Cringe in Horror as Tom Friedman Coins 'Leading from Within,' Aborts English Language


Thomas Friedman
World Economic Forum 2013 / FLickr

Here is the latest from Reason's favorite punching bag, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman. See if you can make it through the first paragraph:

I DON'T know what action will be sufficient to roll back both the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, and Russia's president, Vladimir Putin, but I do know what's necessary. And it's not "leading from behind," which didn't really work for President Obama in Libya, and it isn't simply leading a lonely and unpopular charge from in front, which certainly didn't work for President Bush in Iraq. It's actually reviving America's greatest strategy: leading from within.

The rest of the column is about how Putin and ISIL are basically the same and America needs to be "crazy like a fox" to defeat them. Whole thing here.