Hearing on Stoned Driving Undermines Pot Prohibitionists' Scary Prophecies


House Oversight and Government Reform Committee

Last week Rep. John Mica (R-Fla.) convened a hearing aimed at scaring people about the dangerously stoned drivers who supposedly will fill our roads and highways if marijuana is legalized. In my latest Forbes column, I explain why a calmer view emerges from the details of the hearing. Here is how the piece starts:

If marijuana is legalized, John Mica warned at a congressional hearing last week, there will be blood. "In the last dozen years," the Florida Republican said, "we've had [half] a million Americans slaughtered on the highways…and half of those fatalities are related to people who are impaired through alcohol or drugs." Legal pot will compound this "phenomenal devastation," he said, since "we are going to have a lot more people stoned on the highway."

Mica, a proud pot prohibitionist who chairs a subcommittee of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, convened the hearing to raise an alarm about the deadly threat that legalization poses to anyone navigating the roads and highways. But by the end of the hearing, anyone who was paying attention recognized that his grim prophecies have little basis in fact.

Read the whole thing.

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  1. I don’t drive stoned because I can’t maintain a steady speed and I forget where I am.

    1. Cruise control and GPS for you.

  2. I used to drive stoned, pretty much all the time in the 80’s, till I grew up and got a real job.

    Best stoned road trip – early 80’s jaunt to get a Dew with my friend in my trusty ’71 Camaro. We returned about 6 hours later.

    Friends: “Where you been?”

    Us: “We went to get a Dew.”

    Friends: *quizzical look?*

    Us: “Well, we got in Lansing….via Grand Rapids….”


    Good times, good times…

  3. Yeah OK man that makes a lot of sense dude. WOw.

  4. Americans slaughtered on the highways

    “phenomenal devastation,”

    Yes, John, I’m now terrified. You need to DO SOMETHING!!!!!!

    1. It’s better to just slaughter those people via cop or send them off to die in meaningless foreign wars.

  5. So, what do you do when fearmongering is all you have? Why, you fearmonger, of course.

    1. FEAR HARDER!!!!

      1. Fear smarter, not harder.

  6. Mica, a proud pot prohibitionist

    Be gone, you troglodyte.

  7. Notably, total traffic fatalities fell during the periods covered by all three studies, which seems inconsistent with the notion that less repressive marijuana policies make the roads more dangerous.

    Just imagine how much further they would have fallen had we had more rigorous measures against drugged driving. Singapore has some pretty draconian anti-drug laws and you don’t hear much about Americans getting killed in drugged-driving car wrecks in Singapore, do you?

    1. If Singapore is like most big cities outside the USA, people don’t get killed because the traffic is so heavy they can’t drive very fast.

      I don’t ever have fear for my life when driving in city traffic. It’s when I’m on the interstates or beltways and you have large trucks driving 90 miles an hour and idiots on their cell phones doing the same and cutting in and out of traffic.

      1. I don’t want to ban using a cell phone while driving. But… I could probably get behind life sentences for anyone who causes a fatal wreck due to yapping on one while operating a motor vehicle.

        Old people will cell phones, driving. *shudder*

        1. s/will/with/

        2. I would actually treating evidence that a driver was either talking or texting on a handheld device in exactly the same way that blowing 0.10 is treated when assessing liability for an accident. In other words, automatic fault.

      2. While there is traffic, it is not like other big cities in Asia because they make owning a car so expensive through taxes and licensing that nobody can afford to drive.

        1. Singapore imposes an $80,000 fee for the “Certificate of Entitlement” required to purchase an automobile. The certificate is only valid for ten years. The cost of the car itself is usually less than the certificate.

          1. The price of the Certificate is actually determined by auction, but recently it ran about $80,000.

  8. Ya know, there’s just something really sad about a grown man who dyes his hair and/or wears a toupee.

    Yeah, I’m looking at you, “Mica” (if that is your real name).

    1. The guy’s fighting a war that he can’t possibly win. Don’t you feel a little sad for him? I don’t, I hope he gets hit by a bus.

    2. Nice hair! How much did you have “to pay”?

    3. pro tip: if you want to disguise your baldness with a rug, don’t dye your hair an unnatural color. tends to draw the eye.

  9. This hearing would have been better if they had passed a joint around.

    1. Might be good for removing the large stick from their arses that they walk around with all day.

  10. Prohibitionist twat is twattishly prohibitionistic. Story at 11.

  11. The only danger stoned driving presents is if I drop my joint on the floor and have to reach down to retrieve it. I drive stoned nearly every day in the Metro Atlanta area, and have a spotless driving record. I have never in my 20+ years of driving hit anything while behind the wheel of an automobile. And honestly, pot makes me less dangerous on the road. I actually slow down and am less aggressive (zig-zagging through traffic) stoned than I am sober.

    1. Why do you hate children?

    2. Then clearly all drivers must be required to smoke pot immediately before or while driving.

      /politician (because the opposite of prohibition is a mandate)

    3. Driving too slowly for conditions is dangerous.

      You’re just like the drunks who think they’re great drivers. Nope.

  12. The really scary thing we should all fear most is that there are people in Florida who would actually vote for an out-of-touch, fear-mongering, toupee-wearing hypocrite.

  13. Sounds just like the hoplophobes who feared that, after Texas began licensing concealed carry, it would be the shootout at the OK corral.

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