Michael Brown Shooting

Another Night of Protests, Tear Gas in Ferguson


The atmosphere in Ferguson is growing more tense after shots were fired near where protesters were gathering.

Tear gas was deployed by law enforcement just after 11:00 p.m. News 4's Julian Johnson was one of many hit by tear gas. Officers have been using a loudspeaker to tell demonstrators to leave and go home.

A "Code 2000" was issued around 11:30 Monday night, meaning 50 additional officers were requested to come to the scene.

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  1. Cliff Notes: Large angry man robs liquor store. Large angry man walks down middle of street with stolen goods in hands. Cop stops large angry man walking down middle of street. Large angry man attacks cop. Cop shoots large angry man in self defense. Community supports large angry man who robbed liquor store, attacked cop, and was shot in self defense while stupidly attacking an armed person. Community must “do something” so they gather in the same area where some in the community are looting and rioting, and are subsequently tear-gassed and dispersed by police in order to prevent further looting and rioting. Community repeats this every night for many days, expecting something to change.

    1. Cliff’s notes. Give a guy his possessive. BTW Cliff is a racist for not seeing race in everything.

    2. I’m just waiting for the funeral with the obligatory preacher blathering on about ‘stopping the cycle of violence in our community’, when it seems to me this particular cycle has been stopped, with the violent person about to be put underground.

      1. PS–just listen to the excuses given by said ‘community’.

        “Hey, strong arm robbery is not so bad.”
        “Hey, jaywalking down the middle of the street at high noon is not bad.”
        “Hey, bum rushing to cop in his car is not bad.”
        “Hey, how can you tell that guy who has the same build and clothing on in the video is the dead guy?”

        Blah blah blah. It’s like listening to grade school children debate on the playground.

      2. “Ma baby dint do nuffin”. Count on it.

  2. Truth And Consequences

    With regard to ethnic and racial relations in Canada and the UK, the truth is no defense. Make someone feel bad about his race or ethnicity? Go to jail. The truth has become no defense. Consequence? Tyranny.

    In the USA, the Negroid community provides an example. With support from those of The Left, it has unleashed a tyranny by a minority to the point that many of its members feel free to riot whenever they claim, even wrongly, that a supposed injustice has been committed against one of them.

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