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Clickhole Asks, 'Police or Army: Who Wore It Better?'


U.S. Army / Wikimedia Commons

Following in the grand tradition of The Onion, Onion-affiliated viral news parody website has consistently produced hilarious articles making more salient points than the news sites they are intended to mock.

In that vein, published "Police or Army: Who Wore it Better?"

Are we seeing double?! Nope, that's just what happens when two of the state's instruments of physical force bust out the exact same look. Time for a fashion face-off!

Uh-oh! Looks like the St. Louis County Police Department attended a peaceful protest in Ferguson rockin' the same vest the U.S. army wore less than two months earlier in war-torn Afghanistan.

Verdict: Big fans of both, but the U.S. Army pulls it off a little better for our taste!

The reality that small-town police departments are often equipped with military-style weaponry and armor is currently making news, given what is happening in Ferguson, Missouri. Long-time readers of Reason know that federal programs have encouraged local cops to repurpose equipment intended for use in Iraq and Afghanistan, contributing to the militarization of police.