Oklahoma Governor's Republican Primary Challengers Both Support Legalizing Marijuana


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Campaigns are underway in Oklahoma to get two initiatives, one legalizing marijuana and the other legalizing just medical marijuana, on the ballot in November. In the meantime, Gov. Mary Fallin is facing two challengers in the Republican primary, set for next Tuesday. One is a criminal defense attorney who ran specifically to draw attention to the legalization of marijuana. The other is described as libertarian-leaning. The Associated Press reports:

While it is an unusual issue to highlight in such a conservative state, criminal defense attorney Chad Moody—known around Oklahoma City as "The Drug Lawyer"—and computer network operator Dax Ewbank, a libertarian-leaning Republican from Guthrie, both said they support the full legalization of cannabis…

"It's not appropriate to be imprisoning people and perpetuating police powers through the drug war," said Ewbank, a 38-year-old father of seven known for openly carrying his firearm at campaign events.

Ewbank has spent just $3,300 on his campaign so far and Moody has not filed a spending report; Fallin has raised $3 million. Fallin is expected to win*.

On the Democrat side, there is no primary. State Rep. Joe Dorman (District 65) is the candidate for governor. Dorman doesn't mention marijuana on his website, and a call to his office confirmed that he would not be taking a stance on either the legalization of marijuana or medical marijuana in Oklahoma and does not expect to do so between now and election day.

Meanwhile another Democrat, State Sen. Constance Johnson (District 48), is pushing for the legalization of marijuana as a religious issue. She reportedly said Genesis 1:29 would be the "basis" for her campaign to legalize marijuana in the state. "God created this wonderful, miraculous plant and we know that is has been vilified for the last 100 years, and it's time to change that in Oklahoma," she was quoted as saying.

*So was Eric Cantor.

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  1. The times, they are a changing.

  2. Fallin is expected to win

    Of course. The sheeples haven’t gotten over their need to be oppressed quite yet.

  3. OHHHHHHHHH-klahoma where the weed comes blowing everyday!

  4. Meanwhile another Democrat, State Sen. Constance Johnson (District 48), is pushing for the legalization of marijuana as a religious issue. She reportedly said Genesis 1:29 would be the “basis” for her campaign to legalize marijuana in the state.


  5. This is not too big of a surprise. Oklahoma is a very conservative State, and the ideas of freedom and individual liberty and responsibility are very conservative ideas. The opposite would be a puritanical government that tries to control the habits and activities of law abiding citizens. We already have enough Democrats arguing for that.

    1. No, there’s only one conservative “idea”: keeping things the same.

      Anyway, the pro-pot vote being split between 2 candidates, they’re not going to succeed on that basis.

  6. Since it’s de facto

  7. Since it’s de facto impossible for the Libertarians or any other party to get on the ballot, I’m registered as a Republican, and a campaign worker for Dax Ewbank. He was excluded from the televised debate between Shannon and Lankford, but the people I talk to are motivated to vote in this primary, and not just for the marijuana issue. I’d rate Ewbank’s chances as slim, but strange things have happened before.

    1. Why would Ewbank, a candidate for Governor, be in a debate with Shannon and Lankford, candidates for Senate? That really doesn’t make sense.

      Now if you were to complain that the other 5 Senate candidates running against Shannon and Lankford were excluded, I am right there with you. That is bull.

  8. Dax Ewbank, a libertarian-leaning Republican from Guthrie

    Please tell me he’s not the one wearing the stupid hat.

    1. The hat…meh. But that red-pink checked shirt with a purple tie?! Who does he think he is…Matt Welch?

      /GILMORE off

  9. Ironically that makes them immediately very scary. With each successive generation of Republicans one longs for the previous set of crazy fucks.

    1. And Obama and his gang are not scary?

      1. No David, they’re not. The abilities of the US government may be scary, but Democrats are boring, sane, and educated, on the whole. The US government will have the same abilities under some teabagging nutjob, and that is what’s scary.

        1. Lied repeatedly to pass the largest wealth distribution project in decades (ACA).

          Evidence is mounting his gang pushed for and hid the politicalization of the IRS.

          Lied about the cause of an attack on a foreign embassy.

          Brags about killing people with drones.

          Does nothing to shrink domestic spying and sicks the government on a honest and sincere whistle blower (Snowden).

          I could go on, but I think you get the point. You are in the bag for these guys, admit it. No reasonable person can or should take you seriously.

  10. Yes, the Baptist dominate Okieland, but there are lots of cowboys, wildcatters, and DIY rural folks that take pride their LMTFA attitude seriously.

    Use to be one of them.

  11. Meanwhile another Democrat, State Sen. Constance Johnson (District 48), is pushing for the legalization of marijuana as a religious issue.


  12. I think it’s too late for me to officially become a Republican, so I can’t vote in this primary.

    How active are the people working on those initiatives? I haven’t come across a petition for either one yet, and I live in a college town where you’d expect this to have a lot of support.

    I’m just so ready for Fallin to be gone that I’m even willing to vote for Dorman if there are no other choices in November.

  13. You wear hats OUTSIDE. You don’t wear them inside. And you don’t wear them for portraits.

  14. Been researching this stuff all day, after seeing medical-only efforts in Minnesota (source: http://tinyurl.com/o7b66az). Stumbled on a pro-*medical marijuana* article that ended with the line “Send marijuana prohibition the way of alcohol prohibition.”

    So the writer would support needing a doctor’s prescription to buy beer, then? Not likely.

    The whole thing is insane. Withholding medicine is tyrannical. Why if you had to get a prescription for food? For clean water? For books or clothes?

    Stop asking for permission. Google “agorism”!

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