Police Abuse

This Is Why Bad New York Cops Can Get Away With Abuse


Two years ago, a black man named Darren Collins claimed that a New York City cop humiliated him in front of his friends in broad daylight, pulling down his pants and underwear on the street and tapping his testicles in an unlawful search for drugs…

In the end, the only people who paid were taxpayers. The city shelled out $30,000 to Collins and another plaintiff in a settlement, but the cop who allegedly harassed Collins rejected the claims against him and was never disciplined or even admonished. He kept his badge and gun and stayed on the streets.



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  1. You can’t take his badge and gun. That would compromise


  2. Isn’t “bad cop” a bit redundant?

    1. I think some do start out with good intentions and either get corrupted by the majority who are there just for the power trip or leave after a few years. So you’re left with mostly bad cops, and a few good ones with a foot out the door.

      The very strong culture of not badmouthing fellow officers just perpetuates the problem…even the otherwise good ones don’t do it out of fear of reprisals.

      1. 99.9% of police give the rest a bad name

        1. 0.1% is technically “some”…

          1. I had an encounter with a mythical good cop once. He gave me a ride home without asking me a bunch of questions, searching me, running me for warrants, threatening me, and otherwise doing what every other cop I’ve ever encountered did. So yeah, they do exist.

            1. My daughter-in-law’s father was one of those old timey good cops of yore. He retired early because and I quote, “I was tired of working with stupid assholes, which was the only type of guy they were hiring.” He builds furniture now.

            2. I’ve had 2 in just the last couple of years. However in both cases I was living in affluent white towns with very low crime rates. Hell in the town I live in now the most common call that the police have to deal with by a very significant margin is livestock getting loose so the cops here tend to be a hell of a lot more reasonable and less jaded and the towns residents who have a median income north of $130k don’t tolerate overly nosey civil servants.

              1. It’s funny how cops behave differently when the citizens they interact with can afford to hire a lawyer.

  3. I blame Bush

    1. I think Rudy “noun verb 9/11” Guliani is a much better candidate for blame.

      /that’s probably the best description ever for a politician….

  4. He may have been holding contraband in his scrotum afterall.

    1. He is a black man. Everybody knows that their savage and virile natures impregnate women just with a glance.

    2. Few non-cops are aware of the incredible carrying capacity of a black man’s scrotum.

  5. It seems like you left out a very important part of this story here:

    The cop’s name was Officer Daniel Pantaleo. On July 17, Pantaleo, who is white, became the focus of a racially charged controversy after another altercation with a black man. This time, Pantaleo wrapped his arm around Staten Island resident Eric Garner, seizing him in a banned chokehold. Garner died soon after.

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