Justin Amash: The Candidate of the People vs. Cronyist Opponent Brian Ellis


Matt Naham writing at Rare gathers some data on how Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) seems with his comparatively radical libertarianism to be far more popular with more people than his GOP-centrist primary opponent Brian Ellis.

Seems Amash has so far outraised Ellis

$252,000 to a number below $100,000 in individual donations.

The Amash campaign released a statement that read "Ellis again couldn't break the $100,000 threshold for individual giving—a critical benchmark that separates fringe and serious candidates. Amash received donations from 1,416 individuals, with an average donation of about $154. Ellis reported 109 individual donors, with an average donation of $695."

Connie Lemmink commented on behalf of Amash that "over a thousand grassroots supporters stood up for liberty, the Constitution, and Justin Amash. Brian Ellis runs his campaign like he'd run our government: fueled by big spending, driven by lies, and loaded with debt. It turns out running on Obamacare expansion, Common Core, and NSA spying isn't a winning strategy."

PACs have more love for the challenger Elllis (who thinks Amash is Al Queda's best buddy for caring about American civil liberties and lives), including Blue Cross / Blue Shield of Michigan, Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America, Association For Advanced Life Underwriting, The Dow Chemical Company, and the Michigan Chamber of Commerce.

I blogged about this uniquely ugly primary campaign the other day.