Anthony Fisher Talking Israel-Gaza on HuffPost Live Today at 1030am ET


I'll be appearing on HuffPost Live today at 1030am ET to discuss the current prospects for a

Doin' the Huffpost Live

 lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians, which I wrote about yesterday on these very web pages.

I will be joined by host Josh Zepps and human rights attorney Noura Erakat, who wrote this piece for The Nationcriticizing Israeli government talking points on the current conflict. 

Should you miss the live feed, the segment will be available to watch later here.

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  1. I made a concerted point to stop following this story 15 years ago. Has anything changed in the interim?

    1. Just the names.

  2. That Noura Erakat sounds like a real peach.

    Remind me again, what “race” is Hamas?

    1. I enjoyed reading her article — where I found out that “F-16s and an arsenal of modern weapon technology” give Israel “the ability to target single individuals and therefore to avoid civilian casualties”. Would that Noura had told the US military of her superb and heretofore unknown strategem to target individual persons with that technology, sans civilian casualties. Or where she includes the following in her article without realizing how well it corroborates Israel’s claim of forebearance:

      Israel has killed almost 800 Palestinians in the past twenty-one days in the Gaza Strip alone; its onslaught continues. The UN estimates that more than 74 percent of those killed are civilians. That is to be expected in a population of 1.8 million where the number of Hamas members is approximately 15,000.

      Or, for example, this little gem:

      Israel has yet to prove that Hamas has used civilian infrastructure to store military weapons. The two cases where Hamas indeed stored weapons in UNRWA schools, the schools were empty.

      Oh, and look: she’s a lawyer. I’d have never guessed, whatwith her ability to speak out of her ass on subjects she knows nothing about.

    2. “Privilege”. These idiots have ruined another perfectly useful word.

  3. Yeah, the world media’s logic for supporting Hamas is scary unbelievable. Jesus Christ how stupid they are.

    Liberty Israel. Kill every last member of Hamas and Islamic Jihad if you must. Gun ownership has its virtues.

  4. Courtesy of Berkeley’s finest (Mrs. Eraket)

    The siege has created a “humanitarian catastrophe” in the Gaza Strip. Inhabitants will not be able to access clean water, electricity or tend to even the most urgent medical needs.

    So…Hamas has money for rockets and tunnels, but not for water, power, or medicine. But of course, the Palestinians are not responsible for their own livelihoods, or the lack thereof, the Israelis are.

    They [Hamas] sound almost as stupid as the politicians who couldn’t feed themselves on minimum wage.

  5. You cannot create enduring peace with someone that is passionately intent on killing you.

    There will be no peace so long as Islam survives as an ideology.

    We could however eleminate Islam with one quick and simple strike. Anihilate the kaabah in mecca, effectively cutting off Islams balls, so to speak.

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