Police Abuse

Cop Tries to Shoot Dog, Plugs Kid Instead. Police Use of Passive Voice Ensues.


Dakota Corbitt

Armed robber shoots police officer. Police officers track suspect down to a trailer park. Dog enters the scene and a deputy opens fire—except that, in a twist on the usual story, he misses the pooch and plugs a young child, instead. That child is 10-year-old Dakota Corbitt, pictured.

The story is all kinds of wrong.

The incident occurred in Coffee County, Georgia. The sheriff's department has a sketch of the events on its Facebook page:

Coffee County Sheriff Doyle Wooten confirms that a Juvenile boy was injured during the arrest of Christopher Barnett at a mobile home in the Burton Road area late Thursday evening. Barnett is believed to be the person who shot a Douglas Police Officer earlier Thursday morning. Barnett is also believed to have been involved in an Armed Robbery that occurred at Flash Foods. Investigators with all local agencies worked all day to gain information to identify and locate Barnett. During the arrest the juvenile received a gunshot wound to the leg. Due to the fact that it was an officer involved shooting and the local GBI agency was involved in the arrest of Barrett, GBI agents from the Eastman and Kingsland GBI offices responded to investigate the incident. It is our understanding that the injury was not life threatening and the Juvenile was taking to Savannah for precautionary reasons. Our prayers are with the juvenile and his family and also our officer that was involved.

This case is presently under investigation and when the investigation is complete we will update with a full report.

Christopher Barnett, the alleged armed robber and cop shooter (Officer Larry Carter was treated for his injury and released the same day) sounds like a piece of work, with police touting a "32-page rap sheet." But at the time Coffee County deputies caught up with him, he was allegedly making "friendly conversation with some of the residents" and "trying to blend in."

That's when, according to Sheriff Doyle Wooten, a dog ran up to a deputy. The passive voice comes up a lot at this point, with WALB reporting "The deputy's gun fired one shot, missing the dog and hitting Corbitt."

The gun was, apparently, a bit jittery, and might require some retraining.

Police didn't release the name of the deputy with the nervous weapon*, unlike those of the armed robbery suspect and the shot kid.

Like the wounded officer, Corbitt has been released from the hospital. He was hit behind the knee, though officials assure everybody that no major arteries were damaged. Major bones, joints, and the boy's ability to see police officers in the future without quaking in fear or rage…That's another matter.

There's no hint of malice in the shooting of the boy. But carelessness, an unfortunately common police tendency to shoot dogs as a first reaction, and a nasty and horrifying outcome of the risks posed by that tendency for a child—that's enough.

*Belatedly identified by the sheriff's department as Michael Vickers. And the kid's leg may not be healing well. H/T: Fist of Etiquette.

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  1. Next I’m waiting for the article that says that the perp the cop was looking for has been charged with shooting the kid. I’m sure it’s coming. Anything for the cops to deflect blame, after all.

    1. No no, you have it all wrong.

      That child needs to be tried as an adult for disruption of justice. He got in the way of that bullet.

      1. Felony interference in a police investigation.

        1. Precisely, that bullet was supposed to ricochet into the perp, but that felonious little boy got in the way.

    2. I’m waiting for the follow up article that describes how the vicious dog attacked the officer after evading a gunshot.

  2. Officer Fuckstain’s hand, arm, and shoulder muscles were no match for the Nickel-Tungsten will of the pistol and its sick desire to shoot children all by itself.

  3. “The deputy’s gun fired one shot, missing the dog and hitting Corbitt.”

    I guess I owe T o n y an apology?..guns really do injure, and dare I say might even kill someone if only given the chance.

    1. I love how our sockpuppets and trolls (minus Tulpa occasionallly) don’t ever comment in the cop abuse threads.

      1. That’s because such stories are the logical conclusion of their belief in top-down force. State imposed violence with no risk of accountability. Admitting that makes them uncomfortable.

  4. Accountability!

    [Coffee County Sheriff Doyle] Wooten says Vickers reacted quickly in a dangerous situation.

    “I don’t want to second guess anyone in a situation like that, I would not want to be second guessed and no one else should second guess him,’ said Wooten.

    1. Good to remember next time I get pulled over for speeding. “Officer, I don’t want to be second guessed on my reason for driving fast. No one should second guess me.”

      1. They probably shouldn’t have second guessed Barnett. He reacted quickly in a dangerous situation.

        1. ?and most importantly?.the gun went home safely at the end of its shift!

          1. If it did, someone violated protocol, as it should have been turned over to Internal Affairs until they completed their investigation of the matter – or do they have “instant ballistics” now?
            …and I appreciate your snark…

    2. That’s always the go-to response – “You weren’t there! You don’t know what it’s like in a high-stress situation like that! He did everything a good officer should’ve done!” As if that makes the officer above reproach.

      Let any ordinary citizen try the same thing in a similar situation, and see how many officers try to excuse (never mind justify) his/her actions.

    3. Of course no cop wants to be second guessed. Then they might have to actually think before they act, instead of reacting to everything with violence.

      1. …instead of reacting to everything with violence pissing their pants like the limp dicked pussies they are.


      2. But that is not how they are currently trained in the highly-militarized Barney Fife School of Paranoia.

      3. If they actually removed immunity, they would quickly change their tuned about “second guessing”.

        A private security guard wouldn’t be shielded from accountability just by following procedures if he shoots the wrong person.

  5. “The deputy’s gun fired one shot, missing the dog and hitting Corbitt.”

    This is why we need stricter gun control laws. The damn thing overpowered the man who was holding it.

    1. You would think the police would be issued more obedient weapons. Instead they seem to get rebellious ones with minds of their own.

  6. Key piece of information I would like to know … whose dog was it? Was it the perps being sent after the cop or random black lab (I mean, “pit bull”) that wanted to lick friendly new guy.

    It matters. In the former, its insane overreaction, in the latter, its criminal. In a just world, that detail would be the difference between being fired and being jailed.

  7. So if I shot a kid because a dog was approaching me, I’m sure nothing would happen with me, right?

    1. Right, as long as you have an official uniform and badge of the King’s enforcers.

    2. A costume is most essential to putting you in a separate moral and legal category.

      1. I have my Wonder Woman costume ready for action!

        1. On the internet, I can only assume that you’re a 300 pound basement dweller sitting on a bad pan that serves the dual function of keeping your man titties off the the keyboard. So to you I say, ewwww.

  8. Talk about a passive voice!

    “the juvenile received a gunshot wound”
    “it was an officer involved shooting”
    “The deputy’s gun fired one shot”

    Wouldn’t someone shooting at an officer also be an “officer involved” shooting?

    1. In HS english we were taught to avoid the passive voice in writing. In college science labs, we were taught the exact opposite.

      Its clear which way the police academy teaches.

    2. “the juvenile received a gunshot wound”

      It’s copmas in July!

    3. Goldang it!

      That third example is not passive! The second one is dubious. Only the first one is passive.


      1. None of them are passive voice.

    4. Based on t he third statement, is the deputy’s gun now placed on administrative leave pending an investigation?

  9. I hate this coverup bullshit. They never release cops names and rarely release details of alleged criminal activities by cops, citing “ongoing investigations”. But this guy will have his “32 page rap sheet” talked about in every ensuing press release…as if it somehow has bearing on a reckless cop discharging a weapon for no reason and hitting a kid.

  10. *ahem. Channels the spirit of dunphy.*

    Totality of the circs, dude. The little brat had it coming for leaving his trailer when the Warrior Caste was on the streets. The kid could have had a gun or an IED, therefore, Officer Safety.

    *resumes powerlifting*

    1. I’m surprised they haven’t charged the kid for interfering with an investigation.

      1. They’ll do this when the talk of a lawsuit starts.

  11. Sorry, but there are a bunch of sad sacks at Reason. I get the criticism of the passive writing of the gun.

    Here is how it goes down in the real world. You think that the kid is brainless. The kid knows that the perp was responsible for his injury. Any 10 year old can figure that out.

    Except those at Reason.

    1. “The perp”?

      You’d think a kid might put 2+2 together, and blame to person with the gun pointed at them.

      Why do you hate children?

      1. Because he was (presumably) a child at one time, and hates himself for his ignorance and fear.

    2. The kid knows who shot him (presumably while trying to kill his dog), and it wasn’t the perp.

    3. Of course, there was always the dog. Its certainly possible the Dog is to blame. I mean, what with how they’re always killing police officers all the time.

    4. I blame society in general, and gypsies.

      1. and tramps, and thieves!

        1. Hey, I’m sure a bottle of Doctor Good will fix that leg right up.

      2. Part of the social contract that we all live under includes a section on justified shootings by armed agents of the state. And no, you can’t see a copy of the contract. And no, just because you never signed it doesn’t mean it doesn’t apply.

        1. We have to blindly accept the social contract unto death, before we can know what’s in it.

      3. High fructose corn syrup.

    5. You think that the kid is brainless.

      Had the copper’s aim been much worse, he could have ended up that way. But your (what I assume is a joke) post is right, ultimately the people at Glock are responsible for that kid probably never walking right again.

    6. So Deputy Panicfire shoots at dog, hits kid and guy talking to trailer park residents, trying to avoid contact with deputy is at fault.

      Got it.

    7. The only perp identified is the police officer in this story. There was an alleged perp, who might or might not have been the person who previously shot a cop, but that has yet to be proved. But, there also was a guy who fired a gun with civilians around and ended up shooting someone.

      So, yes, the 10 year old is not brainless. He knows who the perp is that shot him.

    8. The kid knows that the perp was responsible for his injury.

      The perp didn’t shoot him. The perp didn’t provoke the shooting. The perp didn’t violate the basic rules of gun safety.

      How exactly is the perp responsible, here?

      1. The perp was alive and in the same state (location, not physical condition) as the victim.


    9. So wait wait wait. You’re saying the fact that this incompetent police officer shot a child while trying to shoot someone else, is actually the fault of the guy the cop was trying to shoot at. I’m at a loss for words. Your ability to reason is non-existent. You need to google the word “causality”.

    10. Hi Tulpa.

      Bye Tulpa.

    11. In my real world, I’ve been approached by random dogs many times, and have even been bitten in the ass once, and yet I didn’t wet my pants and shoot any of them.

      1. Most random strange dogs I’ve met want: a) treats b) to have their stomachs massaged c) to play. They rarely act aggressively unless cornered first.

    12. Yeah, sure, blame anyone but the dipshit who decided to shit his pants in fear and discharge his firearm at a dog without first making sure he wasn’t putting anyone else in danger (which is one of the first things they teach in firearms safety, but I guess that’s only for people who have to worry about being held accountable for their actions).

      Isn’t there a cop out there somewhere with dry balls you could help out instead of saying retarded shit on the internet from your mom’s basement? Since you seem to love to slurp cop genitals.

      1. Not only that, but in pursuit of this 32-p. rap sheet guy, wouldn’t you think the police might want to use some degree of stealth, rather than announcing one’s approach with a gunshot?

  12. The Juvenile already looks like they might be the type who demands to be referred to as “It” sooner or later.

    Which i guess when you look at it *that way*, its a fortunate coincidence that law enforcement already thinks of them in the 3rd person-neutral singular.

    The gun on the other hand, holy christ! that thing’s got *personality*.

    1. Yeah, who names a boy Dakota? The poor kid must already get beaten up constantly, and now he gets shot by a cop for the crime of being near a dog.

  13. Nice aim there, Deputy Donut……

    1. It raises the question of how far away the dog was when he fired his gun. If the dog were reasonably close, odds are the missed bullet would strike the ground and not someone standing behind.

      1. He shot the kid in the knee. So I imagine the kid was right next to the dog.

        1. So if the kid were next to the dog and the cop shot at the dog, that indicates a completely willful disregard for the kid’s safety to me.

          1. Well, yeah. That’s what officer safety means: a willful disregard for the safety of anyone other than themselves and other officers.

            1. The cop cared about his own safety. That’s all that matters. Thank god he got home safe to his own kids than he hasn’t shot yet.

      2. The fourth rule of gun safety, taught in virtually every gun course – “Be sure of your target and what is beyond it.”

        1. Officer safety cancels out that rule.

          1. Officer was not on the business end of the gun, what else is there to consider?

            1. Unlike for the rest of us, the officer/private is only judged based on his subjective feelings, not objective reality. This is a major leap from what our justice system is about, and one which LEO scum would decry if permitted for us mere civilians.

  14. Yada yada yada, the tax payers payout to compensate the kid’s family and nothing else happens.

  15. Yet again, no actual passive voice here:

    The passive voice comes up a lot at this point, with WALB reporting “The deputy’s gun fired one shot, missing the dog and hitting Corbitt.”

    “Fired” is active; you just aren’t happy with who they designate as the agent.

    1. I’m beginning to see why you’re generally considered the worst.

      1. This probably is a good example of why.

    2. Vacuous pedantry was posted by nicole.

      1. You’re even worse than me for not caring.

        1. Honey Badger doesn’t give a shit.

      2. While the actual shooting is certainly worse than the ignorance of what the passive voice is, the author of the post should really learn. F.N. is performing, apparently almost thanklessly, a public service.

        1. Hugh is just fucking with me.

    3. Thank you for saving me from having to write that comment myself.

      The writer of the post really needs to read http://languagelog.ldc.upenn.edu/nll/?p=2922

      1. Everyone does. Everyone.

        1. Could someone tell me how the meme of your badness got started? Did you commit war crimes of something?

          1. Epi.

            1. Insulting a nice woman? What would his mother say?

              1. I’ll ask her tonight.

                (It’s not nearly as fun when he isn’t around.)

      2. For a magazine called Reason…

  16. The Juvenile boy was later arrested and charged with “receiving a gunshot wound to the leg.”

    1. And stealing police property

    2. I’m thinking accessory here. He blocked a bullet doing its lawful duty.

      1. Conspiracy too!

        It’s clear he was working in concert with the dog.

        1. Let’s not forget he stole public property. The bullet, I mean.

    3. Obstruction of Justice. Public nuisance [because he probably screamed]. Possibly obstructing a thoroughfare [when he fell down].

  17. Can I get a license to accidentally shoot a person? This seems like a plot for a sequel to Double Indemnity or something.

  18. There’s no hint of malice in the shooting of the boy.

    Eggs were broken.

    1. I hear that gunshots don’t injure people unless there’s malice.

    2. Pretty sure the shot was fired with malice.

      It just didn’t hit the object of that malice (the dog) due to the officer’s willful disregard of basic gun safety.

      How this isn’t charged as an assault with a deadly weapon (attempted murder really isn’t appropriate here), I don’t know, since we live in a country of laws, not men, and police are public servants.

      1. Because the cop is a ‘hero’, haven’t you heard?

  19. Anyone (aside from yrs trly) want to speculate as to whether boy and dog were on opposite ends of the same leash?

    1. Looks like it (on leash or really close by). Kid was shot in the knee. Unless the cop was crouching when taking the shot, the dog and kid were close by.

      If it was the perp’s dog, we’d know by now.

      On a side note, if it really is the kid’s dog, he may not regard the outcome as unfortunate (assuming he heals OK) compared to what usually happens.

      It’ll be “that time my dog dodged a bullet, literally (and I got hit instead, so the cop didn’t get to keep trying)”.

  20. Can I get a license to accidentally shoot a person?

    I believe the word you’re looking or is “NEGLIGENTLY”.

    1. Tomato Tomato (pronounced differently than the first one).

    1. “Woof woof”

      “Oink oink”


  21. “No Knock” raids, allowing the cops to trespass through peoples yards, and shoot peoples pets. This was bound to happen eventually.

  22. Surprised no one’s said it yet:

    Government Is The Children We Shoot Together.

    1. Stolen!

      I’m getting T shirts made! I’ll cut you in for 20%.

      1. If you’re serious, just donate my cut to the Institute for Justice.

        1. I’m not really?but I really liked the line!

      2. Use that pic of the jackboots kidnapping Elian Gonazalez, and you’ve got a winner.


        1. Notice how the PoS has his finger on the trigger.

          “That six year old child could go off any second!”

    2. *laughs*

      *feels bad*

  23. No doubt the perp will also be charged with shooting the kid. SOP for the cops.

  24. How this isn’t charged as an assault with a deadly weapon

    Depraved indifference seems pretty much obligatory. Or it would be if the shooter were a “civilian”.

  25. He’s gonna get suspended. He missed the dog.

    1. Won’t he get bonus XP for the kid, though?

      1. Yes but he didn’t get a full “fatality”

  26. Suspended WITH PAY of course.

  27. Notice that despite not being shot, the dog did not attack as “feared”. The deputy used poor judgement from the start.

    1. Well, once the dog saw that the gun was so crazy that it was willing to shoot a kid (despite the cop begging it not to) it knew it better back the fuck up.

  28. Squidbillies is a documentary?

  29. They didn’t charge the kid with resisting arrest or assault on the police officer? I’m shocked.

    1. I’ll bet the kid gets scooped from his Mom though by Child Protection.

  30. “The deputy’s gun fired one shot…”

    You see!!! GUNZ really do shoot people!!! What do you gun fellating bastards have to say now! /sarc /prog-tardz

    1. Poor syntax. The deputy discharged his weapon, the bullet striking the boy.

  31. Fueled by fear, and prodded by Hollywood into thinking ‘yeah, we cops kill cop killers’, the officer in question came running into a situation with gun drawn and an attitude of ‘I’m going to kill me something’. Something was going die. Dog/kid/alleged perp, what difference does it actually make now. It is the intent that counts, and his intent was to avenge his fellow cop’s shooting.

  32. You want gun control? Take firearms away from patrol cops and designate a separate group to provide armed response as they do in England.

    Otherwise I think we all need to be packing and our rights to self defense restored.

    As for vickers, cut off his trigger finger or show him the door. Same with any cop who shoots a dog. Force the dog shooters to plead to a felony so they can never carry or own another firearm.

  33. Before taking my gun out into the field, I make sure it gets a good night’s rest, and is fed well in the morning.

  34. I see that millenials are off the menu and cop-hate is back on.

    1. 1. Cop shoots kid while trying to shoot dog.
      2. Reasonoids bitch about cop.


  35. Let’s just say dogs are truly a danger to a police officer’s safety. Why aren’t they outfitted with uniforms that are designed to resist dog bites?

    I used to put on a saftey sleeve and let my buddy’s 75lbs boxer latch on to my forearm and swing him around by the teeth. You could feel the pressure of his teeth, but never was I in danger of being injured.

    Equiping the police with these would eliminate the excuse of feeling as if their life was on the line.

  36. ? “The deputy’s gun fired one shot, missing the dog and hitting Corbitt.”
    That’s actually ACTIVE voice.

    Passive voice would be, “The gun was fired” or “The bullet was fired hitting Corbitt”.

    Passive voice is often used to disclaim responsibility or mask the identity of the actor. So in that sense, the cops are operating as if using passive voice.

    Which is typical.

    When was the last time a cop took responsibility for anything? Can anyone remember? Seriously – can anyone cite a case where a cop stepped up and said, “I was wrong. I screwed up”?

    1. About as recently as Obama taking responsibility for anything.

  37. Awww, the poor coward^h^h^h^h^h^hcop was scared to get a dog bite, so he had to shoot the kid.

  38. Michael Vickers is the cop. Maybe he should go by Michael Vick for short. Call these idiot cops and complain. Follow up on what bogus “training” they may be suggesting for Private Vick.

  39. The shreiffs phone is 912-384-4227.

    This should be fun, I merely inquired about the status the investigation, and the cop hang up on me. I called back, and he threatened me for making “crank calls”. He asked me for my name, and told him I would give it as long as he gave me his name first, he then hung up on me again.

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