New Ad Campaign Urges Cannabis Consumers to Learn From Maureen Dowd's Marijuana Mistake


A new new public awareness campaign in Colorado, aimed at encouraging responsible use of marijuana edibles, features a billboard that alludes to New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd's famously unpleasant encounter with cannabis-infused chocolate:


Mason Tvert, communications director at the Marijuana Policy Project, which is sponsoring the ad campaign, explains:

For decades, efforts to educate people about marijuana have been led by government agencies and organizations that want to maintain marijuana prohibition. Their campaigns have been characterized by fear mongering, misinformation, and derision, and they have not made anyone safer. Like most Americans, Ms. Dowd has probably seen countless silly anti-marijuana ads on TV, but she never saw one that highlights the need to "start low and go slow" when consuming marijuana edibles.

Now that marijuana is a legal product like alcohol in some states—and on its way to becoming legal in others— it needs to be treated that way. That's where the Consume Responsibly campaign comes in.

MPP highlights how far we've come in "A Brief History of Marijuana Education in America."

I discussed the special hazards posed by cannabis-infused foods in a column last July. Short version: Edibles are indeed tricky, but consumers are not as helpless as Dowd portrays them.


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  1. Plus the Marijuana Amotivational Syndrome goes right to your hips.

    1. No one told me that I’d get drunk if I downed half a bottle of tequila in ten minutes. How was I to know?

  2. Human beings are rarely as stupid as Dowd. So, yes, they are not generally as helpless as she is.

    1. What John said

  3. Seattle Times has this big online ad campaign this morning:

    And yet, gun crime keeps dropping…

    1. And yet, gun crime keeps dropping…

      It’s like global warming, results and facts don’t mean anything, only the agenda.

      1. Same for the drug war. Stats show usage fairly constant across all demographic groups while enforcement fervor gets more strident.

        The problem is twofold. First, the mission has changed from lessening the use of drugs and now the mission is the mission. By that I mean that fighting the “bad guys” is the mission and not protecting the public.

        Second is the abominable and I say unconstitutional civil asset forfeiture laws. Cops are confiscating property in record amounts based upon the idea that anyone carrying large amounts of cash are immediately suspect and must be involved in a crime. Then they use the money to buy cop gear.

        More and more cases of cop corruption are starting to crop up involving everything from helping drug dealers to using confiscated funds in illegal ways. A DA here in the Atlanta Metro was allowed to retire in lieu of prosecution for diverting forfeited funds for crony hiring of a woman and her two kids. The jobs came with great pay, benefits and perks including luxury vehicles and paid trips. The DA has developed life-threatening health problems or he might have been prosecuted and others will be it seems.

        It’s the MONEY STUPID! On both sides! Mark Twain said it best, “It is the prohibition that makes a thing precious.” It was true for alcohol during Prohibition and it remains true today.

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    1. I’m trying to decide between the Russian and Chinese options.

  5. Here’s my Maureen Dowd MJ mistake campaign slogan:

    If you’re going to try pot, don’t be a dingbat.

    1. Right leave that to the effects of long time use.

  6. Maureen Dowd’s famously [CITATION NEEDED] unpleasant encounter with cannabis-infused chocolate:

  7. “Gaoxiain” or whatever said it

  8. The fact that this is even an issue being openly discussed is awesome

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