Police Abuse

Mother Thought Mentally Disabled Daughter Was Being Kidnapped, But It Was Cops


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via the Detroit Free Press

The family of a mentally disabled woman is suing Wal-Mart and the police department of Livonia, Michigan for an incident two years ago when police wrongly accused the woman of shoplifting. The Detroit Free Press reports:

Wendy Kozma was wrapping up her workday with a client when she got a mind-numbing phone call from her mentally impaired daughter: "Mom, this man is trying to take me from Wal-Mart."

Kozma feared the worst: a kidnapping.

Within minutes, she would learn what was really happening. Her 25-year-old daughter, Jodi, who has the mental capacity of an 8-year-old, was being questioned for shoplifting at a Livonia, Mich., Wal-Mart. Jodi Kozma was suspected of stealing hair ties and hiding them in her waistband and purse during a shopping trip with her grandmother, records show.

The hair ties had been bought earlier and Jodi had a receipt for them. A "bulge" in her waistband was her cellphone. Nevertheless, four police officers were dispatched "in a SWAT-like approach, parking the cruisers on the sidewalk directly in front of the store doors," according to the police report, which said police "muscled Jodi to the ground" and then handcuffed her. Jodi's grandmother, who was with her at the Wal-Mart, said she tried to explain to security that the hair pins had been purchased but that they wouldn't listen—a surveillance camera operator said she saw Jodi picking up hair pieces and hiding them under her waistband.

Kozma says her daughter was raised to trust cops. "If she were ever lost or stranded, we always taught her to turn and look for police." She told the Free Press. All of that has been completely destroyed." The Livonia Police Department released a statement insisting Kozma's claims were unfounded and that police "used the minimal amount of force necessary to gain control and handcuff her."

The family is seeking an unspecified amount in damages. You can watch the video surveillance footage, which as a very poor angle of the actual encounter with police, below:

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  1. So she was being kidnapped, but the kidnappers were in uniforms.

  2. When I was young, the police would show up to a situation like this and listen to what everybody had to say. They would then look at the evidence and make a decision based on what was available.

    Now? Drop to the ground. Hands behind your back. Knee on your head. Rights violated. Dignity violated. Life and liberty violated. And all without any questions being asked or fucks being given.

    Fuck you, cops. Fuck you.

    1. When I was young, the police would show up to a situation like this and listen to what everybody had to say.

      Believe it or not, there once was a time when *store managers* would handle this stuff.

      1. I worked at a grocery store for 5 years. Only once were the police ever called to deal with a shoplifter and that was when it was a homeless woman with an obvious drug problem getting caught trying to take a cart full of merchandise out of the store.

        It is pretty shortsighted to escalate a situation to police involvement over hairpins. That’s the sort of thing you can write-off.

      2. Well… you anarchists, it’s just like how you say there was a time when parents handled things better with their their own children than the government can handle it, obviously ridiculous.

  3. Four cops for a suspected fucking shoplifter. Unbelievable.

    1. Had they actually believe there was a danger, they would have waited until everyone in the store was dead.

      1. Not only that, but they would have killed anyone who tried to go into the store to try to stop the carnage. For failure to obey.

    2. They got home safely that night. That’s all that matters.

    3. Make that four cops for a mentally disabled girl.


    4. A few years back, in my little corner of the world, the pigs pulled a 3 a.m. no-knock raid that ended up with a dead home owner all over the possible shoplifting of some baby clothes. Four cops is underkill to these jackboots.

  4. How do these animals not realize they are dealing with someone with a mental disability? I can only conclude that they do realize who they are dealing with and they delight in being cruel.

    1. If you were half the man that cop in the picture is!

      “I AM half the man the cop in the picture is!”

    2. How do these animals not realize they are dealing with someone with a mental disability?

      Too easy.

      1. admirable self denial

      2. You’d think they would have shown her professional courtesy.

    3. Look, retarded people can be really strong! They’re like someone on dope, they can pick up a whole cop car full of cops and throw it like a toy! The only safe thing would have been for our shining heroes in blue to just nuke that Walmart! Why don’t our cops have nukes? Because of you children hating libertarians, that’s why! We can never be safe as long as the libertarians are in control!

      1. The cops spend a whole day on Tard Strength in the academy. Because it’s that important. They only spend one hour on gun handling.

        1. LOL

          Tard Strength

          Nice band name.

        2. they only spend one hour on gun handling

          Well, they wouldn’t have to waste their time if we had sane gun control laws and healthcare like every other civilized country, durrr!!!

        3. That’s an hour more than they spend on Encounters with Non-Aggressive Dogs.

          1. Most of their time is spent on Respect My Authoritah, Stop Resisting, Advanced Doughnut Consumption, and Passive Voice Weapons Discharge Description Writing.

            1. Compliance. That’s all they study. Compliance as in “Obey me or else.” Their favorite class is pain compliance, otherwise called torture. They love that shit.

      2. And they like cake, I’m told.

      3. Progs should be happy the state is “doing something” about the mentally challenged.

        1. Progs are the mentally challenged, so they should be extra happy.

      4. “Hi. This is Wilford Brimley. Welcome to Retardation: A Celebration. Now, hopefully with this book, I’m gonna dispel a few myths, a few rumors. First off, the retarded don’t rule the night. They don’t rule it. Nobody does. And they don’t run in packs. And while they may not be as strong as apes, don’t lock eyes with ’em, don’t do it. Puts ’em on edge. They might go into berzerker mode; come at you like a whirling dervish, all fists and elbows. You might be screaming “No, no, no” and all they hear is “Who wants cake?” Let me tell you something: They all do. They all want cake.”

        1. “They all want cake.”

          That’s what I heard, too.

  5. Four cops. None of them objected. No good cops out of this sample of four. Not. One.

    1. It’s the thin blue line! It’s us against them! If you’re not police, you’re little people!

  6. “Your tax dollars at work.”

  7. A “bulge” in her waistband was her cellphone.

    Dunno about you, but last time I was at a Wal-Mart every waistband I saw was bulging.

  8. My father was a cop and I knew plenty of them growing up. We used to get our balls busted by the locals for being teenagers, yadda yadda.

    But the stuff you read about now I never saw. 1 out of 10 was a real dick growing up in North Jersey in the 90s. Now it seems like 1 out of 10 ISN’T a colassal cocksucker.

    1. It’s a war out there. Didn’t you know? There’s an entire subclass of people out there who would not hesitate to use fully automatic weapons on the police. Or at least that’s what a local mayor said in response to a sarcastic letter to the local paper (in response to the force receiving an armored truck) asking the police to parade their military might on holidays like the good dictators that they are. Did a little checking, and two officers on the city’s police force have been killed. Not this year, but ever. One in the 80s and one in the 30s IIRC. Yet the mayor and the cops act like everyone they meet is a potentially deadly threat. That’s why they’re all dicks. They honestly believe that everyone wants to kill them. The irony is that by treating those they supposedly serve and protect like the enemy, they sow the seeds of distrust and animosity.

      1. Sounds about right.

        My father told me there were 2 types of cops. Letter of the law, and spirit of the law.

        What I found a little surprising was that they do not like each other very much. Still, that Blue Wall of Silence bullshit is woven throughout.

        1. Letter of the law for everyone but cops, and spirit of the law


          There are almost no cops who believe in the letter of the law being applied to cops.

          1. This is true.

            I know of one cop (A Sheriff’s department Captain, BTW) who pulled a gun on another over a woman.

            I know of another who somehow was able to cash in more of his vacation time upon retirement than was allowed.

            Nothing happened to any of these guys.

            Worst punishment I never heard of was a detective who got demoted for a DWI.

            Oh BTW, I have a felony for selling weed. My dad took their side over mine. So there’s that.

        2. Still, that Blue Wall of Silence bullshit is woven throughout.

          Yep. That’s why I firmly believe that there are no good cops. No offense to you for having a cop dad, but that’s the way it is. Cops who protect bad cops are not good cops. Since all cops protect bad cops, there are no good cops.

          1. See above.

      2. I had more trust in the populace of Basrah and Baghdad, Kabul and Charikar when I was in a fucking war than I would in many US police forces.

        I am going to go fill a tumbler with single malt now and try to forget I read and saw this.

      3. Seems like a good place for this reminder:
        The 10 Deadliest Jobs:

        1. Logging workers
        2. Fishers and related fishing workers
        3. Aircraft pilot and flight engineers
        4. Roofers
        5. Structural iron and steel workers
        6. Refuse and recyclable material collectors
        7. Electrical power-line installers and repairers
        8. Drivers/sales workers and truck drivers
        9. Farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural managers
        10. Construction laborers

  9. OT: anyone else getting a “Forbidden” error message when trying to access HyR on their phone? Android 4.4.2 if that makes a difference.

    1. Other people have said that in the last week.

      1. Wait, are you talking about me?

        I got a 403 error with on one browser right around the time they were promising a Squirrel final solution. I figured it was Dragon using Comodo’s DNS cache.

        1. No. 2 other people have complained about Android, but I can’t recall who.

          1. Don’t get me wrong, this.site.generally rims monkey ass on Android, but I.haven’t had the specific.problem noted.

    2. Not me, yet. 4,4.2 as well.

    3. Hmm. I just checked on firefox and chrome on my phone (S3/4.4.2)

      Maybe try going into Chrome settings (Menu-Settings-Privacy-CLEAR BROWSING DATA) and unchecking everything but “Clear the cache” and “Clear cookies, site data” and hit clear. Then try again.

    4. 4.4.2 on tablet. No issues other than the general WiFi suckiness of KitKat

      1. And the general suckitude of Reason on mobile

        1. Scruffy Nerfherder|6.17.14 @ 8:24PM|#
          “And the general suckitude of Reason on mobile”

          If you are a contributor to Reason, simply let them know you are deducting $X for every time you have to re-type a comment.
          Matt, Reason is shy $280.00 in the 2014 contribution.

  10. This just in:
    Los Angeles Air Force Base on lockdown. Swat teams everywhere.
    Reason: A man with a backpack.

    1. How soon before someone completely and totally innocent gets killed during a pants-shitting lockdown? I’d say within a year.

      1. I just put on the live news feed. The helicopters are hovering over my house and it is impossible to avoid.

        The response is so unbelievably irresponsible. It might just happen today. There are El Segundo, Hawthorne (famous for dog shooting), and DOD police swarming with armored vehicles and full auto gear.

        1. Why over your house? I didn’t think there was a military airfield near Manhattan Beach.

          1. No airfield. LAAFB is in El Segundo (the next city over), and LAX tracon pushes all of the news choppers south, away from commercial air traffic on approach and toward Manhattan Beach.

            LAAFB houses the MSCW (Military Satellite Communications Wing), among other things. There is tons of aerospace/defense in the area, so the base is basically there for acquisitions. No combat functions that I’m aware of.

            1. Maybe somebody just forgot their wallet?

              1. No link?

                BTW, I object to the their video. El Segundo is nowhere near the desert.

        2. Police, however, learned that, about an hour earlier, a man was spotted on the base in camouflage wearing either a backpack or vest that was suspicious to them because it had ammunition and wires sticking out of it, El Segundo police Capt. Brian Evanski said.

          So he was on Base….and he was spotted…

          Why the fuck weren’t the MPs on his ass in like under 2 min?

          Also why the fuck are they looking for him off base? How does one get off base after a suspicouse person was spotted on base?

          Maybe i played GTA V to much…in that game getting off base is near impossible after being spotted.

    2. Oh, and the guy was in Camo too, which is apparently unusual for an active duty air force base.


    3. A backpack? Sounds dangerous. I can’t believe they
      they even let people on planes with tbose.

  11. “Mom, this man is trying to take me from Wal-Mart.”

    When you’re trying to arrest a 25 year old and she calls her mother and says ‘Mom, this man is trying to take me from Wal-Mart,’ isn’t that a clue that you’re dealing with someone of diminished mental capacity?

    You’d think the cops would have caught on to that.

    1. They’d have to give a shit first.

      1. Also, they’d have to be more intelligent than the mentally handicapped 25 year old. Highly unlikely.

    2. I don’t see why. You’re not an adult until you’re 26.

      1. Well, that’s a good thing.

        /Jon Stewart

    3. They’re men of action. When the shit goes down, if they have to stop and think…it’ll be a really long pause.

      4 cops = 1 25 year old female with the mental capacity of an 8 year old. Sounds about the proper ratio.

  12. Twitchy goes full retard.

    The effort to clear the decks for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign continues. Now we learn that Clinton defended an accused rapist in 1975.

    “Who cares?” asks Slate in a tweet today. Take the click bait and you’ll wind up at an article by Amanda Marcotte headlined, “It Shouldn’t Matter That Hillary Clinton Defended an Accused Rapist in 1975.” Does Marcotte make the case?

    It turns out there’s a difference between “Should it matter?” and “Who cares?”

    Uh…I was unaware that rapists didn’t have the right to representation. Apparently conservatives buy into the dumbest feminist propaganda provided they can get a shot in on a Democrat.

    1. The Clintons took advantage of tax loop holes to minimize their tax burden

      To reduce the tax pinch, the Clintons are using financial planning strategies befitting the top 1 percent of U.S. households in wealth. These moves, common among multimillionaires, will help shield some of their estate from the tax that now tops out at 40 percent of assets upon death.

      The Clintons created residence trusts in 2010 and shifted ownership of their New York house into them in 2011, according to federal financial disclosures and local property records.


      In her last campaign, Clinton supported making wealthier people pay more estate tax by capping the per-person exemption at $3.5 million and setting the top rate at 45 percent, a policy Obama still supports. Congress decided to go in the other direction and Obama went along as part of a broader compromise. The per-person exemption is now $5.34 million.

      “The estate tax has been historically part of our very fundamental belief that we should have a meritocracy,” Hillary Clinton said at a December 2007 appearance with billionaire investor Warren Buffett, who supports estate taxes and is using charitable donations to reduce his eventual bill.

      All fine and legal, but it is the same sort of thing Democrats pilloried the Romneys for doing. They even called it unpatriotic.

      1. “All fine and legal, but it is the same sort of thing Democrats pilloried the Romneys for doing. They even called it unpatriotic.”

        Also the sort of perfectly legal activities those evul KORPORASHUNS get heat for; tax ‘avoidance’.
        I would imagine if they didn’t do so, they’d be open to stockholder law suits over failing in their fiduciary duties.

    2. If Hillary had an opponent whose law practice consisted of defending white supremacists in court, I guarantee you that she wouldn’t be out there defending her opponent by pointing out that even white supremacists deserve defense attorneys.

      So fuck her.

      I am happy to give progs the society they have demanded all these years.

      (Clears throat.) “Ahem. Hillary’s conduct may technically have been proper, but it lacks sensitivity. Sensitivity to victims.”

      1. “I am happy to give progs the society they have demanded all these years.”

        Why use that despicable standard?

        1. I am entitled to treat their actions as maxims.

          1. A few maxims about two wrongs not making a right and doing unto others comes to mind. You’re conceding its a despicable way to be, but conclude that its ok to be that way to them because they do such despicable things.

            1. Two wrongs often make a right.

              Our entire civil and criminal court systems are based on the notion that two wrongs can make a right.

              And as for doing unto others…well, the whole maxim-and-action routine is a vindictive twisting of Kant, who was trying to force the Golden Rule into something sensible. The progs have done unto others…so now they cannot reasonably object if others do unto them.

              1. You mention Kant, but you wouldn’t want the standard in question to be universalized, would you?

                1. Besides, what gets ‘beat up’ in the long run there will be the principle (everyone deserves a defense) not HRC.

                2. You mention Kant, but you wouldn’t want the standard in question to be universalized, would you?

                  “An eye for an eye ends with the whole world blind,” is a prudential, and not a moral, concern.

                  An eye for an eye is still fucking right-on moral.

                  Sure, you get some escalation problems…but hey, omelets and eggs, baby!

                  1. Besides, what gets ‘beat up’ in the long run there will be the principle (everyone deserves a defense) not HRC.

                    To me, it’s like Bill Clinton and sexual harassment.

                    The progs have advanced certain principles about how sexual harassment should be dealt with.

                    Since they have advanced them, I am entitled to demand that they apply those principles to Bill Clinton, even though I don’t agree with the principles themselves.

                    I have to be entitled to demand this consistency from them. If you’re going to articulate a principle, I’m going to demand that you apply that principle to everyone. The alternative is to allow you to apply that principle when you feel like it, but ignore it yourself. I’m not going to do that.

                    The progs have advanced a principle that “sensitivity to victims” trumps everything else. If that’s going to be the principle, it’s going to apply to HRC too. It must apply to everyone, and we should give them no rest or respite from it, ever.

                    1. It must apply to everyone, and we should give them no rest or respite from it, ever

                      You forgot to add one thing Fluffy, which is that if you do allow them to only apply it as they see fit, you’ve just handed them the exact arbitrary “enforcement” bludgeon that they desire, with the ability to apply it only when it suits them. Which is the worst of all worlds. By forcing them to apply it equally, you make it painful for them and maybe they’ll give it up.

                    2. “If you’re going to articulate a principle, I’m going to demand that you apply that principle to everyone.”

                      Otherwise it ceases to be a principle.

                  2. “An eye for an eye” was actually a form of de-escalation compared to the norms of the time, which called for harming someone more than they’d harmed you– which was, itself, meant to deter someone from fucking with you in the first place, but could lead to Hatfield & McCoy shit.

                    So, instead of cracking the skull of someone who broke your arm, you were only supposed to break their arm. In other words, do unto others as they have done to tou.

    3. You seem absolutely *shocked* to hear that people play politics with something that is pretty clearly just fine (if you’re a person with principles, at least).

    4. Let’s see some outrage over a former prosecutor turned politician who’s made a career out of throwing people in prison for petty drug charges.

  13. My opinion is that cops go full retard on pretty much everything these days because they are encouraged to do so by their departments and unions; because with the ~50% decline in crime over the last 25-30 years, police increasingly need to up their ‘relevance’ and consequently treat every crime ‘seriously’.

    Its just speculation, but I think that enormous drop in crime has to have had some effect on ‘job security’

    1. They go FULL RETARD for several reasons:

      1. The police are mostly staffed by power-hungry goons who want to kill or beat people. Any opportunity is therefore to be taken.
      2. They’re bored as shit. With the massive decrease in crime and their lazy predilection to go after easy busts, they just don’t have that much to do, and so swarm anything that gets called in.
      3. They’re no longer trained to deescalate situations. That combined with how pissed they get at any resistance or disrespect of their authoritah causes situations to get way worse than they ever should have.
      4. They’ve convinced themselves as a profession that every encounter is super dangerous and that they should take every precaution, including beating up retards, to ensure officer safety.
      5. They seem to catalyze each other. When cops are in groups, they seem to want to posture and out-goon each other for goon points or whatever it is they count. So encountering several is much more dangerous than just one.
      6. Most of them are sociopaths.

      1. Epi, drawing on my experience working with cops…

        2)So you have seen the line of squad cars in Humboldt Park in Chicago, just before end of shift (7AM or so) full of sleeping cops?!
        3) Unfortunately true
        4)Very unfortunately true
        5)Absolutely true
        6)See #1

        1. That’s unfortunate that you have had to work with cops. I hope it wasn’t too much. I’ve never really even had to work with any, just endure them socially, which got old real fast.

          1. I didn’t like jocks in high school, and I don’t like cops today.

      2. “2. They’re bored as shit. With the massive decrease in crime and their lazy predilection to go after easy busts, they just don’t have that much to do, and so swarm anything that gets called in.”

        Note that the cop on the phone asked the caller if it was “an arrestable offense”.

        I thought that was a pretty odd thing to ask someone who was calling the cops for help.

    2. I’m not positive, but I don’t think the mantra has always been compliance. Something changes somewhere, and now all they care about is compliance. Meaning that they are to be obeyed. Period. Anyone who does not comply, or obey, is to be treated as a threat. In all of these stories we read about cops killing innocent people, there is a common thread. The person didn’t comply. Then the cop got frustrated or scared because someone didn’t obey them, and they responded with deadly force. And the reason nothing else happens is because they are just doing their job. Ensuring compliance.

      Obey or die.

  14. “used the minimal amount of force necessary to gain control and handcuff her.”

    Can you imagine the carnage if it would have been a pet store?

  15. Milbank gonna Milbank.

    Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank set off a flurry of outraged tweets on Monday night after posting a highly critical recap of a panel event at The Heritage Foundation that, he says, “deteriorated into the ugly taunting of a woman in the room who wore an Islamic head covering.”

    Video of that panel has since surfaced and — in my view — Milbank grossly misrepresented the nature of that exchange.

    The woman in question, Saba Ahmed, an American University law student, does not seem to have been “taunted.” Both panelists who responded to her accepted the premise of her question entirely. One of them — Brigitte Gabriel, the founder and CEO of ACT! for America — strongly rebutted Ahmed’s concerns, but never dismissed her right to ask the question.

    I think it’s hilarious that Milbank is such a lying hack that even people who agree with him politically call him on it.

    1. I saw that headline today, but it being Dana Milibank I just didn’t click on it. Who reads that guy and takes it seriously?

      1. Dana is a dude????

        1. Remember……he was the one that dressed up like Elmer Fudd for a TV appearance after Cheney shot that guy while hunting. A real pro.

  16. Related…….

    “Collins took the girl in the car, called 911 and waited two hours for authorities to arrive.”


    This guy is braver than I. An ex con? I would have been tempted to keep on driving.

    1. At least we can get a story that makes me hopeful that humanity is not completely gone to counterpoint yet another asshole cop story.

      1. I admire the man for helping – and WTF, 2 HOURS for “AUTHORITIES” to arrive? WTF??!!!

        1. Yeah, that was my.thought. WTF are GA taxpayers paying for?

          1. They prosecuted the father after the mother and father left the baby and 2 other siblings in the care of their 13 year old.

            Depending on the circumstances, 13 is certainly old enough for light babysitting duties. At that age I was charging to sit for the neighbor’s kids on weekend nights until 2 am. Maybe they thought caring for 3 kids aged 9, 5 and 2 was too much. But it seems like they are going with outcome based rules – something bad happened so the parent we didn’t like is a criminal. The other one? We’ll decide later.

    2. He’s lucky to be alive.

      I’m absolutely serious.

      I wouldn’t have put that kid in my car, and I’m a white guy who has never been arrested.

      If somebody sees you right at the moment when you are picking the kid up, it doesn’t matter what the situation really is or was or what you say later – you’re fucking toast.

      The only thing to do there is to wave down other motorists until somebody ELSE decides to pick the kid up. You may as well pick up a broken vial of the ebola virus or a leaking nuclear waste barrel. Call it “Unreasonable Risk Day”.

      1. I would have…no way I could have left that kid.

        1. Yeah. The kid had fallen down the embankment, and was a little bit scraped up.

        2. Before I became a father I would have kept on driving. Now that I am there’s no way I wouldn’t have done something.

      2. What the fuck are you even talking about?!?!?

        Look at the picture in the link. The kid was 15 months old.

        Hell i would have took the kid and driven him to the hospital or police and not even blinked.

        You sir are paranoid.

        1. You sir are paranoid.

          Yes. And so are moms. If mom had happened to be just out of view and come around to find an ex-con holding her scraped up baby it is just a roll of the dice as to whether she says “thank you” or accuses you of being a pedophile who kidnaped her kid.

          I’ve had moms yell at me not to touch their kid after helping a 2 year old up at the playground. I’ve had them scream at me because their 3 year old got pushed by my 2 year old. Not that often, but often enough that I know moms can be completely unhinged.

    3. “I had seen something out of the corner of my eye, and I thought it was a baby,” he said. “I just stopped and, when I got out, there was a baby ? almost in the highway.”


    4. “Manufacturing cocaine”? Dude must be an alchemist.

  17. I always figured you could walk out of that walmart with a car battery or car tire or similar size/weight objects with no issues. Never tried, of course.

    1. If you’re not retarded, maybe.

    2. Don’t try it. I know someone who accidentally walked out of Walmart with something on the bottom tray of the cart (he forgot it was there). He was nabbed outside and told he’d be arrested, or he could “sign here”, pay some money, and be banned from Walmart.

    3. Really?

      Every time I buy electronics at Walmart the electronics guy carries it to the cash register in front…I guess he thinks i am going to run out the door with it or something.

  18. Kozma says her daughter was raised to trust cops.

    Hmmm, guess there are consequences to raising your kids to be statists.

  19. Livonia cops probably thought since she was shoplifting, she would be black. And since they thought she was black, they thought they’d get to do some beating.

    And well, that rage boner isn’t going to go away on it’s own.

  20. Cops have no time for this. They should have shot the retarded bitch.

  21. Kozma says her daughter was raised to trust cops.

    Fuckin’ retards never gonna learn…

  22. Stupid worthless cops!

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