Sex Offender Registry

I Saw a Man Get Arrested For a Sex Crime Because He Made a Scheduling Error

'I might be mistaken... but technically he has broken the law and failure to comply with the registry laws is considered a new sexual offense.'


Klaus with K / Wikimedia Commons

When I agreed to keynote the Reform Sex Offender Laws conference this week in Dallas, Texas, I didn't expect it to hit quite so close to home. 

But before I arrived, I got a phone call from a soft-spoken, super-articulate young man, Joshua Gravens, who is a Soros Justice Scholar based in Dallas. His specialty is the injustice of the sex offender registry and the fact that it isn't making kids any safer (see this study and this article). He was also on the public sex offender list until recently and still has restrictions on his movement.* He invited me to come with him to the police department to give notice he had moved. Who could resist?

Josh became a sex offender at age 12. That's when he touched his sister's vagina, twice. His sister told their mom, Josh said it was true (he was too embarrassed at the time to mention that he himself had been raped as a young boy by three local high school kids), and their mom called a counseling service for advice. The counsellor said Josh's mother was required to report his crime to the authorities and the next day, he was arrested.

He spent the next four years in juvenile prison: the Texas Youth Commission, as it is officially called.

The charge was "aggravated sexual assault," because any sex offense against a person under age 14 is automatically "aggravated." He got out at age 16 and was put on the sex offender registry, which, in Dallas, requires him to report in person to the authorities once a year, as well as anytime anything in his life changes.

Today he is 27, married with children, and smiley. We met up, had a jolly breakfast (except for the fact he said he felt too pudgy to start a speaking tour), and then we went off to the registry, because his family had just moved to a new house and he had to let the state know no more than seven days after the move.

Just as the detective in the nondescript office finished typing this information into the system and Josh and I were about to go to lunch, a man with a beard and a badge strode up and said, "Joshua Gravens?"


"You are under arrest for not alerting the authorities to your new address." He whipped out handcuffs. "Put your hands behind your back."


As the man tightened the cuffs, Josh calmly explained he was registering his new address that very minute.

"The law says you you have to register the fact you are going to move seven days before the move, too."

"I think you're mistaken," said Josh, as pleasantly as if discussing the weather.

"I was told to arrest you," was the reply, and that was that. Josh handed me his car keys and followed the man out to his van along with a handcuffed woman who was crying. She was going to jail for having listed her address as a hotel when she actually lives in her car in front of the hotel.

(This statute suggests that the officer was correct: Registrants must report their intention to change addresses seven days before actually moving, according to the statute.)

After trying to reach Josh's contacts, I hurried over to the sex offender conference to ask: What would happen to Josh now?

"I might be mistaken," said Jon Cordeiro, a sex offender registrant and director of a Fort Worth re-entry program for offenders, "but technically he has broken the law and failure to comply with the registry laws is considered a new sexual offense."

sexual offense?

Yes. Any registering snafu is considered a sex crime, and depending on the judge, it can be punished as harshly as the original offense. In other words: Josh, at 27, will be treated as if he just touched an 8 year old's vagina again.

"Typically, there's a mandatory minimum of two to five years," said Cordeiro.

"In Arkansas, he'd be looking at six," said another attendee.

Now, maybe Josh will get a great lawyer. Maybe he'll get a lenient judge, or compassionate prosecutor. Or maybe he'll spend half the next decade in prison, charged as a sexual predator for showing up 13 days late with his moving plans.

It's time to reform sex offender laws.

*The original version of this story referred to Gravens as a registered sex offender. He was actually removed from the public list in 2012 after his case drew media attention. But he remains on the list kept by police and his movement remains restricted due in part to two previous failures to register which still appear as felonies on his record, both of which he blames on being incorrectly informed about reporting requirements. 

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  1. For fuck’s sake, Lenore. A central issue in this poor bastard’s future is whether the statute in fact requires 7 day advance notice.

    And you can’t be bothered to look it up?

    1. From the remainder of the column, I inferred that the statue was correct (if completely idiotic), which is why he said it needed to be reformed. But maybe you’re his editor, so I’ll stay out of it.

      1. *her editor. (I need an editor.)

      2. The only thing I could get was that (a) a cop said he had to give advance notice and (b) the suspect, who I suspect is pretty knowledgable about the statute, said otherwise.

        What the statute actually says, we have no clue. And its kind of relevant. Its the difference between a totally extra-legal arrest, and one that just shows shockingly bad judgment.

        1. Later in the article:

          (This statute suggests that the officer was correct: Registrants must report their intention to change addresses seven days before actually moving, according to the statute.)

          (there’s a link in the article itself)

          1. Criminy, how did I miss that?

            I take it all back, unless it was added late.

            My apologies.

        2. Its the difference between a totally extra-legal arrest, and one that just shows shockingly bad judgment.

          I’m confused, which outcome causes you to put your feet up and go ‘the system works’?

          I’m kinda outraged at a mother being forced to turn her 12-yr.-old son in to be violent sexual assault for something that was distinctly not.

          1. The counsellor said Josh’s mother was required to report his crime to the authorities and the next day, he was arrested.

            See. One more reason to trust your government. They are there to help.

          2. I’m confused, which outcome causes you to put your feet up and go ‘the system works’?

            Neither, but one would be worse than the other. And I like to know exactly what I am dealing with.

        3. It’s not really relevant because it’s a horrible miscarriage of justice in either case.

        4. Shockingly bad judgment? As in “I’m SHOCKED that he didn’t fully understand the extensive regulatory language (which exists as a PRETEXT for locking people up who have committed no actual crime) and, as such, he is getting everything he deserves?

          It is YOU who is exhibiting shockingly BAD judgment (and cynically motivated, at that) in finding any aspect of this “regulatory” regime reasonable and in good faith!

          1. Um, I thought Monocle meant it was a shocking waste to bother arresting him.

            But on second thought that be right, because who’s shocked by police bullshit anymore?


      The statute was correct.

      1. As I read this form, you need to tell the registry in your current municipality 7 days before you move and you have to tell the registrant in your new municipality 7 days after you move. It doesn’t seem to address moves within a municipality.

        1. Either you need to report twice, or the first covers the second. Either way, he’s fucked.

    3. Truly poor reporting. Talk about Stockholm syndrome. Lenore bought this guys BS, hook, line and sinker.

    4. OK, so the statute itself is stupid, but if this guy really does already have 2 prior “offenses” of this sort, and they count as felonies, and might end up with him spending another 5 years in jail, you’d think he’d make a fairly strong effort to make sure he knew what the laws he was subject to were, here.

      1. Can you read legalize? Lawmakers make changes at a whim and send out no notification that the laws have changed, saying that it’s up to the offender to know the law.

        If lawmakers make a law that says you’re not allowed to walk and chew gum, but don’t tell you about it, and then you get charged with a crime when you were
        Caught chewing gum while walking. Point is, he has never intended to NOT register. He goes to register along with Lanore and he is arrested for FTR when he is there to register is new a address. She isn’t writing about what he told her, she is writing what she HERSELF WITNESSED!

  2. Jesus Christ. Lenore, are you trying to beat Radley for horrible, depressing stories of total injustice?

    1. Whatever you do, don’t read her blog. There’s so much more there. I can’t stay away from Reason, but I’ve had to self-impose breaks from her site due to emotional fatigue.

  3. their mom called a counseling service for advice

    Never call a counseling service for any reason. They practically work for the police.

    1. The counsellor said Josh’s mother was required to report his crime to the authorities and the next day, he was arrested.

      What a stupid woman.

      1. Well, with parents that are dumb enough to take her advice, she probably did Josh a favor.

    2. Worse: They feel morally justified in their actions.

      At least (most) cops know when they’re fucking someone over for the rest of their lives.

      1. But do they care? No.

        1. They revel in it.

          powa POWA powa!!!

    3. You can pretty much write off any person who says you need involve the government in your life for any reason other than “the gubmint will hurt you if you don’t”, which is pretty much the only valid one, service monopolies aside.

    4. Some would very much prefer not to but they are compelled by extraordinarily sweeping (and PUNITIVE) mandatory reporting laws.

  4. Any [sex] registering snafu is considered a sex crime

    Hey, this has *great* potential!

    “Any snafu in notifying the MVA of your new address is considered vehicular manslaughter.”

    “Any snafu in notifying the Jury Commissioner of your new address is considered lying under oath.”


    1. Please don’t give them any ideas.

  5. “Josh became a sex offender at age 12. That’s when he touched his sister’s vagina, twice.”
    age of the sister? ffs.

    1. In other words: Josh, at 27, will be treated as if he just touched an 8 year old’s vagina again.

      1. Reading – how DOES that work?

        1. It works well if you don’t jump the gun.

        2. It works better when the writing is good.

      2. People erroneously call the outer region called the vulva the vagina. So we don’t know if he actually touched his sister’s vagina which is inside, and worse than touching the outside vulva or clitoris.

    2. Does it matter? Do you think 4 years in jail for a 12 year old + permanently on sex offender registry is reasonable? ffs.

      1. Somewhat. No, I do not.

  6. Stuff like this just sticks in my craw. I hope, for his sake, that he gets a lenient judge.

    1. I’d rather eliminate bullshit laws giving government this kind of power, so it doesn’t happen again.

      1. Of course, but realistically, what’s the chance that’s going to happen before he gets to trial?

        1. I do wonder, though, if he could mount a “cruel and unusual punishment” defense for this current infraction.

  7. If we don’t lock up these damn curious kids playing doctor, lives could be ruined.

    1. If we don’t lock up ruin the lives of these damn curious kids playing doctor, lives could be ruined.


      1. Thanks – I knew there was a subtlety that I was missing.

  8. failure to comply with the registry laws is considered a new sexual offense

    Words fail.

  9. I wish I hadn’t read this. I already knew the sex offender laws have to change. This just served to be depressing.

    1. Now we have the Skenazy ‘vagina touch’ to go along with the Balko ‘nut punch’.

      A triumph for gender equity, or something…

      1. Since it’s a Balko ‘nut punch’ it should be a Skenazy ‘cunt punt’.

        1. Heh-heh… “cunt punt,” I still can’t help but laugh at that phrase.

        2. I hate the word cunt, but I love ‘cunt punt’ and will have to find a use for it.

          Thank you, sirrah!

          1. Why do you hate the word cunt? My wife hates the word fuck, but her all-time favorite word in life is shit, followed closely by shart, fart, and queef. I don’t understand the disgust toward certain words.

            Disclosure: Due to her dislike of the word fuck, I rarely say it in her presence, but she didn’t bat an eye when I angrily hung up on Time Warner Cable customer service (my only high speed online option) and uttered a quietly furious, “Mother fuckers!”… because she knew it was Time Warner Cable.

            1. Funny you should ask, because it forces me to reflect and realize I’m a little guilty of the “Don’t trigger me!” sentiment.

              When I was bullied as a kid, the boys would call me a cunt and make some allusions to my ability to form diamonds. Creative, don’t you think?

              Anyway, it’s a word I never use comfortably and hearing it prompts me to knock the user down a notch on the esteem meter (though I will try to fight that, now I’m aware of it).

              Now, fuck is on my top 10 list, along with goddammit and shit. I’d put jackass at 4 and that rounds out my top 10 🙂

              Your wife’s repertoire and mine don’t overlap much.

              1. Ability to form diamonds? You mean like Superman?

                1. I mean like “your cunt’s so tight you could turn coal into diamonds.”

                  1. Impressive.

                  2. And they were using that as an insult?

  10. Holy fuck.

    1. My sentiment as well. I’m shoving this article in the face of the next perpetually scared of pedos parent I encounter.

      Goddamn outrageous.

      1. They won’t be able to get past the whole “touched his sister’s vagina twice when he was 12” thing. To their mind, TEH SYSTEM WORKZ.

        1. Do I have to report my 3-yo touching the baby’s penis, or the 7, 5, and 3-yo touching each other’s penises and having penis fights in the shower? Or is this only required if the siblings are of different sexes?

          I AM CONFUSED

          Words I never thought I’d hear myself say: “Stop playing his penis! Play with your own!”

          1. *with*


            1. Top 10 list.

  11. I think a lot about a buddy of mine who lost all his hair at about age 21. I always think about what a bummer that is for him, because this is the only life he gets to live. He doesn’t get to do it again next time and see what it’s like not to look a decade older than he is.

    And that’s just hair. This story is devastating.

    1. I lost my hair at an early age. Rarely did it matter to me. Some women are shallow about it, then I started meeting women who were turned on by my baldness, and surprisingly, they were hot.

      I do understand the concept, though.

      1. I used to shave my head. There are a fair number of women who will come up to you and give it a rub.

        1. *Immediately jumps to feet and runs to shave crotch*

  12. The thing that really burns me up is that while guys like Josh are being raked over the coals, we can read about some sonofabitch who actually raped a child and got a light sentence. The two seem to go hand in hand: government inflexibility on minor “offenses” and leniency to anyone who’s connected (Du Pont) or whose victim strikes the judge as “mature” (as a 12-year old girl with boobs recently did).

    1. The lesson is to not make it easy for the bastards. By cooperating with the cops, DAs, etc… you’re just making it easier for them to hang you form the gallows and use you as an example. They do not have good intentions towards you.

  13. Bill O’reilly would call for life in prison but then he sees things as either black or black and nothing else.

    1. Who gives a shit what the FOX leprechaun says about anything?

      1. Leprechauns, I’d imagine. Maybe other ‘little people’ too.

      2. Douche-bags?

      3. some people like to know what others are saying weather we agree with them or not.

        1. I’ve listened to that xenophobic ignoramus of economics enough to know I don’t care about anything he has to say about anything.

          1. “I’ve listened to that xenophobic ignoramus of economics enough to know I don’t care about anything he has to say about anything.”

            I gave him a few chances (amounting to several minutes spread across three different “interviews”) but after these good-faith attempts arrived near your opinion.

            It truly bothers me that seemingly a great many of our fellow citizens not only listen to him but trust his judgment/share his perspective.

            Oh – and what was done to Josh (the man in this article) is shameful.

            1. He appeals to the “desperate for entertainment” and “weak minded” crowds… Probably one in the same. Regardless, he wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t calculated to be good for his ratings.

    2. I’d like to see someone ask Bill or the dumbfucks who agree this guy belongs in jail, “What would Jesus do?”

    3. Ted Baxter

  14. Jesus, what the fuck. I don’t even know where to begin with this one.

  15. Try this one. An excerpt from Virginia’s laws

    Any person required to register shall reregister either in person or electronically with the local law-enforcement agency where his residence is located within 30 minutes following any change of the electronic mail address information, any instant message, chat or other Internet communication name or identity information that the person uses or intends to use, whether within or without the Commonwealth. If a probation or parole officer becomes aware of a change of the electronic mail address information, any instant message, chat or other Internet communication name or identity information for any of his probationers or parolees required to register, the probation or parole officer shall notify the State Police forthwith upon learning of the change.

    1. So I’m busy with my new job, and they are setting me up with user names and e-mail addresses and such, and I’m too busy with my job to notify the local law-enforcement agency, then I get a free pair of metal bracelets and a ride downtown? Sweet deal!

      1. It appears worse than that… Set up an account on and you have to notify within 30 minutes.

  16. Maybe he can hire Hillary Clinton to represent him?

    1. At this point, what difference, does it make?

      Solid defense.

  17. I don’t think I’ve read anything more Kafkaesque.

  18. The next person who tells me we live in a Free Country is going to sit and read this article as I watch.

    1. This is a free country! Best damn country in the world. All them other countries can go eat shit, a big bag of shit. USA! USA! Freedom isn’t free…we’re all in this together, Murica. ford f-150 pick up truck.

      1. *Cue Team America theme song*

      2. needs more Freedom Fries!

      3. The F-150 is actually a great truck.

    2. This is not a free country.

      It’s not even reasonably priced.

      1. Buck o’ five.

        1. Buck three-eighty.

    1. Blocked. What is it?

      1. Portland city bureaucrats versus some poor sap with a dead tree in his yard.

        It will just piss you off.

        1. “It will Just Piss You off”

          That’s 99.9% of the Internet for a Libertarian.

        2. Well, maybe 99.9% of the Internet that ISN’T porn.

          1. A whole .1% of the internet ISN’T porn?!?

      2. the title of the post is called “In Which The City of Portland Makes Me Seriously Consider Becoming a Registered Libertarian”

    2. Same shit happened to me. Got threatened with $500-a-day fine until I planted a tree in my front yard to “shade the sidewalk”, even though my house opens right onto the curb with no sidewalk.

    3. That’s nothing!

      More than one of the villages around Chicagoland will fine you for not raking the leaves in your yard, fine you for disposing of your leaves and yard waste in the garbage, and charge you for leaf bag stickers *per bag*. Cutting trees down is pretty much the same sisyphean game of Chutes and Ladders.

        1. Mr.T does.

          “I believe in the Golden Rule – The Man with the Gold… Rules.”

  19. Of course some FB tard commenting on this article on reason’s news feed was saying “if it saves just one child!!!! Ermagherd!”

    I hate people.

    1. Obviously the answer for the FB tard is to kill eirself, as s/he one day might accidentally off a child.

    2. Like I said above, there’s a lot of people, especially suburban soccer mom types who will get to “touched his sister’s vagina twice” and conclude that “the pervert got what he deserves, and still deserves. FOR TEH CHILDRENZ!!111!!11!!!”

    3. So, yet another retard who’s happy to sacrifice someone else’s life for the sake of their feelz.

  20. As if my nuts weren’t sore enough.

    OMFG! This is what we’ve come to.

  21. Yes. Any registering snafu is considered a sex crime, and depending on the judge, it can be punished as harshly as the original offense. In other words: Josh, at 27, will be treated as if he just touched an 8 year old’s vagina again.

    I… uh… just holy shit. That is unbelievably fucked up.

    1. I’m waiting for the part where the DA and judge will forbid the defense from explaining all this to the jury.

      Nope, the jury will only be told that the 27 year old man is accused of touching an 8 year old. No other extenuating information allowed.

      1. All without mentioning that it happened years ago, so they will be thinking of a 27 year old man touching an 8 year old.

      2. He may not be entitled to a jury trial on the failure to register charge. Each jurisdiction is different.

  22. Jesus. This is the worst nut punch in a long while. This story is severely depressing.

  23. These registries are f*ed up. If I ended up on one like that, I think I’d move to Canada or Australia.

    1. You’d never make the cut for immigration given that you’re a REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER

    2. Well, you would be disappointed to learn that the “Five Eyes” (US, UK, Canada, Australia & New Zealand) ALL bar registered sex offenders from each other’s countries. But it’s worse than that now: Interpol provides ALL countries with sex offender information when a traveler has his passport run through Immigration upon arrival at the airport. In the year and a half since this program has been being phased-in we see that most if not all RSOs are being refused entry to which ever country they travel. See: DEAD END: IMLaw Assault on Travel Freedom

  24. I know you people say there’s no such thing as Peak Derp, but I think this comment to this article on Reason’s Facebook page proves otherwise:

    But a lot of exemplary capitalists are making a lot of money off of this by way of servicing prisons, so it’s unlikely to change anytime soon.

    What you’re representing as the fruits of government are actually the product of capitalism destroying our government.

    It’s funny that Reason and it’s sociopathic fans view capitalism as the cure for our social ailments, even though it has thoroughly poisoned our government and our society as a whole.

    1. Is that person a Millenial? I want to know.

    2. Written by the same kind of idiot that thinks Hillary Clinton’s speaking fees from public universities re an example of capitalism at work.

    3. Is there a cure for this?

  25. Ow, my balls! Anyway, down here in Deep South Texas, the system gets fifty bucks or so every time you show up for registration or counseling or whatever, hence the crackdown on this poor fellow for not notifying them pre-move. It is more about getting their tribute than any justice.

  26. What a pile of nonsense. This woman is just spinning off whatever comes to her head. She thinks this, thinks that, and you people publish it?

    Also, if she has a question about sentencing, why doesn’t she, you know, research it?

    There’s this thing called facts. You should try it sometime.

    1. Worst troll ever.

      1. And we had such high hopes.

  27. How do you insert hyperlinks into words when making comments on this site? The method I use elsewhere doesn’t seem to work.

    Thanks in advance,


    1. Try this:

      The home page includes how to do all sorts of HTML editing: bold, blockquotes, symbols, etc.

    2. You can use html tags:

      To make a word a hyperlink type:

      [a href=””]Yahoo[/a]

      replacing the square brackets ([ ]) with less than/greater than symbols gives you this:


      You can double-check if you did it right by clicking the preview button, and hovering over the link.

  28. According to this:…..-registry/

    Gravens was taken off the sex offender registry 2 years ago. His Twitter account ( doesn’t have any mention of an arrest last week.

    So… I can’t see how this article *isn’t* a pack of lies. Maybe I’ve missed something?

    1. I searched the Texas registry and he doesn’t come up. Something stinks here.

    2. Huh. Staged arrest for his cause?

    3. Staged to get him out of an interview, I imagine?

      No news stories came up for an arrest. I found him and his wife on Facebook (easy search). He hasn’t posted this week, but she was posting funny pictures and cute family videos this week, so my impression was not that her husband had been incarcerated over the weekend and likely to be sent to prison for multiple years.

    4. The conference started last night or today.
      Lenore’s piece was published today.

      If I were him, I wouldn’t have mentioned it on Twitter before it happened, either.

    5. Why don’t you read the goddamned article again, idiot!

      1. It looks like the article has since been edited to address my concerns. I’d still like to know why he still has to register his movements even though he’s no longer on the public registry though.

  29. Hmm. This guy should have engaged an attorney long before all this to see if he could get it sealed as a juvenile offense. He obviously wears this “offense” as a badge in certain communities (speaking tour?)and seeks the attention it brings. The rest of his statements are dubious. Most sexual offenders have a very high recidivism rate and most offender laws are not slowing or reducing that in any meaningful way.

    1. Sex offenders have a recidivism rate around 5%. Compare that to over 70% for drug crimes or property crimes and you’ll see that the “very high recidivism rate” is something you’ve been told in order to frighten you. Don’t buy it.

      1. Exactly right, it’s unbelievable how many people buy into the high recidivism nonsense.

    2. Yes, you’re amongst the victimist ideology crew who routinely post your vile, unsubstantiated hatred on sites such as this in the hope that your pet witch hunt will be sustained into perpetuity.

  30. Yet another case where ‘protecting the children’ has done anything but.

  31. yo, this is the free-range kids chick who let her son ride the subway.

    And she’s writing this article, too?

    Parents, even a free-range kid parent, usually go full derp when it comes to “child molester” (actually sex offender) laws. But she sees the mistakes.
    WOW, Yo this woman has an un-emotional sense of Reason that basically no one else has nowadays. Kudos to her.

  32. Crossing my fingers and hoping that democracy adequately represents a small minority of criminals who are horribly abused by the justice system because of a general disgust factor associated with the crime.

    I’m not holding my breath.

    1. Small minority? You may want to revisit this impression you have.

  33. Ok, so the story has been slightly modified to explain that he is no longer a registered sex offender but still has to check in by law (because of two previous failures to check in while still registered).

    This probably means that the rest of the story’s research is not applicable, either, since it was based on a *registrant’s* failure to report. This seems likely based on his and his wife’s activity on Twitter and Facebook, which gives me trouble believing that he was arrested and facing the kind of discipline described in the article.

    By the way, I’m not trying to defend or offend anyone. I usually try to do some basic vetting of the articles I share with others, and this one doesn’t seem up to par.

  34. So did this dude give an interview, knowing a basic Internet search would reveal he was full of it? The heck?

  35. My mom used to work for a juvenile home, and the volume of boys incarcerated for touching was pretty staggering.

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  37. So…is the point that we shouldn’t have done anything to this kid because he was 12 and raped in his past? My wife was 4 and was molested by her 12 year old cousin, and act which he also repeated with several of his sisters. Does the fact that he was probably molested himself make that somehow okay?

    What a load of bullshit this article is. A Soros “Justice” Scholar (fucking shoot me now) asks a “journalist” to come with them to the police station to inform of his recent move and just happens to be arrested? Sounds awfully convenient. What a fluff piece.

    1. “So…is the point that we shouldn’t have done anything to this kid because he was 12 and raped in his past? ”

      Yes. I think the government should not have done anything to this kid. This could have been sorted out by a counselor (a real, licensed one) who could have made some recommendations.

      “My wife was 4 and was molested by her 12 year old cousin, and act which he also repeated with several of his sisters. Does the fact that he was probably molested himself make that somehow okay?”

      Nobody said this was okay.

      “Sounds awfully convenient. What a fluff piece.”

      This does seem to be contrived.

    2. WTF is wrong with you? We shouldn’t have done anything to this kid because he was a 12 year old kid. End of sentence. 12 year olds are not generally legally culpable, what they do and don’t do is the responsibility of their parents.

      (If someone with your kind of twisted and evil morality actually wanted to make a case out of a 12 year old behaving inappropriately, prior molestation would very much be a complete excuse for his behavior.)

      The same goes for your wife: that wasn’t her cousin’s fault, it was her parents and his parents fault for insufficiently supervising their children.

      1. I know, right? Totally reasonable to NSA your family interactions, what parent doesn’t have 24/7 video monitoring of every exchange between siblings. I am sure it is my “twisted and evil” morality that makes me laugh at your idiocy.


        1. Back to the 12-y-o playing doctor with his sister: you think he should have been punished by the law for what he did? Do you think he–at 27 and for the rest of his life–should have to pay for what he did when he was 12?

          Do you think that failing to register should put a guy in prison? Do you think this guy’s children should have to suffer because he registered 12 days late?

          My own thinking is that the counselor who urged his mom to turn him in should be on a national shaming registry.

  38. Does this mean that any “repeat sex offender” could potentially be a 1-time offender who committed registration errors?

    1. That would be correct.

      1. Correction: Assuming the information provided in the article is authentic* That would be correct.

      2. It’s the law in PA, too.

  39. Speaking of Texas, would you be the same Lenore who was Bill Dauterive’s wife?

  40. There are few things in the Universe that are as permanent as the criminal label citizens of the USA will wear for all eternity should they experience even one guilty verdict, whether in reality they were actually guilty or not. What’s more frightening is the accelerating rate in which the mere suspicion of certain crimes results in permanent labeling.

  41. “Mistrust those in whom the urge to punish is strong.” (Friedrich Nietzsche) That would be the lawmakers of the United States.

    1. Are you dispensing wisdom from a man whose philosophy was so idiotic that in order for me to accept his words as truth, I would have to believe there was validity in truth, something he was strongly opposed to?

  42. So when I was 12 and I fingered my 11 year old neighbor I was committing aggravated sexual assault?

    1. Apparently. And if you move and forgot to re-register, you committed aggravated sexual assault again.

  43. Josh’s only fault was not being named Bill Clinton. He would have skated right past all this BS.

  44. Where lazy policing meets stupid policing.

    What they think they are doing is getting it on record that they are tough on these sex offenders who aren’t in compliance with the law. They’re too lazy to go out and find the ones who are not coming to the police station, but when one wanders right in, well, yessiree, we’ll spare no effort to actually get up from our desk and arrest them!

    What they’re actually doing is creating a solid disincentive to register, since the people who are supposed to be registering will figure out that if they show up at the police station, the cops will lock them up on any technicality, but if they simply avoid the cops, they won’t have any trouble since these cops are, as evidenced by this article, lazy and stupid.

  45. Ya man, when I wake up in the morning and think about politics I don’t consider things like health care or equal rights issues or migration… No, I just say to myself “man, it’s time to make things EASIER for rapists. THAT’S what I care about”

  46. Let me suggest that some unfamiliar with the world of sex offender registry and laws please file this somewhere easily accessible as it will be highly likely you will need to refer to it in the future. Why you ask? The answer here is simple. According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) there are “currently” 774,600 men, women and children currently required to register.…..pdf#page=1

    Now by my estimation in less than 8 YEARS

    1. (Continued)there will 1,000,000 registrants across the nation. So, please archive this because if you don’t know someone on the registry today….you will.
      It has become a run-away freight train more specifically a money maker for those who are contracted in some form (i.e. treatment, private prison industry, GPS companies, the vigilante sites who post pictures information on their site and extort money to remove or correct) That is just a sample of the profiteers.
      Vicki Henry
      Women Against Registry dot com

  47. It’s hard to see how almost all Americans could have sympathy for Josh. The guy was 14 when he fingered his little, eight year old sister?

    Unless Josh suffers from retardation, it seems a stretch that Josh didn’t know how wrong his action was.

    Perhaps laws can be fixed such that those underage who end up convicted and serving time in juvie get their records sealed with no registration required.

    Again, unless Josh suffers from subnormal intellect, Josh should have known what his legal requirements are to the rest, his duty to everyone else.

    Everyone seems to grasp they have the duty to get a license before driving, effectively registering to drive, and everyone else has the right to travel upon roads without unlicensed drivers. It seems that sex offending rises to a higher standard of seriousness than merely driving. Perhaps Josh should have taken his living a tad bit more seriously.

  48. This is really weird. Why on earth you’ll be charge of sex offense even you not commit nay crime, you’ve just forget to inform or update your address. I’m pretty much confused with this new law, I’m going to ask our family friend Los Angeles sex crimes lawyer about this matter. http://www.thebestcriminaldefe…

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