Door-to-Door Dope Delivery: "Pot Is the New Pizza" in Washington State


origamidon / photo on flickr

Meet Evan Cox, who left his gig as a pizza delivery dude and now employs 50 people in Washington state as part of his pot delivery company, Winterlife:

Although it is legal to buy marijuana in Washington state, the person who delivers it could be guilty of a felony. That hasn't stopped Winterlife from attracting competitors.

Mr Cox has registered as a business with the city and state, but he cannot open a bank account, thanks to federal rules.

In April, he paid $167,000 in sales tax to the Washington State Department of Revenue—in cash.


Of course, Reason's own Jacob Sullum already covered all the angles in his great feature on Washington's legal marijuana mess in our last issue, plus a sidebar on how entrepreneurs are being forced to keep their marijuana money in the mattress.

There are certainly still hurdles to clear, but when The Economist declares that "pot in the new pizza," we can all rejoice.