Police Abuse

Brickbat: Move Along


Gregory Towns died after East Point, Georgia, cops shocked him up to 13 times with a Taser to get him to walk, according to an attorney for his family. Police had captured and handcuffed Towns after he led them on a foot chase, but Towns claimed he was too tired to move. The attorney said the total shock time was 47 seconds.

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  1. Gregory Towns died after East Point, Georgia, cops shocked him up to 13 times with a Taser to get him to walk…

    But it worked for Frankenstein.

    1. IT’S ALIIII-oh shit…

  2. And nothing else happened…


  3. The proper tool to get a perp to walk is a cattle prod. Procedures not followed.

  4. OT: English Farmers Wise to EU thought processes:

    A bid to safeguard endangered wildflower meadows has backfired, according to an unpublished report by the watchdog Natural England.

    Some 98% of English meadows have been lost to intensive farming, but the rate of loss nearly doubled after the EU said it wanted to protect grasslands.

    The report says many farmers responded by digging up their meadows before tighter rules could be introduced.


    tl;dr : We’re going to use it before you can steal it.

  5. From comments:

    “Farmers do not care about meadows, all they care about is money and how much they can get of it. Be it doing nothing and getting paid for it by the EU or sticking up useless wind turbines and fleecing the tax payer.”

    I thought useless wind turbines were a left-wing environmental thing forced upon people?

    “Aah, farmers. “Guardians of the countryside” and all that.
    Turns out that, left to their own devices, we’d have no wildlife left at all.

    Still, once they’ve succeeded in making bees and other pollinators extinct, most of them will be out of a job. I’m sure they’ll find a way to blame “ignorant city-dwellers” as usual though.”

    I don’t know enough about the plight of the bees, but, something tells me farmers have been ‘left to their own devices’ longer than there has been the nation-state.

    “Do you government should manage ‘all’ land
    Government always has. Always will. Google “Enclosure” to educate yourself about that.”

    Again. What about the times before ‘government’ controlled lands?

    1. Is this the same SusanM, or a suspiciously similar substitute?

      5 Minutes ago

      whythall, cor lummy you’ve got it sorted, guvner. All that affordable food to avoid malnutrition is just not cricket, mate. Best to offer no incentive to provide food or, better yet, burn down all those horrible farms! Crikey m’laddo we’ve got it sussed.

      1. Whoever it is, it looks like some good trolling. I approve.

    2. What about the times before ‘government’ controlled lands?

      According to Tony, there has never been such a time.

      1. First there was nothing, then God was elected…

    3. What about the times before ‘government’ controlled lands?

      That’s like asking ‘what existed before the Big Bang’ or ‘what’s outside the universe’ – nonsensical.

  6. When are people going to learn to STOP RESISTING? Never, I suppose. And they’ll die. Serves ’em right.

    /Law and Order Derpitarian

    1. If you don’t want to get shot, DO WHAT I TELL YOU!

      1. GOOD civilian! GOOD civilian!

  7. stun drive

    What a great expression!

    “Drive. Drive. DRIVE! DRIVE!

  8. Cops think “Non-Lethal” way to get obedience. They are way to quick to use it.

    A quick Bing search shows many instances of people getting tased in the eye. Ouch! Not to mention going blind in that eye.

    I need to invent a mesh undershirt with battery pack that will send the volts back to the taser and destroy it.

    1. Nice idea, but disarming the cops of one toy will merely induce them to bring out a more lethal one.

    2. I need to invent a mesh undershirt with battery pack that will send the volts back to the taser and destroy it.

      Already done.


  9. Cops usually just hogtie you and heave-ho you into the back of the car under those circumstances. How was the taser supposed to get the guy moving? I thought the entire purpose of the taser was the distinct opposite of getting one moving?

    1. And then they shoot you in the back and claim that you actually shot yourself in the chest.

      1. Hey, physics sometimes takes a holiday just like everybody else.

  10. I need to invent a mesh undershirt with battery pack that will send the volts back to the taser and destroy it.

    If you get that to work, you’ll probably get a War on COPZ shut-out from Chuck Schumer on the Senate floor.

    1. Hrmmm… can we SWAT the Senate?

  11. Its PUNK cops like this i just LOVE to hear about in the news getting clipped in the line of duty!


  12. I’d ask for a hat tip but it’s far too late.

  13. “The Taser is not a compliance tool.”

    Write it on the chalkboard A BILLION TIMES, Officer Fuckwit.

    1. Then wtf is it then?

  14. I guess this guy has never heard the maxim “Don’t bother running, you’ll only DIE TIRED”.

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