Romney Would Be A Better Prez Than Obama or Hillary, Says Romney


Despite denying plans to run again, former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney trashed President Obama and likely 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in an interview on Sunday, claiming there's "no question in [his] mind" that he'd be a better president than both of them.

Romney spoke with Fox News' Chris Wallace Sunday about his future electoral prospects, particularly given the fact that voters would now prefer him in the White House to President Obama. "There's no question in my mind that I would've been a better president than Barack Obama has been," he claimed. "No question in my mind about that." But, he added, his time as a candidate has "come and gone."

But he certainly sounded like a candidate when Wallace asked him about Clinton.

"You mentioned Hillary Clinton," Wallace said. "Do you think you'd make a better president than Hillary Clinton?"

"No question about that in my mind," Romney said, noting the "American people may disagree with me."