        1. ^This^

          Kanye will call you out and embarrass you. After that, the ass-whuppins.

  9. Obviously no one taught these men how not to rape.

    1. Thanks for joining me in the good fight!

      Almanian!|9.17.14 @ 3:31PM|#

      When are we going to start teaching cops not to serially rape?
      reply to this

      1. First they want me to RTFA, now they want me to RTFCs as well!?

        1. Why did you read his response?

          Or this one?


      2. These cops are just victims of the rape culture. If it wasn’t for the rape culture, they wouldn’t be out raping and getting thrown in prison.

        It is funny how feminists are so dim witted it never occurs to them that their blaming of the “rape culture” makes the perp a victim too.

        1. John, remember that feminism is socialism with tits. They would never blame an individual for his actions because they don’t acknowledge that individuals make decisions and act on their own. It’s group think in every possible sense of the phrase.

        2. They’re cops. Go to prison?

  10. things that don’t make Hannah Storm cry or get Stephen A Smith to lay hands on people.




  11. what’s going on with Oklahoma police culture?

    When I was with some family a few weeks back, I brought up police corruption. None of them cared a whit that the guy that killed a police dog was basically executed for it, or that the city might have spent a fortune on the stupid funeral for the dog. I would bet that if they have heard about these rapes they would simply shrug and say something like “you can’t judge from a few bad apples”.

    I think that due to its more suburban nature, people in OKC don’t think that something like this would happen in their “city”. The metropolitan area is a conglomerate of small municipalities and former municipalities. As the second or third largest city by area in the country, this is a pretty large number. It is one of those other cities where things like this happen.

  12. So, should I tell my wife to just shoot any cop that pulls her over, just to be sure.

    1. You could, but the better advice would be what I give to my wife, don’t talk to them, only answer yes or no, period.

      1. Is the answer “period” when he is about to rape her?

  13. Serial Sexual Assault?

    Damn, remind me to not eat any more Frosted Flakes! Ewww!

    1. I thinks that’s the other cereal.

      1. Maybe he means surreal.

  14. What’s the big deal?… for people who kill ‘subjects’ armed with toy guns, brushes, drills, or Nintendo Wii’s rape is merely no-strings-attached sex.

    1. I think the rape shows more malice and intent, whereas most of the things you mentioned could be blamed on panic fire by pussies who think they’re heroes.

    2. merely no-strings-attached sex

      Law enforcement with benefits?

  15. Why are cops getting a pass on all of their other crimes? Such as the inhuman, unconstitutional War on Drugs?

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