Fast Food

The End of McFood?

Customizable food chains like Chipotle winning out.


McDonald's says a global sales figure fell 2.5 percent in July, dragged down by persistent weakness in the U.S. and a food safety scare in China.

(In) the U.S., McDonald's has failed to boost sales since October amid intensifying competition and shifting eating habits. The drop in July came despite its sponsorship of the World Cup.

Part of the problem is that chains like Chipotle are gaining favor by touting more wholesome ingredients and the ability to customize food. McDonald's is trying to adapt on multiple fronts, including a "Build-Your-Own-Burger" test in Southern California and a new Bacon Clubhouse burger positioned as a premium offering at $5 or $6.

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  1. They should slash their advertising budget. When you’re as ubiquitous as McDonald’s, it’s a waste of money. No one goes there for healthy food. Just be on every corner, and sell cheap food with lots of salt.

  2. Agree with Bones – No one will want to pay $5 or $6 for a Mcburger – add in fries and soda and you’re over $10. You may as well go to a “real” restaurant for this amount of money.

    1. Pricing is still a problem. I dig their fries, so when I order a big mac meal, I order the large. That’s almost $8, which is a lot for a McD burger, good fries, and a soda.

      Maybe I should order from the $ menu.

  3. 1. Swap the limp, greasy lady finger fries for thick-cut.
    2. Inject a little honesty and change the ads to reflect the “hey, it’ll make a turd” mentality of the customer base.
    3. Start a $0.09 menu, put everything but the filet-o-fish on it.
    4. Identify, isolate, and remove the ingredients that give me the McFarts.

    1. Don’t dick with the fries! That’s their best item. Gotta be fresh, but when they are – deelish.

  4. Regional burger places like Sonic, In and Out and dozens others long ago kicked McDonald’s ass with great food sans all the kiddy and clown crap.

  5. It could be interesting to see if Burger King, Wendy’s face the same music and from what I read on this Toronto Star article, Burger King seems to do well…..in_q2.html
    as well as Wendy’s according to this article of the Wall Street Journal.…..d=yahoo_hs

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