Police Abuse

Cop Fatally Shot WWII Vet With Beanbag Round in Dispute at Assisted Living Center, Family Suing


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The family of a 95-year-old World War II veteran is suing six police officers from Park Forest, Illinois, including the one who fatally shot John Wrana with a 195 mile an hour bean bag round fired from close range.

The Chicago Sun Times explains what happened:

The situation rapidly deteriorated after Wrana [who was refusing treatment for what doctors believed was a urinary tract infection] turned violent, brandishing at paramedics a knife and a long shoehorn that was mistaken for a machete, according to police.

But instead of waiting outside Wrana's room for him to fall asleep or making a less violent intervention, the officers burst into Wrana's room, the lawsuit states.

And when a Taser fired by Baugh missed, Taylor fired the beanbag round from less than 15 feet away, in violation of the manufacturer's instructions, the suit alleges, accusing the cops of acting "wilfully, wantonly, intentionally, knowingly, maliciously, in bad faith and with deliberate disregard."

Park Forest Police did not immediately return calls seeking comment Friday. It previously issued a statement in support of Taylor.

Taylor, in fact, is facing felony misconduct charges, although the Wrana family's lawsuit includes five other cops, including the cop who ordered the beanbag round be fired and the police chief for not adequately training officers.

Meanwhile in Chicago, a 911 recording was released in the fatal shooting by an off-duty cop of his 86-year-old neighbor. The neighbor's 91-year-old wife was also shot. She is charged with misdeamonr battery and aggravated assault of a police officer. The cop, who is not charged and whom the city will not name, says the 86-year-old man brandished a shot gun during a dispute between his wife and the cop's wife.